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Captain Daniel Gregg (Character)
from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

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The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)
Captain Gregg: Confound it, madam, my language is most controlled. And as for me morals, I lived a man 's life and I'm not ashamed of it; and, I can assure you no woman's ever been the worse for knowing me - and I'd like to know how many mealy-mouthed bluenoses can say the same.

Captain Daniel Gregg: You must make your own life amongst the living and, whether you meet fair winds or foul, find your own way to harbor in the end.

Captain Gregg: My dear, never let anyone tell you to be ashamed of your figure!

Lucy Muir: He took me unaware!
Captain Gregg: [laughs] My dear, since Eve picked the apple, no woman 's ever been taken entirely unawares.

Lucy Muir: It's no crime to be alive!
Captain Gregg: No, my dear, sometimes it's a great inconvenience. The living can be hurt.

Lucy Muir: [referring to her romance with Miles Fairley] You, yourself, said I should mix with people, that I should see... men.
Captain Gregg: I said men, not perfumed parlor snakes!

Captain Gregg: Blasted women. *Always* make trouble when you allow one aboard...

Lucy Muir: I don't know anything about the sea, except that it is romantic.
Captain Gregg: Hmm. That's what all landsmen think. Seamen know better.
Lucy Muir: Then why do they go to sea?
Captain Gregg: Because they haven't the sense to stay ashore.

Eva, Sister-in-law: [of the Captain's portrait] And what a hideous painting!
Captain Gregg: [inaudible to her] Anyone with a face like yours, madam, should steer clear of expressing such opinions!

Captain Gregg: [discussing Mr. Fairley] And the way he was smirking at you, like a cat in the fishmonger's! You should have slapped his face!
Lucy Muir: Why? I found him... rather charming!
Captain Gregg: "Rather charming!" Now you're starting to talk like him!
Lucy Muir: How in blazes do you want me to talk?
Captain Gregg: That's better!

Captain Daniel Gregg: It's my experience that women will do anything for money.

Captain Daniel Gregg: I was young, but I was never foolish. Inexperienced, perhaps. Curious, as young men are. Eager for adventure. I matured early.

Captain Daniel Gregg: Come back here, you blasted grampus!

Captain Daniel Gregg: [to the man entering their train compartment] CHEER OFF, YOU BLASTED MUD TURTLE! There's NO ROOM!
Man Ordered Out of Train Compartment by Captain: I beg your pardon, madam!

Lucy Muir: I wish you wouldn't swear. It's so ugly.
Captain Gregg: If you think that's ugly, it's a good thing you can't read me thoughts!

Captain Daniel Gregg: Women named Lucy are always being imposed upon but, Lucia, there's a name for a amazon, for a queen.