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Aaron Hotchner (Character)
from "Criminal Minds" (2005)

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"Criminal Minds: The Tribe (#1.16)" (2006)
Dr. Spencer Reid: I notice you don't carry a gun.
John Blackwolf: Twenty-one feet.
Dr. Spencer Reid: What?
John Blackwolf: Ask Agent Hotchner there. He's the real gun hand.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Why do you say that?
John Blackwolf: You carry two guns.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: The maximum distance an attacker with a knife can close in the time it takes to react, draw your sidearm and fire is twenty-one feet.
John Blackwolf: Inside twenty-one feet, I win. Outside twenty-one, I have other options besides shooting a man.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Like negotiating.
John Blackwolf: Like running.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Why do you say I carry two guns?
John Blackwolf: Your right instep footprint's heavier than your left. And since you don't appear to have a clubbed right foot...
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You can't tell that from my footprints. There's no perceptible difference.
John Blackwolf: Your problem isn't with your prints. It's with your perception.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You know you sound like a fortune cookie?

[Opening Quote]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Nietszche wrote, "The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe."

[Closing Quote]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: There's an old Apache saying, "You can take many paths to get to the same place."

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [indicating the hogtied prisoners] We took down these four.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Without firing a shot?
John Blackwolf: Captain America here shot number five.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You're welcome. Number six is cut up pretty bad. I don't think he's gonna make it.
John Blackwolf: At least I didn't shoot him.
Derek Morgan: I think I'd rather be shot.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: It's the act of kidnapping that reveals the nature of this pack.
Elle Greenaway: From the German Red Brigades to the Munich Olympics to Iraqi insurgents, the act of kidnapping is a characteristic of political terrorist groups.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: We could be looking for a domestic terrorist organization like the Symbionese Liberation Army that kidnapped Patty Hearst.
Deputy #1: But these are Indians, right?
John Blackwolf: I seriously doubt it. The torture and mutilation you see here are very confused imitations of warfares practiced by Native American tribes.
Deputy #1: You're trying to tell us Indians wouldn't be so brutal?
John Blackwolf: No, I'm saying that Indians wouldn't be so confused.

John Blackwolf: There are many paths to the same place. Trust me.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Just so you know you sound like a fortune cookie.

Derek Morgan: Ingrid isn't catatonic anymore, but she's answering every question with only her name and Social Security number.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Like a prisoner of war.
Derek Morgan: There's more. Garcia did some checking. Ingrid hasn't been enrolled in school for over a year. She had good grades. Just suddenly dropped out and vacated her campus apartment. She left no forwarding, Hotch. We have no idea where or how she's been living.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Thanks.
[Hotch hangs up]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: I need to see Peter Griesen's phone records.
[cut to Hotch entering the interrogation room with Griesen]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: How long has your daughter been in a cult?

Jennifer Jareau: Terra Mesa, New Mexico. Five dead, all from Mesa University. No signs of sexual assault, and no sign of theft.
Derek Morgan: Five nineteen-year-olds, minimal defensive wounds. One of them was impaled on a six-foot wooden pole.
Elle Greenaway: Who'd want to torture five college freshmen?
Derek Morgan: They weren't tied up and no one escaped?
Dr. Spencer Reid: No single unsub could've exerted this much control over so many people.
Elle Greenaway: So you think there were was more than two.
Jason Gideon: I think we're looking at a pack.
Jennifer Jareau: A pack?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Three or more that kill in unison. As in nature, the group dynamic dictates the pack's survival is dependent on their ability to hunt successfully.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: And as in nature, a pack will keep on killing until it runs out of prey or is stopped.
Elle Greenaway: Stopped by what?
Jason Gideon: A stronger pack.

Sean Hotchner: [Aaron hands him a business card] What's this?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Paul Morris. He's in the New York field office. If you ever need anything, give him a call. He'll take care of you.
Sean Hotchner: Is this your way of saying I can't take care of myself?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: No. It's my way of saying I'm a jackass.
Sean Hotchner: Yeah, well, it must be hereditary.

Penelope Garcia: [seeing Sean leave Hotch's office] Here he comes.
Jennifer Jareau: That's Hotch's brother?
Penelope Garcia: Uh-huh.
Jennifer Jareau: I don't see it.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Sean, listen to me. All I'm saying is you're twenty-five years old.
Sean Hotchner: You know what? Don't profile me, Aaron.
Jennifer Jareau: [as Sean leaves] Now I see it.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Hey, this is a surprise! Haven't cut your hair since Thanksgiving?
Sean Hotchner: That's what you said at Christmas!
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [laughs] Sorry

John Blackwolf: [teaching a school class, BAU just entered in the back] Samuel
Samuel: Yes?
John Blackwolf: Tell the man from the FBI who the Ga'he are
Dr. Spencer Reid: The Ga'he are mighty spirits, who dwell at desert caves
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Reid? Is your name Samuel?
[class giggles]
Dr. Spencer Reid: Sorry

"Criminal Minds: L.D.S.K. (#1.6)" (2005)
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Well, I wouldn't have kept kicking you, I was afraid you didn't get my plan.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I got your plan the minute you moved the hostages out of my line of fire.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Well, I hope I didn't hurt you too badly.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Hotch, I was a twelve-year-old child prodigy in a Las Vegas public high school. You kick like a nine-year-old girl.

Elle Greenaway: What do we call them then?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: L.D.S.K.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Long Distance Serial Killers.
Elle Greenaway: How many of these guys have we caught using a profile?
Jason Gideon: None.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [after Reid shoots a target in the groin] Elle teach you that?

Phillip Dowd: You are one sick dude.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: How do you think I found you.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: It's not that hard, a Dalmation could do it!

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [after Reid has shot Dowd in the middle of his forehead] Nice shot!
Dr. Spencer Reid: I was aiming for his leg.

Penelope Garcia: Rainmaker. How wet do you want it?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: It's Hotch. I have a cell phone number, and I need the name on the account.
Penelope Garcia: Yeah. If you call the cell, I can throw in the real-time location, no charge.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Are you ready?
Penelope Garcia: I was born ready.

Jason Gideon: Sometimes it's not what the unsub does that reveals the profile. Sometimes it is what they do not do.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He doesn't kill his victims.
Jason Gideon: Underkill's a unique signature.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: The question is does he shoot them in the stomach intentionally just to wound them, or is he just aiming at the biggest part of the target? Specifically, does the unsub lack the skill to make the head shot, or simply the will to take it?

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: We're looking for a 30 to 40 year old male veteran, driving a car large enough to shoot from, but not so large it was noticed. Like the Beltway Shooter, it's probably a Sedan, customized to conceal the shooter, his weapon, and the sound of his shot. The unsub suffers from both narcissistic and paranoid personality disorders. He works out obsessively and is never without a weapon. He's completely self-centered and cannot empathize with others. Incapable of admitting fault, he blames his shortcomings on those around him. He has no friends, and his career history has been marked by frequent job changes. He's drawn to high-stakes jobs by a need to prove his superiority to a world he perceives has undervalued him, and these shootings are the ultimate expression of that need. We believe he changes jurisdictions intentionally and strikes during the first/second shift change, indicating an intimate knowledge of law enforcement.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: When I joined the BAU, Gideon said to me: "You don't have to carry a gun to kill someone"
Dr. Spencer Reid: I don't get it
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You will!

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [on the phone to Garcia] The name, Garcia!
Penelope Garcia: McCarthy, Scott
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Scott McCarthy
Detective Shea Clavin: McCarthy is the unsub!
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Yeah! Where is he?
Detective Shea Clavin: McCarthy is playing the unsub!

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [closing quote] Shakespeare wrote: "Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable"

"Criminal Minds: No Way Out, Part II: The Evilution of Frank (#2.23)" (2007)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: My team, let me tell you about my team. Agent Morgan fought to protect his identity from the very people who could save him. Why, because trust has to be earned, and there are very few people he truly trusts. Reid's intellect is a shield which protects him from his emotions, and at the moment his shield is under repair. Prentiss overcompensates because she doesn't yet feel she's part of the team, she needn't worry. Every day Agent Jareau fields dozens of requests for our team, and every night she goes home hoping she made the right choices. Garcia fills her office with figurines and color, to remind herself to smile as the horror fills her screens. And Agent Gideon in many ways is damned by his profound knowledge of others, which is why he shares so little of himself, yet he pours his heart into every case we handle.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Modern furniture, strategically placed magazines, the framed diplomas, the art on the wall, are all in conflict with your family photos. You have three children but you favor the middle one, your son.
Erin Strauss: What do you think your doing?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Of course you love all your children, but not like your son.
Erin Strauss: That's enough.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: The bonsai you obsessively nurture is to compensate for feelings of failure.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: My team? Let me tell you about my team. Agent Morgan fought to protect his identity from the very people who could save him. Why? Because trust has to be earned, and there are very few people he truly trusts. Reid's intellect is a shield which protects him from his emotions, and at the moment his shield is under repair. Prentiss overcompensates because she doesn't yet feel she is part of the team. She needn't worry. Everyday, Agent Jareau fields dozens of requests for our team, and every night she goes home hoping she's made the right choices. Garcia fills her office with figurines and color to remind herself to smile as the horror fills her screens. And Agent Gideon in many ways is damned by his profound knowledge of others which is why he shares so little of himself, yet he pours his heart into every case we handle.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: How do I know you favor your son? I'm good at my job.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You've not seen what I've seen.
Erin Strauss: You chose the BAU.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: True. I enjoy my work, even when in the pursuit to understand why a person feels the compelling need to brutally torture, murder, and dismember a child. Mother, father, entire family. The unsubs devoid of any morality, humanity, remorse, when caught often come to believe we're the only ones who understand them. And they're right, we do. Otherwise, how could we catch them?

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [sort of closing quote] "Once again the team had battled a monster and won"

Jason Gideon: Hey Hotch, you're the best unit chief I know!
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Jason, I am the only unit chief you know!

Leopold: Agent Morgan?
Emily Prentiss: What the hell?
Leopold: "They say beauty can cover a multitude of sins"
Derek Morgan: What?
Leopold: "But underneath it all..."
Leopold, Frank Breitkopf: "we all look exactly the same!"
Derek Morgan: That's Frank! He said that to me in the diner!
Leopold: "Give me Jane or I'll kill them all"
Derek Morgan: Frank thinks we have Jane?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: We need to find him, fast!
Leopold: Can I have my ten bucks now?

Derek Morgan: Is that wise?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: No, but it is an order!

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Frank?
Frank Breitkopf: Agent Hotchner, we haven't had the pleasure of a formal meeting!
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Where is Tracy Bell?
Frank Breitkopf: Do you have something for me?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: No, I don't
Frank Breitkopf: Then you'll never see her again!

"Criminal Minds: Extreme Aggressor (#1.1)" (2005)
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: This is Special Agent Spencer Reid.
Jason Gideon: Doctor Reid.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Doctor Reid, our expert in just about everything.

[referring to Gideon]
Dr. Spencer Reid: Do you know why he always introduces me as Dr. Reid?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Because he knows that people see you as a kid and he wants to make sure that they respect you.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: This is Dr. Reid.
David Woodland: You look too young to have gone to medical school.
Dr. Spencer Reid: There are Ph.D.'s, three of them.
David Woodland: What, are you a genius or something?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I don't believe that intelligence can be accurately quantified, but I do have an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and can read 20,000 words per minute.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yes, I'm a genius.

David Woodland: [dog barks at Reid] Sandy! No, no, no, no! I'm so sorry.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: It's okay. It's what we call 'the Reid effect'. Happens with children too.

Haley Hotchner: How about Andrew, it's Greek for valiant.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Let's call him... Sergio.
Haley Hotchner: Ha ha. Please tell me you're kidding
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Butch.
Haley Hotchner: How about Donald?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Hans.
Haley Hotchner: No! Wait, wait. Um... ok. Gideon.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Not a chance.
Haley Hotchner: It's Hebrew. Look what it means. It's perfect. Gideon Hotchner.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: No.
Haley Hotchner: Yes
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: No.
Haley Hotchner: Yes.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: No.
Haley Hotchner: Gideon.

Derek Morgan: They want you back in the saddle! You're ready?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Looks like medical leave is over, boss
Jason Gideon: Are you sure they want me?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [Nods yes] The order came from the director
Jason Gideon: Well, we'd better get started!

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Well, we got the Jeep right
Jason Gideon: And everything else wrong!

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Is it true what he said about CPR? I mean... I didn't know...
Jason Gideon: Want statistics on CPR? Ask Reid!

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Hey
Jason Gideon: You and Haley picked the baby's name yet?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You know, it's funny. Haley liked the name Charles, but, you know... all I could think of
Jason Gideon: Uh, Manson!
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Then there was Henry...
Jason Gideon: Lee Lucas
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: And Jeffrey...
Jason Gideon: Dahmer?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: There's just too many of them!
Jason Gideon: Kind of hard to feel good about catching one of them when you know there're 50 more of them still out there!

"Criminal Minds: The Inspiration (#9.1)" (2013)
Dr. Spencer Reid: It's a long explanation, so bear with me. When Pheidippides ran a marathon, he had faith.
Aaron Hotchner: He also died. Go on.

Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote] Josh Billings once wrote: "There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins"

Dr. Spencer Reid: The praying mantis can kill and eat a multitude of creatures but the most interesting fact is that oftentimes the female mantis engages in sexual cannibalism, meaning she'll bite off the head of her mate once copulation is complete, sometimes even during intercourse, actually.
Alex Blake: So, that's what someone did to our UnSub.
Dr. Spencer Reid: It also explains why he shoots his victims in the heart.
Jennifer Jareau: But the center of our UnSub's anger didn't bite off his head.
Dr. Spencer Reid: No, but she hurt him so badly that she got into his brain.
Alex Blake: So, he's flipping the script.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He's completely taking it over. He basically sees the victims as the praying mantis out to destroy him, so before they can get to him, he rapes them, forces them to engage in cannibalism, thereby taking away their control of the situation. He's essentially walking them through the mating behavior of a captive praying mantis, only entirely on his terms. He even mirrors the decapitation of the insect by forcing them to eat pieces of a human head, only it's not a male human head, it's a female human head.
Aaron Hotchner: The woman that's the core of his rage.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Exactly. Now all women are his enemy. They're his predators and he believes they're out to get him.

Dr. Spencer Reid: The consistency of the disposal sites and methodologies tell us that he has no known or identifiable connection between any of the victims, and in fact wants them to be found, in order to convey his pose prayer message.
Derek Morgan: Well, the parks will give us behavioral clues to help us fill out our profile.
Aaron Hotchner: All right, we should split up when we hit the ground. He's probably already chosen his next victim.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, Heather Clarke is the victim that our unsub's been feeding to the others.
Penelope Garcia: Yikes.
Aaron Hotchner: See if she had any enemies.
Penelope Garcia: [typing] No. I mean, she was her company's top regional manager, she... she looks loved.
David Rossi: Well, the unsub's rage has probably been brewing for a long time.
Alex Blake: And he most likely expressed his disdain for her long before he killed her.
Derek Morgan: Baby girl, check middle and high school records.
Penelope Garcia: [typing again] No, zero. Zero, there's nothing there.
David Rossi: There's gotta be something. See if her parents ever filed a restraining order.
Penelope Garcia: [finding a result] Oh, creepy bingo.

David Rossi: So, um, any news on the job front?
Aaron Hotchner: No, but they said that they wanted to talk to me again when we got back. I've thought a lot about it. I don't know what to tell them.
David Rossi: Well, I can think of a million ways to sabotage you.
[Hotch half-smiles]
David Rossi: Just say the word.

Aaron Hotchner: Yes, they did talk to me about the section chief job.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Do you want it?
Aaron Hotchner: I know what I don't want is an outsider coming in and questioning every move that this team makes. I told them that I'd think about it.
Jennifer Jareau: So what happens if you accept?
Aaron Hotchner: Means this would be my last case in the field, but nothing's been decided. As soon as I figure out what to do, you'll be the first to know.

Penelope Garcia: Two women, Sarah Beck and Jill Elks, were found in a park in Glendale, Arizona within the last three days. Both of them were single in their late twenties, and following their normal low-risk routines when they were abducted.
Alex Blake: Where we they taken from?
Penelope Garcia: Sarah was on her way to her theater group rehearsal, and Jill was abducted form her apartment. The unsub broke in through a window.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Well, clearly he's hunting a specific type.
Derek Morgan: He left the jewelry untouched.
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, it's not about robbery.
Penelope Garcia: Both women were sexually assaulted and then they were shot in the heart and left in that... prayer position.
Jennifer Jareau: It's odd.
David Rossi: Maybe it's religious. Looks like they're leaning on a cross.
Derek Morgan: Their hands are titled forward.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He could have made them supplicate and their hands clenched in rigor mortis.
Jennifer Jareau: So they're possibly trying to atone for their sins.
Alex Blake: I doubt that. Both women have pretty clean backgrounds.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Since the posing was done postmortem, maybe it's representation of the way in which he made them beg for their lives.
David Rossi: We've definitely seen that before.
Aaron Hotchner: Hmm. He's getting off on the power. Let's head to Arizona. Wheels up in thirty.

David Rossi: Whoa, you never went home.
Aaron Hotchner: No, I had these, uh, unit chief performance appraisals to do when we got back.
David Rossi: So, how many all-nighters have you pulled this month?
Aaron Hotchner: I don't know. Between the final reviews and the appraisals, there isn't enough time.
David Rossi: Erin would, uh, always bring her work home with her.
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, I know. She definitely, uh, underplayed the amount of paperwork.
David Rossi: So, how long do you think they're gonna ask you to do this double duty?
Aaron Hotchner: Well, they asked me if I'd be interested in the job full-time.
David Rossi: That would mean leaving the BAU.
Aaron Hotchner: I bought myself some time by asking them to at least post the position.
David Rossi: Well, we both know the pros and cons.
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, lots of them. We'll talk about it later.

"Criminal Minds: Blood Hungry (#1.11)" (2005)
Penelope Garcia: It seems like Eddie's entire college experience was some sort of post-addolescent rebellion... He partied like an '80s clubber. He suffered a delusional break due to meth amphetamine and rock cocaine consumption.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Wow, that is partying like an '80s clubber.

Mary Mays: Mr. Hotchner. Do you have children?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Yes, I do.
Mary Mays: Is there anything you wouldn't do for them?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: I wouldn't clean the blood of the victims off the floor.
Mary Mays: I didn't know my son was killing anyone until he brought home that boy.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You know, Mary, sometimes what we don't do... is every bit as powerful as what we do.
Mary Mays: You don't understand.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: I understand that your son was drowning, and you made no effort to save him.
Mary Mays: You don't know what I did.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: I know what you didn't do. You didn't call the police. And every day of your life, you're gonna have to ask yourself what would have happened if you'd gone to Boston to help him.
Mary Mays: Eddy told me he was bringing me an angel. I... I wanted to protect my son. What else was I supposed to do?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Almost anything would have been better.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [Gideon enters a briefing on crutches] What happened to you?
Jason Gideon: Oh, I got a list of things I want to try before it's too late.
Elle Greenaway: And orthopedic surgery's one of them?
Jason Gideon: No, skydiving. Apparently, it's all about the landing.
[the room snickers]

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: We are looking for a 20 to 30 year old male.
Derek Morgan: The unsub engages in anthropophagy. It's a psychotic conviction that he must drink human blood, and possibly eat human flesh.
Dr. Spencer Reid: For Richard Trenton Chase, the Vampire Killer, he drank his victims' blood because he believed that aliens had invaded his body and were slowly drinking his blood.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: And if he didn't get the blood he needed... he'd die. Anthropophagy suggests such an extreme level of psychosis and disorganization that he couldn't have ventured very far from home to commit these crimes.
Derek Morgan: This guy lives, or has lived, in this town.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: He knows the territory.
Derek Morgan: You've all seen him. Maybe at the ballpark. Or riding his bike home from the grocery store. He wasn't always a threat. He could have been your neighbor. He might have been your friend. We think something about his delusion is keeping him here in town.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: So we're gonna start at Annie Stuart's house and we're gonna spread out there in quadrants. We're going to eliminate all of his hiding places.
Sheriff Hall: Paul Thompson's funeral is this afternoon. A lot of his neighbors are gonna be there.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You know, the ironic thing about psychotic illness is, generally, they're... less violent than the rest of the population.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [video chatting with Garcia] How is it having Gideon around?
Penelope Garcia: Uh, you can have him back whenever you would like.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: I knew the crutches wouldn't last long.
Jason Gideon: Oh, I'd rather limp. I'll be fine.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Well, you managed to get on Garcia's nerves pretty thoroughly.
Jason Gideon: Who's Garcia?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [snort of laughter] Penelope? The tech? With the glasses.
Jason Gideon: In the room with the screens?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Yeah.
Jason Gideon: She's great.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [Just before the briefing starts] Hope everyone had a restful weekend
Elle Greenaway: That sounds ominous!

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Good job! Nice work to everyone by the way
Elle Greenaway: Thank you. Now I get to go back to the 15 folders on my desk
Dr. Spencer Reid: 15? I have 24!
Elle Greenaway: That's 'cause I slipped you 4 of mine
Dr. Spencer Reid: What?
Elle Greenaway: Last Friday! Yeah, uhm mmm

"Criminal Minds: A Real Rain (#1.17)" (2006)
Derek Morgan: You've never been to New York?
Dr. Spencer Reid: We've never had an unsub there.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [to Gideon] I thought you were going to talk to Reid about taking some vacation time.
Jason Gideon: What's vacation time?

[closing quotes - 2]
Jason Gideon: Ghandi said, "Better to be violent if there's violence in our hearts than to put on the cloak of non-violence to cover impotence.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Ghandi also said, "I object to violence because when it appears to do good the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent."

Derek Morgan: [searching for a clue to indicate the unsub's next target] You know, this is a lot of boxes. How are we supposed to narrow it down?
Jason Gideon: Check and see if it ended in acquittal. If it didn't, toss it aside.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: It has to be a capital case. He's escalating. The more brutal, the better.
Elle Greenaway: Why not go by most recent?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Judging by his elaborate filing system, Doyle obviously has obsessive-compulsive disorder. People with OCD often finish tasks, and then go back to the beginning and start over.
Derek Morgan: So he continually goes through the transcripts and the first one to trigger him becomes his next victim.
Elle Greenaway: Here's one. This is a liquor store owner who was shot with his own gun.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Flip to when they present the defense. Did the defendant testify?
Elle Greenaway: No.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Stick with the ones where the accused took the stand. This is personal. He hears their voices.
Jason Gideon: Doyle's victims all claimed to be a type of victim themselves. The first two threw themselves on the mercy of the court, pleading alcohol and drug dependency. The priest said he was a victim, victim of recent hysteria.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Look for key phrases: victim, mercy, anything that signifies they thought their crime wasn't their fault.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I think I might have one, guys: Ted Elmore. He shot and killed both his parents after claiming self-defense for years of physical abuse.
Jason Gideon: Doyle lost his own parents. Hearing someone get away with killing their own, that would haunt him.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: If this guy's who we think he is, we're talking terror like New York hasn't seen since Son of Sam.

Penelope Garcia: Fount of All Knowledge. Check my flow.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: I need you to check all the victims and see if any were ever charged with a crime.
Penelope Garcia: Okay. You wanna time me, or should I just dazzle you off the clock?

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [Garcia has found the connection between all the victims] You're a genius.
Penelope Garcia: You're just saying that 'cause it's true.

Jason Gideon: If the victim was blindfolded first, the blood would have flowed over the blindfold. He puts it on after he kills them.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: All three charged with a felony, all three found innocent.
Elle Greenaway: And that didn't show up on your men's radar?
Det. Nora Bennett: Acquittals? No. Why is it important?
Jason Gideon: Because we have a new profile.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: So, you know there was a big hole in the profile you presented back there.
Jason Gideon: Can you pass the moo shoo, please?
Jennifer Jareau: Uh, what's the hole?
Jason Gideon: I left out the possibility our unsub might be a cop.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Ever crossed your mind?
Jason Gideon: Taking the law into my own hands?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Not the law, justice.
Jason Gideon: What's this about? The boys in Iowa?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: It's just a question.
Jason Gideon: I guess I think if I ever let my mind go there, then the unsubs would be getting into my head instead of me getting into theirs. That wouldn't be a good idea, now, would it?

"Criminal Minds: The Replicator (#8.24)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote] Richard Bach wrote: "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life"

Aaron Hotchner: [Phone rings, sees Erin Strauss on the display] Erin?
John Curtis: Not quite. Does it ever get confusing that whole Erin - Aaron thing?

Aaron Hotchner: Dave, a figure 8?
David Rossi: That's what it look like. I just sent you all a picture
Dr. Spencer Reid: Maybe it's an infinity symbol
Alex Blake: Well, if it's infinity, he could be boasting "I'll go on forever"?
Derek Morgan: Or if it's an 8. Strauss was his 8th victim
Jennifer Jareau: And the unofficial 8th member of our team

Aaron Hotchner: It doesn't show who else saw this
Kevin Lynch: [Starts typing on the laptop] Two other people read the report
Aaron Hotchner: Who?
Kevin Lynch: You gonna need another tie!

Aaron Hotchner: Where is she?
John Curtis: Closer than you think. But she's not doing well. She looks a bit pale. Remember the last time you got a call like this? Remember? George Foyet, right? You were too late.

Penelope Garcia: I am all over the DOJ names including support staff. I have Kevin pulling files and photos. System is down, so it's hard to track entire career paths, but there were two agents in New York in 2001. Scratch that, Lehman died in October, that leaves Curtis.
Alex Blake: Wait a second. John Curtis?
Penelope Garcia: You know him?
Alex Blake: I haven't seen him in a long time. He was a nice guy. We were first office agents together, but I thought he left the Bureau after Amerithrax case.
Aaron Hotchner: Could it be him? Does he fit the profile?
Alex Blake: He was quiet and a loner, but brilliant. He specialized in a lot of fields, but his passion was biochemistry.

Penelope Garcia: He inherited a family compound in rural Virginia. Coordinates are on your phone.
Alex Blake: What else do you have on Curtis?
Penelope Garcia: Just like you thought. John Curtis was demoted in the FBI after the Amerithrax case. He was slated to take over the coveted New York field office, but then was shipped to the not coveted Kansas City one. He worked there for many years quietly before he was able to weasel his way back into the nation's capital. On paper, he is a rock star. He immediately transferred to the Department of Justice, the Intelligence Oversight section. He's a genius on multiple levels.
Aaron Hotchner: What's his background?
Penelope Garcia: Only child, parents died when he was 18. Never married. Total loner, just like Blake said.
Aaron Hotchner: And all he's ever had to care about is his work.
Derek Morgan: And when he lost that, he snapped.

Alex Blake: He said he used eight locks because there used to be eight of us.
Aaron Hotchner: That's all he said?
Alex Blake: About that, yes.
Dr. Spencer Reid: There's only six keys. That mean two keys will be used twice. Each key is a letter, likely corresponds to a number on the locks. Seven, seventh letter of the alphabet's "g."
Aaron Hotchner: What are the other letters?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Z, u, w... Zugzwang.
Dr. Spencer Reid: It's too easy.

David Rossi: Her children want to meet me at Bethesda.
Aaron Hotchner: How old are they now?
David Rossi: Too young for this.
Aaron Hotchner: You all right?
David Rossi: She smells of booze, Aaron. You and I know it's because that bastard took away her dignity. But her children might not believe that. It's hard for them to trust anything to do with her drinking. She struggled with it all her life, and she was finally beating it.

"Criminal Minds: About Face (#3.6)" (2007)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Erasmus said, "What else is the whole life of mortals but a sort of comedy, in which the various actors, disguised by various costumes and masks, walk on and play each one his part, until the manager waves them off the stage?"

David Rossi: We didn't have that ten years ago.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: What do you mean?
David Rossi: Communications coordinator.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You guys can catch up on the jet.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Oh yeah, that'd be great.
David Rossi: The jet?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: We have a jet now.
David Rossi: Are you serious?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Oh yeah, it comes in pretty handy.

David Rossi: She's different.
[after Garcia leaves]
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You have no idea.

David Rossi: His hand needs to be forced.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I know that Dave. The point is you did it by forcing ours.

David Rossi: Relax Hotch. I've got this.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: That's the problem, Dave. There is no *I*. We function as a team.

David Rossi: You said out there, team shares everything.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: That's right.
David Rossi: There is no *I*?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Yeah.
David Rossi: It seems a big thing to withhold separating from your wife and child.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: What are you talking about?
David Rossi: You used to call Haley ten times a day. We've been together 48 hours and I haven't seen you call her once or mention her. And you're not going home now.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: What's your point?
David Rossi: I guess you are not used to sharing.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: My private life is not the same as a case.
David Rossi: I'm just saying, sharing is a learning skill.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Nothing a stalker likes better than routine!

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: She can buy a gun that easily?
Det. Yarbough: This is Texas!

"Criminal Minds: The Storm (#11.22)" (2016)
Aaron Hotchner: I need to let my son know that I'm all right.
Timothy Ritchie: He's with Agent Jareau.
Aaron Hotchner: I want my phone call.
Timothy Ritchie: You haven't even asked why you're here.
Aaron Hotchner: It doesn't matter. It's either a mistake or I'm being framed.

Aaron Hotchner: Who gave you probable cause to put me under surveillance?
Timothy Ritchie: A confidential source.
Aaron Hotchner: Tell me now or I will invoke.
Timothy Ritchie: You know who needs lawyers? Guilty people.
Aaron Hotchner: Smart people. So lay out your entire case to me right now, or every attorney I know will drop everything and come help me.

Aaron Hotchner: [Mr. Scratch is the Inspector General's source against Hotch] Why would you believe anything he says?
Timothy Ritchie: We didn't. But it got us digging, into you.
Aaron Hotchner: What about me?
Timothy Ritchie: Was your wife killed because of your responsibilities with this job? Yes. Did you question your commitment to the BAU after her murder? Yes.
Aaron Hotchner: And how does that connect to this?
Timothy Ritchie: Because it was then that you started dismissing procedure.
Aaron Hotchner: I did not.
Timothy Ritchie: You faked Agent Prentiss' death. You rubber-stamped the unjustified shooting, by Agent Rossi, of the man who killed Jason Gideon, giving him a pass for the same crime you expelled Agent Greenaway for ten years ago.
Aaron Hotchner: Each of those instances was a judgment call. And it's a waste of our time for me to justify each one. But I can.

Aaron Hotchner: The reason I didn't mention the drugging is I knew how it would be received. That someone at the DOJ would misinterpret, and someone else would use it to their advantage.
Timothy Ritchie: That's one profile. Here's another.
[opening a folder]
Timothy Ritchie: "The most common trait is an unyielding belief he is always right, often reinforced by traumatic loss. The suspect will purposefully separate himself from his co-workers and quietly keep score, cataloging every slight against him. He will then use those slights to justify his own self-interest. One final trigger, like a violent confrontation or a drug-induced episode, will push him over the edge." Sound familiar?
Aaron Hotchner: Of course. That's my profile on workplace shooters.
Timothy Ritchie: And now it fits you.
Aaron Hotchner: "Today will change everything." What did you think, that I was going to blow up my team? Turn my son into an orphan? And then, and this is the part I argue against in the profile, I would call 911 and tell you what I was about to do?
Timothy Ritchie: I want to believe you. But I can't.

