Sandy Travis
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Sandy Travis (Character)
from Imaginary Heroes (2004)

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Imaginary Heroes (2004)
Tim Travis: People are so stupid. I can't bear to live around them any more.
Sandy Travis: They only get worse.

Sandy Travis: Was he really that unhappy, Tim?
Tim Travis: He broke a lot of dishes. He stopped washing his clothes about three weeks ago. He spent a lot of time in the shower.
Sandy Travis: He was masturbating.
Tim Travis: He was crying.

Penny Travis: He's losing his mind.
Sandy Travis: Penny. Things fall apart. And we put them back together.

Sandy Travis: I don't see why we should do this, Ben.
Penny Travis: I agree. It's creepy, okay? This is *really* creeping me out.
Sandy Travis: I won't be making all this extra food for every meal. It's wasteful.
Tim Travis: It doesn't bring him back.
Ben Travis: We do it because I say so. We'll do it because he *will* be alive at this table. And because he is my son. And because he was the *only* thing in this family. You'll make the food, and you'll shut the fuck up.

Sandy Travis: Do you love her?
Tim Travis: I don't know.
Sandy Travis: Then you don't, Tim.

Sandy Travis: I bet we're the only mother and son in town who can say "masturbating" to each other and not laugh.

Sandy Travis: [to Tim] The truth is you won't understand how good for you I am until I'm dead.

Ben Travis: I love you.
Sandy Travis: You've gotta be kidding me.

Sandy Travis: Marge, show me my life the way it should have worked. Show me the life I would have had without your big mouth. Show me the life I deserved.

[last lines]
Sandy Travis: You boys want to get some lunch?

Sandy Travis: Look, you can tease, torture, punch, drive drunk with me. I can forgive you. Hell, I can understand it, I'm a good Christian. You know, I can forgive and forget. But, um, you mess with my kid, and may God himself descend from heaven to protect you. Because as long as I live - and I *will* outlive you all - I will wake up, and go to sleep at night, just dreaming up ways to make your petty, insignificant lives into hell on earth. You fuck with my kid again, you fuck with him... and I will fuck with everything you hold dear.
[throws paper cup across the room]
Sandy Travis: Nice trailer.

Tim Travis: People are so stupid. I can't bear to live round them anymore.
Sandy Travis: They only get worse. You just have to find the one quality that makes them bearable. Like me. I'm your mother, so, you have to like me.
Tim Travis: Okay. What about dad's?
Sandy Travis: Well, he used to make me feel like I was the only person in a crowded room.