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Tim Travis (Character)
from Imaginary Heroes (2004)

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Imaginary Heroes (2004)
Steph Connors: [Tim lying on Steph's bed] Do you wanna talk about it?
Tim Travis: Can we talk about something else?
Steph Connors: Sure.
[pulls Tim's shirt up a little bit and sees a bruise]
Steph Connors: What happened to your back?
[Tim turns over and sits up now facing her]
Tim Travis: I tripped. It's nothing.
Steph Connors: OK.
Steph Connors: So do you still wanna go to the party Friday?
Tim Travis: Of course.

Penny Travis: Is there such a thing as the human heart, now there's the better question.
Tim Travis: Well, if you listen closely, you can hear 'em breaking.

Tim Travis: People are so stupid. I can't bear to live around them any more.
Sandy Travis: They only get worse.

Sandy Travis: Was he really that unhappy, Tim?
Tim Travis: He broke a lot of dishes. He stopped washing his clothes about three weeks ago. He spent a lot of time in the shower.
Sandy Travis: He was masturbating.
Tim Travis: He was crying.

Kyle Dwyer: Hey, Timmy, I've got a surprise for you. Want one?
Tim Travis: What is that?
Kyle Dwyer: Ecstasy.
Tim Travis: Kyle, it's the middle of the day. We're mowing lawns.
Kyle Dwyer: Exactly.

Sandy Travis: I don't see why we should do this, Ben.
Penny Travis: I agree. It's creepy, okay? This is *really* creeping me out.
Sandy Travis: I won't be making all this extra food for every meal. It's wasteful.
Tim Travis: It doesn't bring him back.
Ben Travis: We do it because I say so. We'll do it because he *will* be alive at this table. And because he is my son. And because he was the *only* thing in this family. You'll make the food, and you'll shut the fuck up.

Sandy Travis: Do you love her?
Tim Travis: I don't know.
Sandy Travis: Then you don't, Tim.

[Tim and Kyle are high on Ecstasy]
Tim Travis: [touches Kyle's hair] Oh my god. Your hair is so fluffy, you're like the fucking Easter Bunny!
Kyle Dwyer: You should feel my tail.

Vern: What happened to you?
Tim Travis: What happened to *you*?
Vern: Well, I've been trying to relocate, to a higher plane of life, unsuccessfully.
Tim Travis: You have to cut up and down, not across.
Vern: Yeah, if you don't mind bleeding slowly for 5 hours.
Tim Travis: Why?
Vern: Because there is nothing here that I even remotely care about. I've got nothing to fight for, and if I don't want to live here why should I have to, and I don't care how much better off I am than everyone else, that's not the point.
Tim Travis: I think you're my new hero.
Vern: You know, one of two things happens when you meet your heroes, either they're assholes, or they're just like you are. Either way you always lose.
Tim Travis: Hey, guns always hit their mark.
Vern: Yeah, only if you really wanna die.

Tim Travis: I don't know what just happened...
Kyle Dwyer: I seem to remember putting my...
Tim Travis: Don't say that, Kyle.
Kyle Dwyer: What, man? What do you want me to say?
Tim Travis: It was the Ecstacy.

Tim Travis: Sometimes I feel like I don't fit into this family.

Tim Travis: What am I going to do for the rest of my life? All of a sudden it matters.
Penny Travis: Well, Tim, the secret to the success of life is to find something you love. Is there something that you love?
Tim Travis: Yes.
Penny Travis: Good. And you have to do that for the rest of your life. And you'd better hope to hell that you're good at it, because if you're not you'll probably fail.
Tim Travis: How do you know if you're good at it?
Penny Travis: How do you know if you're good at it...
Tim Travis: Yes.
Penny Travis: People tell you.

[first lines]
Tim Travis: Matt Travis was a great swimmer. But it wasn't just that he was a great swimmer, it was simply that he was greater at swimming than anyone I ever knew was good at whatever they were good at.

Tim Travis: People are so stupid. I can't bear to live round them anymore.
Sandy Travis: They only get worse. You just have to find the one quality that makes them bearable. Like me. I'm your mother, so, you have to like me.
Tim Travis: Okay. What about dad's?
Sandy Travis: Well, he used to make me feel like I was the only person in a crowded room.