Timothy Ritchie: Who's Eric Rawdon?
Aaron Hotchner: [realizing] He's behind this.
Timothy Ritchie: Maybe he's your partner.
Aaron Hotchner: If that were true, you'd have evidence.
Timothy Ritchie: I do. The storage locker in your name, the supplies.
Aaron Hotchner: You're grasping. And I'll tell you why. You need me here as cover for missing a major terrorist incident.
Timothy Ritchie: It's a prison break.
Aaron Hotchner: Not to Rawdon. His dream has always been to set off a bomb in a major metropolitan area. Not for any political or ideological reason; he just wants to see a city burn. And you're letting it happen.
Timothy Ritchie: Now you're grasping.
Aaron Hotchner: Am I? Ask yourself one question: am I more helpful here mentally preparing a report to the subcommittee that's gonna haul you in, or out there catching Rawdon?

Aaron Hotchner: Where's the bomb?
Eric Rawdon: You'll never stop it in time. Boom.
Aaron Hotchner: Last time you were gonna assemble in one of three locations, and you're too compulsive to deviate. Arlington, but they're looking for you there. Appomattox County's too far away. They're at the Ivory Tower.

Aaron Hotchner: [closing quotation] "The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Jennifer Jareau: [watching Jack and Henry with Reid] I had a hard time putting both boys down last night.
Aaron Hotchner: They couldn't sleep?
Jennifer Jareau: Other way around. I didn't want to leave them. How are things on your end?
Aaron Hotchner: You know, fortunately, Jack doesn't remember a lot about Haley's death. He knows the story, but he was young.
Jennifer Jareau: That's a good thing.
Aaron Hotchner: That's a very good thing. But he's not gonna forget seeing me at gunpoint. I just don't want this job to take anything else away from him.
Jennifer Jareau: Well, maybe it gives him something, too. You're his hero. Not a pretend hero, a real hero.
Aaron Hotchner: Well, he's growing up. He's not gonna feel that way for too much longer.
Jennifer Jareau: Nah, you can worry about that later. Just be his dad. Enjoy that.

[last lines]
Dr. Tara Lewis: What is it now?
Aaron Hotchner: Three more prison breaks in three different states, all organized by Rawdon's partners from his last bombing attempt.
Penelope Garcia: The local field office got a head start because of what we did. They stopped the bomb threat, but...
David Rossi: Who didn't they catch?
Aaron Hotchner: All have serial killer wings just like VA Max.
Dr. Tara Lewis: Let me guess; they were released first to cause maximum chaos and occupy law enforcement.
Penelope Garcia: A lot of them were killed or recaptured, but not all of them.
Jennifer Jareau: How many got away?
Penelope Garcia: As of right now, thirteen serial killers, one of which is Peter Lewis.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Mr. Scratch. That's why he testified against you. He was part of their plan all along.
Aaron Hotchner: So we have to catch him again, along with twelve other murderers.

"Criminal Minds: Omnivore (#4.18)" (2009)
Aaron Hotchner: I'm the guy that hunts guys like you.
The Reaper: There are no guys like me.

Aaron Hotchner: A bit dramatic, don't you think?
David Rossi: My ex-wife always said I have a flair for the dramatic.
Aaron Hotchner: Which one?
David Rossi: All of them.

Aaron Hotchner: [opening quotation, voiceover] "Fate is not satisfied with inflicting one calamity." - Roman author Publilius Syrus.

Aaron Hotchner: [closing quotation, voiceover] "Men heap together the mistakes of their lives and create a monster they call destiny." - John Hobbes.

Aaron Hotchner: Come in
Penelope Garcia: I found it. The Michigan Post, March 7th, 1998. Is that right?
[Hands paper to Hotch]
Aaron Hotchner: Uh.
[Reads advertisement in paper]
Aaron Hotchner: Yes
Penelope Garcia: 'Cause I found it, do I get to know what this is about?
Aaron Hotchner: The Reaper
Penelope Garcia: Like the Boston Reaper?
[Hotch nods yes]
Penelope Garcia: I didn't even know the BAU worked on that case
Aaron Hotchner: 1998, it was my first case for the BAU as lead profiler
Penelope Garcia: Correct me if I'm wrong, but we don't have a profile for the Reaper in our system, do we?
Aaron Hotchner: That'll be all Penelope. You can go home now
Penelope Garcia: Okay, good night sir
Aaron Hotchner: Good night

Dr. Spencer Reid: What's so special about the 9th victim?
Aaron Hotchner: He survived!

Aaron Hotchner: What's more important to you Roy? Getting the story or getting the killer?

Aaron Hotchner: He's just a man! Nothing more
George Foyet: Then why can't you catch him?
Aaron Hotchner: We will

"Criminal Minds: Limelight (#3.13)" (2008)
David Rossi: When I interviewed Bundy, he had a theory about pornography. He said "If you wanna stop people from becoming like me, don't burn 'Catcher in the Rye'."
Aaron Hotchner: "Burn 'Hustler'." I read your books, too, Dave.

Aaron Hotchner: Agent, I don't know how you usually do things, but you need to let my team know if you're planning on holding a press conference.
Jill Morris: No, I... it wasn't a conference. It was just an announcement.
Aaron Hotchner: I think you know what I mean.
Jill Morris: We're sending half the cops in the city out to canvass. The story would have leaked. I was just putting a reassuring face on the situation.
Aaron Hotchner: Your face.
Jill Morris: I'm the case agent.
Aaron Hotchner: And you're also outranked by every member of my team.
Jill Morris: Meaning what, you vote me off the island?
Aaron Hotchner: Nothing tears a case apart faster than an agent trying to make his or her name on it.

Aaron Hotchner: Nobody remembers the victims, everybody remembers the killer. And that's exactly what happens when an agent puts the story ahead of the case.

Aaron Hotchner: With four known victims, we should start by re-interviewing friends and family. We're looking for a white male in his thirties to forties. And with his knowledge of circuitry and wiring, we think that he's either an electrician or an electrical engineer.
David Rossi: It's a job that may give him access to a victim's home or workplace, the opportunity to observe his targets.
Emily Prentiss: They're attractive, professional women. He sees them as strong, righteous, unobtainable. So he seeks to tear them down, to reduce them to base sexual creatures and punish them.
Aaron Hotchner: He's a true sexual sadist. A typology we refer to as anger-excitation, meaning he becomes sexually aroused by the suffering of his victims.
David Rossi: Killing these women is an afterthought. Their pain is what he's after. And he takes his time, to exact maximum stimulation.
Philly Agent: What about his trophies? He keeps their clothes, right?
Emily Prentiss: Yes. We believe he's using them for rehearsal fantasies. By dressing as his victims, he can relive the torture. It's during this time that he most likely pleasures himself in order to reinforce his association between suffering and gratification.
Aaron Hotchner: And when he becomes dissatisfied with this, he seeks out a new victim.
David Rossi: Keep in mind he's been this for a long time, and he's been thinking about doing it most of his life. He'll continue to evolve, finding new ways of challenging himself, increasing his stimulation threshold. There are no boundaries for this man.

Aaron Hotchner: [to Rossi] Take Reid with you.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Road trip, nice! I've got books on tape with Peter Coyote reading the entire Foundation Trilogy.

Aaron Hotchner: It's unacceptable behavior. Why do you keep defending her?
David Rossi: Because I know what she is. She is me, twenty years ago.
Aaron Hotchner: She is nothing like you, Dave.
David Rossi: Come on Hotch, I know what people think. I took serial killer's mass market. Now everyone knows their names, but not the victims, right? Somewhere along the line, I put myself first. I admit it. I can't go back and change it. But it's not too late for her.

Aaron Hotchner: Broken home, poverty, trade school, petty crime, lewd behavior. The whole profile is here black and white.
Emily Prentiss: That's a small consolation.
Aaron Hotchner: How many is he up to?
Jennifer Jareau: Seventeen.
Emily Prentiss: They haven't even gotten through to the 2006 pile.
Aaron Hotchner: Has he told us where to find the remains?
Jennifer Jareau: No, he doesn't speak, he just points.

Aaron Hotchner: You got something?
David Rossi: Not sure. An old storage unit; case agent from the Philly field office sent it to me.
Aaron Hotchner: Somebody you know?
David Rossi: She knows me. You know.
Aaron Hotchner: Ah, a fan. Your world is a very crowded place, isn't it?
David Rossi: You'd be surprised.
Aaron Hotchner: This is detailed.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Future tense. They're fantasies.
David Rossi: That agent thinks it could more than that.
Aaron Hotchner: There's more of this?
David Rossi: A few boxes in the field office. I'd like to drive up there, look at the rest of the material. Make a judgment from that.

"Criminal Minds: Legacy (#2.22)" (2007)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [voice over] "Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity, nothing exceeds the criticisms made of the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed." - Herman Melville.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [voiceover] "Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles." - Charles Chaplin.

Emily Prentiss: How'd you guys do?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Well, Reid got propositioned by every prostitute we talked to, but we didn't find anybody who thinks they'd seen the unsub.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: We're going to provide a psychological profile of the man we're looking for. It contains some unusual, specific personality traits that someone out there is bound to recognize.
Jason Gideon: Which will make him relatively easy to locate. Long-lasting, negative impression he leaves on anyone he might meet.
Derek Morgan: We have a term for the killing behavior this unsub displays: cleaning house. Fixing what's wrong with the world.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He's deeply rationalized this behavior, and while he certainly knows the killing is wrong, he truly believes that he's doing the world a great service.
Derek Morgan: Ultimately, this type of unsub becomes a loner. There won't be too many people that can still tolerate him. Now, if he does have a relationship at all, the person will not be his equal. It'll be someone subservient to him.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He'll be... fastidious, tending toward obsessive-compulsive disorder, and he'll have an overwhelming sense of indignation towards the things that he's judged to be wrong. He wouldn't even consider the reasons why someone might disagree with him.
Detective One: He sounds like a real jagoff.
Derek Morgan: Exactly. Class "A" scumbag.
Emily Prentiss: Detective McGee started noticing the disappearances a year ago. The ubsub probably had a stressor at this time. The death of a family member, or someone who had some semblance of control over him. Right now, no one has control over him.
Dr. Spencer Reid: It's probable that he isn't currently working after this many victims and the devolution that it brings, a job just wouldn't leave him time to practice his true calling.
Capt. Wright: Which is...?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: A predator. A killing machine. By now, it's become all he thinks about.

Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: This postmark.
Cal McGee: Excuse me?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Kansas City.
Cal McGee: Right.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Missouri. We're in Kansas City, Kansas.
Cal McGee: Yeah, well, they're just across the river from one another.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: No, what they are is right across the state line.
[JJ and McGee enter Captain Wright's office]
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Hotch, it's federal.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: What?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: If we want this case, it's ours. It's federal. This letter came from across the river, from Kansas City, Missouri.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Interstate communication.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Puts it in federal jurisdiction.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [to Captain Wright] Sir, this is now a federal case. I would like to retain Detective McGee as a consultant.
Capt. Wright: Whoa, whoa. You're not opening any investigations in my jurisdiction.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I don't wanna fight with you, even though this is a federal case. If we develop any information, I will come to you and your men will make the arrest.
Capt. Wright: And why would you do that?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Because that's how we operate.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I've been standing on the other side of that glass thinking about what to do with you, Steven. And this morning I decided to save your life. You're gonna tell me where my killer is. You're gonna give me an address, and you're gonna tell me how to get inside without raising an alarm. You're gonna draw me a map if I need one. And you're gonna do this because he's never been nice to you. He constantly insults you and belittles you. He emasculates you and makes you feel ugly and stupid and worthless. Nothing you ever do is right. Never good enough. You hate him, Steven. And you're also going to tell me because you know you screwed up last night. He told you that your paramount concern was not to attract the attention of the authorities, and you know the punishment will be severe. Nobody knows better than you what he can do to people. I've spent a long time studying monsters like your friend, and I can promise you he's gonna do things to you that even you can't imagine.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: What's this?
Jason Gideon: It's genius
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You have Chaplin on film?
Jason Gideon: My great-granddad was an accountant at one of the first movie studios
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: He lived in California?
Jason Gideon: No, no, no, Chicago. Essanay Studios, closed 1920. Back then, 4 out of 5 movies made in US were made in Chicago. They closed down, they let my grandfather take a... , eh, a couple of extra prints home
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: They "let" him?
Jason Gideon: Well, that's a family story, we're sticking to it

Capt. Wright: Hey, I'm sorry he got you to travel all the way here
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Sir, we're happy to help with the problem
Capt. Wright: What problem?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Sir, 63 people missing from a localized area is... unusual
Capt. Wright: Are you kidding me? Bums, whores, junkies! Can these people even be missing?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You seem hostile to the idea that these people could be in trouble

"Criminal Minds: Gabby (#9.16)" (2014)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] It's often said: "There is no footprint too small to leave an imprint on this world"

Aaron Hotchner: Kate trusted you with the care of her child. You were responsible for this little girl. You had a duty to protect her, and you failed, miserably. What happened to Gabby is all your fault. You know nothing about what it takes to be a mother. You're pathetic.
Sue Walsh: [rages Hotch and shouts] You son of a bitch! I'll kill you! Get off me! Get off me! No! No! Get off me!

David Rossi: Talk about taking one for the team.
Agent Tia Canning: What was that all about?
Aaron Hotchner: If she's a predisposed female offender, a major indicator is uncontrolled rage when challenged. I'd say she passed the test.

Penelope Garcia: Gabby's not the only baby on that forum that's being discussed.
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, I need to know everything that you can find about anyone communicating with Sue.
Penelope Garcia: Yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna... Oh, my God. Oh, no, no, no... Sue gave Gabby away.

Agent Tia Canning: Disrupted adoptions?
Dr. Spencer Reid: That's what the people involved are calling it. They're also referring to it as re-homing. And it's been happening underground for some time now.
Alex Blake: Until now, it's mainly been overwhelmed adoptive parents of problem children from overseas.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Good people go on site looking for guidance or services, but bad people offer to take problem kids off their hands as a last resort.
Agent Tia Canning: So they just give them away to some random couple?
Jennifer Jareau: Calling them couples is a bit generous. The article talks about these people who pose as families, but really they're just freaks looking for access to kids.
Alex Blake: And no one's keeping track of them.
Agent Tia Canning: Why isn't this illegal?
Aaron Hotchner: Well, 'cause it's a relatively new practice, and unsurprisingly, no legislation's been written yet.

David Rossi: [to Michael Feehan laying on the couch] Please, give me a reason.
Michelle Fader: What the hell's going on?
Aaron Hotchner: Michelle Fader, you're under arrest for staging a child abduction.
Michelle Fader: I didn't do nothing. Look, I was trying to help that girl.
Aaron Hotchner: You have the right to remain silent.
Michelle Fader: I am only trying to help that girl. She wanted a fresh start.
Aaron Hotchner: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Michelle Fader: She couldn't take care of her own babies anymore.
Aaron Hotchner: You have a right to an attorney...
Michelle Fader: I am trying to help that girl!
Aaron Hotchner: You have a right to an attorney.
Michelle Fader: What's gonna happen to my babies?

Derek Morgan: JJ, you okay?
Jennifer Jareau: They don't have any place safe to be.
Alex Blake: It's not ideal, but they'll be in foster care until they find a family.
David Rossi: Yeah, but how many more kids like that are out there?
Aaron Hotchner: That's a good question.

"Criminal Minds: A Beautiful Disaster (#11.18)" (2016)
Derek Morgan: Tell me you got something.
David Rossi: A casing and a rifle up on the roof.
Jennifer Jareau: This guy isn't sloppy. He's sending us a message.
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, we need to access the surveillance footage.
Penelope Garcia: [leaving] Of course. I'm on it.
Derek Morgan: All right, what else we got?
David Rossi: That's it right now.

Aaron Hotchner: You can't investigate this.
Derek Morgan: Excuse me?
Aaron Hotchner: You're a material witness in your wife's shooting, and a target. And not just tonight, but the past six months.
Derek Morgan: Hotch, how can you of all people ask me to sit this out? You didn't back off when Foyet attacked your family.
Aaron Hotchner: And how'd that turn out?

Dr. Spencer Reid: How'd he take it?
Aaron Hotchner: As expected.
Penelope Garcia: Sir, I know that when Morgan was on leave after his abduction, you encouraged him to stay away from the case.
David Rossi: And let me guess: he didn't.

Aaron Hotchner: [Morgan has gone off on his own to find Chazz] Where is he?
Derek Morgan: He's not gonna stop.
Aaron Hotchner: Morgan, tell me where he is.
Derek Morgan: I can't get anyone else hurt.
Aaron Hotchner: This isn't your call.
Derek Morgan: Come on, you have to know what I'm feeling right now.
Aaron Hotchner: That's why you need to come back here or tell me where you're going.
Derek Morgan: I can't do it. I'm sorry, man. Goodbye, Aaron.
[Morgan hangs up and throws his phone out the car window]

Aaron Hotchner: Morgan never calls me Aaron. Why would he start?
Jennifer Jareau: What else did he say?
Aaron Hotchner: That of all people, I should understand.
Jennifer Jareau: He was talking about Foyet.
Aaron Hotchner: Yes, but he mentioned that earlier. Why bring it up again?
David Rossi: He wanted you to relate to his rage and back off?
Dr. Tara Lewis: Is there any other relevance to Foyet?
Aaron Hotchner: He attacked in my home. Maybe Morgan subconsciously let that slip.
Penelope Garcia: Yeah, but Morgan's house isn't red.
Dr. Spencer Reid: [realizing something] Yeah, but he's renovated a lot of houses over the years. What if it's one of those?

Aaron Hotchner: Jack was never this tiny.
Derek Morgan: The doctors say this incubator's gonna be home for the next two weeks.
Aaron Hotchner: It's gonna fly by.
Derek Morgan: Hotch, I get it. I finally know what you guys have been talking about. I never knew that six pounds, one ounce could knock me out.

Derek Morgan: [Noticing Hotch watches him very closely] You're looking for micro expression
Aaron Hotchner: You have divided this team when we need to work together! JJ disobeyed orders by going to you and now you are withholding
Derek Morgan: I didn't divide this team! You did!

"Criminal Minds: Painless (#7.4)" (2011)
Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] "... pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding." ~~ Kahlil Gibran

Dr. Spencer Reid: Boiling rage- SON OF A BITCH! Hi, this is Dr. Spencer Reid, I actually can come to the phone right now with a very special message that your mother is a to...
Aaron Hotchner: Reid.

Ms. McKee: As you can see, his scores are high across the board. But he seems to be holding back in the classroom.
Aaron Hotchner: Why do you think that is?
Ms. McKee: Has he ever mentioned a classmate named Paul?
Aaron Hotchner: Paul Cain? Yes, he's been over. He's a friend of Jack's.
Ms. McKee: Paul is being mean to Jack for some reason.
Aaron Hotchner: How long has that been going on?
Ms. McKee: A few weeks. Jack's just his latest target. We've moved Jack away from Paul, and we're documenting everything, of course.
Aaron Hotchner: Jack says that things are going very well at school, so the steps you're taking must be working.
Ms. McKee: Thank you.
Aaron Hotchner: Let me know if anything changes.
Ms. McKee: Absolutely.
Aaron Hotchner: Can I keep this?
Ms. McKee: Sure.
Aaron Hotchner: Thank you so much.

Emily Prentiss: What else do we have to go on?
Jennifer Jareau: Spence said the UnSub would have broken his hand beating Chelsea to death. Did you notice anyone with a cast on their hand, someone who seemed hurt?
Emily Prentiss: No.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I might know why. This UnSub doesn't feel pain. There's a medical condition called pain asymbolia, where patients register harmful stimuli without being bothered by it. They've been documented holding their hand over an open flame because their brain doesn't send pain signals to the central nervous system.
David Rossi: Sounds pretty rare. You sure the UnSub has it?
Dr. Spencer Reid: The crime scenes prove it. This UnSub displayed an unusual level of savagery towards his victims. And consider this, he smashed through a glass display case, but there were not cuts on Jerry. That means he most likely punched through it as a show of force. Now, the only way the human body could withstand that level of pain is if he couldn't feel it at all.
David Rossi: It must take a major toll on someone's emotional development.
Derek Morgan: A significant contributor to our sense of empathy is the way we personally experience pain.
Aaron Hotchner: And the UnSub didn't develop his sense of empathy because it was cut off. Does every person with asymbolia have this?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Actually, most feel empathy just fine, which makes me think the rest of our profile is still accurate. Loner, invisible, outcast, boiling rage...

Emily Prentiss: And nobody got to find out that Bob Adams was a good kid, a brave kid. The kind of kid you'd want to hang out with.
Aaron Hotchner: We can give you back your story, Bob, but you have to drop the gun.
Bob Adams: Isn't it funny when your dream comes true, it's never the way you want.

Aaron Hotchner: How did you get by in Paris?
Emily Prentiss: I... I played a lot of online Scrabble. With some girl named Cheeto Breath.
[Hotch looks back at JJ who is eating from a small bag of Cheetos]

[last lines]
Jack Hotchner: Why are we doing this?
Aaron Hotchner: We haven't talked to Mom in a while, so I thought it would be a good idea if we did it again.
Jack Hotchner: But I don't want to make you sad.
Aaron Hotchner: Buddy, you're not making me sad. It makes me happy, because it reminds me what a great job Mom did with you. So maybe if we got in the habit of doing this again, you know, Mom could help us.
Jack Hotchner: Like with what?
Aaron Hotchner: You know, if you have a bad day. Ms. McKee said Paul's been mean to you.
Jack Hotchner: He hasn't been mean to me.
Aaron Hotchner: No? Okay. Mom, look out for Jack anyway.
Jack Hotchner: Dad, too.
Aaron Hotchner: Dad, too. Of course.
[Jack puffs out a candle]
Aaron Hotchner: Good Job. Okay. Time to settle down. Good night, buddy.
Jack Hotchner: Love you, Dad.
Aaron Hotchner: I love you, too.

"Criminal Minds: Paradise (#4.4)" (2008)
Penelope Garcia: You, my fine furry friends, are welcome.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Remind me to have her drug tested.

Dr. Spencer Reid: [on the phone with Garcia] Thank you, Garcia!
Garcia: You, my fine furry friends, are welcome!
[hangs up the phone]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [about Garcia] Remind me to have her drug-tested...

Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Three nights ago outside of Reno, this car was hit by a tractor trailer.
Derek Morgan: Any survivors?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: The truck driver walked away unharmed. Jonathan and Rebecca Gallen, the passengers in the car, were DOA. When the local sheriff arrived on the scene, he noticed several things - no blood spatter inside the car, no seat belt burns, no lacerations from the air bags.
Dr. Spencer Reid: They were dead before the accident.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: The autopsy report confirmed that, and the cause of death. Blunt force head trauma and evidence of rape and torture to the woman.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Well, the unsub wasn't very successful at hiding the fact that he murdered two people.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [opening quote, voiceover] Thomas Fuller wrote "A fool's paradise is a wise man's hell."

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [closing quote, voiceover] Roman poet Phaedrus wrote "Things are not always what they seem. The first appearance deceives many. The intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden."

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: What is it, Garcia?
Penelope Garcia: For the last two days I've been searching through vicap for similar rapes and murders and cases that are still open. That has yielded me diddly squat, so I regrouped, I looked at some pictures of baby Panda and I went back in and looked at started searching for similar rapes and murders of cases that have been solved

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I was here, I talked to him and I didn't see it
David Rossi: He made himself look like a good guy. You bought it. It happens to the best of us! Welcome to the club

"Criminal Minds: A Thin Line (#7.15)" (2012)
Derek Morgan: Hey, Hotch, check this out. There's a mayoral race in town, and there's a guy named Clark Preston all over the news. Looks like he's running a close second.
Clark Preston: [footage of a news conference] These vicious home invasions are a sign of the times. As demographics change, so do crime rates. Now, we may not be able to slow the browning of America, but we can sure as hell take our city back, and if you elect me, I'll lead that charge.
Derek Morgan: "The browning of America"? That's damn near a hate speech.
Aaron Hotchner: He's using the murders to further his campaign, and I guess people are rallying behind it.
Derek Morgan: So what if our unsub is nothing like Manson? Manson never got his hands dirty. What if our unsub is more like his followers?
Aaron Hotchner: You think he's being manipulated?
Derek Morgan: Maybe even unintentionally, but either way, rhetoric like this could fuel his fire.

Clark Preston: I'm innocent!
Aaron Hotchner: Clark Preston, you have the right to remain silent.
David Rossi: Yeah, please feel free to exercise that right.

Aaron Hotchner: We believe we're looking for a white male in his late 20s to early 30s.
Deputy: Wait, wait, wait. I'm sorry, I thought we were looking at black gangbangers.
Derek Morgan: The unsub has been staging the crime scenes to make it look like black gangs and undocumented immigrants were responsible.
Deputy: Why would anyone do that?
Jennifer Jareau: We think he's trying to create some sort of racial conflict.
Dr. Spencer Reid: In 1969, Charles Manson orchestrated the Tate-LaBianca murders, in the hopes of creating a race war between the blacks and whites that he referred to as "Helter Skelter".
David Rossi: A name he stole from a Beatles song.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Members of the Manson family left watermelon rinds at the scene of the crime and also painted panther paws on the wall in blood in the hopes of convincing authorities that the Black Panther Party was responsible.
Aaron Hotchner: Hate groups like the Aryan Nation believe that race war is not only inevitable, but necessary.
Emily Prentiss: Our unsub may be a member of one of these groups. Aryan gangs have a strong presence in prison, so he may be an ex-con, or even possibly related to a convict.
David Rossi: We think he may also be some kind of zealot. He believes his war is already being fought, and these murders are a mission to him.
Jennifer Jareau: And like a solider, he is willing to put himself in harm's way.
Dr. Spencer Reid: The unsub may also be vulnerable somehow. Weak-minded or even lonely. His cause gives him a sense of power and belonging.
Derek Morgan: He's physically fit enough to move dead bodies, so he's probably young.
David Rossi: But not so young as to be impulsive. These attacks took planning and focus, so he's disciplined.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He uses Oxycodone to drug his unwilling partners. But he does so without killing them, which means he's knowledgeable about dosages.
Emily Prentiss: And Oxy is expensive, so look at medical care professionals and caregivers, anyone with access to to prescription drugs.
Aaron Hotchner: This unsub is dedicated and driven. Makes him especially dangerous. Surrender's not likely part of his strategy.

Aaron Hotchner: So he was always in trouble?
Ray Phillips: Not FBI trouble! He ain't got the brains nor the work ethics
Aaron Hotchner: Kids have a way of hiding things

Clark Preston: You're profiles, right?
Aaron Hotchner: Right
Clark Preston: You study behavior, not actual facts, and then you come up with theories
Aaron Hotchner: It's not quite as simple as that

Penelope Garcia: [answering phone] I live to serve you, sir!
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, what can you tell us about a bar called the Drunken Dog?
Penelope Garcia: Ooh, I like it already!

Penelope Garcia: San Bernadino, California. Two home invasions in less than a week, only a block apart. Exact same M.O. Both houses were burgled, power and phone lines cut, and they broke in through a back window.
Dr. Spencer Reid: And in each case, the entire family was shot and killed?
Penelope Garcia: Yes, that is right. I present to you the Mitchells and the Lewis families.
David Rossi: They took out the power and phones to isolate them. Their alarm systems wouldn't work and they can't call for help.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Most modern alarm systems have a backup generator and a cell phone connection to the security company.
Penelope Garcia: Yeah, but the Mitchells had an older system, and the Lewises were behind on their account, so it was inactive.
Jennifer Jareau: An assailant was killed in each case?
Penelope Garcia: Affirmative, but the sheriff hasn't IDed them yet.
Emily Prentiss: So both families were armed and fought back and shot one of their attackers.
Derek Morgan: Is that a coincidence or a connection?
Aaron Hotchner: What concerns me is the frequency of the kills.
Jennifer Jareau: Only four days apart.
Aaron Hotchner: All right. It's a long flight. We'd better get going. Wheels up in thirty.

"Criminal Minds: In Name and Blood (#3.2)" (2007)
Aaron Hotchner: I want you on that plane with me.

Erin Strauss: Call in S.W.A.T., secure the perimeter, wait for him to come out.
Derek Morgan: Ma'am he's holding a woman inside.
Erin Strauss: We don't know that for certain. We don't have probable cause.
Aaron Hotchner: She's right.
Erin Strauss: If he's got her he waits 48 hours, he's not gonna kill her yet.
Derek Morgan: He's changed the pattern of the dump sites, now he's changed how he abducts them. Do we really want to gamble that he's sticking to the rest of the model?
Cop: So let's pound on the door! Maybe he'll panic.
Aaron Hotchner: But he could spook just enough to kill her early.
Emily Prentiss: I want to go in alone. The boy's in the family room, he'll answer the door.
Erin Strauss: No.
Emily Prentiss: We need to get invited in that door. He's looking for female authority figures. If he lets me in I can signal as soon I see anything that gives us cause.
Erin Strauss: Technically you're not even in the FBI.
Aaron Hotchner: All the better.
Erin Strauss: She's interfering with a federal investigation!
Emily Prentiss: Well if I'm no longer in the FBI then you have no authority over me. I'm just a civilian knocking on a little boy's door.
Derek Morgan: Prentiss.
[hands her a gun]
Emily Prentiss: Thanks.
Aaron Hotchner: As soon as you have probable cause, give us the signal and get out of there.
Emily Prentiss: Okay.

Aaron Hotchner: Come to Milwaukee. I'll make you a deal- If your ready bag isn't here- packed- I won't bug you anymore. If it is I want you on that plane with me. One more case.
Emily Prentiss: [sighs] I already turned in my badge and my gun.
Aaron Hotchner: That's just hardware.

Aaron Hotchner: Why would I ever want to leave the BAU?

Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote, voiceover] George Washington said "Let your heart feel for the affliction and distress of everyone."

Haley Hotchner: Are you sure you're okay?
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, I'm fine
Haley Hotchner: You're doing the right thing
Aaron Hotchner: I know
Haley Hotchner: Getting suspended was a blessing in disguise. We deserve a normal life!

Penelope Garcia: Is it appropriate to ask whether I can talk you out of it?
Aaron Hotchner: I heard you got a bigger office
Penelope Garcia: A swanky new map and everything.
[puts dossier on desk]
Penelope Garcia: It's the Milwaukee file. JJ wanted me to give it to you
Aaron Hotchner: I am not working it
Penelope Garcia: I am just following orders

"Criminal Minds: Bloodline (#4.13)" (2009)
Agent Jordan Todd: This team is like a family, and families take on the traits of their leaders. You don't show much emotion.
Aaron Hotchner: Meaning what?
Agent Jordan Todd: I've sat at J.J.'s desk and I've looked at some of the worst things I've ever seen just trying to do half her job. I hope you don't take her for granted.

Aaron Hotchner: [closing quotation, voiceover] Mario Puzo wrote "The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other."

Agent Jordan Todd: What's going on?
Aaron Hotchner: Cate Hale has epilepsy, and whoever abducted her didn't know to take the medication.
Agent Jordan Todd: And the primary cause of seizures is stress.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia.
Penelope Garcia: Oh captain, my captain.
Aaron Hotchner: I need a list of crimes involving partners within a ninety mile radius of Harvest in the last two years.
Penelope Garcia: All crimes?
Aaron Hotchner: Anything. Violent crimes, break-ins, whatever's in the system. I need to be able to show Cate some mugshots.
Penelope Garcia: You got it. One scumbag yearbook coming up.

Aaron Hotchner: How's the father?
Det. Bates: Between you and me, I've cleaned up bar fights, smelled better than he does right now

Jim Scheuren: Yesterday would have been the first time I'd seen her in a month and a half
Aaron Hotchner: A colleague of mine asked me the other day how my son was enjoying the Christmas present he got from him and I had to make up an answer, because I didn't know

Agent Jordan Todd: And also I... I just spoke with JJ. She'll be at her desk by the time we get back to Quantico
Aaron Hotchner: She has 3 more weeks of maternity leave
Agent Jordan Todd: I know, but she's dying to be back. And honestly, I'm ready to get back to counter terrorism, it's where I'm needed
David Rossi: They're lucky to have you
[Shakes Jordan's hand and leaves the room]
Agent Jordan Todd: May I say something?
Aaron Hotchner: Sure
Agent Jordan Todd: This team is like a family and families take on the traits of their leaders. You don't show much emotion
Aaron Hotchner: Meaning what?
Agent Jordan Todd: I've sat at JJ's desk and I have looked at some of the worst things I've ever seen, just trying to do half her job. I hope you don't take her for granted
Aaron Hotchner: I don't

"Criminal Minds: Gatekeeper (#9.7)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: And to Dr. Spencer Reid who may be adding MD to an already impressive list of credentials
Derek Morgan: And to Spencer Johnson, that he prove to be the child prodigy like his name says
Alex Blake: How on earth did you know what to do?
Dr. Spencer Reid: When JJ was pregnant with Henry I memorized the delivery manuals, just in case she went into labor in the field. I have to admit the practical application did not quite live up to the theory.

Penelope Garcia: You know what? Send me that broken cell phone. I may be able to pull data from the device itself.
Aaron Hotchner: And in the meantime, forward Delfino's calls to us. If she tries him, we'll be able to talk to her.
Penelope Garcia: Smart thinking, *sensei*. Routing it now.

Dr. Spencer Reid: Thanks. This night is not about me, though.
[raises his glass]
Dr. Spencer Reid: To David Rossi.
David Rossi: I still can't believe you guys did this.
Dr. Spencer Reid: We wanted to make sure you had one last proper goodbye.
Penelope Garcia: Mm. And I may or may not have posted on the Quantico message boards that all the drinks are on you tonight.
David Rossi: And they are indeed, thank you very much.
Aaron Hotchner: But that's not all. I don't believe that any of the members of this team have heard you sing.
Helen: Next up is David Rossi.
David Rossi: That was intentional.
Aaron Hotchner: Next up is David Rossi.
Helen: Dave, get your ass up here and sing us out already.
Aaron Hotchner: And, look, it's your key.
David Rossi: Yeah, Q squared.
[Karaoke "piano man" starts]
David Rossi: All righty. To all the great memories that have happened within these walls, if you think I'm doing this without backup, you're nuts. Come on, JJ, Reid, let's go. Derek! Come on!

Aaron Hotchner: The unsub we're looking for is a dangerous voyeur, who feeds off the thrill of knowing his victims can't see him.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Typically, voyeurs are non-violent and content to remain bystanders. This one is different; he's on a mission that includes taking action.
Aaron Hotchner: And in that mission, he didn't hesitate to kill a teenage boy. Anyone who stands between him and his goal is at risk.
Alex Blake: We believe he's documenting his work. He's taking pictures and collects personal connections to his victims; their wallets and their hair.
David Rossi: It's important to him to have proof of what he's doing.
Derek Morgan: Voyeurs like to create fantasies in their heads of what the objects of their obsession should be like.
David Rossi: He creates a character identity instead of a reality, and when a person steps outside of the parameters that the unsub has set for them, he strikes.
Jennifer Jareau: This unsub appears to be triggered by males acting on what he perceives to be character flaws. Seemingly innocuous infractions to us are magnified in the unsub's psychosis.
Aaron Hotchner: Based on the planning and sophistication of the kills, we believe that he's in his late thirties or forties.
Dr. Spencer Reid: The geographic profile tells us this unsub is not only dumping his victims downtown, he's hunting there, too.
Derek Morgan: So this is where we need to redouble our efforts. Go building to building, door to door. This guy's a fly on the wall; he's able to leanr secrets without anyone realizing he's there.
Alex Blake: He'll have a job that involves very little social interaction, but that puts him in a position where he can observe others unnoticed.
Jennifer Jareau: So we should look at service workers, groundskeepers, anyone paid to be invisible.
Aaron Hotchner: And we need to move quickly. This unsub is approaching some sort of perceived deadline. The closer it gets, the more erratic and dangerous he'll become.

Penelope Garcia: His name is Tanner Johnson, and life has not been kind.
Jennifer Jareau: He lost a child, didn't he?
Penelope Garcia: Yeah, last year. Ten year old son Jeremy. According to reports, Jeremy was playing with a friend, they were, like, fake 'wrestling', when Tanner, a freelance photographer/night time doorman, got a call, left the room to take it; when he returned, his son was unconscious, the friend was trying to revive him from a chokehold gone horribly wrong.
Aaron Hotchner: The son was strangled; that's why he uses a garrote.
Penelope Garcia: Jeremy was on life support for a few days, but he died.
Alex Blake: And Tanner blames himself. He stopped watching for a minute and he lost his son.
David Rossi: He hasn't stopped watching since. The grief must have consumed him.
Jennifer Jareau: That's a hell of a stressor, but what triggered the murders?
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, what happened to Tanner's wife? Did the marriage survive?
Penelope Garcia: Uh... nope. She kicked him out two months ago. Right before the killings started.
Jennifer Jareau: So he loses his child, then his wife and home. It's enough to make anyone unstable.
Alex Blake: Add guilt to that, and it's all too much. He dissociated.
David Rossi: Paternal transference. Claimed the residents of the apartment building as his family.

David Rossi: He killed a woman this time.
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah. She's also the first one he covered up. This is remorse. She wasn't part of the plan.
David Rossi: Which explains why he moved the body. She wasn't killed here.
Alex Blake: The garrote was used postmortem. C.O.D. appears to be blunt-force trauma to the back of the head.
David Rossi: He didn't do a good job of covering this up.
Aaron Hotchner: He's panicking. We find where she was killed, we find him.
Alex Blake: Except no one even knows what her name is.
David Rossi: No ID, just a phone.
[Rossi plays the phone's voicemail]
Derek Morgan: Hi, my name is Derek Morgan with the FBI. I'm trying to locate a woman, first name Ashley. It's extremely important.
David Rossi: This is Ashley.

Penelope Garcia: Beantown has turned into Chokeville. Three victims, all male, wallets stolen.
Aaron Hotchner: The unsub uses a garrote to strangle his victims. He strikes at night, and there have been no witnesses.
David Rossi: How much did he get?
Aaron Hotchner: What's odd. Each of the victims' socio-economically is lower to middle class. It's doubtful there would have been much cash, and there have been no charge attempts on any of the credit cards.
Alex Blake: So the murders might not be about money at all. Taking the wallets could be a forensic countermeasure to delay victim identification.
Penelope Garcia: That could be the sitch with the first two victims, but the latest one, Scott Delfino, he was on the phone with his roommate when he was attacked; call cut out unexpectedly, repeated callbacks went straight to voicemail.
Aaron Hotchner: And Delfino's body was found an hour later, indications were that he'd been blitzed.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Which speaks to the killer's prep work, but also his desperation. He chose a location to lay in wait, but wasn't capable of adapting to a target on the phone.
Jennifer Jareau: Well, that could be arrogance getting in the way, making his organization appear mixed. To me, that screams false confidence.
Derek Morgan: Which means the desperation is what's driving him. It's not about the kills, it's about what the murders represent.
Jennifer Jareau: He's mission oriented. He doesn't want to kill them, he has to.
David Rossi: Which suggests the unsub has no personal connection to his victims.
Alex Blake: Except choking as a kill method is extremely personal. He feels each victim take their last breath.
Derek Morgan: What if the wallets are a form of depersonalization? He's stripping his victims of their identities.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Which means he may feel stripped of his own. If the wallets are trophies, he could be seeking recognition for his work.
Aaron Hotchner: And he may not stop killing until he gets that recognition. Let's go.

"Criminal Minds: Psychodrama (#2.4)" (2006)
[episode opening quote]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde

[episode closing quote]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: "The basis of shame is not some personal mistake of ours but that this humiliation is seen by everyone." - Milan Kundera

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Good, cause I want every physical dimension on the UnSub, height, waist size, in seam. Everything that you can give me.
Penelope Garcia: Honey, if he opens his mouth I'll give you the length of his teeth.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Just keep it clean, and don't call me honey.

[Elle has a pile of witness statements to go through]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Are you alright?
Elle Greenaway: I just need some popcorn
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Have fun!

Penelope Garcia: Hay, I got access to four bank robberies worth of security footages. What got I to do with them?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You know that digital perspective whatever software?
Penelope Garcia: Digital perspective analysis rendering?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Yes
Penelope Garcia: Honey, not only do I know it, I helped develop it!
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Good, as I want to know every physical dimension of the unsub: height, waist size, inseam, everything you can get me
Penelope Garcia: Right, if he opens his mouth, I can give you the length of his teeth
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Just keep it clean and don't call me honey!

[Hotchner watches a clip on his phone]
Derek Morgan: What's that?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: My son's first steps. I was out of town. Haley sent me the file
Derek Morgan: When's been?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: It's five month ago, I haven't loaded on it since
Derek Morgan: Okay, so you film a new one when you get home

Jason Gideon: You're okay?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: I was showing those trainees around the offices today. They all want to be in the BAU, you know. I told them what a great job it is and they even applauded when the tour was over
Jason Gideon: I heard
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: And I didn't really tell them the truth, I didn't tell them what it is like to spend your days in this hell
Jason Gideon: It's fun, Eh?
[... ]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: It gets worse and worse with each case!
Jason Gideon: Save one life, we save the world
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Yeah! Oh, one thing I didn't tell the trainees
Jason Gideon: What's that?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You do not get paid enough!
Jason Gideon: You get that right!

"Criminal Minds: The Inspired (#9.2)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote] "They mess you up, your mom and dad. They may not mean to, but they do. They fill you with the faults they had and some extra, just for you" - Philip Larkin

Alex Blake: So Mom's been manipulating Jesse from the beginning. To do what?
Aaron Hotchner: To kill Wallace.
Jennifer Jareau: Is she capable of that?
Aaron Hotchner: She's a vindictive narcissist whose entire self-image is wrapped up in being the perfect mother.

Aaron Hotchner: Her ideal scenario, Jesse kills Wallace and she gets to stay the perfect mother.

Carla Hines: Wallace was out of control. He forced us to come here. He was gonna shoot us both. Thank God, Jesse was stronger than he was.
Wallace Hines: [pretends to be Jesse Gentry] I'll only talk to my lawyer.
Aaron Hotchner: Take them both into custody.
Alex Blake: Show me your hands.
David Rossi: We'll fingerprint him at the station, see who matches who.
Aaron Hotchner: Fingerprint analysis isn't an exact science. A good defense lawyer can poke holes in it.
David Rossi: Juries expect DNA, and DNA isn't gonna make the case here.
Aaron Hotchner: No, but behavior might. Sergeant, I need you to do something.

Aaron Hotchner: Mr. Robbins, which son is this?
Bill Robbins: [moves his right fingers and sees the son's fingers moving] That's Wallace. He's teachable. I taught him to do that whenever he gets nervous.
Aaron Hotchner: Wallace Hines, you're under arrest.
Wallace Hines: Mom? Mom, what do I do now? Mommy, no! Mom!

[last lines]
Aaron Hotchner: I've just heard that the Attorney General is, uh, very pleased.
David Rossi: Now, they seldom call with just good news.
Aaron Hotchner: They were also so happy with the way things turned out, that unfortunately, they've withdrawn my name as a candidate for section chief.
David Rossi: I'll drink to that.
[they clink glasses]
David Rossi: So that means we've got a new boss. Any idea who?
Aaron Hotchner: They didn't say, but they did say that they were thinking outside the box.
David Rossi: Uh oh.
Aaron Hotchner: Exactly.
David Rossi: Well, whatever happens, I'm sure it will be interesting. Always is.

Aaron Hotchner: Your client was arrested as we were closing in on his brother. You're telling me that was a coincidence?
Mark Anderson: I'm going to "yes, and" you. Yes, and I can prove it in a court of law.

"Criminal Minds: Closing Time (#7.14)" (2012)
Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] "For trust not him that hath once broken faith" -William Shakespeare

Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] "You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don't trust enough." -Frank Crane

Aaron Hotchner: I was reading that you shouldn't train the week before the race, so this might be it.
Beth Clemmons: What are we gonna do about that?
Aaron Hotchner: Well, I-I think we should do something.
Beth Clemmons: Aaron Hotchner, are you asking me out on a date?
Aaron Hotchner: I'm trying. It's not going very well.

Emily Prentiss: He's castrating the victims postmortem, so torture isn't his game.
Derek Morgan: Shot to the head is efficient. I don't think he wants his victims to suffer.
Aaron Hotchner: And a quick kill is impersonal. It lacks the thrill on which a lot of unsubs thrive.

Aaron Hotchner: [knock, knock] Come in. Hey.
Derek Morgan: Hey. I thought I was the one supposed to be burning the midnight oil.
Aaron Hotchner: Well, with Strauss away, the director asked me to do a little extra. I'm actually looking forward to having her back.
Derek Morgan: Right. It's not the greatest way to spend Valentine's Day, now, is it? I forgot, too. Some of the singles were gonna go find a bar and grab a drink if you want to come along. I mean, unless there's someplace else you could be.
Aaron Hotchner: I think I'll pass, but thank you.
Derek Morgan: What about the paperwork?
Aaron Hotchner: Well, when Strauss comes back next week, I don't want her to be bored.
Derek Morgan: Good night, Hotch.
Aaron Hotchner: Good night, Morgan.

[last lines]
Aaron Hotchner: Hi.
Beth Clemmons: Hey... Flowers. Wow, thank you.
Aaron Hotchner: You're welcome.
Beth Clemmons: It's not even Friday.
Aaron Hotchner: No, I know. I just get called away so often that I thought we should grab the opportunity while we had it.
Beth Clemmons: That was very thoughtful. Let me get my stuff.
Aaron Hotchner: Take your time.
Beth Clemmons: So, what's our plan?
Aaron Hotchner: Well, I suppose I could tell you, but I don't want to spoil the surprise, so you'll just have to trust me.
Beth Clemmons: My first mistake. Oh!
Aaron Hotchner: Did you forget something?
Beth Clemmons: This.
[kisses Hotch]
Beth Clemmons: I thought we ought to get that out of the way. Spare us any awkwardness. You don't have the market cornered on surprises, Aaron.
Aaron Hotchner: You know, it's not often that I'm speechless.
Beth Clemmons: Really?
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah. But I'm now.
Beth Clemmons: That's a nice car.
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah.

Aaron Hotchner: [Rossi gets onto the elevator] Morning.
[once settled, Rossi gives Hotch a once-over]
Aaron Hotchner: What?
David Rossi: You work out this morning?
Aaron Hotchner: I did.
David Rossi: And how was the, uh... workout?
Aaron Hotchner: It's called training, and it was fine.
David Rossi: Right... "training". For what, though?
Aaron Hotchner: Just stop.
David Rossi: You know, race day is almost here. You'll need a new excuse to see her.
Aaron Hotchner: It's been handled.
David Rossi: Atta boy. When?
[they arrive on their floor]
Aaron Hotchner: Friday.
David Rossi: Come hell or high water, Aaron, I will get us back by Friday.

"Criminal Minds: Proof (#7.2)" (2011)
[the team is still in shock Prentiss is alive]
David Rossi: How's Reid?
Aaron Hotchner: He's angry and frustrated. I'm surprised everybody isn't.
David Rossi: Ah, some of us had an inkling.
[Hotch looks at Rossi in surprise]
David Rossi: What? I'm good at what I do.

Penelope Garcia: Okay, you can be honest. I can take it.
David Rossi: Okay, I prefer my pasta al dente, and the pancetta was a little weird.
Penelope Garcia: Oh, that's 'cause it's tofu.
David Rossi: Tofu? I give you my recipe and you do an improv?
Penelope Garcia: No, no. I followed it down to the micron, aside from the pig. Look, master of all things Italian, I am having a Fellini festival at my house this weekend, and I must serve the beautiful food of his country.
David Rossi: Maybe you should show a Disney film and stick with burgers.
Derek Morgan: You know, Rossi, you could always give Penelope a cooking lesson.
Penelope Garcia: Oh, my gosh, that would be amazing. That would be like... That would be like the Iron Chef meets the BAU. And we could do it at your house.
David Rossi: I don't have a house, I have a mansion.
Aaron Hotchner: All right. Let's get started.

David Rossi: So, are you gonna get psychological counseling for the team or handle it internally?
Aaron Hotchner: No, I think that if we all just got together, maybe a cooking lesson at the home of one of our founders...
David Rossi: Oh, no, not you, too.
Aaron Hotchner: It could boost morale.
David Rossi: Is this an order?
Aaron Hotchner: No, it's just a very tempered suggestion.
David Rossi: Tempered suggestion.
[Hotch smiles]

[last lines]
David Rossi: Cooking is the most sensual art form. And these are my paints.
Penelope Garcia: So your hands must be brushes.
David Rossi: Don't interrupt. In a pot of boiling water, we cook our spaghetti until it's al dente, firm to the tooth. Here you go. Everybody pass it around. See? Feel the texture. There we go. Okay. Now, in a large pan, we fry up our pancetta. Keeping a sharp eye that the edges are crisp.
Aaron Hotchner: But careful not to burn the onions.
David Rossi: Bravo, Aaron! We sauté until translucence.
Derek Morgan: [hearing ding-dong] I got it.
David Rossi: Grazie mille!
[seeing JJ raises the glass to her lips, puts up a hand to stop her]
David Rossi: Oh! Now, we mix in the eggs, the parmesan, the spaghetti and parsley. You see, it's all about timing and rhythm. And if you don't feel yourself doing it properly, please, order a pizza.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Sorry, I'm late.
David Rossi: Yeah. And this is why I cook alone.
Emily Prentiss: So, when do we get to drink the wine?
David Rossi: Almost there. Okay. We start at the beginning. You eat what you cook, I'll supervise, but we're gonna do this all together, just like a family.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: [holding the glass] Okay now?
David Rossi: Now. Salud!
Penelope Garcia, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Dr. Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Salud!

Aaron Hotchner: [Reid has been giving JJ the cold shoulder] Reid. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at me.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I... can't. I didn't come to your house crying for ten weeks.

Aaron Hotchner: All right; let's get started.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Oh.
[Realizes the cases are not hers and proudly hands the information over to a thankful Garcia]
Penelope Garcia: Alright, Mes Amis.
[stands to present]
Penelope Garcia: You are jetting to Durant, Oklahoma, because, in the last three days, two women have been found dead after being sexually tortured and then blinded with a sulfuric acid solution. Abby Elcott is our first victim; 19-year-old art student; she was heading to campus for an advanced drawing class. She'd been missing for two days. Same goes for our second victim, Beth Westerly, 17.
[draws a breath]
Penelope Garcia: She had just finished her coffee shop shift and was on her way to a bar method class.
Emily Prentiss: Both low-risk victims.
Derek Morgan: And physically similar.
David Rossi: How close are the two abduction sites?
Penelope Garcia: [looking down at information] 5 miles apart at bus stops. Abby's cell was found near one. Beth's scarf near the other.
[map illustrates her words]
Dr. Spencer Reid: Where're the dump sites?
Penelope Garcia: One in an alley, the other in a field.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: So he stapled their eyes open, then he blinded them.
[Spencer's reaction to JJ is seen and she notices it]
Derek Morgan: It's about power and control; maybe he didn't want them to watch while he hurt 'em.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Or it could be about shame; perhaps the unsub is disfigured himself. Blinding the victims leaves them helpless, lost, totally dependent; it may be a manifestation of how he sees himself in this world.
Emily Prentiss: It is a form of enucleation, just without the scalpel.
David Rossi: His face is the last they see before darkness.
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, come up with a list of jobs that would give the unsub access to sulfuric acid. The rest of us, wheels up in 30 minutes.
[arises from seat]

Dr. Spencer Reid: [voiceover as plane flies] If it is a miracle, any sort of evidence will answer. But if it is a fact, proof is necessary. Mark Twain.
Aaron Hotchner: Victimology is very similar. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed teenage girls.
[looks at photos]
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: We believe they were each abducted near public transportation stops.
Emily Prentiss: [holds up photo] When was this photo taken?
Derek Morgan: Beth was caught on a bank surveillance camera 3 hours before she disappeared; that's a recent photo of Abby.
Emily Prentiss: So, she wasn't found in the same clothes she was abducted in.
David Rossi: Maybe he changed them because hers were burned by the sulfuric acid.
Dr. Spencer Reid: It's possible. Sulfuric acid can turn human flesh into soap.
[JJ's face as Reid is talking is shown as affected due to their conflict]
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, any recent similar cases in the surrounding area?
Penelope Garcia: [on laptop] Actually, yes. Two months ago, a prostitute and a runaway were both found raped and killed and they had stab wounds to their eyes.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: So maybe he practiced on high-risk victims first.
Derek Morgan: And then advanced to chemical enucleation.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Isn't that a rare paraphilia?
Emily Prentiss: Well, the chemical part is. It would exacerbate the pain.
David Rossi: Like Ed Kemper, he's probably practicing on surrogates, before going after the real object of his rage.
Aaron Hotchner: Dave, you and I will talk to the parents. Morgan and Prentiss, go to the disposal sites. JJ, you and Reid to the abduction sites.
[JJ and Reid's faces reflect their feelings about the orders]

"Criminal Minds: The Slave of Duty (#5.10)" (2009)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [voiceover] Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. -Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You know, I may have the tools to do this job, but I don't know if I have the tools to help my son.
David Rossi: You have to ask yourself, what kind of father you want to be, and when you figure that out, then you'll know what to do.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [voiceover] What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

[last lines]
David Rossi: [finding Hotch at Haley's grave] I had a feeling I'd find you here. Have you told her yet?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Told her what?
David Rossi: That you're coming back to the team. That fighting the bad guys is who you are.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I don't have to tell her. She already knows.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [beginning lines, voiceover which leads into view of funeral attendants and Aaron speaking] W.S. Gilbert wrote: "It's love that makes the world go round." And if that's true, then the world spun a little faster with Haley in it. Haley was my best friend since we were in high school. We certainly had our struggles, but if there's one thing we agreed on unconditionally, it was our love and commitment to our son, Jack. Haley's love for Jack was joyous, and fierce. That fierceness is why she isn't here today. A mother's love is an unrivaled force of nature, and we can all learn much from the way Haley lived her life. Haley's death causes each of us to stop and take stock of our lives; to measure who we are and what we've become. I don't have all those answers for myself, but I know who Haley was. She was the woman who died protecting the child we brought into this world together and I will make sure that Jack grows up knowing who his mother was and how she loved and protected him. And how much I loved her. If Haley were with us today, she would ask us not to mourn her death, but to celebrate her life. She would tell us - she would tell us to love our families unconditionally and to hold them close because in the end, they are all that matter. I met Haley at the tryouts of our high school's production of The Pirates of Penzance." I found our copy of the play and I was looking through it the other night, and I... came upon a passage that seemed appropriate for this moment. "Oh, dry the glistening tear that dews that martial cheek. Thy loving children hear, in them thy comfort seek. With sympathetic care, their arms around thee creep, for oh, they cannot bear to see their father weep."
[people begin leaving and putting white roses on Haley's casket; alone, Aaron carries Jack above Haley's grave]
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Okay, you can go ahead. Blow Mommy a kiss.
[Jack does so and Aaron, still carrying Jack, gets off the covered platform and walks away]

Sympathetic attendant: If there's anything I can do...
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [shakes hand] Thank you.
Evidence Tech Gina: I'm so sorry for your loss.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Thank you, Gina. Thank you for coming.
David Rossi: [next in receiving line] I think you could use some air. Jack's okay. I saw him with his cousins.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Okay. Jessica, would you make sure that, uh, Jack gets something to eat?
Jessica Brooks: Sure.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I'll be right back. Thanks.
[follows Rossi and the men pass the team sitting in chairs at a table, and go off-screen]
Emily Prentiss: [gravely] What do we do?
Derek Morgan: There's nothin' we can do. We just gotta wait him out.
Dr. Spencer Reid: [looks up] You think he'll ever come back?
Jennifer Jareau: [stoically] Would you?
Derek Morgan: He'll come back. I just don't know what he's gonna look like when he does.
Jennifer Jareau: We just... need to be there for him when he's ready.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You said that there was something, you wanted to discuss with me?
Erin Strauss: Yes, I do
[Hands over a file to Hotch]
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: This is retirement
Erin Strauss: I've talked with the director. Given the circumstances there is no reason you have to return to the bureau. We can offer you full pension and benefits
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Are you saying that you want me to leave the BAU?
Erin Strauss: Well, obviously that's your choice, but I'm offering you a way out. Agent Morgan's promotion was temporary, but he has exceeded our expectations and I'm confident I can make it permanent. If you decide to step down, the team will be together and you could be with your son
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: And when would like a decision?
Erin Strauss: I thought I would be leaving with one. What's your hesitation?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Well, I would just like to weigh all my options
Erin Strauss: Whatever you need

"Criminal Minds: Ashes and Dust (#2.19)" (2007)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: The torture of a bad conscience is the hell of a living soul. - John Calvin

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: The unsub we're looking for is a highly intelligent, underachieving, 35 to 45 year old white male with a severe narcissistic character disorder.
Jason Gideon: Nothing in his life works for long. If he was married, he's now divorced. If employed, it won't last.
Derek Morgan: What he wants is admiration, but he's got no respect for others. Not their feelings, and most certainly not their safety.
Jason Gideon: He feels entitled. He's like a petulant adolescent. He both resents and he absolutely expects others to take care of him.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: And given that a male relative wouldn't tolerate this behavior, he most likely lives with a female relative; his mother, grandmother, aunt, whom he exploits.
Derek Morgan: His arson kit is expensive. Fire suit, oxygen mask. This suggests that he may be employed, but his personality will not allow him to work closely with others in an office setting.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: This, along with the information about his vehicle, lead us to believe that he's a traveling salesman of some sort who works for a company big enough not to notice that he's a sociopath.
Det. Leah Castro: Okay, this scumbag has issues. We all get it. But why fire?
Dr. Spencer Reid: He's, uh, like a drug addict. Only fire's his drug, and each time an addict needs a fix, they need more of the drug to get off. So his crimes will most likely get much worse. It would be almost impossible for him to quit without help.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Has she said anything about the fires?
Doctor: I'm giving her as much painkiller as I can. She asked about her husband and son. She passed out again before I had to answer.
Emily Prentiss: So she doesn't know.
Doctor: [shakes her head no] Whatever you tell her, she won't live long enough to know different. I'll be right back.
[doctor exits]
Emily Prentiss: Did she just tell us to lie to a material witness?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: No. She told us that we could.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [closing quote, voiceover] Gandhi said "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

Penelope Garcia: She shoots... she scores... the crowd goes wild...
[... ]
Dr. Spencer Reid: It's Garcia on line one
Penelope Garcia: Brace yourselves. I am gonna teach you the meaning of LUST!
Jason Gideon: Did she say: lust?
Penelope Garcia: Mm, mm, I cross-referenced every known fact on the victims and I just found a website that links both Dennis Cutler and Matthew Jarvis' companies: a list of companies guilty of L.U.S.T.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I am missing something
Penelope Garcia: Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

Lt. Ricardo Vega: Where you guys want it?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: This is this spot
Jason Gideon: When he arrives, bring the fake bodies right past us, nice and slow! I want him to get a good look
Lt. Ricardo Vega: Remind me to never play poker with you guys

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I catch killers, I save lives, I am a hero until my key hits my front door and then I am just the father and the husband who is never there
Jason Gideon: Yeah, I get that one
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Here's the thing: when I am home, I am in this silent panic because I know that I have to be as good as I can, as fast as I can, because any minute the phone is gonna ring and my time is up.

"Criminal Minds: The Bittersweet Science (#7.10)" (2011)
Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die. -Joe Louis

Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] Herman Hesse wrote: Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.

David Rossi: So, is the doomsday bike ride happening?
Aaron Hotchner: Yes, it is. Tomorrow morning, 9:00. But, uh, I don't know.
David Rossi: I'm pretty sure Hayley wouldn't want you to avoid moving on.
Aaron Hotchner: I'm not avoiding moving on. I'm just not sure.
David Rossi: Not sure about what, going on a bike ride? Aaron, I know you think it's too soon, but you're no good to anyone when you're miserable.
Aaron Hotchner: I'm not miserable.
David Rossi: Ehh... maybe slightly uptight.
Aaron Hotchner: [laughs] All right, I'll give you slightly uptight.
David Rossi: If there's one thing I learned from Carolyn's death, it's that life is short. And you deserve to be happy.

Beth Clemmons: Jeez, I hope you're training for something. Or are you just doing sprints for fun?
Aaron Hotchner: No, I'm... I'm trying to do this triathlon in February, so...
Beth Clemmons: Oh, yeah. The FBI one. You're an agent.
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, it is the FBI one.
Beth Clemmons: I'm not supposed to ask if you're an agent.
Aaron Hotchner: I work for the justice department.
Beth Clemmons: Yeah. I've seen you doing laps at the Y, too.
Aaron Hotchner: And you're training for surveillance?
Beth Clemmons: I am doing an MS triathlon. It's in January, but I'm not in as big a rush as you.
Aaron Hotchner: Well, I just have about 45 minutes a day, so, you know, between work and home and... It's hard.
Beth Clemmons: How's your biking going?
Aaron Hotchner: Uh, I don't know. My tires are inflated, I think.
Beth Clemmons: Well, you know, I am not the best cyclist, so, I was gonna ride this weekend, and I could use some tips, if you're not busy.
Aaron Hotchner: I just don't know my schedule.
Beth Clemmons: Yeah. Or we could just see each other out here or at the pool sometime.
Aaron Hotchner: But I should find out in the next couple of days, and I could call you.
Beth Clemmons: That'd be great. Ah, I have a card somewhere. Here. Yeah. If something changes. It could be fun. Or at the least, an adventure.
Aaron Hotchner: So, what made you think I was an agent?
Beth Clemmons: I saw the suit. What else could you be?

Penelope Garcia: Okay, Rossi, out with it. Is Hotch dating?
David Rossi: I don't know.
Dr. Spencer Reid: You know, statistically, widowed men start dating much faster than females, but Hotch is refuting the data. It's been two years and 19 days.
Penelope Garcia: Venus is aligned with Mars, which means love is in the air and maybe we will get weekends off.
[Morgan clears his throat]
Penelope Garcia: What? Is he standing there? He's standing there, isn't he?
Aaron Hotchner: Hello, Garcia.
Penelope Garcia: Hello. Someone talk about the case.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, I need all the information you can find me on the Philadelphia boxing scene.
Penelope Garcia: Well, let's see. There's *Rocky I* through *V*. And let's not forget about the last one.
Derek Morgan: Penelope.

[last lines]
Beth Clemmons: So, are your tires pumped?
Aaron Hotchner: I hope so. So, you haven't done a lot of biking?
Beth Clemmons: No, not a ton.
Aaron Hotchner: But you're gonna do a triathlon?
Beth Clemmons: Go big or go home. That's what my dad always says.
Aaron Hotchner: Your dad sounds smart.
Beth Clemmons: He was. He passed away a few months ago.
Aaron Hotchner: I'm sorry. Is your mom still alive?
Beth Clemmons: Yeah, she's doing a lot better.
Aaron Hotchner: That's good. How are you doing?
Beth Clemmons: I'm hanging in there. So, where are we going?
Aaron Hotchner: I usually go up Connecticut and through Rock Creek Park and then back down 16th, but we don't have to do all that if you don't want to.
Beth Clemmons: No, let's do this. If we lose each other, we will meet back at Dupont Circle for coffee.
Aaron Hotchner: Lose each other? I thought we were gonna do this together.
Beth Clemmons: The chase is part of it.

"Criminal Minds: Natural Born Killer (#1.8)" (2005)
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Paranoid personalities develop in childhood.
Vincent Perotta: You know, you're saving me thousands of dollars in therapy bills.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Your father beat you every chance he got.
Vincent Perotta: He smacked me around some. Didn't everybody's old man?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: No.
Vincent Perotta: Well maybe if yours had, you would have learned to fight.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You were just responding to what you learned, Vincent. When you grow up in an environment like that, an extremely abusive, violent household... it's not surprising that some people grow up to become killers.
Vincent Perotta: "Some people"?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: What's that?
Vincent Perotta: You said "some people grow up to become killers."
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: And some people grow up to catch them.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [searching a residence registered to Jimmy Baker] Morgan, this is weird. There's nothing here. It's like nobody lives here. I guess he wasn't expecting company.
Derek Morgan: Something's wrong.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Yeah, I know.
Derek Morgan: Look at this place. It's an artificial dwelling... to match an artificial past.

Derek Morgan: Hotch!
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Yeah?
Derek Morgan: We got a hot weapon. Oh, no. It's a Glock 19. And this round is standard law enforcement issue.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: So you're saying Baker's an undercover cop?
Derek Morgan: I'm saying I did 18 months deep cover, and this place has got all the makings of a crash pad.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: So far it sounds like a standard double homicide, so why are we here?
Derek Morgan: Massive overkill

"Criminal Minds: Unknown Subject (#7.12)" (2012)
Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] "We do not suffer from the shock of our trauma, but we make out of it just what suits our purposes." -Alfred Adler

Aaron Hotchner: Go ahead, Garcia.
Penelope Garcia: Sir, I have struck out on surgeons. In fact, none of the survivors saw the same two healthcare professionals or went to the same hospitals. But then, I asked myself, "What would SSA Hotchner do?" And I imagined myself in a really good suit, and I widened my search.
Aaron Hotchner: What did you find out?
Penelope Garcia: I found an orderly whose name is Herman Scobie, who rotates shifts at three different hospitals.
Aaron Hotchner: The same hospitals the victims go to?
Penelope Garcia: Yes, indeed, they are. And according to the hospital networks, accessed their insurance months after the attacks.
Emily Prentiss: That's how he finds the victims a second time.
Aaron Hotchner: We should talk to him.

Aaron Hotchner: [quotes the evaluation report] Patient shows no hesitation tackling difficult goals as part of reintegrating into her life. She has reached out to her mother.
Emily Prentiss: I'm going to.
Aaron Hotchner: And has started a romantic relationship with a man named Sergio. Now, I don't care if you lie to your therapist. All I care about is how your behavior affects your job.
Emily Prentiss: I don't think it has.
Aaron Hotchner: You've been over-compensating.
Emily Prentiss: How have I...
Aaron Hotchner: You rushed to repair your relationship with Morgan. You've become an emotional sounding board for Reid and Rossi.
Emily Prentiss: That's being a good friend.
Aaron Hotchner: You offered me parenting advice.
Emily Prentiss: Okay, so maybe I have been working a little bit harder to regain people's trust. Is that such a bad thing?
Aaron Hotchner: No. It only is if you use it to avoid dealing with what you went through.
Emily Prentiss: But I'm not. I chose to come back here. Why? Because I care about the people I work with? Yes. But also because it's clean. I know who the good guys and the bad guys are. I don't have to worry about screwing someone over to make a case.
Aaron Hotchner: Okay, I want you to make a deal with me. You're gonna go weeks, months even, feeling fine. And then you're gonna have a bad day. Just let me know when you do
Emily Prentiss: And that's it?
Aaron Hotchner: That's it.
Emily Prentiss: Deal.
Aaron Hotchner: Sergio?
Emily Prentiss: He is the perfect man. He doesn't hog the covers, and he poops in a box.

Peter Joshua: My client has nothing to say
Aaron Hotchner: Good! We'd rather had he listen anyway!

Emily Prentiss: What is this on the floor?
Penelope Garcia: Uh, that. Oh, god. That is... the contents of Vanessa Campbell's stomach, which she... ralphed up.
Emily Prentiss: And in the glass?
Penelope Garcia: According to the police report, it is salt and water.
Emily Prentiss: Homemade emetic.
Penelope Garcia: E-what-what?
David Rossi: Quick and dirty cocktail, meant to induce vomiting.
Emily Prentiss: Vanessa Campbell and her husband moved to a new address, they put locks on the doors, they took precautions. She even knew what to do if she was dosed again, and it still wasn't enough. That's what he gets out of it.
Aaron Hotchner: Their fear. He wants them to know that no matter what, he can still get to them.

Chief Wilson: I just got the breakdown of Vanessa Campbell's vomit, and there's no trace of Rohypnol or GHB.
David Rossi: Date rape drugs are fast, but not that fast.
Aaron Hotchner: However he's dosing them, it's not through their stomachs. Chief, have you, uh, been able to contact all the victims?
Chief Wilson: Yeah, the ones that we could find. Some moved, and some wouldn't take our call. But then the press got a hold of it, and the women started to contact us. Three more victims admitted they'd been re-assaulted.
David Rossi: Eighty percent of women who are raped never report it. Understandable they didn't want to report it a second time.

"Criminal Minds: To Hell... And Back (#4.25)" (2009)
[last lines]
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Sometimes the day just ends.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [Final monologue] Sometimes there are no words, no clever quotes to neatly sum up what's happened that day. Sometimes you do everything right, everything exactly right, and still you feel like you failed. Did it need to end that way? Could something have been done to prevent the tragedy in the first place? Eighty-nine murders at the pig farm. The deaths of Mason and Lucas Turner and make 91 lives snuffed out. Kelly Shane will go home and try to recover,to reconnect with her family, but she'll never be a child again. William Hightower, who gave his leg for his country, gave the rest of himself to avenge his sister's murder. That makes 93 lives forever altered, not counting family and friends in the small town of Sarnia, Ontario, who thought that monsters didn't exist until they learned that they spent their lives with one. And what about my team? How many more times will they be able to look into the abyss, how many times before they won't ever recover the pieces of themselves that this job takes?
[a hooded figure appears behind Hotch, he turns around, facing the barrel of a gun]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Like I said, sometimes there are no words, no clever quotes to neatly sum up what's happened that day.
George Foyet: You should have made a deal.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Sometimes, the day just...
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: ...ends.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: [opening quotation, voiceover] Flannery O'Connor said "If there were no hell, we would be like the animals. No hell, no dignity."

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: The rest of us will meet with the legal attaché before we hit the royal Canadian mounted police
Jennifer Jareau: Actually, sir, the officer in charge said that his team was part of a fellowship the BAU gave to train the police forces in profiling
David Rossi: Ah, that was the first one we ever did. Jeff Bedwell
Jennifer Jareau: You know him?
David Rossi: Yeah
Derek Morgan: Is he any good?
David Rossi: He better be! I trained him

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Garcia?
Penelope Garcia: Present
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Is it possible to cross-reference Civil War maps with Victorian homes that still exist in the Port Huron area?
Penelope Garcia: Well, I'm gonna take that question as rhetorical! And... got one

Dr. Spencer Reid: Hey, Hotch. Do you ever get the feeling that a case isn't gonna end well?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Reid, keep looking! This girl needs us

"Criminal Minds: Divining Rod (#7.21)" (2012)
Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] Sooner murder an infant in its cradle than nurse unacted desires. -William Blake

Derek Morgan: What do we got, baby girl?
Penelope Garcia: Thank you, sir. We have a killing in Enid, Oklahoma. And not... the capital punishment one you are thinking of right now. I'm talking about a woman named Cara Smith, who was murdered in her apartment minutes after the execution of Rodney Garrett.
Aaron Hotchner: A neighbor saw her front door open and discovered the body.
David Rossi: Look familiar?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Young, pretty, short blonde hair.
David Rossi: And stabbed directly through the heart.
Dr. Spencer Reid: That's exactly the way Garrett killed his victims.
Derek Morgan: So are we looking at a copycat?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Or someone creating doubt the right person was executed.
David Rossi: In Garrett's case, there was no doubt. His guilt was the slam dunk of all slam dunks. Prints, DNA, a confession.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He even led police to where he buried two of his victims.
Emily Prentiss: Garrett killed twenty-five women before he was caught. If this new unsub is a copycat, body count's just started.

Emily Prentiss: Hotch, I think I found her.
Aaron Hotchner: You're on speaker, Prentiss.
Emily Prentiss: The unsub must have circled back. He dumped her just outside the perimeter of the abduction site.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Same M.O.?
Emily Prentiss: No, she's got stab wounds all over her torso. It's bad. And Hotch, this time he removed her scalp.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Overkill. He must be enraged he wasn't able to carry the murder out as planned.
David Rossi: So now we might have another problem. If our unsub's blueprint is out the window, this may transition him into a spree killer.

Penelope Garcia: Oh, hey, guys. Hey. I just wanted to see what's going on. Hi, hello.
Emily Prentiss: This better be important, Garcia.
Penelope Garcia: Oh, it's nothing. It's just that a messenger came by the office today with some papers from escrow!
Emily Prentiss: No!
Penelope Garcia: Oh, yes. The house in Dupont Circle. You got it!
Aaron Hotchner: Congratulations!
David Rossi: [sees Prentiss's smile fades] Six seconds. Fastest case of buyer's remorse ever.

Emily Prentiss: There was definitely something a little strange about her.
Aaron Hotchner: It's curious, one woman at the center of two serial killers.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Yeah, what are the odds of that?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Astronomical. Removing from the calculations serial killer groupies...
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Sorry I asked.
Derek Morgan: You know, whether she knew it or not, maybe Helen Garrett did give Dylan something. I mean, someone once said that every seed, even malignant ones, they won't grow unless they get water from someplace.

Aaron Hotchner: He's killed at 6 AM, noon and 6 PM
Dr. Spencer Reid: I don't know about you guys, but I not feeling so good about the stroke of midnight!

"Criminal Minds: Risky Business (#5.13)" (2010)
Jennifer Jareau: I'm not sure what we have here, but I just got a call and some case files from a Sheriff Samuels in Uinta County, Wyoming. Six nights ago, two different teens were found hanging in their bedrooms.
Aaron Hotchner: Hanging?
Jennifer Jareau: Trish Leake was dead when she was found. Ryan Krouse was revived on scene, but then died a few days later in the hospital.
[Hotch glances at the files and looks at JJ skeptically]
Jennifer Jareau: I know we don't handle suicides. But the previous Friday, two more boys a few towns over were found hanging on the backs of their doors.
Aaron Hotchner: Four successful suicides in the same rural county in a week? That's, uh, way above the national average.
Jennifer Jareau: I know. These kids don't fit the pattern. No drug or alcohol abuse, no antidepressants, no prior arrests. These are just plain good kids who decided to hang themselves at approximately the same time on a Friday night. When someone feels trapped in what feels like a hopeless situation, pulling the trigger or swallowing pills or hanging yourself seems like the only way out. None of that seems to exist here. Something's really wrong. Hotch, I can feel it.

Penelope Garcia: Sir, it's not that I'm not glad to be coming with you, because I am. I just don't understand the why.
Aaron Hotchner: One of the aspects of an equivocal death investigation when suicide is a probability is an indirect personality assessment. Our victims are all Internet generation kids. There should be invaluable personal data on their computers to mine for the evaluation.
Derek Morgan: If they committed suicide, evidence of it will probably be in their cyber world.
Penelope Garcia: So I'm gonna snoop through dead kids' computers?
David Rossi: This plane seldom makes pleasure trips.

Aaron Hotchner: We believe the unsub responsible for these deaths may be a teenager.
Emily Prentiss: He's a loner. He doesn't participate in team sports or group activities. He's withdrawn, very low self-esteem.
Dr. Spencer Reid: His only form of pure interaction is online. He engages in activity that draws attention to himself yet isolates himself from his peers.
Jennifer Jareau: [presenting the profile to a group of adults] Parents and teachers should watch out for the warning signs: kids with bloodshot eyes, marks on their necks, severe headaches, disorientation.
David Rossi: In real life, he considers himself a loser. In cyberspace, he can pull strings. Makes him feel powerful.
Deputy #1: Does this kid know that other kids are dying because of him?
Derek Morgan: He's choking himself and daring others to do it, so we're most likely looking at reckless homicides here.
Jennifer Jareau: If you see anything that's unusual or suspicious, just call the sheriff's department and we will try to direct you as best we can. All right, thank you.
[the crowd breaks up]
Jennifer Jareau: Well, we told as many parents as we could.
Sheriff Samuels: Do you think it helped?
Jennifer Jareau: Not as much as getting through to the kids will.

Aaron Hotchner: I just wanted to say thank you. If you hadn't have pushed it, we would never have gone.
Jennifer Jareau: [fingers her necklace] My sister gave this to me when I was... 11? She just came into my bedroom and told me that no matter what happened, she loved me.
Jennifer Jareau: This was her favorite necklace, so I told her I couldn't have it, but she insisted. I, of course, was secretly very happy, because I always wanted one just like hers.
[pauses and fingers with necklace]
Jennifer Jareau: That's the last time I... ever...
Aaron Hotchner: I'm sorry.
Jennifer Jareau: I think about her everyday. It does get better, Hotch. Losing someone is never easy... but one day, you'll remember her and you won't hurt.
Jennifer Jareau: You'll be happy.
Aaron Hotchner: Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Emily Prentiss: [Parents of the deceased girl just left] Those poor people
Aaron Hotchner: I just hope we haven't made it worse for them
Emily Prentiss: Could we?

Penelope Garcia: Well, that's weird!
Aaron Hotchner: What?
Penelope Garcia: There's nothing here
David Rossi: Nothing useful?
Penelope Garcia: Nothing at all. Look, there's no root directory, there's no operating system, the registry appears to be blank
Emily Prentiss: But why would she have an empty computer set up?
Penelope Garcia: I did not say empty, I said appears to be blank
Aaron Hotchner: Meaning?
Penelope Garcia: That I'm gonna need a little while

"Criminal Minds: The Last Word (#2.9)" (2006)
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: This is the story for tomorrow.
[Hands Morgan the printout of the newspaper with the victim's of the Hollow Man]
Derek Morgan: [Reading from the paper] They were our daughters, sisters, mothers and friends.
Jason Gideon: They have every right to be remembered and memorialized.
Dr. Spencer Reid: They didn't mention the shooter.
Aaron Hotchner: He was a nobody who wanted to be somebody by killing people, and they didn't give him that. Good.

Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Remember that all through history there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they seemed invincible, but in the end they always fall. Always."

Dr. Spencer Reid: The Hollow Man uses simple statements, all first person. Uh, for example, "I won't be ignored." He's obviously tired of feeling this way. It's quite possible he has a job in solitude or one that he feels strips him of his identity. His job might require him to wear a uniform, something that shows absolutely no individuality. Or he may be overqualified for his menial job and feels like he doesn't get the respect that he necessarily deserves.
Aaron Hotchner: But today, he's killed two women, which tells us he's growing confident. This makes him unpredictable and dangerous. And because he has no physical contact with his victims, it's going to make him that much harder to catch.
Derek Morgan: We have more information on the Mill Creek killer, because he spends a lot of time with his victims before and after his kills.
Jason Gideon: Because his victims willingly follow him in broad daylight, he appears harmless. He's most likely handsome.
Agent James Sheridan: Handsome?
Jason Gideon: Yes. These women wouldn't follow an unattractive man. They just wouldn't.
Derek Morgan: He's handsome, and he's got the social skills to trick his victims. Those who know him well, they'd be shocked to learn that he's the man that we're after.
Jason Gideon: He's been able to get his victims away from family, friends. Obviously, this makes him feel powerful.
Agent James Sheridan: If this guy is so smart, why would he risk driving his victims from the abduction site to the woods?
Jason Gideon: Because of the ritual. It's become the most important thing to him. Dominates his thoughts. Woods provide the privacy he needs.
Derek Morgan: The Hollow Man is motivated by external pressures. This is a guy who simply wants attention. The Mill Creek killer, on the other hand, he's driven by internal forces. He's a sexually motivated offender. Now, this makes him a lot more predictable, but don't think for a second it makes him any easier to catch.

[returning from Missouri, Hotch enters his office and finds Prentiss sitting on his couch]
Aaron Hotchner: Please tell me you haven't been there for the last four days.

Aaron Hotchner: What can I do for you?
Emily Prentiss: Well, I guess I was hoping you could tell me where to put my stuff
Aaron Hotchner: Sorry?
Emily Prentiss: I'm supposed to start here today, at the BAU
Aaron Hotchner: There's been a mistake
Emily Prentiss: I don't think so, sir
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, definitely a mistake
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: [Knocks on the door] Excuse me, we will getting started
Aaron Hotchner: Thank you, I'll be right there. I did not approve this transfer, agent Prentiss. I am sorry for the confusion, but you have been misinformed. Excuse me, very good to see you again

Betty: Nobody writes about prostitutes being shot, because they won't admit that they think there're cleaning up the place
Aaron Hotchner: You're right. Cases like your daughter usually go unsolved. The problem is: people aren't looking for this is because they don't know they are missing. Part of their job was to stay below the radar. Doesn't mean that she was any less important
Betty: She made bad choices, but she was a good person

"Criminal Minds: Restoration (#8.18)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: Detective Gordinski.
Captain Stan Gordinski: Captain, actually. I was promoted two years ago.
Aaron Hotchner: You remember Dr. Reid.
Captain Stan Gordinski: Ah, what's it been, six, seven years?
[extends his hand]
Dr. Spencer Reid: The number of pathogens passed during a handshake is staggering. It's actually safer to kiss.
Captain Stan Gordinski: [Retracts his hand] Ah, yeah, I do remember you.

Derek Morgan: You see, what I need is a list of everyone you've victimized.
Carl Buford: You still like mint chocolate-chip ice cream?
Derek Morgan: The U.S. Attorney has offered immunity. They won't charge you with molesting any of the boys on this list as long as this list is complete.
Carl Buford: Or was it butter pecan?
Derek Morgan: You leave even one name off that list, this deal is dead.
Carl Buford: Are you threatening me, D.?
Derek Morgan: With my hand on the Qur'an. See, right now, you're in here for serial murder. And I bet that gives you a whole lot of credit out there in the yard. Am I right? But what do you think would happen if the brothers in here learned what you were really guilty of? So let me be direct, Mohammed, start writing.
Carl Buford: I'll give you the list on one condition. All I want is a handshake. That's it. A gentleman's agreement. What do you say?
[shakes hands]
Carl Buford: You were always special, Derek. You may have me in here, but there's a whole lot more of me out there, boy.
Aaron Hotchner: You didn't have to shake his hand.
Derek Morgan: It's a long list, Hotch.
Aaron Hotchner: This UnSub's devolving. He'll stand out. He won't be hard to find.
Derek Morgan: I'm gonna use the head before we leave.

Derek Morgan: Rodney's not on this list
Aaron Hotchner: Buford played us.

Aaron Hotchner: [Phone rings] Go ahead, Garcia
Penelope Garcia: I'm gonna start with the good news first, 'cause I wanna!

Derek Morgan: Carl Buford was an expert at spotting and exploiting vulnerabilities in adolescent boys that he coached at the community center. He had the entire community thinking he was a hero. Parents, teachers, cops. I mean everyone. After my dad died, he locked onto me. And he manipulated me into compliant victimization. Now, you remember how I told you that I got into with that local gangbanger when I was younger? Well, somehow Buford got it all expunged. Now, I didn't understand why a guy who barely knew me would do that. But Buford gave me his time. He taught me how to play football. And then he took me to his cabin on the lake. I was a kid. I was a kid from the south side, I'd never been to a cabin before, much less a lake.
Aaron Hotchner: Morgan... you don't have to do this.
Derek Morgan: They need to know, Hotch. They need to know this guy's M.O. Buford built up my trust, and then he would lower my inhibition with Helgison wine; he called it his Jesus juice. And he would molest me. And every time he would see that dead look in my eye that said I wanted him to stop, he would just say "You better man up, boy. Look up to the sky."
Jennifer Jareau: Did you ever tell anyone about that phrase?
Derek Morgan: No.
David Rossi: We're probably looking at someone Buford abused.
Aaron Hotchner: Victim could harbor a great deal of anger if he didn't deal with his own abuse, and with the right trigger, it could develop into this kind of rage.
Alex Blake: Where's Buford now?
Derek Morgan: We got him locked up for homicide in 2006, but because of the statute of limitations, we never got him for molestation.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Buford ran the community center for years. An offender like him could have hundreds of victims.

Captain Stan Gordinski: I knew about Buford molesting Morgan, but there were more kids...
Aaron Hotchner: Well, preferential offenders typically have dozens of victims. And each reacts differently; Morgan became an FBI agent, and this one went the other way.
Captain Stan Gordinski: You know, had I known back in the day that Morgan was going through all this, I wouldn't have arrested him six years ago. And I sure wouldn't have been so hard on him as a kid.
Aaron Hotchner: I know.

"Criminal Minds: Children of the Dark (#3.4)" (2007)
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: I'm the only thing standing between you and a bullet.
Gary: Bring it. I always wanted die in a donut shop.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: I teach crisis negotiation. I co-wrote the textbook, and in twelve years I've never talked anybody off a ledge so fast.
Gary: Oh, bit of a milestone then.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Why did you walk out that door, Gary?
Gary: Sugar crash.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Prentiss, this is the job, and I need to know that you can be objective.
Emily Prentiss: And I need to know that I can be human.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: We're looking for two men. Probably white, given the neighborhoods that they hit, mid to late twenties, intelligent, and organized.
Derek Morgan: These are career criminals. One or both has done hard time, but neither presents as a convict. They would appear clean-shaven, well dressed...
Emily Prentiss: Neighborly. This helps them talk their way into the homes. They may also be using a ruse.
Lt. Nellis: What kind of ruse?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Given that the invasions have taken place in the evening, it could be anything. Could be door to door sales, person in distress, car trouble.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Uh, Derrick Todd Lee used a tape of a baby crying to get women to open their doors in Baton Rouge. Never underestimate their creativity.
Emily Prentiss: These men share a very tight bond, and a mutual compulsion to kill, but their signatures reveal two very distinct personalities.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: One brutalizes the parents. This is the dominant one. Sadistic, remorseless, extremely volatile.
Emily Prentiss: The other prefers a needle. His injections are consistent with an angel of death. He's more withdrawn, sensitive, and he has a warped sense of mercy.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: At least they left the flowers alive, right?

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You answer your door and the next thing you know everyone you care about is gone!
Derek Morgan: If it's me, I wanna be gone too!

"Criminal Minds: Route 66 (#9.5)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote] "Life is a dream. Realize it" - Mother Teresa

Haley Hotchner: Happiness is a choice, so choose!
Aaron Hotchner: But how? How do I choose?
Haley Hotchner: Get out of your head, the heart is the one that knows, so follow it

George Foyet: Excuse me. Ah. Sorry. Oh, oh. Pardon me. I hope I didn't miss anything.
Aaron Hotchner: What's he doing here?
Haley Hotchner: It's okay. I invited him.
George Foyet: [sees Beth Clemmons on the film] Wowza. She is hot.
Haley Hotchner: Isn't she?
George Foyet: I would tear that up. Hey, I bet she's a real tiger in the sack? Oh, popcorn?
Aaron Hotchner: No.
George Foyet: Would you like some?
Haley Hotchner: Oh. Yes, thank you.

Penelope Garcia: Hi, sir. Welcome back! Do you feel okay? Do you need anything?
Aaron Hotchner: What happened?
Penelope Garcia: Uh. You collapsed and they performed emergency surgery because you were bleeding internally. The doctor said, it had something to do with the stabbing. But you're fine. There were some complications with the operation, but you're... you're okay. I mean, you're like as healthy as a puma, a bedridden puma. But my point is you're gonna be fine.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia? Thank you for staying.
Penelope Garcia: Oh, wild horses, sir. Just... wild horses.

Penelope Garcia: Excuse me, sir. You have a visitor.
Jack Hotchner: [running into the room] Dad!
Aaron Hotchner: Hey.
[Jack climbs onto the hospital bed and hugs his father]
Aaron Hotchner: Easy.
Jack Hotchner: Are you okay?
Aaron Hotchner: I am now.

"Criminal Minds: Brothers Hotchner (#8.23)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] "Rarely do members of the same family grow up under the same roof" - Richard Bach

Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote] "Cruel is the strife of brothers" - Aristotle

Aaron Hotchner: I didn't think you could still smoke in New York.
Sean Hotchner: Now you're not even gonna warm up to the big brother act?
Aaron Hotchner: I figured it'd save us time.

Aaron Hotchner: I'm sorry I have to work, Jack. This is the part of my job that stinks.
Jack Hotchner: It's okay, Dad. If someone's in trouble, you should help them.

Aaron Hotchner: How does a guy who has everything going for him make one self-destructive choice after another? And then when it seems like he's gonna get his act together, it all falls apart again.
David Rossi: Were you two ever close?
Aaron Hotchner: He was in first grade when I was sent off to boarding school. I was the screw-up making bad choices. But at a certain point, I realized I could either continue to do that or I could get my act together. But this doesn't seem to occur to Sean.
David Rossi: I know he didn't show up for Haley's funeral.
Aaron Hotchner: Right. And at that point, I decided I couldn't make him a priority anymore. I was done.

Sean Hotchner: So, how did you know I took the wine?
Aaron Hotchner: I know what you sound like when you tell a lie. You said something to Thane about the wine, and I could hear you... calming yourself down.
Sean Hotchner: My brother the profiler.
Aaron Hotchner: It has more to do with being your brother than being a profiler.

"Criminal Minds: The Fight (#5.18)" (2010)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [voiceover] Mother Teresa said, I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Cooper, listen. Your theory's right. We know he's killing homeless men as well as fathers and daughters. But let us work it. If you go back to D.C. now, the director won't know that you ignored her order.
Sam Cooper: Look, I know you're sticking your neck out on this thing for me. I... I understand. I don't... I'm not trying to...
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: This isn't about me. I want to protect you.
[Cooper pulls a photograph out of his wallet and hands it to Hotch]
Sam Cooper: You remember him?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Holby Holme. Of course.
Sam Cooper: You remember we got that confession for those five child murders, but all we all had that gut feeling.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: We knew he wasn't good for all of them. The preference was too varied.
Sam Cooper: Local cops shut the investigation down. The FBI brass, they told us to... to get our asses back home.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I remember.
Sam Cooper: Where were you when you heard they caught that second killer dumping this boy's body?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I was in Denver working on a new case. You?
Sam Cooper: I wasn't on anything yet. I could have still been there. I won't ignore my gut again. I don't care what it costs me.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You never were one for offices.
Sam Cooper: A medical condition. I'm allergic to bureaucracy.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: ...while your team tests the theory about the fathers and daughters.
Sam Cooper: And if I'm right, both halves of the case help solve the other half.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: And you already asked the director, and she said no.
Sam Cooper: She is not strong at thinking outside the box.

Derek Morgan: So, he gets abducted off the street, quietly enough, that there's no witnesses, but then he fights for his life, only let the unsub shoot him execution style?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: In other words: What the hell is he doing with them?

Sam Cooper: [Answering his phone] Oh? So, you're calling me directly now, huh?
Erin Strauss: Don't be insolent! I still plan on reading you and agent Hotchner the riot act when you get back
Sam Cooper: Well... It's something to look forward to
Erin Strauss: You did good work. Now don't be an idiot! Get on that jet with his team and get back home. I have a pile of cases for you
Sam Cooper: Yes, ma'am
[hangs up]
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: So, what exactly did she say?
Sam Cooper: She said, that she's gonna buy us some steak dinner when we get back
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Right
Sam Cooper: Thanks for putting yourself on the line for me
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Anytime. Thanks for being right

"Criminal Minds: Penelope (#3.9)" (2007)
Aaron Hotchner: [about Garcia getting shot] I don't care about protocol, I don't care whether we're working this officially or not. We don't touch any new cases until we find out who did this.

Aaron Hotchner: So, victimology. Why Garcia?
David Rossi: Look at her.
Aaron Hotchner: What are you saying?
David Rossi: You don't look like that by accident. She wears her individuality like a shield.

Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: What? Are you trying to make me look bad about staying here later than me?
Aaron Hotchner: JJ...

David Rossi: You look like crap.
Aaron Hotchner: Well, four days, no leads. I feel like crap.

David Rossi: All right, let's cut the crap! You need to be straight with us. Right now. Look at me, not them!
Penelope Garcia: I am not hiding anything...
David Rossi: You got shot! Most people get shot for a reason!
[Garcia looks around]
David Rossi: Eyes here!
Derek Morgan: Ease up Rossi!
David Rossi: You got a room full of people here, willing to believe that an FBI agent is trying to kill you! We need to know everything you do on company time that we don't know about!
Derek Morgan: Come on, man!
Penelope Garcia: It's nothing bad...
David Rossi: What? Spit it out!
Penelope Garcia: It's nothing bad! It's just... I council victim's families and they know where I work, so sometimes they ask to look into their cases for them.
David Rossi: What does that mean?
Penelope Garcia: Just means that the cases, the unsolved ones, I tag them, so whoever investigates them knows that the FBI considers them a priority.
Aaron Hotchner: You're not authorized to do that.
Penelope Garcia: I know! I was just trying to help.

"Criminal Minds: All That Remains (#8.14)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening, voiceover] "Love never dies a natural death. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings." - Anaïs Nin

Bruce Morrison: So if someone calls with a ransom demand, do you have the means to trace the call?
Det. Hardy Friedman: No one's calling.
Aaron Hotchner: We'll have our analyst set up what we call a trap and trace back at Quantico.
Bruce Morrison: Thanks.

Bruce Morrison: I said open the door!
[gazes himself on the mirror]
Bruce Morrison: Oh, my God. What a pathetic little crybaby. I was always right about you. So you got old Bruce in a cage? You think that's gonna help? It's only gonna make him hide longer. What do you want to know? I'm gonna have to tell you 'cause the baby's got his pacifier.
Aaron Hotchner: Where's Sera?
Bruce Morrison: She's learning a lesson.
Aaron Hotchner: What did you do to them?
Bruce Morrison: "What did you do to them?" I scared them, that's all. They needed it.
Aaron Hotchner: Why?
Bruce Morrison: Because they're spoiled, ungrateful little bitches who walk all over him any chance they get.
Aaron Hotchner: What happened to Bruce?
Bruce Morrison: He's hiding, of course. He is... When he can't handle it, I save his ass. Bruce's problem is, he can't handle anything.

Aaron Hotchner: [closing, voiceover] Alan Lightman said, "The tragedy of this world is that no one is happy, whether stuck in a time of pain... or joy."

Aaron Hotchner: Every time I ask you a question you have this habit of deflecting attention onto somebody else.

"Criminal Minds: To Bear Witness (#9.4)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote] "Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live" - Norman Cousins

Anton Harris: My father sent me away because I humiliated him. Said I brought shame to our family.
Aaron Hotchner: Your father sent you away because you're sick and he wanted to protect Dana.
Anton Harris: He was right. But he couldn't stop me.
Aaron Hotchner: Your father's on his way. But of course you knew that. That's why you showed everyone your face. You wanted him to know that you'd won.
Anton Harris: And it worked. But you have to admit, what I've done is extraordinary. My father will never forget it. Certainly Dana won't. Or maybe she will. Will you?
Aaron Hotchner: I already have. Cuff him.

Section Chief Mateo Cruz: Garcia didn't shut down his signal, did she?
Aaron Hotchner: Well, he didn't know that.
Section Chief Mateo Cruz: I can see why they didn't want you out of the field.

Section Chief Mateo Cruz: This guy doesn't seem to care that we know what he looks like. It's like he want to get caught.
Aaron Hotchner: He does.
Section Chief Mateo Cruz: He waited until we were all watching to lobotomize this girl. Why?
Aaron Hotchner: Because he's punishing her, and he wants everyone to see it.

Anton Harris: Aren't you the one who's supposed to ask me why I do what I do?
Aaron Hotchner: I would, if I didn't already know.

"Criminal Minds: The Caller (#9.10)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: [picks up his mobile] What have you got, Garcia? Garcia:
Penelope Garcia: I triangulated the phone call that came to the Tafferts' house at 3:03 AM last night and all I can say is: Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot!

Aaron Hotchner: The UnSub wanted him to appear peaceful... Remorse?
David Rossi: Well, that's in stark contrast to the violent imagery of blood on the Tafferts' front door.
Aaron Hotchner: "I shall see the blood and pass you by."
David Rossi: Exodus.
Aaron Hotchner: The 10th plague of Egypt, the death of the firstborn. God commanded Moses to tell the Israelites to put lamb's blood above their door to spare their firstborn.
David Rossi: The blood on the Tafferts' door could be related, but the UnSub's got it backwards.
Aaron Hotchner: Unless he thinks he spared Andy a fate worse than death.

Aaron Hotchner: [his cell phone beeps] Go ahead, Garcia.
Penelope Garcia: I have got a list of Eastern European women around Memphis area who committed suicide within the last 4 decades. It's a short list. The most relevant name is Olga Milworth, who was from Romania.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Like Nadia Clayvin was.
Penelope Garcia: Yeah. She was married to an American named Charles Milworth, and 19 years ago she tried to kill herself and her son. Get this, her son survived.
Aaron Hotchner: What's his name?
Penelope Garcia: His name's Daniel Milworth, and he was incarcerated in Arizona for 11 years in a Psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane because he kidnapped and tortured a prostitute.

Jennifer Jareau: No signs of forced entry or a struggle, according to the initial police report.
Penelope Garcia: Mom and dad put him to bed at ten. Woke up this morning, he was gone.
Alex Blake: Any visitors or workers to the house recently?
Penelope Garcia: No, but the parents say in the last two weeks, they've received five phone calls from what sounds like a little boy prank calling them.
Aaron Hotchner: They complained to authorities, but police determined that no laws had been broken.
Penelope Garcia: Mm-hmm. The little boy says "I'm gonna get you", according to police reports. There's a lot of crazy people talking in the background; it sounds like it's coming from an asylum or prison.
Derek Morgan: Well, I'd say the calls might coincidental, except the boy called again right after the parents found Andy missing, and he had a different message this time; "Did you see what I did?".
Jennifer Jareau: So he's taunting them. Maybe this is about revenge.
Alex Blake: "I'm gonna get you" is typically a threat, but in the case of children, it can also be a phrase used during play.
Dr. Spencer Reid: You know, this sounds similar to a cold case from fifteen years ago. Frankie Clayvin of Memphis.
David Rossi: I remember that. Gideon handled it. It obviously pre-dates all of you.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Frankie Clayvin was nine years old at the time. He never made it home from school one day, was found dead in the woods thirty-six hours later five miles from his house.

Jennifer Jareau: Phone calls before an abduction/murder? It's a rare signature.
Derek Morgan: But if it is the same unsub, a dormancy period of fifteen years is highly unusual. Maybe we're looking at a copycat.
David Rossi: If I'm not mistaken, Frankie Clayvin was killed within two hours of his abduction.
Aaron Hotchner: Which means we're wasting time. Let's go.

"Criminal Minds: Revelations (#2.15)" (2007)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Think of the house as a witness. If it could talk, what would it tell us?
Penelope Garcia: My guess is it'd tell us to get the hell out.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [voiceover] "There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins." - Ecclesiastes 7:20.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You know, I always take advantage of Reid for his brain, but I never actually teach him how to deal with things emotionally.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Everybody, right now, what's my worst quality?
[nobody answers]
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Okay, I'll start. I have no sense of humor.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: You're a bully.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I'm a bully.
Derek Morgan: You can be a drill sergeant sometimes.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Right.
Emily Prentiss: You don't trust women as much as men.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Okay, good. I'm all of these things. But none of you said that I ever put myself above the team, because I don't, ever. Reid and I argued about the definition of classic narcissism, and he knew that I would remember that. And he also quoted Genesis chapter 23, verse 4. Read it.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: "I am a stranger and a sojourner with you. Give me property, forbear a place among you that I may bury my dead out of my sight."
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: He wouldn't get it wrong unless it was on purpose.

Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Emily
Emily Prentiss: Yeah?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: How come none of this gets you?
Emily Prentiss: What do you mean?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: You came off a desk job, now suddenly you're in a field, surrounded by mutilated bodies and you don't even flinch
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: She's right. You've never blinked
Emily Prentiss: I... guess... maybe... I can compartmentalize better than most people

"Criminal Minds: Nelson's Sparrow (#10.13)" (2015)
David Rossi: [seeing a car approach the scene] Who's that?
Aaron Hotchner: [recognizing Gideon's son] Stephen.
David Rossi: Oh, my god. He's not a kid anymore.

Aaron Hotchner: [to Rossi about Gideon] He never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Penelope Garcia: Are you sure?
Aaron Hotchner: It's Gideon

David Rossi: Is this how it's gonna go? My friends dying off? First Erin, then Harrison and now Jason. Disease is one thing but... murder?
Aaron Hotchner: I haven't talked to him in years
David Rossi: Me neither. How does that happen? Back in the day, I would have bet my life that we'd always be close, but maybe we never were

Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote] "When a good man is hurt, all who would be called good must suffer with him" - Euripides

"Criminal Minds: True Genius (#7.11)" (2012)
Aaron Hotchner: There have been two known copycats.
Penelope Garcia: Correct. The first one was Heriberto Seda. He killed three and wounded four in New York City. And then, there was a 14-year-old in Japan named Seito Sakakibara. He killed two other children and left the sign of the Zodiac behind.
David Rossi: The fact is the Zodiac was driven by a need for notoriety and control.
Aaron Hotchner: He enjoyed the terror he spread through the city.

Dr. Spencer Reid: The spam had to be converted from matrix code to binary code, then switched to base eight before being translated back into letters. I can go into more detail if you want.
Aaron Hotchner: No. How smart would a person have to be to write code like that?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Beyond smart. Profoundly gifted. An IQ of at least 160.
Emily Prentiss: That changes the profile, then.
Dr. Spencer Reid: The UnSub could still hold a menial or low-level job. Many believe that beyond an IQ of 120, success is determined by other factors.

[last lines]
Emily Prentiss: Hey, Reid. Hotch wants to talk to you. What's wrong?
Dr. Spencer Reid: He probably wants to talk to me about why I've been kind of weird lately.
Emily Prentiss: You are making a difference, you know, one person at a time.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Thank you. You know, I've been thinking a lot lately about why I stayed after Gideon left, why I didn't take any of those other offers.
Emily Prentiss: Nothing is accidental.
Dr. Spencer Reid: And I realized, I don't know, there's just something incredibly right about being here, with you guys.
Emily Prentiss: Well, I'm glad to hear that. Otherwise this would have been really awkward.
Dr. Spencer Reid: What would have been really awkward?
Penelope Garcia: Surprise!
Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia, Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau, Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Derek Morgan: Surprise! Happy birthday!
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Happy birthday!
Penelope Garcia: Happy birthday!
Dr. Spencer Reid: Thank you.
Aaron Hotchner: Do you feel like 30?
Derek Morgan: Happy birthday, old man. Happy birthday. Almost 40 now.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I'm getting close.

Aaron Hotchner: Reid, how is it going?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Computers slow me down, so I prefer paper, but I wasn't expecting all these comments. Where do people find the time?

Penelope Garcia: [Picks up the phone] Garcia's lair of knowledge and wisdom
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, you have the list of Zodiac case experts?
Penelope Garcia: Yeah, standing by for you. I have everyone who has every written or blogged about it. FYI there are way too many people obsessed with this sicko
Aaron Hotchner: Right, cross reference that with professional chess players
Penelope Garcia: Oh, that totally helps, yeah. Okay, the list is getting smaller... and smaller... down to nothing!

"Criminal Minds: House on Fire (#4.19)" (2009)
David Rossi: [about a serial arsonist] Whoever set these went from no victims to thirty-one in less than two weeks. That's a hell of an escalation.
Emily Prentiss: Why didn't they call us in sooner?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: The local police and fire department knew they were dealing with an arsonist, but they had no idea he'd become a killer.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Most arsonists don't. They just like setting fires; any deaths that occur are almost always accidental.
Derek Morgan: Thirty-one victims is not an accident.
Aaron Hotchner: Police chief knows he made a mistake. And he learned the hard way that even though not all arsonists are killers, they do have one thing in common: once they start, they can't stop.

Aaron Hotchner: [opening quotation, voiceover] Tennessee Williams said "We all live in a house on fire. No fire department to call, no way out."

Aaron Hotchner: [closing quotation, voiceover] "I have loved to the point of madness. That which is called madness. That which to me is the only sensible way to love." - Francoise Sagan.

[last lines]
Penelope Garcia: You guys choose this. Turning people over like rocks and looking at all their creepy-crawly things underneath. And I get it. I do. It's the only way to catch them. But... I want to see the good in people. I choose to see the good in people. And... getting into someone's mind and trying to find the God-awful thing that happened to them that made them do the God-awful thing to somebody else has seriously impaired my ability to giggle, and it makes my brain all wonky, and I don't like it.
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia.
Penelope Garcia: Yes, sir?
Aaron Hotchner: I just wanted to thank you for your excellent work on this case. And I understand that what you did was, for you, very difficult. But your contributions are essential to the success of this team.
Penelope Garcia: Thank you, sir.
Aaron Hotchner: I know you see the good in people, Penelope. Always. And I would never want you to change that.

Aaron Hotchner: You're gonna have to start weeding out some of these Garcia. Third cousins and religious affiliations are probably not gonna help us. I need to know who had enemies? Who had secrets? Who was a target?
Penelope Garcia: [sighs] With all due respect sir, my... my brain muscles are comfortable with being intuitive with information, not people. Looking at people like that is not part of my job description. I'm not a profiler
Aaron Hotchner: Well, you're gonna have to be. We don't have much time

"Criminal Minds: The Silencer (#8.1)" (2012)
Alex Blake: Did any of you work on the Silencer case?
David Rossi: That was during my extended sabbatical.
Aaron Hotchner: We all consulted, but nobody made the trip to Texas.
Alex Blake: Why not? Three women in four months; that's textbook kill rate. An undeniable signature, obvious surrogates...
Aaron Hotchner: We weren't invited by the local police.
Alex Blake: Aren't you tired of that?
Aaron Hotchner: Welcome to our world.

Aaron Hotchner: If waiting for dark is his smartest move, that's what he'll do.

Aaron Hotchner: [opening, voiceover] "As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do" - Andrew Carnegie

Aaron Hotchner: I doubt anyone had ever spoken to him with any kindness.
Alex Blake: None of us should be denied that.

Aaron Hotchner: [closing, voiceover] "A man is known by the silence he keeps" - Oliver Herford

"Criminal Minds: Seven Seconds (#3.5)" (2007)
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Dostoevsky once said, "Nothing is easier than denouncing the evil doer. Nothing more difficult than understanding it."

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: G.K. Chesterton wrote, "Fairy tales do not tell children dragons exist. Children already know the dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed."

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: I read the Jessica Davis report. I know you found the remains last week.
James Franklin: Twenty years, never seen anything like it. Can't get the image out of my head. I joined the Bureau to rescue people, not to stand over another dead kid today.

James Franklin: It's all chance you know! Wrong place, at wrong time, no logic, no sense! How does a parent reconcile that?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: They never do!

Penelope Garcia: Another seven seconds I was able to decipher, but it's 7 more than we had
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: What are we looking at?
Penelope Garcia: Surveillance footage I retrieved of the second camera on the first floor. It show Katie exiting the arcade, follows her movements through the crowd, she went north
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Until she disappears.
[... ]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Seven seconds...
Penelope Garcia: All the images I could find, sir
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: ...is all what it takes for a child to disappear!

"Criminal Minds: 100 (#5.9)" (2009)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [concluding his remarks in the investigation regarding George Foyet's death... he's talking about Haley's murder by Foyet to Strauss] ... and there was nothing that I could do for her. She was already...
Erin Strauss: [puts her glasses on and reads report, uncharacteristically choking back tears] She died fairly quickly... one of the wounds severed her aorta, and they don't think that she...
[removes glasses]
Erin Strauss: and they don't think she suffered much. Agent Hotchner, what do you think would have happened if George Foyet had gotten up from that floor? If you didn't kill him?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [quietly] I don't have to think. I know that he would have tried to kill my son too.
Erin Strauss: That's good enough for me.
[turns recorder off and turns to other two investigators]
Erin Strauss: Any questions?
[both shake their heads]
Erin Strauss: Agent Hotchner, I'm so sorry for your loss. And, if you or your son need anything...
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Thank you.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [Hotch is on his way to his house after learning that Foyet has gotten to Haley and Jack... his cell phone rings, it's Haley] Foyet?
Haley Hotchner: [Foyet is with Haley] Aaron? You're OK?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [stunned by the irony... pauses] I'm fine.
Haley Hotchner: But... he said that... Oh, Aaron.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: He can hear us, right?
Haley Hotchner: Yes... I'm so sorry.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Haley... show him NO weakness... no fear.
Haley Hotchner: I know... Sam told me all about him. Is he, um...
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [quickly... he's lying] No... Sam is fine.
The Reaper: Aaron, Aaron, Aaron... is that why your marriage broke up? Because you're a liar?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Don't listen to him, Haley!
The Reaper: I have Sam's service phone right here. They sent out a mass text about his death. Take a look if you want.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: He's trying to scare you!
The Reaper: Did you even tell her what this was about? About the deal?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: He's just trying to make you angry.
The Reaper: Well she should be! She's gonna
[covers Jack's ears and lowers his voice]
The Reaper: D-I-E because of your inflated ego!
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Ignore him, Haley!
The Reaper: Oh sure, you don't want her to know this part, either.
[to Haley]
The Reaper: You know, all he had to do was stop lookin' for me and you wouldn't be in this mess.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Don't react!
Haley Hotchner: What is he talking about?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [pauses] Tell Jack I need him working a case.
Haley Hotchner: What?
Haley Hotchner: Tell Jack I need him working a case!
Haley Hotchner: Jack, did you hear that?
Jack Hotchner: [comes to phone] Hi, Daddy.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [Aaron is on a cell phone, trying desparately to get home, where Foyet is waiting and getting ready to kill Haley] Jack, hug your mom for me.
Jack Hotchner: [they embrace] Mama hugged me too tight.
Haley Hotchner: [she releases Jack] I'm sorry.
Jack Hotchner: [Jack sees Haley's tears] Why are you sad?
Haley Hotchner: [trying to smile and sound upbeat] I just love you so much!
Jack Hotchner: [Haley hugs Jack again] I gotta go... I'm working on a case.
Haley Hotchner: OK.
[Jack leaves the room, Foyet watches him]
The Reaper: He's so cute. He's like a little junior G Man.
[calls after Jack]
The Reaper: I'll be right out, Jackie-boy!
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Is he gone?
Haley Hotchner: [drying tears] Yes.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You're so strong, Haley! You're stronger than I ever was!
Haley Hotchner: [Foyet comes up behind Haley, she's anxious] You'll hurry, right?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [fighting tears] I know you didn't sign on for this.
Haley Hotchner: [much more calm] Neither did you.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I'm sorry for everything.
Haley Hotchner: [realizing she's about to die] Promise me that you will tell him how we met, and how you used to make me laugh.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Haley...
Haley Hotchner: He needs to know that you weren't always so serious, Aaron. I want him to believe in love, because it... it is the most important thing... but you need to show him. Promise me!
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I promise.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [opening quotation, voiceover] "He who fights with monsters might take care, lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." - Frederich Nietzsche.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [closing quotation, voiceover] Poet Haniel Long said "So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of family, that it remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty."

"Criminal Minds: Rite of Passage (#5.19)" (2010)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [voiceover] Many persons have the wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not obtained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. -Helen Keller.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You alright?
Derek Morgan: Yeah.
Emily Prentiss: [shouts] No! Are you out of your mind? You blew out my eardrum!
Derek Morgan: What did you want me to do? He was coming right at us.
Emily Prentiss: I told you I had him!
Derek Morgan: He was shooting at us, Emily.
Emily Prentiss: Well, you could've given me a heads up!
Derek Morgan: What, a loaded MP5 and a shooting lunatic wasn't enough? Come on.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Be careful with those. I don't need broken MP-5s on our budget.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Hey, guys, here's the thing. I don't think I technically have authorization to carry a weapon like that.
Derek Morgan: You don't.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [at the same time] You don't.

Sheriff Ruiz: Every job has a patron saint. Cops have Saint Jude, doctors have Raphael the Archangel. But if you're a drug dealer or a killer, who do you pray to?
Jennifer Jareau: The saint of death.
Sheriff Ruiz: I've learned that crossing the desert to get here, you lose track of the ways you can die. So if someone close doesn't make it, sometimes it's easier to blame a superstitious figure.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Well, Omar doesn't seem like he believes what he's saying.
Sheriff Ruiz: I didn't say he believes it. I said it's who people are blaming.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: What people?
Sheriff Ruiz: Look, Santa Muerte has been coming up more and more. The illegals I send back, the coyotes I arrest. Some of the drug traffickers, they're afraid.
Jennifer Jareau: Afraid of a saint?
Sheriff Ruiz: I handled a homicide once where my only witness was this four year old girl. And she told me her mom and dad got killed by a dragon. Turns out the bad guy wore a green rain suit with a pointy hood. To the kid, it looked like a dragon. So when hundreds of people are talking about the same monster, it's a sure bet something's going on. They just don't know what to call it.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Try not to shoot that inside the car
David Rossi: You mean: try not to deafen you?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Exactly

"Criminal Minds: Elephant's Memory (#3.16)" (2008)
Sheriff Britt Hallum: Here's your gun safe. I don't know the combination.
Aaron Hotchner: Start with birthdays. Lou's, Owen's, Hope's.
Derek Morgan: Hotch. Dress blues in plastic. No pics of wife and son.
Sheriff Britt Hallum: [trying to open the safe] No luck.
Aaron Hotchner: Try 11-10-75.
Derek Morgan: November 10, 1975? What's that?
Aaron Hotchner: 1775. Marine Corps birthday.
Sheriff Britt Hallum: [the safe opens] You might have just sold me on that profiling of yours.

Derek Morgan: [walking the crime scene] Hit pattern says they were fired on full auto. Tight grouping for it. Single burst put 'em both down. That takes skill, and some serious training.
Aaron Hotchner: Letts lands here, still alive. Savage falls there dead.
Derek Morgan: But I walk past Letts, and I shoot Lou Savage in the face when I know he's already dead.
Aaron Hotchner: This was personal.
Sheriff Britt Hallum: They knew each other?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Enough to know Rod Norris would enter through the back door while smoking.
Derek Morgan: And that Lou Savage was on duty and would respond.
Sheriff Britt Hallum: So what are we talking about here?
Aaron Hotchner: This wasn't terrorism, domestic or otherwise. Terrorists rarely know their victims, at least not personally.
Sheriff Britt Hallum: Because they knew Rod Norris was a smoker who used his back door?
Derek Morgan: And shot Deputy Savage in the face at point-blank range.
Sheriff Britt Hallum: They weren't being thorough?
Derek Morgan: No. He walked past Letts, who was alive, shoots Savage in the face when he knows he's already dead. Responders were coming. That last shot was risky overkill.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Overkill means rage. Rage means a close personal relationship.

Dr. Spencer Reid: His life was one torment after another. His teachers gave up on him, his classmates bullied him and his father blamed him while giving him access to guns. Given these conditions you're actually quite fortunate
Deputy Bart Lawford: It sounds like you're saying these victims deserved this
Aaron Hotchner: We're not. Nobody deserves this
Dr. Spencer Reid: But you could have prevented it
Aaron Hotchner: Reid, can I talk to you?
[They walk out into another room]
Dr. Spencer Reid: It's the truth! They could have done something! They work with his father, they knew Owen
Aaron Hotchner: So what? All adolescents profile like sociopaths! There's a reason you can't diagnose them until they're 18
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yeah, they could have seen the signs!
Aaron Hotchner: Nobody sees the signs Reid. You know that. And making it their fault is not only unfair, it's dangerous. I want you to go back to the Savage's house and I want you go through Owen's room
Dr. Spencer Reid: Morgan is already doing that
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, and you're going to join him
Dr. Spencer Reid: Oh? You're punishing me?
Aaron Hotchner: No! I'm using you! You know this kid better than anybody. Go find us something we can use!

Aaron Hotchner: You knowingly jeopardized your life and the lifes of others! I should fire you! You're the smartest kid in the room, but you're not the only one in that room. You pull something like this again, you will be! Am I clear?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yes sir. It won't happen again. Thank you
Aaron Hotchner: What were you thinking?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I was thinking that would have been, ah, the second time a kid die in front of me
Aaron Hotchner: You're keeping score, just like Owen
Dr. Spencer Reid: It was my turn to save one
Aaron Hotchner: It doesn't work like that
Dr. Spencer Reid: It should
Aaron Hotchner: I know it's painful when the person you identify with is the bad guy
Dr. Spencer Reid: What does that make me?
Aaron Hotchner: Good at the job! I know it's none of my business but when we land I think you should go and catch the rest of that movie!

Deputy Bart Lawford: We are wasting time. Owen is here, and we should be knocking on doors.
Aaron Hotchner: It's not a good idea.
Deputy Bart Lawford: And why is that?
Aaron Hotchner: Because Owen's watching. He's monitoring the news. Right now, he thinks you think he's gone. He feels safe. If we start knocking on doors, he's gonna know that he's not. He's gonna feel trapped.
Deputy Bart Lawford: Why the hell should we care about this little bastard's feelings?
Jennifer Jareau: All right, we're here to help you bring in Owen Savage with minimum loss of life. The profile tells you the best way to do that.

"Criminal Minds: Magnum Opus (#8.13)" (2013)
Alex Blake: He removed the white blood cells. Plasma.
David Rossi: Why would he take the plasma?
Aaron Hotchner: It would make it thicker. Easier to use as a paint.
Derek Morgan: What type of equipment would it take to do that?
Alex Blake: You can easily buy a centrifuge online these days for a couple hundred bucks.
Aaron Hotchner: What other reasons would he have for separating the plasma from the blood?
Dr. Spencer Reid: It's a habit.
Aaron Hotchner: Reid.
Jennifer Jareau: Spence.
Aaron Hotchner: I didn't expect you back this soon. You sure you're ready?
Dr. Spencer Reid: No, but I think I figured something out.

Penelope Garcia: Office of omnipotence. How may I dazzle you?
Aaron Hotchner: Garica, I need information on the latest victim Aimee Fortner.
Penelope Garcia: Information is my favorite way to dazzle, sir! So sparkly!

Aaron Hotchner: You really don't need to be here if you're not ready. This is gonna take time.
Dr. Spencer Reid: How much time?
Aaron Hotchner: It's hard to say, but we're all here for you.
Dr. Spencer Reid: [whispers] Thank you

Penelope Garcia: Ladies and gents, the Golden State awaits. Meet who is formerly Gary Porter. He was found dead outside a San Francisco nightclub last night, and Pamela Hurd, she was found near a cable car stop in San Francisco's Mission district.
Jennifer Jareau: They were both found wrapped in clear plastic.
Derek Morgan: Says here they were dead only a few hours before they were found. And that's not long enough for the elements to have made them that pale.
Penelope Garcia: Because that's where we enter the town of Weirdville on the corner of eww and icky icky. Both victims were almost completely drained of their blood. Less than a pint left.
Alex Blake: He's exsanguinating them.
Aaron Hotchner: While they were still alive.
Derek Morgan: Well it might be utilitarian. He needs them alive so they can pump out the blood themselves.
David Rossi: Draining a body like that is extremely hard to do. Once the heart stops pumping, it's difficult to continue to extract the blood.
Alex Blake: So the question is how is he doing it?
Penelope Garcia: Oh, I wish you wouldn't ask that, 'cause now I've gotta show this picture.
Aaron Hotchner: There are large bore holes in the femoral artery of each victim.
Jennifer Jareau: Our unsub could have medical knowledge.
Aaron Hotchner: It's possible. We'll know more when we get there. Wheels up in thirty.

Aaron Hotchner: We believe that this unsub is a white male in his 20s or 30s, and he thinks of himself as a painter or an artist.
Alex Blake: The placement of the victims tells us a lot about who he is.
Jennifer Jareau: Pamela Hurd was found near a painting done by a little-known San Francisco artist, Henry Floyd.
Derek Morgan: Gary Porter was posed near a piece of graffiti art by a street artist named Cypher, who is currently wanted by the police.
Aaron Hotchner: And the third victim, Lynn Stevens, was found near a mural painted by inner-city youths.
Alex Blake: Finally, Amy Fortner was placed near the statue of St. Luke, patron saint of the artist.
Jennifer Jareau: This is a compulsion; it's not accidental. He is obsessed with art.
David Rossi: All of the works of art are neglected, ignored, cast aside. It's how he feels about himself.
Aaron Hotchner: We believe it's also the reason that he's evolved into removing the victims' eyelids. He's forcing them to see what he sees.
Jennifer Jareau: There's no sexual component with these murders, but that's because the blood and the use of the blood is his sexual release.
Det. Lennon Miles: So, wait. What... what is he doing with the blood?
Aaron Hotchner: Because he's so obsessed with art, we believe he's painting with it.
David Rossi: He has a quick kill pace. More blood means more paint. The more paintings he does, the greater the chance someone will recognize his work.
Aaron Hotchner: We think that because of his need for acceptance, he may be trying to sell the paintings, so focus your canvassing on places that might sell this kind of fringe art.

"Criminal Minds: Out of the Light (#6.22)" (2011)
Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] Domenico Estrada wrote: "Bring the past, only if you're going to build from it."

David Rossi: How was your weekend?
Aaron Hotchner: Good. Jack had two soccer games yesterday.
David Rossi: They win?
Aaron Hotchner: Oh, we don't keep score in Jack's age group.
David Rossi: That bad, huh?

Dr. Spencer Reid: Autopsy report revealed fragments of glass in some of Angela's wounds.
Aaron Hotchner: Were they able to identify the blades used?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Only that there were a number of them.
David Rossi: The doctor mentioned she had heavy metals in her blood.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yeah, the highest one being lead.
Derek Morgan: Well, add that to the unique patterns of her wounds and the glass in her cuts. Maybe this guy worked with stained glass. Talbot had stained glass in his front door.
Ashley Seaver: The Owens had stained glass window chimes in their condo.
David Rossi: Lead fumes can get into your system during the soldering process.
[Seaver gives Rossi a weird glance]
David Rossi: What? My second wife was crafty.

Aaron Hotchner: And now they've asked me to coach.
David Rossi: You're kidding. Why'd they ask you?
Aaron Hotchner: Focus.
David Rossi: Don't doubt that.
Aaron Hotchner: You can't get half the parents to look up from their phones during the game. At least I participate.
David Rossi: It's not like you're too busy.

David Rossi: I know you're gonna do that coaching thing. So, I thought maybe this might help.
Aaron Hotchner: Soccer formations?
David Rossi: I'm Italian.
Aaron Hotchner: [loughs] You've been holding out on me... I could use an assistant.
David Rossi: How early do they start their games?
Aaron Hotchner: Early... Thanks.

"Criminal Minds: There's No Place Like Home (#7.7)" (2011)
Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] "For the man sound of body and serene of mind, there is no such thing as bad weather; every day has its beauty, and storms that whip the blood do but make it pulse more vigorously" -George Gissing

Dr. Spencer Reid: Hey, Hotch.
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I've been thinking... The vast majority of unsubs with this type of m.o. aren't driven by the killing, they're merely fascinated by the body parts. Psychologically, they exist in a realm where fantasy meets delusion. It's basically the perfect blueprint for creation of a serial killer b... I'm rambling, aren't I?
Aaron Hotchner: Yes.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I should probably get to the point.

Aaron Hotchner: [Rossi enters his office] You don't have to be here.
David Rossi: Ah, I get antsy when I'm gone too long. And thanks for the team's donation to ALS in Carolyn's name. She would have appreciated it.
Aaron Hotchner: So, how you doing?
David Rossi: I'm okay. It's funny, though. We were divorced twenty years, and I never missed her as much as I do right now.

Penelope Garcia: So, local PD have IDed your victims. I'm putting this all on your tablets if you'd like to follow along. First up is Jason Meredith, sixteen year old runaway from Garden City, Kansas. Mom said he took off over a year ago. Next up is Eric Janelle. Fifteen year old foster kid from Wichita. He's been gone three weeks. Oh, both of these kids have records, for possession and prostitution.
Emily Prentiss: They were street hustlers.
Aaron Hotchner: High-risk kids. This could be a sexual predator.
Derek Morgan: An extremely violent one, if the unsub is responsible for the damage done to the bodies, especially those missing limbs.
Emily Prentiss: Well, now, he could be keeping the body parts for some sort of fetish.
Penelope Garcia: Ugh! Okay, eww. That is my cue. I'm here if you need me, with my binary machines that don't say gross things.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, we just lost our Internet. We need you to guide us into the storm.
Penelope Garcia: Consider me your eyes and ears, sir.

"Criminal Minds: Won't Get Fooled Again (#1.3)" (2005)
Elle Greenaway: I may have something. Barbara Keller was having some trouble insuring some coins she bought. The insurance company thought they might be fake.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: So the insurance company is blowing up annoying clients?

Jason Gideon: When we're dealing with a bomber, we're talking about someone who's non-confrontational. If you bumped into him at a cafe, he'd apologize; even if it wasn't his fault.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: We would classify this bomber as highly organized, based on the meticulous design of his bombs. It means above average intelligence. He probably has a skilled job, a trade, one that allows him to work alone. That's how he was able to make a sophisticated device without raising suspicion. Furniture maker, jeweler, et cetera.
Detective Morrison: Background in explosives?
Jason Gideon: No, not necessarily. You're thinking about a type who likes to blow things up. Gives them an emotional or sexual release. Death? Secondary.
Officer Worthy: Then what's this guy doing?
Jason Gideon: Murdering. Bombs? Just weapons. And these attacks, they are not random.
Officer Worthy: Well, how do you know that?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: By process of elimination. We know bombers fall into a discreet number of categories according to motive. There's the terrorist, whose aim is to spread fear; we expect him to strike in a populous area like a subway. There's the politically motivated bomber; he makes a statement by choosing a symbolic target like an abortion clinic. Then there's our unsub. He made bombs designed to kill and he chose his victims specifically by placing the bombs at their stoops. That tells us he has a direct motive. Statistically, he bombs for profit or to conceal a crime. And it tells us how we're going to find him - through the people he killed.
Jason Gideon: Somewhere among the three victims there is a direct motive. Keep digging.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: I think you met agent Jareau at the station house
Detective Morrison: Oh yeah, she's taking over the place
Elle Greenaway: She does that!

Jennifer Jareau: How we're doing?
Elle Greenaway: Frustrated! I can't see why anyone wanna kill a little old lady who collects cats and coins
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Unless someone wants the coins! I spent a good chunk of my childhood looking for a 1944 penny worth thousands
[looks at Elle]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Yes, I was a little bit of a nerd. Is that so surprising?
Elle Greenaway: Not to me!
[Frowns to JJ]

"Criminal Minds: Public Enemy (#5.15)" (2010)
Aaron Hotchner: There are lots of ways that sons defeat their fathers.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I just keep getting PhDs.

Derek Morgan: [reviewing the case file] Aside from m.o., victimology's all over the place. It's like this guy doesn't care who he's killing, just how.
David Rossi: And he's doing it in public without compunction for who sees him.
Aaron Hotchner: Do we have a sketch?
Jennifer Jareau: All anyone can agree on is that it's a white male between 25 and 40.
Emily Prentiss: Well, that narrows it down to all of Providence.
David Rossi: Hard to fault the witnesses, given how bloody these murders must be.
Derek Morgan: What bothers me is the cooling-off period is getting shorter and shorter, but no attempt to hide who he is or what he's doing. I mean, an unsub this bold could be suffering from a major psychotic break.
Jennifer Jareau: I already asked Detective Moreland to pull recent releases on prisons and mental hospitals.
Aaron Hotchner: We need to get to Providence ASAP. Whether he's suffering a psychotic break or not, this could be the start of a spree.
David Rossi: And anyone is a potential target.

Aaron Hotchner: We suggest that you think of this unsub not as a slasher but as an arsonist. Because the gratification he's getting isn't from the physical act of murder, but from the public's reaction to it.
Emily Prentiss: Arsonists draw attention to themselves through the fires they set. The locations they choose are highly symbolic to them. While this unsub will never set an actual fire, he has the same psychosis as one who does.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Our unsub fits that model. His locations have been pillars of the community. The victims he picks aren't as important as the effect of killing them outside of your favorite restaurant or place of worship.
Derek Morgan: By picking locales with the highest visibility, he's creating the highest level of fear in that neighborhood, which reinforces his feeling of power.
Detective Jake Moreland: Yeah, but arsonists don't set out to hurt people. This guy clearly does.
Derek Morgan: That's true. And this unsub definitely falls in the category of sociopath.
Emily Prentiss: His victims are there only to achieve his goal. He doesn't have the ability to empathize with them. To him, they're just... tools for him to use, no different than a can of gasoline and a match.
David Rossi: But even how he kills tells us something. Slashing a throat is a messy, visual act. It's designed to create attention, just like a fire.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Arsonists are often mission based. They need to make sure their first fire has burnt out before they set another one. They're also highly disciplined and focused. If conditions aren't right to set a fire or, in this case, slash a throat, they'll move on.
Aaron Hotchner: In addition to his need to kill, he has self-control. He has a short cooling off period because he's enjoying what he's doing. This in turn feeds his ego and keeps him covering his tracks.
David Rossi: This makes him even more dangerous. If he gets frustrated, encounters too many obstacles, or suffers a blow to his narcissistic ego, he could go on an all-out rampage.

Aaron Hotchner: Garica, are you there?
Penelope Garcia: Wired for sound, ready for action

"Criminal Minds: Tabula Rasa (#3.19)" (2008)
[Hotch is on the stand being questioned by the defense attorney, Lester Serling]
Lester Serling: Fact is, behavioral analysis is really just intellectual guesswork. You probably couldn't tell me the color of my socks with any greater accuracy than a carnival psychic.
Cece Hillenbrand: [standing] Objection.
Lester Serling: Withdrawn.
[Not expecting an answer, Serling turns away from Hotch to head back to his seat]
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Charcoal gray.
[Serling, surprised that Hotch provided an answer, turns around and lifts his pants to reveal his socks, at which he points]
Lester Serling: [sarcastically] Well look at that. He got one right.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You match them to the color of your suit to appear taller. You also wear lifts, and you've had the soles of your shoes replaced. One might think you're frugal, but in fact you're having financial difficulties. You wear a fake Rolex because you pawned the real one to pay your debts, my guess is to a bookie.
Lester Serling: I took this case pro bono. I am one of the most successful criminal attorneys in the state.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Your vice is horses. Your BlackBerry's been buzzing on the table every twenty minutes, which happens to be the average time between posts from Colonial Downs. You're getting race results, and every time you do it affects your mood in court, and you're not having a very good day. That's because you pick horses the same way you practice law: by always taking the long shot.
Lester Serling: Well, you spin a very good yarn, agent, but as usual you've proven nothing.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [looking at his watch] If I'm not mistaken, the results from the fifth race should be coming through any minute.
[Serling's BlackBerry on the table starts to buzz]
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Why don't you tell us if your luck has changed?
Lester Serling: Your Honor, this is...
Judge: What do you want me to do? Either show us your BlackBerry or cut him loose, counselor.
[Serling ponders the question for a second]
Lester Serling: Nothing further.
Judge: Wise decision.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [opening quote, voiceover] "All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy. For what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves. We must die to one life before we can enter another." - Anatole France.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: So, what's your plan?
Cece Hillenbrand: Plan? Try him and fry him!

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: This is our, uh, newest agent, Dr. Spencer Reid
Detective Jarvis: Ted Jarvis. A little young, aren't you? No offence
Dr. Spencer Reid: None taken. In fact neural processing speeds reach their maximum at around age 15,so when it comes to being affected by crime scenes and other graphical visual input, we're all really the same age

"Criminal Minds: Zugzwang (#8.12)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: Then I have to ask you, how do you know she's missing?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Because we always addressed our letters to our pseudonyms.
Aaron Hotchner: And you're Dr. Joseph Bell?
Dr. Spencer Reid: The real-life inspiration for Sherlock Holmes. And that codename is how I know she's in trouble. The voice on the phone identified himself as Adam Worth. That was the American criminal that Arthur Conan Doyle based the character of Moriarty on.
Aaron Hotchner: And what did he say to you?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Zugzwang. It's a chess term. It describes the point in a game when a plyer realizes he'll inevitably be checkmated. He has to decide whether to resign or play through the bitter end.
Aaron Hotchner: If you're right about this, then you're part of his victimology, too.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I know. He thinks he'll get away with this, and he might. I have a wealth of knowledge I should be applying to this case. Behavioral patterns of violent stalkers, tactical recovery strategies, victim survival odds. But right now I can't focus on anything for more than four seconds at a time, which makes me the dumbest person in the room. So... Please help me. Help me find her.

Aaron Hotchner: Reid, I can't let you be a part of this takedown.
Dr. Spencer Reid: We don't have a choice. If I don't go in there, Maeve is dead.
Aaron Hotchner: And if you do, you're dead.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Hotch, we've known from the beginning she's on a murder-suicide mission, but we never stopped to ask why she's on that mission. We know now it's because she wants recognition, the type of recognition she thinks Maeve gets, and I can give her that.
Aaron Hotchner: How?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I'm gonna tell her that I love her.

Aaron Hotchner: We don't know if we have a case, so we'll be working on personal time. Does anybody want to leave?
[Derek shakes no]
Aaron Hotchner: Good, let's get to work!

Dr. Spencer Reid: Hotch, did you ever identify me to Bobby Putnam's girlfriend?
Aaron Hotchner: What?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Did you say my name to her? Did you call me "Dr. Reid" or "Agent Reid"?
Aaron Hotchner: I never mentioned you at all. Why?
Diane Turner: [flashback] Excuse me, doctor?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I think I know who the unsub is.

"Criminal Minds: Distress (#2.17)" (2007)
Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote, voiceover] "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." - Thomas Paine.

Jennifer Jareau: Just three dead man and no witnesses
Aaron Hotchner: We're looking for a homicidal serial criminal in a neighborhood populated by criminals. The challenge will be separating him from the rest
Dr. Spencer Reid: Here we have no evidence, no apparent interaction between the unsub and the victims, pre or post mortem and an indistinguishable M.O. Should be simple!

Aaron Hotchner: What's that?
Jennifer Jareau: One of the detective's wives made us cookies
Emily Prentiss: Wow, homemade cookies?
Jennifer Jareau: Yeah, I guess that's what they mean by southern hospitality

Jason Gideon: The first recorded war was 2700 BC. Probably earlier wars, but writing hadn't been invented yet
Aaron Hotchner: Almost 5000 years of killing each other
Jason Gideon: One thing human beings have been consistently good at

"Criminal Minds: Final Shot (#9.3)" (2013)
Penelope Garcia: The company that runs chat alert is damn good at scrambling their data! Although I am fast as hot lightning, eh, my server is not, because it needs updating, so if someone wit gray hair and a tie could approve the funding to update that server, we could get a shot at the road and I...
Aaron Hotchner: Put in a requisition, Garcia
Penelope Garcia: Thank you sir! Filing form 9093B now... I'm familiar with it and the void it disappears into. Okay, I did manage to piece together Alica's last text

Aaron Hotchner: How much variation is there in the traffic pattern here?
Agent Tanya Mays: This is it. It's pretty much the same all the time, except in the middle of the night, maybe.
Aaron Hotchner: So the unsub had to time his shot to the quarter second to shoot between traffic and the gas pumps and hit all three victims.
David Rossi: And he did it from a concealed position.
Aaron Hotchner: He's better than good. He's a sharpshooter.

Aaron Hotchner: We're looking for an LDSK, or a long-distance serial killer. He's a very skilled marksman with a god complex.
Derek Morgan: He derives pleasure out of remaining unseen and determining the fates of people from afar.
Jennifer Jareau: He's criminally sophisticated and methodical, concealing his method of ingress and egress, leaving little evidence behind in the sniper perches.
Alex Blake: This suggests a great deal of experience, so this unsub has a military or a law enforcement background, possibly even Special Forces.
Dr. Spencer Reid: His victims at first to be targets of opportunity, but it now appears that one or more of them are targets of choice. The remaining victims were collateral damage to be used as a forensic countermeasure; similar to what John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo did with the D.C. sniper case in 2002.
Derek Morgan: This means there's some unknown connection between one or more victims at the first and second crime scenes.
Agent Tanya Mays: What about the Caucasian male that an eyewitness saw at the plaza?
Derek Morgan: It's something to consider, but we can't rule out others. We know that the unsub is likely in his late thirties to forties, in order to have the means and patience to plan and execute these attacks.
Aaron Hotchner: If he still has specific targets, it's likely he won't wait long to attack, so the public needs to remain vigilant.

Dr. Spencer Reid: We have to hope Maya follows the rules. The shelter says the women are supposed to remain in hiding for at least two months. They're supposed to stay behind closed windows, closed doors. Volunteers bring supplies and food to them.
Agent Tanya Mays: Maya left her husband six weeks ago, so the killer's gotta wait another two weeks for her to come otu. There's a good chance he'll give up. He can't wait forever.
Aaron Hotchner: Well, a sniper can wait up to seventy-two hours without sleeping.
Agent Tanya Mays: Seriously?
David Rossi: That's part of their training. They can stay awake for seventy-two hours and reamin completely focused on their target.
Agent Tanya Mays: How?
Aaron Hotchner: By using a mental exercise called fantasy integration. The sniper creates a scenario involving the target that keeps that person at the forefront of their mind.
Derek Morgan: Often, they'll imagine a placve where they're with the target doing something together that takes time; for example , building a car.
Jennifer Jareau: For some, the fantasy begins the minute they're assigned a target, and nothing will distract them.
Agent Tanya Mays: So as long as she stays inside, she should be safe, right?
Alex Blake: The problem is staying cooped up for a couple months without a breath of fresh air is hard to do.
David Rossi: It's what the sniper's counting on, and she has no idea he's waiting for her.

"Criminal Minds: The Black Queen (#9.12)" (2014)
[2004, FBI Field Office, San Jose, California]
Aaron Hotchner: We've got you, Miss Garcia!
Penelope Garcia: If you say so, suit!
Aaron Hotchner: We've got evidence of your off-site servers and of your hack into the cosmetics company
Penelope Garcia: They test on animals!
Aaron Hotchner: Yes they do, but it's not illegal; what you've done is a felony and it's punishable by prison
Penelope Garcia: You've got me J. Edgar
Aaron Hotchner: It's agent Hotchner. And I'm of the Behavior Analysis Unit! And I'm here to offer you an option to prison: you come work for me, you be our technical analyst
Penelope Garcia: So, I teach you how to use Google, that kind of thing? That's fun!
Aaron Hotchner: You'd help us hunt psychopaths
Penelope Garcia: I'm a psychopath!
Aaron Hotchner: No. you're not! In hacker circles you're known as the Black Queen. And you are rigorously moral: all of your online attacks reflect a fierce desire to protect those who you think are being hurt. You accept my offer and you can do the same thing for the federal government. I just need a resume to give to human resources. Or we prosecute you!
Penelope Garcia: Well, I'm not in the habit of bringing my resume to events I am handcuffed at! But I have some stationary in my purse and I will write down some computery stuff I know and think about it!
[Morgan enters, Hotchner answers phone, Garcia starts writing on pink paper]
Aaron Hotchner: I need an answer
Penelope Garcia: Yes, if I can keep my purse
Aaron Hotchner: Good choice!

David Rossi: Blake found one potential lead. It was the last client that Debbie kept before she went off the grid. It was by the name of Mr. Smith
Aaron Hotchner: Will Mr. Smith talk to us?
David Rossi: Once Blake promised that we wouldn't ruin his marriage. She's bringing in him now
[Blake enters with a woman and points her to the interview room; Blake walks to the others]
David Rossi: Who is that?
Alex Blake: Mr. Smith!
David Rossi, Aaron Hotchner, Dr. Spencer Reid: [All three at the same time] Aaahh

Alex Blake: Hackers have signatures?
Penelope Garcia: Sometimes. Usually it's a message in the code to let other pros know, "Hey, this one was me." And in this case, the signature matches the DOJ hack, and it is, "Happy Fun Meow Meow."
Jennifer Jareau: Sorry, what?
Penelope Garcia: "Happy Fun Meow Meow."
David Rossi: What the hell does that mean?
Aaron Hotchner: It was Garcia's signature before she joined the BAU.

Aaron Hotchner: There's something else we need to discuss. When we got the files back from the Star Chamber, we noticed a detail about the strangulations we hadn't seen before.
Jennifer Jareau: What we noticed about the killer is when he was choking out these women, their hair... their hair would collect around their throats, like this. And he would grip it so tight... he would rip the hair out by the roots... So, we realized the old killer's signature that the new killer didn't copy... was hair.
[Russell breaks the prayer beads bound with hair]
Jennifer Jareau: Your partner on the outside fed that to you, and every time you got a lock of your victim's hair, it was a promise that your plan was still in motion ,and that he'd get you off. Well, instead, the two of you are going to die in here together.
Aaron Hotchner: [puts the hair into the evidence bag] Let me explain to you what's going to happen. We're gonna go to the Governor and he's going to halt your execution and withdraw the charges for the first murders. And then we're going to retry you for the other four murders.
Sam Russell: That's mine. You gotta... Give it back.
Sam Russell: Give it back! Stop! It's mine!

"Criminal Minds: Charm and Harm (#1.20)" (2006)
Aaron Hotchner: [discussing Gregory's victims] Gregory used different forms of torture with each one. Choking, burning, suspension, and beating. Drowning was the only constant.
Dr. Spencer Reid: They were all classified as wet drownings, which means the victim was alive when they were submerged. They could feel their lungs filling up with water. It's an extremely painful way to die.

Aaron Hotchner: You found any other suspicious drownings these last couple of days?
Penelope Garcia: Do you know how many people who drown every day?
Aaron Hotchner: Well, yes, there are more in the summer, for obvious reasons, but I think it averages about 6500 per year, which is 17 a day
Penelope Garcia: Is this Reid?
Aaron Hotchner: Why, are you impressed?
Penelope Garcia: I am slick, I am! You have been doing your research haven't you?

Aaron Hotchner: [picks up his mobile] Hotchner
Penelope Garcia: Who's your Daddy?
Aaron Hotchner: I'm sorry?

Aaron Hotchner: [picks up his mobile] Hotchner
Penelope Garcia: Who's the answer to all your dreams?
Aaron Hotchner: I'm gonna put you on speaker
Penelope Garcia: Oh, you completely suck!

"Criminal Minds: Future Perfect (#11.10)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] "The clock talked loud. I threw it away. It scared me when it talked" - Tillie Olsen

Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote] "The first condition of immortality is death" - Stanislaw Lec

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia is tracking recent aquarium and exotic fish sales in the area
David Rossi: Aquarium sales in Florida? That's like tracking snow shovel sales in Alaska

Aaron Hotchner: Aaron Hotchner:
[closing quote]
Aaron Hotchner: "The first condition of immortality is death." Stanislaw Lec

"Criminal Minds: I Love You, Tommy Brown (#7.17)" (2012)
Kevin Lynch: Just the guy I'm looking for.
Derek Morgan: Hey, what's up, Kevin?
Kevin Lynch: Can we talk?
Derek Morgan: Is Penelope okay?
Kevin Lynch: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. She's perfect. In fact, that's why I'm here. Look, I know you're Penelope's boo and she's your baby girl. And what I'm about to embark on involves the keen insight of somebody who knows her inside and out. And no matter how much therapy I've gone through trying to understand your relationship, I know you're that person.
Derek Morgan: Okay, Kevin, land your plane.
Kevin Lynch: I want to propose to Penelope, and I need your help. Please, I'm not asking for your blessing, I'm asking for your advice. Okay, should I do it over a couple tacos and a nice can of Red Bull? All right. Should I take her to New York and do it at the Statue of Liberty? Maybe, I should serenade her at the round table right before you guys present a case. No, actually, that may not work, given the gruesome nature of your job. How about the high tech room, and I... and I pop up on an HD mainframe?
Derek Morgan: Kevin, seriously, I got a meeting I gotta get to.
Kevin Lynch: Derek, please. Come on, bro, this is important.
Penelope Garcia: [Morgan comes into the meeting room] Hi, yeah, what was that about?
Derek Morgan: You know, he just wanted to talk.
Penelope Garcia: About what?
Derek Morgan: Just guy stuff.
Penelope Garcia: Me?
Derek Morgan: I didn't say that.
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, I'd like to get started.

Dr. Spencer Reid: So I checked the pregnant employees working with the foster program; no indication of maternal desire or postpartum psychosis.
[sits in front of Hotchner]
Aaron Hotchner: What about those who were fired or quit?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Only two were pregnant, but they also had healthy children. The rest didn't fit the profile.
Aaron Hotchner: Okay. We need to warn other parents in the foster system.
Dr. Spencer Reid: [subdued] The police department's already making phone calls.
Derek Morgan: [sits down with Jennifer as Reid looks on] This woman is erratic and unstable. What about someone who was recently released from a mental institution?
Jennifer Jareau: [off-screen] Well, that would explain taking the last victim's clothes. When you enter a facility, they strip you of your identity.
Dr. Spencer Reid: And when you get out of an institution, the first thing you do is try to get your identity back.
Aaron Hotchner: [tapping on a device] I'll get Garcia.

Penelope Garcia: [on phone with Hotch] Penny G. has checked all local mental institutions and there are no women that fit that description that have been released in the last two weeks.
Aaron Hotchner: [on headset] Alright; check Oregon, Idaho; even Montana.
Penelope Garcia: Okay... there are... 4 women that match the profile and none of them are preggers.

Aaron Hotchner: We believe the unsub we're looking for is a white female who, based upon the organizational level of the crimes, is in her late 30s to early 40s.
Emily Prentiss: We also believe that something in the last few days has triggered her to think that killing was the only way she was gonna be able to obtain a child. Consequently, the foster families that did not have a child in their care when she visited became her victims.
David Rossi: Because all these families recently had children in their homes, we believe our unsub is motivated by maternal desire.
Jennifer Jareau: Maternal desire is the profound emotional need to mother a baby. This stems from either the tragic loss of her own child, or the inability to have one at all.
Dr. Spencer Reid: This unsub may also fantasize that someone else's baby belongs to her, and this emotion feels beyond her control. A... a woman who miscarries sometimes projects onto someone else's baby, and then sets out to take that child.
Derek Morgan: This may cause our unsub to do something drastic, like commit a Caesarian abduction, or kidnap a random kid. The speed at which the kills are occurring suggests that our unsub is frustrated and devolving.
Jennifer Jareau: This is causing her to go on a spree, which usually ends in a very high body count and suicide by cop.
Derek Morgan: So we should look at anyone who was pregnant and suffering from postpartum psychosis.
David Rossi: We also need to check those who worked for or had access to the local foster system.
Aaron Hotchner: Thank you. Any questions?
[all of the local police officers raise their hands]

"Criminal Minds: Machismo (#1.19)" (2006)
Aaron Hotchner: Anthony Brandt wrote "Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."

Aaron Hotchner: Mexican proverb, "The house does not rest upon the ground, but upon a woman."

Aaron Hotchner: You knew he was gay.
Captain Navarro: You're a better profiler than Gideon is a lecturer.
Aaron Hotchner: You also knew that a gay man couldn't have committed this murder. That's why you asked us about the sexuality of the killer at the crime scene, you knew Miguel was innocent.
Captain Navarro: You don't understand how things work here. If I had told the Attorney General that this man is a homosexual and that is why he must be innocent, she would have laughed in my face.
Aaron Hotchner: Why did you lie to us?
Captain Navarro: I had to play along with the official line until I could trust that you would come to the same conclusion that I did.
Aaron Hotchner: So we're here to serve as pawns in your political game.
Captain Navarro: There is a very bad man killing women in my district. And I've known this for a very long time. But so far, no one will believe me, or help stop him. So if I have to play politics to protect the women of the city, then that is a very small price to pay.

Jessica Brooks: You hold him like a melon
Aaron Hotchner: You think you can do better? You got a chance to show off.
[to baby Jack]
Aaron Hotchner: Its okay, it's for the...
Jessica Brooks: [Now holding baby Jack who immediately stops crying]
Aaron Hotchner: Well, let's see how you profile a disorganized psychopath
Haley Hotchner: [Comes in with a phone] It's your life
Jason Gideon: [On the phone] Hey, I know you're taking the weekend, but I let you know we just get a call
Aaron Hotchner: Ah, amazing, I am so glad you are here sis. And with you coming to town it is so much easier to take time off. And I could never have made a meal like that by myself!
[Aaron comes in]
Haley Hotchner: Go
Aaron Hotchner: It's a briefing, a couple of hours and I'll be back, okay?
Haley Hotchner: It's okay. They need you. Sorry, I am not mad. Go!
[Leaves the room]
Aaron Hotchner: You heard, she said it is alright
Jessica Brooks: You're one hell of a profiler

"Criminal Minds: Cold Comfort (#4.14)" (2009)
Aaron Hotchner: By now, we know the DNA found on the victims did not match anyone in the system, so we're gonna have to look beyond physical evidence to identify the killer.
Emily Prentiss: Our unsub is a white male in his mid to late 20s, and he has money. He lives alone, in a large residence. There's enough space and ventilation to accommodate an embalming suite.
Aaron Hotchner: He's awkward with people, especially women. An inability to relate socially is common in homicidal necrophiles.
Derek Morgan: Because of the alterations to the bodies, we believe the unsub is attempting to recreate a woman he once loved.
Detective Duran: Like a girlfriend?
Aaron Hotchner: Or a wife, a mother. Someone who left or died suddenly.
Dr. Spencer Reid: This projection of the loved one coupled with his need to preserve the victims through embalming is similar to the psychopathology of serial murderer Ed Gein. Gein had an Oedipal complex which developed in the years he nursed his paralyzed mother back from a stroke. After she died, his obsession compelled him to dig up corpses of women who resembled his mother. So persistent was his desire to resurrect his dead mother that he actually dressed in female suits fashioned from human skin. Eventually, Gein grew unhappy with the flesh of dead bodies, which had a tendency to dry and crack, so he shifted his focus to live victims, whose bodies he could better preserve.
Aaron Hotchner: The evolution from dead to live victims will also be mirrored in our unsub's maturation.
Emily Prentiss: We've put together a list of incident reports prior to 2006. You're gonna want to follow up on these. Uh, they are inappropriate postmortem conduct, cadaver theft, and graveyard disturbances.
Dr. Spencer Reid: 60% of necrophiles work in the death business, so be sure to canvas local cemeteries, mortuaries, and morgues.
Derek Morgan: And since we have the killer's DNA, we're gonna be sending you out with kits to swab potential suspects.
Aaron Hotchner: The odds of finding Brooke Lombardini alive are slim, but the quicker we identify the killer, the better her chances are. For her sake, let's work fast.

Aaron Hotchner: We know the odds
Dr. Spencer Reid: 90% of all abducted victims are killed within the first 36 hours

Aaron Hotchner: Upscale restaurant?
Detective Ron Fullwood: Well, let's just say that I don't go, unless it's on someone else's dime

David Rossi: [Walking onto a huge estate] Did Garcia say what Mr. Gless does for a living?
Aaron Hotchner: Failed artist
David Rossi: Guess that's what they call failing up
Aaron Hotchner: Or marrying well

"Criminal Minds: 200 (#9.14)" (2014)
Aaron Hotchner: So Agent Jareau was on a taskforce to find Bin Laden and "Integrity" was the name of the operation?
Undersecretary Rosemary Jackson: No. Integrity's the name of a database born out of that mission. A failsafe put in place to protect covert agents and operations. You shouldn't even know it exists.
Aaron Hotchner: But Agent Jareau and Agent Cruz know, and that's why they've been taken.
Undersecretary Rosemary Jackson: We believe so. Both have the necessary codes to access the system.

Undersecretary Rosemary Jackson: What you need to do, Agent, is stand down. We are handling this. This needs to be managed a little more delicately than by the coarse hands of the BAU. What that means, no more SCIF break-ins, no more database searches... Go back to chasing serial killers. This is a state matter.
Aaron Hotchner: [leaves the room and picks up his cell phone ringing] Yeah.
Derek Morgan: They just locked us out. The State doing anything to find JJ and Cruz?
Aaron Hotchner: No.
Derek Morgan: So, what are we gonna do?
Aaron Hotchner: We call in reinforcements.
Emily Prentiss: [cell phone rings in London] Prentiss. Hotch, what's wrong?... Debrief me on the plane. I'm on my way.

Penelope Garcia: Oh, God, JJ sent that alert 30 minutes ago. They must have looped the system. That's why I couldn't read any hard-lines.
Aaron Hotchner: Which of the servers sent the message?
Security Guard: [coming to Garcia and Kevin] Hands where we can see them.
Kevin Lynch: What? Wow, wow. Wow.
Penelope Garcia: Utherlay oadchurchbray... Utherlay oadchurchbray.
Alex Blake: You don't need to be a linguist to recognize pig Latin.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Luther and Broad Church is the location of Cramer Industries. It's a research and development company.

[last lines]
Aaron Hotchner: Emily, how much longer do we have you?
Emily Prentiss: Um, six hours.
Penelope Garcia: It's too soon.
David Rossi: It's more than we had yesterday.
Penelope Garcia: Yeah.
Alex Blake: I'm just glad I finally got to meet you. I've heard such amazing things.
Emily Prentiss: All lies.
Jennifer Jareau: No. No more lies. Nothing but the truth from now on.
Detective William LaMontagne Jr.: Yeah?

"Criminal Minds: 3rd Life (#3.12)" (2008)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote, voiceover] "No man or woman who tries to pursue an ideal in his or her own way is without enemies." - Daisy Bates.

Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote, voiceover] "It is a wise father who knows his own child." - William Shakespeare.

Aaron Hotchner: Jack, every person in this room with the exception of him
[looks sharply at Pat Mannan]
Aaron Hotchner: is here for your daughter.

David Rossi: I have interviewed hundreds of killers. All types of crazy motives for doing what they did. They all share one thing in common, all of them: it's in their eyes!
Aaron Hotchner: 'Till what they hold most precious is gone... and then they're lost. Just like the rest of us.

"Criminal Minds: Plain Sight (#1.4)" (2005)
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Isn't it amazing he knows what he knows and he's only 24?
Jason Gideon: Imagine what he'll know by fifty.

Derek Morgan: Why the Tommy Killer?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You know the rock opera? Well, this unsub glues his victim's eyes wide open.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He wants them to see him.
Jason Gideon: And feel him.

Jason Gideon: The unsub brought his weapons with him. Tape, glue, wire. He did not leave them at the scene. Took them when he left. He has a kind of killing kit that he carries.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Organized killers usually have a skilled job, likely technology related, which may involve the use of the hands. The crime scenes are far enough apart that he needs a vehicle. This will be well-kept, obsessively clean, as will be his home. He's diurnal, the attacks occurred during the day, so the vehicle may be related to his work, possibly a company car or truck.
Derek Morgan: We believe he watches the victims for a time, learns the rhythms of the home, knows his time frame.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: You're not gonna catch him accidentally.
Jason Gideon: He destroys symbols of wealth in the victims' homes. He harbors envy of and hatred toward people of a higher social class. He feels invisible around them.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Uh, class is the theme of the poem which he left at the various crime scenes. At one point in the poem, the woman attempts to bribe Death, but he doesn't accept it. He says this is the one moment when riches mean nothing. When Death comes, poor and the rich are exactly alike.
Captain Griffith: So, he's poor.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Probably middle-class. A decidedly lower-class person would stick out in a highly patrolled neighborhood. This guy appears to, uh, belong there. He blends in.
Detective Cornelius Martin: Why does he glue the eyes open?
Elle Greenaway: The unsub is an exploitative rapist. Most rape victims close their eyes during the attack, turn their heads. For some rapists, this ruins the fantasy. For this type of rapist, the goal is more related to the victim watching him than the act itself.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: The verses, the staging, the aggressive language, "I am death", this is a guy who, while being in control of the crime scene, almost certainly feels inadequate in the rest of his life.
Jason Gideon: That's why he couldn't wait for you to figure out what he'd done. Why he needed to make sure all his crimes were counted. His victims, they represent whatever it is that's controlling him, and he wants that control back. He is under the thumb of a powerful woman who frightens him. And a final point: He is white.
Captain Griffith: We have witnesses that identify him as a black male.
Jason Gideon: The attacker was black. He is not the Tommy Killer.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Mrs. Gordon's husband came home at the same time that he always does. The Tommy Killer would've known that.
Elle Greenaway: And Mrs. Gordon's attacker wore a ski mask. The unsub knows when he walks into a house, he's going to kill the woman who lives there. If you're not leaving any witnesses, why wear a ski mask?
Derek Morgan: And he wants the victims to see him anyway.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Your attempted rapist is a garden-variety, disorganized young man.
Elle Greenaway: As the victim's age goes up, generally the attacker's age goes down. Mrs. Gordon is about 60, which puts her rapist at about 20.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: We're going to San Diego.
Derek Morgan: Not for the surfing, huh?
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: They're calling him the Tommy Killer.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Six women raped and murdered in their homes in the last three weeks.
Elle Greenaway: Six in three weeks?
Jason Gideon: That's a short fuse.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: And getting shorter. First two were eight days apart, then the next four in two weeks.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Rapid escalation. You think he's regressing to a psychopathic frenzy?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: No, he's too controlled for that. See you on the plane.

"Criminal Minds: Dorado Falls (#7.3)" (2011)
Derek Morgan: He said his parents had been replaced.
Emily Prentiss: He just sounds delusional.
Dr. Spencer Reid: You know, he might have Capgras syndrome. It's a delusional disorder in which one believes that their friends and loved ones have been replaced by imposters.
Derek Morgan: Sort of like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
Dr. Spencer Reid: It typically involves only one sense, such as sight. Basically, the neural connection between the visual cortex and the emotional center of the brain becomes severed, so that looking at a loved one doesn't elicit the same emotional response one would expect.
Aaron Hotchner: So, you think they're an imposter.
Dr. Spencer Reid: And the interesting thing is that the auditory connection remains intact, so that if they were to hear a loved one speak and not see them, they'd think that they were real.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, it's an empty lot with a cell phone repeater. Give me a rundown on the buildings in the area and the years that they were built.
Penelope Garcia: All over it like cat hair on a sofa. BTW, I can usually locate a cell phone within 3 meters, but sometimes there are circumstances beyond my control, like physical barriers blocking a signal, not being in the satellite's direct line of sight, which bounces the signal to a repeater.
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, tell me you've got something.
Penelope Garcia: Sorry. Yes, I have something.

David Rossi: One thing that's been bothering me is the first victim, Adam Werner, was given the Navy Cross in 2000.
Aaron Hotchner: We weren't at war.
David Rossi: Exactly. You have to show extreme sacrifice, risk life and limb to win the second highest medal of valor. So what did he do during peacetime to deserve it?

Jennifer Jareau: So, Garcia discovered part of Dolan's military records were encrypted. I just got the complete file from the Pentagon; he wasn't a clerk, he was a Navy SEAL.
David Rossi: Well, let me guess: Adam Werner was, too.
Jennifer Jareau: Yeah, Werner was the SEAL team leader, Dolan was his number two. Their unit was part of JSOC; they were involved in over twenty highly classified missions.
David Rossi: Which missions were in 2000?
Jennifer Jareau: Uh... only one, Operation Dorado Falls.
David Rossi: See what you can find out about it.
Jennifer Jareau: Will do.
Aaron Hotchner: That changes the profile.
David Rossi: Definitely.
Jennifer Jareau: How so?
David Rossi: Navy SEALs are screened carefully for vulnerability to PTSD; they're resistant to it.
Jennifer Jareau: Okay, so why would a trained Navy SEAL kill his commanding officer and his own parents?
Aaron Hotchner: I don't know, but it's gonna be a lot harder to find him.
David Rossi: Very few people on this planet are capable of stopping him.

"Criminal Minds: The Internet Is Forever (#5.22)" (2010)
Jennifer Jareau: [looks Reid walking into the room] Well, hello.
Aaron Hotchner: What? Did you join a boy band?
[everybody except Hotch & Reid chuckles]
Dr. Spencer Reid: No.

Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover, opening] The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it's taken place. - George Bernard Shaw

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, if he does stream this again, how much time will you need to find the network?
Penelope Garcia: Oh, uh, that's hard to guess with all the international pinging, I...
Aaron Hotchner: Ballpark?
Penelope Garcia: Eh, 7 minutes?
Aaron Hotchner: That's not fast enough! He's in and out of the house in 5
Penelope Garcia: Oh God, I going to have to trim my time down, then!

Aaron Hotchner: [Garcia is tracing the unsub' signal] You're not going to make it
Penelope Garcia: Yes, I will! I will! I...
Aaron Hotchner: Forget the unsub! Can you run a trace on everybody in the chat room?
Penelope Garcia: I can't do both, sir. Let me do this
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia? Tag the viewers! That's an order!

"Criminal Minds: In the Blood (#9.6)" (2013)
Dr. Spencer Reid: The pattern in the branding mark has design characteristics similar to family crests from the late middle ages. I found this encyclopedia of heraldry and look.
Aaron Hotchner: It's the seal of William Stoughton, a magistrate.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Check when and where he's a magistrate.
David Rossi: Salem, Massachusetts, 1692.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Stoughton was the lead prosecutor in the Salem witch trials.
Aaron Hotchner: So this UnSub believes he's hunting witches.

Aaron Hotchner: We're looking for a physically fit male from his late twenties to mid-thirties.He's brazen, confident, and organized.
Derek Morgan: This person may be a moral vigilante. Abby Stafford had drug issues, Gloria Carlyle moved in with her boyfriend, Parker Mills was a sexual deviant.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Moral vigilantism typically has its roots in repression and guilt. This generally manifests itself in low self-esteem and self-loathing. By punishing others, the unsub may also be punishing himself.
Aaron Hotchner: He's also literally branding his victims. We're not sure why, but he's likely marking them as his own.
Alex Blake: His organizational skills suggest someone who can get and keep a full-time job.
David Rossi: But the work is likely low-level. His impaired social development would not allow him to move very far in the professional world.
Jennifer Jareau: Consequently, this is someone most comfortable working in solitude, having minimal interaction with others.
Derek Morgan: And this makes it a challenge to determine how and where this person is choosing his victims.
Dr. Spencer Reid: The two female victims were reserved and studious; Parker Mills lived quietly in the margins of conventional society.
Jennifer Jareau: So the killer may frequent or work in locations that attracts this type of person. Uh, places of solitude, contemplation.
Alex Blake: Museums, gardens and parks, bookstores.
David Rossi: His choice of a city square, rather than a remote canyon, means he's gaining confidence.
Derek Morgan: But the recklessness of killing in such a public space suggests that this confidence may be stemming from a delusion.
Jennifer Jareau: He may believe he's in a place in time that makes him invulnerable.
Aaron Hotchner: And if his delusion is gaining in strength, then his next killing may be riskier and more dramatic. Thank you.

Jennifer Jareau: We profiled the unsub as delusional. What if Stoughton being a great-great-great whatever is just part of his delusion?
Aaron Hotchner: Or the discovery of being a direct descendant triggered the delusion.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He'd look into his ancestry.
Sgt. Joe Mahaffey: That would be easy to do here. Salt Lake City has the largest family history library in the world.

Aaron Hotchner: Mr. Sykes, we're investigating a murder. And I don't speak in parables, so this should be very easy to understand: if you interfere with us in any way, I will see to it that you are charged with, and prosecuted for, obstruction of justice.

"Criminal Minds: Outfoxed (#5.8)" (2009)
David Rossi: Hudson, this is Dr. Spencer Reid.
Field Agent Anne Hudson: [shaking Reid's hand] Field agent Anne Hudson. The, uh, father is serving in Iraq. Three nights ago the cops found his family buried over there.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Buried?
Emily Prentiss: Neighbors heard the dog barking, came over, he was scratching at the grave. Lucy, their oldest child, she's still in her swimsuit.
Aaron Hotchner: What does the father know?
Field Agent Anne Hudson: Some of it. He was on patrol. Took his unit a couple of days to reach him. He arrives today.
David Rossi: Last year, the Williams family was killed and found exactly the same way. They lived in Newport News.
Derek Morgan: The father, Dan Williams, was also serving overseas.
Field Agent Anne Hudson: Now the police are overwhelmed and getting serious heat from the military. We need some answers fast.
Jennifer Jareau: As do the media. They're already calling this the work of a serial killer.
Aaron Hotchner: They're right. It is.
Field Agent Anne Hudson: But why bury them? I mean, it can't be to hide the bodies.
David Rossi: It's a sign of remorse.
Derek Morgan: And when they're done being remorseful, this will happen again.

Aaron Hotchner: Karl, I never thought that you'd be this honest.
Karl Arnold: [eying Prentiss] It takes a good woman to make an honest man. And anyway, let's face it - she's prettier than you.

Emily Prentiss: [In prison, an inmate hits the glass facing them] Isn't that, eh...
Aaron Hotchner: Garrett Pain. It's reinforced glass
Emily Prentiss: Easy for you to say, he tore apart 14 women
Guard: Open on 15

Emily Prentiss: I encouraged him. Oh. I flirted with him. Made it personal. Getting intimate with a killer is... so different
Aaron Hotchner: It's what we do
Emily Prentiss: [Nods yes] Yeah, but... there's no fixing how I feel right now, is there?
Aaron Hotchner: No. But you helped the case. And you did what you had to

"Criminal Minds: Unfinished Business (#1.15)" (2006)
Elle Greenaway: You know he has no one, no family.
Aaron Hotchner: Who's that?
Elle Greenaway: Ryan. I mean, technically he's retired, but he hasn't seen his kids in years.
Aaron Hotchner: Divorce is not uncommon in the BAU.
Elle Greenaway: You know, the other night when you called - Saturday night - did you think it was weird that we all just... were able to drop everything and go to the office, that we're all available to you anytime you call, day or night?
Aaron Hotchner: No, not really.
Elle Greenaway: How do you do it? How do you do this job and still have... a wife and a baby?
Aaron Hotchner: Well, when I'm with them, I try to focus a hundred percent of my attention there. And when I'm with you guys, I try to do the same thing. I mean, it's about priorities, Elle. It's about setting them and keeping them.
Elle Greenaway: I'm just so scared I'm gonna turn into that guy over there. Look up and see that my life has passed me by while I was chasing monsters.
Aaron Hotchner: It's hard. This job will eat you up if you let it.
Elle Greenaway: So what do I do?
Aaron Hotchner: Find a way not to let it.

Dr. Spencer Reid: Guys, we are about to meet Max Ryan, the guy responsible for catching the Boise Child Killer. Have you ever talked to him before?
Aaron Hotchner: He's pretty intense. Brusque, not much of a bedside manner.
Elle Greenaway: Sound like anyone else we know?
Derek Morgan: I heard he was forced into early retirement.
Aaron Hotchner: No, he chose to retire.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He's written a new book on the Keystone Killer case.
Aaron Hotchner: He moved to Philadelphia to be closer to the crime scenes.
Elle Greenaway: That's retirement?
Derek Morgan: BAU style.

Dr. Spencer Reid: What do you think of Ryan?
Aaron Hotchner: He hasn't changed much.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I think we can learn a lot from him.
Aaron Hotchner: What could you possibly learn that you don't already know?

Dr. Spencer Reid: What do you think of Ryan?
Aaron Hotchner: He hasn't changed much.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I think we can learn a lot from him.
Aaron Hotchner: What could you possibly learn that you don't already know?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Hotch, repetitive thinking is the death nail for the brain. For complete brain usage, diverse stimulation is the key.

"Criminal Minds: Amplification (#4.24)" (2009)
Jennifer Jareau: Last night, twenty-five people checked into emergency rooms in and around Annapolis. They were all at the same park after 2 p.m. yesterday. Within ten hours, the first victim died. It's now just past 7 a.m. the next day. We have twelve dead.
Derek Morgan: Lung failure and black lesions. Anthrax?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Anthrax doesn't kill this fast.
Dr. Linda Kimura: This strain does.
Emily Prentiss: What are we doing about potential mass targets - airports, malls, trains?
Aaron Hotchner: There's a media blackout.
Emily Prentiss: We're not telling the public?
Derek Morgan: We'd have a mass exodus.
David Rossi: The psychology of group panic would cause more deaths than this last attack.

Aaron Hotchner: Here's Cipro. Everybody needs to take it before we go
Dr. Linda Kimura: We don't know if it is effective against this strain, but it's something
Emily Prentiss: This is really happening
Aaron Hotchner: We knew this could happen, we've done our homework, we've prepared for this. This is it
David Rossi: Cent'anni! May you live a 100 years!

Jennifer Jareau: I don't know how to do this. I can't stop thinking about Henry. He goes for a walk almost every single day at Potomac Park. What type of mother am I if I don't at least call and tell him to stay home?
Aaron Hotchner: JJ, we can't
Jennifer Jareau: I know, but... how do I not?
Aaron Hotchner: I understand that you want to protect your son. But if we all called home and use this information to give us an advantage that other people don't have... is that the right thing to do?

General Lee Whitworth, MD: But the study said the red line
Aaron Hotchner: The profile says he's going to Frederick. That's where I'm going. And I could really use your help

"Criminal Minds: Retaliation (#5.11)" (2009)
Jennifer Jareau: There's been an accident. Emily's in the hospital, Bunting's dead.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Is she all right?
Jennifer Jareau: She has a concussion.
Aaron Hotchner: Is Morgan with her?
Jennifer Jareau: Yeah.
David Rossi: Where's Shrader?
Jennifer Jareau: Northbound in a truck.
David Rossi: A truck?
Jennifer Jareau: He has a partner.
David Rossi: What?
Aaron Hotchner: We need roadblocks, now.
David Rossi: Do we have a tag?
Jennifer Jareau: Uh, Emily remembered a partial.
David Rossi: Better than nothing.

Derek Morgan: I get why you're back.
Aaron Hotchner: Do you?
Derek Morgan: You were never going to sit behind a desk. You know why? Because your son knows that you get the bad guys. And if you're not out there trying to catch them, what's he gonna think?
Aaron Hotchner: Well, tonight he's gonna think I wasn't there at bedtime.
Derek Morgan: You're his hero, Hotch.
[Morgan holds out some paperwork]
Derek Morgan: I, uh, figured I'd save you a couple hours.
Aaron Hotchner: You don't have to do that anymore.
Derek Morgan: I know I don't. But I also know what it's like to be raised by a single parent. Every minute counts.

Aaron Hotchner: Any word on Emily?
Jennifer Jareau: Apparently she's arguing with the doctors

Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, but I want every single employee in the year that he was arrested
Penelope Garcia: Okay, give me a minute
Derek Morgan: A whole minute? Come on, baby girl. What, you're losing your touch?
Penelope Garcia: Oh, watch your pretty mouth! Personnel files are come at you now

"Criminal Minds: Boxed In (#10.5)" (2014)
[Aaron Hotchner knocks on Madam Bouvier's door]
Desmond: We are closed!
Aaron Hotchner: I am Aaron Hotcher, I am a friend of Penelope's
Desmond: You're friends with Penelope?
Aaron Hotchner: We work together, yes
Desmond: Running up, I thought you were a bill collector. Come on in and get out of that rain

Aaron Hotchner: [On phone] No, Jess, let him have fun. Just tell him congratulations, I am sorry I missed it and I'll see him as soon as I can. Okay, thanks, bye
[hangs up]
Aaron Hotchner: . Jack won best costume's at school.
Jennifer Jareau: Nice! What was he?
Aaron Hotchner: Darth Vader
Jennifer Jareau: Yes!
Aaron Hotchner: Henry?
Jennifer Jareau: Oh, all Spiderman all day. He told me we should be using web shooters at the FBI
Aaron Hotchner: Yes, we absolutely should!

Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] "There is nothing funny about Halloween. This sarcastic festival reflects rather an infernal demand for revenge by children on the adult world" - Jean Baudrillard

Aaron Hotchner: Weather permitting, wheels up in 30

"Criminal Minds: Middle Man (#6.7)" (2010)
Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] "The herds seek out the great, not for their sake, but for their influence; and the great welcome them, out of vanity or need." ~~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] "Without heroes, we are all plain people and don't know how far we can go." ~~ Bernard Malamud

Aaron Hotchner: [Garcia has bought the team new computer tablets] Garcia, not that I don't appreciate your efforts, but where exactly did the funding for these come from?
Penelope Garcia: I did a thing.
Aaron Hotchner: A thing?
Penelope Garcia: Best not talk about the thing.

Aaron Hotchner: Has Stephanie Wilson's father arrived?
Sheriff Jeff Salters: He's waiting in the conference room. He's pretty messed up about the whole thing.
Aaron Hotchner: That's understandable.
Sheriff Jeff Salters: I just don't get it. You know how many strippers and prostitutes I saw get beaten up and raped when I worked the city? Sometimes it's like they're asking for it.
Aaron Hotchner: Nobody asks for this, Sheriff.
Sheriff Jeff Salters: Not consciously, anyway. Shall we go in?
Aaron Hotchner: I think I'll speak to him alone.
Sheriff Jeff Salters: Look, I call it like I see it.
Aaron Hotchner: These women are victims of heinous crimes. I won't have you judging them in front of their families.
Sheriff Jeff Salters: And I won't have you telling me how to run my show. The governor may have requested your help, but this is my case.
Aaron Hotchner: It's not a show. It is your case. And you can watch from the outside.

"Criminal Minds: Pleasure Is My Business (#4.16)" (2009)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quotation, voiceover] "The prostitute is not, as feminists claim, the victim of men, but rather their conqueror. An outlaw who controls the sexual channels between nature and culture." - Camille Paglia.

Megan Kane: Who was it that said "You don't pay a prostitute for sex, you pay her to leave afterwards"?
Aaron Hotchner: It was Dashiell Hammett.
Megan Kane: It doesn't make sense. The men always leave first.

Aaron Hotchner: Could you send details about the case or the unsub?
A.G. Patrick Jackson: It's not the unsub you need to worry about. It's the lawyers!

Ellen Daniels: No escort will agree to sit down with the FBI, but I have something better for you, assuming you might be willing to overlook certain legal niceties. Do you want to buy a house?
Aaron Hotchner: No
Ellen Daniels: Yes you do!
[hands over a business card]

"Criminal Minds: Poison (#1.13)" (2006)
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: Of all the departments, why'd you choose the BAU?
Aaron Hotchner: You know, I had prosecuted dozens of murder cases, and by the time they reached my desk, it always felt like it was too late. I wanted to, um... stop them before they got to my desk.

Jason Gideon: We know there are four types of poisoners who target multiple victims.
Aaron Hotchner: There's the true believer, the political terrorist/religious cult.
Derek Morgan: There's the extortionist, product tamperer who holds a business hostage in exchange for money.
Elle Greenaway: Or the prankster, usually a younger offender who doesn't mean any harm and it's basically just a big practical joke.
Aaron Hotchner: And the avenger. Someone with a personal vendetta who choses poison as their weapon.
Jason Gideon: So we need to find out as quickly as possible which type he is, 'cause with the exception of the prankster, all these types commonly test their poison on a small scale before carrying out a larger attack.
Derek Morgan: Well, let's hope this was just a prank.

Aaron Hotchner: We believe whoever poisoned these people was motivated by revenge.
Derek Morgan: The randomness of the victimology, average people in an average-sized town, all points to a local resident.
Elle Greenaway: We know that people who poison for the purpose of revenge primarily act alone.
Aaron Hotchner: However, he may have manipulated someone close to him to assist him. The unsub usually disposes of these accomplices when they are of no further use to him.
Elle Greenaway: The unsub is likely a cautious, deliberate, and highly functioning male between the ages of 35 and 50.
Aaron Hotchner: He chose LSD for a reason. LSD is about altering perception. We think that this unsub is striking out because he feels that's he's been inaccurately perceived by the community, or a subset of it.
Derek Morgan: He feels that these attacks will affect and alter a reality that he is caught in, that he perceives to be unjust.
Aaron Hotchner: He's so self-centered, he believes his victims will know the reason for the attack and who did it.
Dr. Spencer Reid: This individual was savvy enough to use Rohypnol to obstruct our investigation, erasing the memories of the victims of how they were poisoned.
Detective Hanover: Hold on. If this guy believes that his victims know who he is, why is he covering his tracks?
Jason Gideon: Because these victims aren't his primary targets.
Aaron Hotchner: We... we know from precedent that this kind of offender, the avenger, tests his weapon first. This attack was a test run.
Detective Hanover: A test run for what?
Aaron Hotchner: We don't know yet. What we do know is this is not the first time he's aired his grievances. While it's not likely that he has a criminal record, it is possible that he has filed criminal charges, or pursued a civil action against his perceived adversaries. And now, to measure the results of his test, he's watching.
Jason Gideon: And he wants to see the results of his test. Once he has them, all those years of pent-up rage will be unleashed in the form of a larger attack. Profile indicates a lot of people could die.

Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: [news of the LSD poisoning has been leaked to the media] They didn't name the restaurant.
Detective Hanover: Wh-what is it?
Jason Gideon: Call the local hospital. Make sure they know what's coming. Excuse me.
Aaron Hotchner: Where do your 911 calls get routed?
Detective Hanover: Uh, there's a county phone bank. They contact first responders, the fire department.
Aaron Hotchner: Alert them, too. They're gonna need additional personnel. And any other backup you've got, auxiliary cops, you're gonna have to call them.
Detective Hanover: But why?
Aaron Hotchner: Because we're gonna have a heck of a time calming people down, when we really don't need the confusion to interfere with our investigation.
Uniform Cop: You want me to start making those calls?
Detective Hanover: No, no, no! No. Hey, everybody, please, shut up for a minute!
[the squad room goes silent]
Detective Hanover: Tell me what this is all about.
[telephones around the room begin ringing off the hook]
Jason Gideon: Panic.

"Criminal Minds: 52 Pickup (#4.9)" (2008)
Dr. Spencer Reid: I think I'm just going to stay home tonight and man the tipline. Clubs aren't really my thing.
Derek Morgan: Not a chance kid, I need a wingman. Come on.
David Rossi: Actually, there is another angle we need to pursue.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: We still don't know what made the unsub change his victimology. What made him stop killing prostitutes and move into the clubs.
David Rossi: The answer might be something in Viper's class. But to figure that out we need to profile the teacher.
Derek Morgan: You need to bait him, then, with somebody he sees as a challenge.
Dr. Spencer Reid: We need to study his style up close and personal. It's gonna take someone he's already attracted to.
Emily Prentiss: Aww. Aww, this is really gonna suck.

David Rossi: Hotch, this is Melissa Foster. She recognized the sketch.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I'm SSA Hotchner. Thank you for coming in. You sure you've seen this man?
Melissa Foster: Yeah. I gave him the scar.

Penelope Garcia: Sir, does this guy stuff actually work on real breathing girls?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Why are you asking me?
Penelope Garcia: I abhor the whole chicks dig jerks thing
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Fortunately, you're one of the exceptions!
Penelope Garcia: Well, huh, be still my bespeckled heart! So are you, sir
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Thanks

"Criminal Minds: Broken (#8.15)" (2013)
Isabella Grant: I'm done talking.
Aaron Hotchner: You've said plenty. A professional like yourself wouldn't trust the camp to protect you. You had to get some sort of insurance directly from the parents, didn't you? Make sure that they were just as culpable for the crime. Your word against theirs wouldn't hold up in court, not with a child testifying to your abuse. Unless, of course, the abuse damned the parents as well. They were in the room with you, weren't they? You made them watch.
[stands up and walks to the door]
Isabella Grant: Where are you going? What about my deal?
Aaron Hotchner: We never had a deal.

Derek Morgan: You're sure it was the same watch?
Jennifer Jareau: The unsub went to that camp. The watch he put on Michelle's wrist was the exact same model that all the kids were wearing.
Alex Blake: What do you think was behind that padlocked door?
Jennifer Jareau: Well, that could be anything. I mean, come on, we've all read the stories. A conversion camp was just shut down last year for using electroshock therapy on children.
Alex Blake: Another stripped the kids naked and screamed profanities at them.
Jennifer Jareau: We need to go back with a warrant.
Aaron Hotchner: We're gonna need probable cause.
Jennifer Jareau: Well, let's find some. Because there is more going on at that camp than they let on.

Aaron Hotchner: Miss Grant, my name's Aaron Hotchner. I'm with the FBI. I'd like to talk to you about Camp Willing.
[Isabella barely contains a smirk]
Isabella Grant: What are you offering?
Aaron Hotchner: You don't seem surprised.
Isabella Grant: It was a matter of time. And you've already got me in here for everything else. So what are you gonna give me if I talk?
Aaron Hotchner: I don't make deals with child molesters.
Isabella Grant: I didn't molest anyone. I was hired to help those kids.
Aaron Hotchner: Being paid to prey on your victims doesn't change anything.
Isabella Grant: I had parental consent.
Aaron Hotchner: Is that what the camp told you to make you feel better?
Isabella Grant: They didn't have to.
Aaron Hotchner: Why? Because you didn't care, or because you'd spoken to the parents directly? You show absolutely no remorse for what you've done. Why should you? Smaller the victim, the easier to control. And that's what it's all about for you, isn't it? Control. That's why you're showing me all this false confidence.

"Criminal Minds: Bully (#9.11)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: Everything alright?
Alex Blake: Ehm, yeah, sorry, just, I'm distracted.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Perfectly understandable. Familiar sounds, visual cues, even olfactory inputs can trigger memories and emotions we thought were long gone; happens to me every time I go home too.
Aaron Hotchner: When was the last time you were back?
Dr. Spencer Reid: It's been like 422 days.
Aaron Hotchner: I was talking to Blake!
Alex Blake: Ah, it's been about 5 years.
Aaron Hotchner: It's a long time.
Alex Blake: Yeah, once I got out of Kansas City I pretty much wanted to stay out!

Dr. Spencer Reid: No apparent connection between the victims, no matching DNA samples.
Aaron Hotchner: And an entire year between kills.
Dr. Spencer Reid: You know, the underwear ritual may be about symbolic humiliation.
Aaron Hotchner: Or a shock factor for whoever found the bodies.

Detective Scott Miller: Hello?
Damon Miller: You're late.
Alex Blake: Like... what... five minutes.
Damon Miller: You're still late.
Detective Scott Miller: Hey Pop.
Damon Miller: How's the melon?
Detective Scott Miller: It's all right. It's fine.
Damon Miller: Uh, you two made up, didn't you? Yeah, I figured... been doing that since you were kids. Fight like cats and dogs, then forget about it 10 minutes later. Used to drive your mother crazy. Then she'd drive me crazy.
Detective Scott Miller: Hey, Pop, you know she got shot?
Alex Blake: Oh, that's great.
Detective Scott Miller: Well...
Damon Miller: Yeah, I heard.
Alex Blake: You heard?
Penelope Garcia: Mr. Miller? We need more ice.
Damon Miller: Help yourself.
Penelope Garcia: Hey, what's up?... You must be Scott. I'm Penelope.
Detective Scott Miller: Hi.
Alex Blake: What are you doing here?
Damon Miller: I invited them.
Penelope Garcia: Yeah. It's only a two-and-a-half-hour flight. When I hear Kansas City barbecue, I come a runnin', for the sides and the fixings. I'm a vegetarian.
Alex Blake: What do you mean, them?
[comes out to the garden]
Alex Blake: Oh, you're all here. My words are colliding.
Aaron Hotchner: And your dad promised ribs.
Derek Morgan: And your pops is no joke on this grill.
Damon Miller: Can't celebrate unless the whole family's here.
Alex Blake: I can't argue with that.

"Criminal Minds: Compromising Positions (#6.4)" (2010)
Aaron Hotchner: When Gideon left the BAU, I found myself taking on too much responsibility. And I quickly realized that I could only do the job that I was good at. I've seen you give everything to this case and to this team for the last few days, but the truth is we need you here.
Penelope Garcia: Oh, thank God. Sir, I do not want that job. I mean... I want part of the job. I-I want the part that keeps me here, 'cause here I'm Mozart. But out there, I was like a monkey playing the trumpet, and you guys need Mozart.
Aaron Hotchner: You did fine. What if we split up the job? You can handle intake and resources here at Quantico, we can cover the rest in the field, and when we need you, you'll still travel with us.
Penelope Garcia: You can do that?
Aaron Hotchner: Of course.
Penelope Garcia: But I let you down.
Aaron Hotchner: In no way whatsoever.
Penelope Garcia: I... kind of lost my marbles out there.
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, when you applied for this job, you gave me your résumé on homemade pink stationery. I realized then that you were... unique. And I wouldn't want you to change that.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia. What's that?
Penelope Garcia: My go bags.
Aaron Hotchner: Where are you going?
Penelope Garcia: With you, hopefully. Sir, I think we're all still reeling since JJ left, and we are a man down, and you need a communications liaison.
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia.
Penelope Garcia: Sir, please, hear me out. My job overlapped with JJ's the most. I created that program that she used to present cases. When you guys were out in the field, she coordinated your needs through me. It makes sense.
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, there are aspects of the job for which you have no training.
Penelope Garcia: You're totally right, but I'm willing to learn. I'll learn how to react with families and local law enforcement and the media. Sir, I'm willing to tone down my wardrobe choices. I'm ready to make that sacrifice if you just please give me a chance.
Aaron Hotchner: All right. We could explore this on a trial basis. We'll see how things go.

Dr. Spencer Reid: I think I can do it. I can get her to cooperate.
Aaron Hotchner: How?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Right now, two alpha males are in there, attacking her marriage. She'll react the same way to anyone, challenging her husband's dominance. But I'm not a threat. I think she'll listen to me.

"Criminal Minds: Mr. Scratch (#10.21)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] "Your memory is a monster. It summons with will of his own. You think you have a memory, but it has you" - John Irving

Larry Merrin: Agent Hotchner? I'm not a murderer!
Aaron Hotchner: Yes, you are! And I'm gonna find out who turned you into one

David Rossi: We need to get you looked at
Aaron Hotchner: I'm fine
David Rossi: Hey, this is not a suggestion!

"Criminal Minds: The Pact (#8.2)" (2012)
Alex Blake: If I were you, I'd give your vacation days away to a colleague in need.
David Rossi: [snaps fingers] Garcia, see how many people in the bureau have spouses in the military serving overseas.
Penelope Garcia: I am on it. Altruism is sexy.
Aaron Hotchner: [walks in] Yes, it is.

Aaron Hotchner: [Phone rings] Go ahead, Garcia
Penelope Garcia: The path of my cyber-sleuthing has had majestic results!

Aaron Hotchner: Does she have a sealed juvie record?
Penelope Garcia: Why didn't I think of that? See, this is why you're the boss man and I am the minion who types things!

"Criminal Minds: North Mammon (#2.7)" (2006)
Jason Gideon: He's ahead of us. Has been all along! I've got a bad feeling about this one!
Aaron Hotchner: Me too!

Aaron Hotchner: What's all that?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: New cases, I got to figure out where we are going to next
Aaron Hotchner: Wait a minute! We are the profilers, I thought we made those decisions?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Sure you do!

Aaron Hotchner: Chief, if you're not sure the girls are missing, why would you request our help?
Sheriff Yates: Listen, something happened. I am just not sure what and if it's bad I'll take all the help I can get. Plus your agent Jareau can be pretty convincing

"Criminal Minds: Run (#7.24)" (2012)
Emily Prentiss: No, it's more personal than that. It's their story.
Derek Morgan: What?
Emily Prentiss: All of the details are a part of their story. Their timeline suggests they were both destructive before they met.
Erin Strauss: So, we're talking about ex-military turning on their country.
Emily Prentiss: It's rare, but soldiers become disenfranchised no matter what the nationality. And if he met someone like-minded at that time, there'd be no stopping them.
Aaron Hotchner: So, you're thinking they met during the civil unrest in Chad in '08.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yeah, and one or both of them are pilots.
Emily Prentiss: So, if Garcia concentrates on that region, specifically weapons running in and out of Libya, there's a good chance we'll find their paths crossed.
Penelope Garcia: Okay, multiple entries into Libya from a private pilot named Matthew Downs in '08, but I don't have her name.
Emily Prentiss: Well, because she had aliases. It's the only way to stay a ghost. Here's the thing. They are a couple. Regardless of what we believe of them, they will celebrate themselves and their connection. Is there anything that happened on this date in Chad?
Penelope Garcia: Oh, you are good, Emily Prentiss. But this news is not. Yes, there were multiple explosions on this date in '08.
Aaron Hotchner: Where were the most casualties?
Penelope Garcia: At a church. No, no, a train.
Derek Morgan: Semtex and C-4?
Penelope Garcia: Yep.
Aaron Hotchner: Are trains still arriving at Union Station?
Erin Strauss: Yes, but only the authorities are allowed in.
Emily Prentiss: That's why they needed Will.

Aaron Hotchner: How are you?
[sees Prentiss sighs]
Aaron Hotchner: That bad?
Emily Prentiss: What?
Aaron Hotchner: That's your tell.
Emily Prentiss: It is?
Aaron Hotchner: Uh-huh.
Emily Prentiss: For how long?
Aaron Hotchner: Uh, ever since I've known you.
Emily Prentiss: Well, you have one, too.
Aaron Hotchner: I do?
Emily Prentiss: Yeah. Only I'm not gonna tell you what it is or you'll stop doing it.
Aaron Hotchner: I see.

David Rossi: They say that good things happen to good people. Today is one of those days, and these are two of those people. We love you.
David Rossi, Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau, Detective William LaMontagne Jr., Emily Prentiss, Dr. Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, Aaron Hotchner, Sandy Jareau, Beth Clemmons, Penelope Garcia: Cheers!

"Criminal Minds: Roadkill (#4.23)" (2009)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quotation, voiceover] "I'm not sure about automobiles. With all their speed forward, they may be a step backward in civilization." - Booth Tarkington.

Emily Prentiss: An unsub that kills with his car! I haven't seen that before
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Neither the police in Bend, Oregon, which is why they need our help
Aaron Hotchner: Two victims in the last 12 days

Emily Prentiss: I think it's safe to assume our unsub is male
Aaron Hotchner: I agree with you, given what we know about aggressive driving and road rage
Emily Prentiss: And the fact that men have an unnatural bond with their cars
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: That is true!
Derek Morgan: Wait a minute, I don't know about unnatural
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: I once dated a guy who washed his car more than he washed his hair
David Rossi: A nice car needs love
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: And a woman doesn't?
David Rossi: Uh, I'm not qualified to answer that

"Criminal Minds: The Company (#7.20)" (2012)
Jennifer Jareau: You know what? This is my favorite part. This is where you hang yourself with your own tongue. So, please keep talking.
Malcolm Ford: What are you doing here? You got a baby at home being raised by a man you're not married to. What are you doing here?
Jennifer Jareau: Well, it's work. But we make it work. Where's Cindi?
Malcolm Ford: Work. I know all about work. Negotiating who does the dishes, fighting over who folds the laundry. Except Cindi and I never fight. She knows her role.
Emily Prentiss: After you beat her into signing a contract.
Malcolm Ford: What we have is a bond you know nothing about. But I'll tell you about it.
Malcolm Ford: If you ask permission.
Emily Prentiss: Come on.
Malcolm Ford: [to JJ] You're curious, aren't you? You want to know our secret.
[Prentiss and JJ leave the room]
Jennifer Jareau: Please let me go back in there.
Aaron Hotchner: No.
Jennifer Jareau: His guard is down. He thinks he can manipulate me.
Aaron Hotchner: We can't give him what he wants. We need to keep him off balance.

Derek Morgan: I'm telling you, that's not the woman I know. She wouldn't do that.
David Rossi: Then, what is it, Derek? Why would she behave this way?
Derek Morgan: She said she needed to cook dinner for him. Is that what you cook for your husband? Would you make that for Will?
Jennifer Jareau: No. I might for Henry, though.
Derek Morgan: Exactly. When I was growing up, this is what Cindi and I ate. This exact brand. Hotch, what did your mom make you for breakfast?
Aaron Hotchner: Oatmeal and orange juice.
Derek Morgan: What do you make for Jack?
Aaron Hotchner: Oatmeal and orange juice.
Derek Morgan: Same brand?
Aaron Hotchner: Uh-huh.
Derek Morgan: She might have been cooking dinner, but it was not for Malcolm Ford.
Emily Prentiss: You think they have a child?
Derek Morgan: Yes, I do.
Dr. Spencer Reid: We didn't profile that. There's no evidence of one in the home or in their lives.
Jennifer Jareau: Unless Ford keeps the child from her to keep her in line. I mean, that fits the profile.
David Rossi: It's a stretch.
Derek Morgan: It's the only theory that would explain her behavior.
Aaron Hotchner: All right, Morgan. Prove it.

Derek Morgan: I need to come clean about something. I lied about someone being dead.
Aaron Hotchner: I'm sorry?
Derek Morgan: Last year, that fisherman unsub that was dumping the bodies in the Atlantic, he claimed that my cousin was one of his victims.
Aaron Hotchner: Falsely. You deduced he'd never met her.
Derek Morgan: I told my family it was him. Cindi had been missing for eight years, and my aunt needed closure. And even though I kept looking, I lied, Hotch. I lied because I wanted my family to move on. But now there's evidence she's alive.
[Hotch doesn't say anything]
Derek Morgan: You still there?
Aaron Hotchner: We're on our way.

"Criminal Minds: Exit Wounds (#5.21)" (2010)
Emily Prentiss: [sees Rossi walking into the conference room wearing a suit] Wow!
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Sorry to ruin your night.
Derek Morgan: [smugly] What are you working on wife number four?
David Rossi: I see you people *way* too much.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: It looks like we'll have to double up.
Derek Morgan: I'm not sleeping with Reid.
Penelope Garcia: [taking Morgan's hand] Dibs.
Kevin Lynch: [via phone to Garcia] What do you mean you're sharing a room with Morgan?

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Let's get started
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: All right, Anchorage Field Office has asked us to investigate a series of murders in Franklin, Alaska. There's three people dead in less than a week
Dr. Spencer Reid: For a town with a population of 1,476 that's fairly significant
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: It's their first murder investigation on record

"Criminal Minds: The Longest Night (#6.1)" (2010)
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: I'm not a hostage negotiator.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I'm sorry. You are today.

Derek Morgan: [about Detective Spicer getting killed] I told him that we should wait for backup, but he wouldn't listen to me. We split up, and he headed around back before I could stop him.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Morgan, sometimes when it comes to family, common sense and procedure go out the window.

Dr. Spencer Reid: Already?
Penelope Garcia: You doubted?
Dr. Spencer Reid: No, I'll put you on speaker.
Penelope Garcia: Okay, let me preface this by saying that a 40-year-old murder in a suburb of Los Angeles is an absurdly impossible request. Having said that, yours truly happens to know that the Pollak Library at Cal State...
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Garcia.

"Criminal Minds: Sex, Birth, Death (#2.11)" (2006)
Jason Gideon: In the last 6 months, your husband start asking you to play out sexual fantasies?
Ronald's wife: Excuse me?
Jason Gideon: Possibly even braided you if you played along?
Ronald's wife: I don't think that's appropriate.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: When it finally stopped about a month ago you were relieved.
Special Agent Derek Morgan: Ma'am, you're afraid to ask why we're here. Now, in your heart you know we're not here because Ronald's helping us with this investigation.
Ronald's wife: Good night.
Jason Gideon: You've been glad to have him leave the house at odd hours because he's been angry and frustrated. When he comes home he feels like the man you married again.

Congressman Steyer: I'd like you to promise me that if your team stays on the case, you won't publish the murders
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: I'm afraid I can't make that promise
Congressman Steyer: With all due respect you will notice that I said: "if you stay on the case". I really don't like doing this, honestly, but as you know the BAU cannot join an investigation unless they're invited by the local enforcement agency!

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: This team can't function if I don't trust the people on it!

"Criminal Minds: Self Fulfilling Prophecy (#7.9)" (2011)
Aaron Hotchner: Things do not change; We change - Henry David Thoreau

Colonel Ron Massey: Bailey finished his rotation, then walked back to his bunk.
Aaron Hotchner: So he was still here for bed check.
Colonel Ron Massey: Wasn't the first time.
Aaron Hotchner: Was he punished for being late?
Colonel Ron Massey: If you're suggesting that Bailey killed himself because of a talking-to, that's absurd.
Aaron Hotchner: That could depend on what you said.

Aaron Hotchner: Dave, did you find anything in the woods?
David Rossi: Josh's tent was secluded, his things were left behind. He just took off.
Aaron Hotchner: Massey said he never got any respect from Josh.
Jennifer Jareau: Josh's own parents said he was impossible to control.
Dr. Spencer Reid: His course load indicates increased isolation.
Emily Prentiss: Isolated, smart, angry. That could be a budding psychopath.
Erin Strauss: What are you saying? Josh Redding killed his classmates? And he's not missing, he's on the run.
Derek Morgan: And he has been for a week.
David Rossi: One hell of a head start.
Emily Prentiss: With all the skills he could ever need.

"Criminal Minds: Heathridge Manor (#7.19)" (2012)
Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] "All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream." Edgar Allen Poe

Dr. Spencer Reid: Guys, I think these numbers are dates. If you reverse them and chop off the 11 at the beginning and end...
Aaron Hotchner: That's two days after each woman went missing.
Dr. Spencer Reid: It's more than that, though. Look. March 1st is Saint Eichatadt day. March 21st is the spring equinox, and the 24th is the Feast of the Beast. All important holidays in the Satanic calendar for sacrifices.
Derek Morgan: What about the 11 on the end?
Dr. Spencer Reid: To many occultists 11 is symbolic of Lucifer.
Jennifer Jareau: Okay, I thought we were moving away from Satanic killings.
Aaron Hotchner: Apparently we need to reconsider.
Dr. Spencer Reid: There's gotta be some sort of connection to the Devil here.
Aaron Hotchner: Reid, what other upcoming dates are significant to Satanists?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Good Friday, then Easter eve. Then preparations begin in mid-April for the most important holiday of all, Walpurgis Night on April 30th.

Dr. Spencer Reid: There's something else that's been bothering me. Why is he putting white face makeup on his victims after they're dead?
David Rossi: Isn't that what they wore in the Elizabethan era?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yes, but only upper-class women wore white face makeup. It was a symbol of virginity and purity. But he's dressing them like characters out of *The Merry Wives of Windsor*, which is one of Shakespeare's rare plays about the middle class.
Jennifer Jareau: So, it's inconsistent.
Aaron Hotchner: The makeup could mean that he believes death is purifying them.
Dr. Spencer Reid: What if this is like the Salem witch trials, where they test the girls by trying to drown them? If they died, it meant they were obviously innocent. If they somehow survived, they were considered witches and therefore hanged.
David Rossi: Wonderful. A lose-lose situation.
Jennifer Jareau: The UnSub didn't submerge the victims in water to torture them. It was some sort of a test?
Dr. Spencer Reid: With death being the only possible outcome.

"Criminal Minds: Scared to Death (#3.3)" (2007)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote, voiceover] The Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu once wrote "He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still."

Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote, voiceover] Eleanor Roosevelt once said "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."

[last lines]
Derek Morgan: I, um... can't sleep.
Aaron Hotchner: Want me to turn off the light?
Derek Morgan: No. I wouldn't be able to sleep.
Aaron Hotchner: What's the matter?
Derek Morgan: What's the matter with you, Hotch? You're sitting here doing work when you'd normally take a break. Please don't tell me it's about Gideon leaving.
Aaron Hotchner: You know, we made a deal a long time ago not to profile each other.
Derek Morgan: Am I wrong? You know, Hotch, today was a huge, huge victory for all of us. I mean, I never thought I'd say this, but... we're doing just fine without Gideon. Hotch. What's keeping you up tonight?
Aaron Hotchner: Haley's left. And I don't know if she's coming back.

"Criminal Minds: Into the Woods (#6.9)" (2010)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [voiceover] Elise Cabot said, Evil endures a moment's flush, and then leaves but a burnt-out shell.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Reid said he'd need painkillers right away. He left his supply in the mine.
Derek Morgan: Well, there was a lot of money left in that backpack. I don't know how much he's got on him, but those drugs aren't cheap.
David Rossi: But he's got Robert. For some people, that's as good as cash.

Derek Morgan: What'd you find, Reid?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I went back ten years, matching reports of missing children with Daniel and Tyler's victimology, and in my estimation, this UnSub may have taken 12 victims.
David Rossi: How can you attribute all of those to the same offender?
Dr. Spencer Reid: The dates and locations of the abductions create an unmistakable pattern.
Emily Prentiss: Now, if he's been abducting children for ten years, why weren't we called in before now?
Dr. Spencer Reid: The thing is, he walks the entire trail, end to end, and each way takes approximately six months. His sixth victim was taken from Dawsonville, Georgia, in 2006. Then he walked all the way to Manchester, Vermont, and he took a seventh victim in 2007. He wasn't down south again until 2009, when James Clutter's parents woke up from a night of camping, he was gone. They just assumed he wandered off.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: We didn't get called in because nobody knew he existed. The crimes are years apart and across state lines.
Dr. Spencer Reid: The interesting thing is, ten years ago he was a more aggressive hunter, likely on the move hunting and killing all 365 days a year, but two years ago he stopped travelling so far.
Emily Prentiss: He's slowing down.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I think something's affected his mobility, or old age, or an injury from years of living on the trail. But the odd thing is, for the past two winters, he's returned to this 30 mile radius. He takes a victim with him in the fall to stay with him until spring somewhere within that area.
David Rossi: These are harsh winters. He needs to find shelter.
Derek Morgan: And it would have to be heavily camouflaged. Even the most experienced hikers haven't seen it.

"Criminal Minds: X (#10.1)" (2014)
Aaron Hotchner: Do you have a go bag?
Kate Callahan: Sir, I am like a Boy Scout: always prepared.

Aaron Hotchner: And where is he?
Penelope Garcia: Probably on his way to hell in a hand basket, sir

Kate Callahan: That's weird. I'm just surprised that he travelled that far to hunt. You know, all these hours in the car with a live victim. I didn't think he has the guts or patience for that
Aaron Hotchner: We caught him. There's no doubt he's guilty
Kate Callahan: I know
Aaron Hotchner: And nothing in the behavior points to a partner
Kate Callahan: Right
Aaron Hotchner: You asked me how I leave it at the office? When you solve it, let it go!
Kate Callahan: Easier said that done, right?
Aaron Hotchner: Sometimes

"Criminal Minds: Cradle to Grave (#5.5)" (2009)
David Rossi: What's this?
Dr. Spencer Reid: It's the pattern I've been looking for. The unsubs hid their tracks with the mothers, but they weren't so careful with the abandoned babies.
David Rossi: Did you find more children?
Dr. Spencer Reid: DNA-wise, no, but deductively, yes. I gathered all the records for all infants who entered into foster care in a two week window following each mother's death. Then I narrowed it down to babies that were abandoned at churches. This is where the guesswork begins. Monica Winmar's daughter was abandoned at a Presbyterian church. Let's assume the unsub, or the wife at least, is Presbyterian. That means all other unwanted children are gonna be left at the same denomination, right? That narrows it down to three babies left at three different Presbyterian churches all within this twenty-mile radius. This is where they live.
David Rossi: These kids you deduced to... have you looked at their files?
Dr. Spencer Reid: No. Right now I've only been tracking churches. Why?
David Rossi: Because you just uncovered another pattern.
[cut to Hotch in New Mexico]
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, we're packing up now. We can be in Phoenix in about two hours. Are you sure about this?
David Rossi: The names of the babies Reid found tells us everything. Lisa, Elizabeth, Amanda.
Aaron Hotchner: We profiled there'd be a type they'd keep and a type they'd put into foster care.
David Rossi: They're keeping the boys.

Derek Morgan: What is this?
Aaron Hotchner: It's a tactical arrest plan. I'd like you to write it up for this case.
Derek Morgan: You want me to write up how we apprehend these unsubs without risking the lives of the children.
Aaron Hotchner: Yes.
Derek Morgan: [scoffs] Hotch, I've led dozens of tactical assaults. You've never made me write up one of these before.
Aaron Hotchner: That's because I always do it for you after each case.
Derek Morgan: [scoffs again] You know what? I'm sorry Strauss is coming down on you.
Aaron Hotchner: This is not about Strauss.
Derek Morgan: Really? I disagree. Look, I understand that you're under the gun. But I gotta say it. I'm really not all that surprised. I've watched you walk away from a bunch of cops gunning down unsubs in D.C., you walked in unprotected to a hostage situation in Louisville. Of course the Bureau's worried about you. Man, *I'm* worried about you. But just because you're the one who's under the magnifying glass, that doesn't mean I can't do my job.
Aaron Hotchner: Morgan, there's a big part of your job that I do for you, because I don't need you worried about paperwork and politics. I need you in the field and focused in catching the next unsub. But I can't do that anymore. I don't have to justify my orders to you, and you do have to follow them.
Derek Morgan: I've always followed your orders, when they made sense.

Aaron Hotchner: [Considering possible new cases] What's next?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Baton Rouge thinks have a white supremacist problem
Aaron Hotchner: What's you take?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: [Surprised] Really?
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, I'd like to hear it
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: We're dealing with an individual, not a group
Aaron Hotchner: Why?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: The angry letters. The writer switches pronouns from plural to singular: "We are a heavily armed militia", followed by "I will be forced to take action"
Aaron Hotchner: Good. Send it back to the police with our analysis

"Criminal Minds: The Angel Maker (#4.2)" (2008)
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: This is Delilah Grennan. She was bludgeoned and raped during the night at her home in Lower Canaan, Ohio.
Emily Prentiss: Lower where?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Small town forty miles outside of Cincinnati.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Staging the body face up with the arms across the chest like that.
Derek Morgan: Ritual. Nice hair, by the way.
[Morgan flips a lock of Reid's hair into his face]
Dr. Spencer Reid: [brushing his hair back] Thanks.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Uh, there's more. Small puncture wounds on her stomach. Note the lack of blood.
Emily Prentiss: They were inflicted postmortem. Were there any other victims?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Kind of. Victimology and signature match a serial killer from the same town ten years ago. Six victims spanning over ten months. He called himself...
Aaron Hotchner: The Angel Maker. I remember the case.
Dr. Spencer Reid: They caught that guy.
David Rossi: And executed him.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: That's right. He was put to death by lethal injection a year ago yesterday.
Emily Prentiss: Yesterday.
Derek Morgan: So we're looking for a copycat.
David Rossi: Honoring the anniversary of his hero's death.
Dr. Spencer Reid: It says here they found semen at the crime scene. Perhaps locals will get a DNA match when they run it through VICAP?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Well, that's where it gets weird. They ran it already and they got a match, too.
Emily Prentiss: Well, if they already have a name, why'd they call us?
David Rossi: [reading the report] They've got to be kidding. The match they got back on the DNA is to a Cortland Bryce Ryan. Otherwise known as... the Angel Maker.

Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote, voiceover] "We all die. The goal isn't to live forever. The goal is to create something that will." - Chuck Palahniuk.

Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote, voiceover] Wendell Berry said "The past is our definition. We may strive with good reason to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it, but we will escape it only by adding something better to it."

"Criminal Minds: Epilogue (#7.6)" (2011)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Garcia, I need you to pull a list of patients in the area with any form of blood cancer.
Penelope Garcia: I will make HIPPA my bitch, sir.

Jennifer Jareau: Now, that I noticed.
Derek Morgan: Is something going on?
Emily Prentiss: How did it go the other night?
Derek Morgan: What happened the other night?
Dr. Spencer Reid: You okay?
David Rossi: Well, why wouldn't I be?
Jennifer Jareau: You seem distracted.
David Rossi: I'm considering a purchase.
Derek Morgan: Come on, now, Rossi, you know we're not buying that. What's really going on?
David Rossi: Look, it was a late night with Ringo and not enough coffee. I mean, the guy's a world-class drummer, but don't think I didn't wipe the floor with him in Rock Band.
Jennifer Jareau: All right, what do you think?
Emily Prentiss: He could be telling the truth. I only played him to the easy level.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I can't tell.
David Rossi: And you never will.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Let's get started.

Dr. Spencer Reid: I'm a man of science. I didn't know how to deal with it. There's no quantifiable proof that God exists, and yet, in that moment I was faced with something that I couldn't explain. I still can't.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: What if this UnSub has had a similar experience and this is his way of looking for answers?
David Rossi: If that's the case, why kill Jake Shepherd? Why not just talk to him?
Emily Prentiss: He wanted to see if he had the same experience as before.
Jennifer Jareau: Once isn't enough?
Emily Prentiss: Not if Jake didn't see the same thing the UnSub did. He wants to know if the experience can change. I can relate to that. Reid felt a warmth and saw a light. When I coded in the ambulance, all I felt was cold and darkness. And I would like to think that there's a different future waiting for me.
Dr. Spencer Reid: You actually died?
Derek Morgan: All right, but resuscitation is hit or miss. He can't guarantee that he can actually bring anyone back, let alone that anyone will remember what happened in their moment of so-called death.
David Rossi: Reid, what's the best way to make sure his victims had an experience?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Keep them dead longer.

"Criminal Minds: A Thousand Suns (#10.3)" (2014)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] "If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky that would be like the splendor of the mighty one" - from the Hindu holy book, the Bhagavad Gita

Commander Jumilla Reardon: He knows who did it, but he won't tell us. The guy's a wackadoodle!
Aaron Hotchner: Well, unfortunately we can't dismiss him yet.
Commander Jumilla Reardon: The fact is no one else has come forward with a similar statement.
Aaron Hotchner: That's because the population is so sparse out here. We should be grateful for that.
Commander Jumilla Reardon: Alright. Can you get him to talk?
Aaron Hotchner: I can try, but I should probably do it alone. I think he has a problem with you.
Commander Jumilla Reardon: My race or my gender?
Aaron Hotchner: Probably both.
Aaron Hotchner: Wonderful. As long as you can get some answers, be my guest.

Aaron Hotchner: Mr. Petosky, I'm starting to lose my patience.
Galen Petosky: One more question: Edgewood Arsenal. What happened there?
Aaron Hotchner: From 1955 to 1975, the U.S. military conducted research into psycho-chemical agents by testing them on human subjects.
Galen Petosky: You pass.

"Criminal Minds: Devil's Night (#6.6)" (2010)
Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] Nicolo Machiavelli wrote, "If an injury has to be done to a man, it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared."

Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] Thomas Kemp wrote, "Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of its trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse for impossibility, for it thinks all things are lawful for itself, and all things are possible."

Aaron Hotchner: Woah, that is definitely not Spider-Man.
Jack Hotchner: He's not a real superhero...
Aaron Hotchner: He's not? Okay, I give up, who are you supposed to be?
Jack Hotchner: I'm you, Daddy.

"Criminal Minds: The Apprenticeship (#8.6)" (2012)
Aaron Hotchner: This unsub just graduated from animals to humans. We need to stop him before he goes serial.

Detective Sam Ogilvie: So why do they even need the bag?
Aaron Hotchner: Suffocation's a form of torture. And they enjoyed watching her suffer.

Aaron Hotchner: Dallas P.D. discovered an unidentified male body with the mouth sawn shut.
David Rossi: Like the Silencer. He's dead. It's obviously a copycat.
Aaron Hotchner: Dallas division is into it. They say they'd keep us in the loop.

"Criminal Minds: Carbon Copy (#8.16)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: Jet's standing by. Wheels up in 20.

Aaron Hotchner: Go ahead, Garcia.
Penelope Garcia: I want to preface this by saying I did not break any rules by getting this info so fast. I may have scraped, scratched, massaged, but no breaks. Not a one.
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia.

Aaron Hotchner: [Picks up his mobile] Hotchner
Penelope Garcia: Oh, sir! Hi, it's me
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, whose number is this?
Penelope Garcia: [At home] Sorry, I had Anderson give me a ride. I desperately needed a shower and some food that wasn't sold in a machine

"Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (#10.19)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] "No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness is always there first" - Terry Pratchett

Lily Lambert: Have you travelled much with your son?
Aaron Hotchner: Not a lot, no
Lily Lambert: Have you ever wanted to just lock him away until the world is a safer place?
Aaron Hotchner: Well, then he'd never get out!
Lily Lambert: Yeah

David Rossi: So, how many of these do you think we've solved?
Lily Lambert: Hum, enough for another best seller!
Aaron Hotchner: These are the endings we want!
Jack Garrett: Amen to that!

"Criminal Minds: Normal (#4.11)" (2008)
Aaron Hotchner: [Voiceover] Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hand, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats. H.L. Mencken

Aaron Hotchner: Impersonal killers are like drug addicts. The first time gives them the ultimate high, and after that, no high is as good. Unfortunately, the addict doesn't know that. He will chase that high to the gates of insanity and death. By now, killing is all our unsub thinks about. He's set up the exact same situation again and again, hoping to get the same result. He begins to think he's doing it wrong. He becomes obsessed with improving his skills, honing his m.o. And tailoring his weapon to his deadly purpose. He figures if he gets them all just right, if he can get his technique and his tools perfected, he'll feel that first high again. He's becoming a more lethal addict. And he'll never accept that the high is gone and it won't come back. He'll never stop. Never.

Jordan Todd: This is Orange County, California. Ten days ago, Judy Hannity, a real estate worker and a mother, was shotgunned on the 91 freeway.
Emily Prentiss: She survived this?
Jordan Todd: Barely. She's paralyzed from the waist down. The second and third victims were both DOA. There were different vehicles for each shooting. A small black SUV, a black sedan, a white sedan. No makes, no plates.
Derek Morgan: No solid witnesses?
Jordan Todd: The first victim described the shooter as a normal, middle-aged white guy in an SUV.
Aaron Hotchner: She gave that description but she couldn't remember anything else?
Jordan Todd: Isn't that consistent with trauma?
Emily Prentiss: Uh, actually, no. Trauma victims either remember everything or nothing.

"Criminal Minds: Doubt (#3.1)" (2007)
Jason Gideon: How long can you hold that lawyer off?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Are you kidding? I was a prosecutor. I can hold him off for days.

Erin Strauss: Did you actually allow a disturbed college student to meet with a man you believed to be a serial killer?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: We didn't know who but we knew the meeting would take place.
Erin Strauss: We?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I, ma'am. It was my decision.
Erin Strauss: And now, that student is dead.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: She committed suicide, yes... after killing the Unsub.
Erin Strauss: How could you let this happen?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: It was not the outcome we had hoped for.
Erin Strauss: It wasn't the outcome you had hoped for? That's your answer to me?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Yes, ma'am.
Erin Strauss: Give me a badge.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Ma'am?
Erin Strauss: You're suspended for two weeks without pay, pending investigations of your conduct. And Agent Hotchner, if it's solely up to me, you will never get these credentials back.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Always a pleasure.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: How goes it in here?
Emily Prentiss: Means of subduing the victim, potential weapon, source of displaced rage, stressor, evidence of a self-destructive spiral and trophies of his kills. Everything that points to the profile, yet nothing we can hold him on!

"Criminal Minds: From Childhood's Hour (#7.5)" (2011)
Derek Morgan: Yeah, Hotch, the mother's addicted to Oxy. She was out here to buy.
Aaron Hotchner: All right, let's put her in protective custody.
Derek Morgan: So we got one mom suicidal, and the other one addicted to drugs. At least we got a pattern developing.
Aaron Hotchner: And if the unsub holds to pattern, he's gonna circle back and try to kill her.

Aaron Hotchner: We're looking for a male unsub in his mid- to late twenties. Physically fit enough to subdue Marlene Smith, and carry out a vicious attack and sustained attack.
David Rossi: We believe he sees himself as a rescuer, taking children away from unfit parents. He may very well have abandonment issues from his own childhood.
Derek Morgan: The impulsive nature of committing the murder out in the open suggests that he's inexperienced.
Dr. Spencer Reid: The violence on Marlene Smith went from precision to frenzy, which points to someone with classic psychopathic traits; quick to rage and quick to recover.
Emily Prentiss: He also appears to have insider knowledge of the families in these cases, so we need to look for someone who was privy to what went on behind those closed doors.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Emergency personnel were called to the Smith house after both suicide attempts, and once to the Tanner house after the mother overdosed on prescription drugs.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: That means first responders, Child Service workers, ambulance personnel. Both missing children apparently went without struggle or protest. That makes us think that they had prior contact with the person we're looking for.
David Rossi: Or they inherently trust who he is by the virtue of his job. The uniform he wears; doctor, mailman, policeman.
Derek Morgan: So far, the violence has been directed to the offending parent, but we don't know what the unsub's endgame is.
Emily Prentiss: We have written up a media release on precautions the public needs to take.
Aaron Hotchner: And we've taken the second mother into protective custody, thus depriving him of his target. This will increase his volatility.
David Rossi: That's why it's critical we find these kids. If they are alive, he may turn his violence against the children themselves.

David Rossi: We got all the kids back safe. Think about it, Aaron. How often does that happen?
Aaron Hotchner: Not often enough.

"Criminal Minds: Haunted (#5.2)" (2009)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quotation, voiceover] Emily Dickinson wrote "One need not be a chamber to be haunted. One need not be a house. The brain has corridors surpassing material place."

Aaron Hotchner: [closing quotation, voiceover] "There is no witness so dreadful, no accuser so terrible, as the conscience that dwells in the heart of every man." - Polybius.

Penelope Garcia: And it looks like he tried them all. I've got a list. Alphabetically: alprazolam, clonazepam, diazepam...
Aaron Hotchner: Just send it
Penelope Garcia: Yes, sir

"Criminal Minds: Hopeless (#5.4)" (2009)
Derek Morgan: [discussing a home invasion] If this is related to vandalism, four dead is a hell of an escalation.
Emily Prentiss: So there's the potential for a lot more bodies out there?
Aaron Hotchner: That's what I'm afraid of.

Aaron Hotchner: Gracia, check social networking sites, see if the unsubs have coordinatted these attacks online
Penelope Garcia: If they dare tweet, I'll flush them out like a birddog, sir

Detective Andrews: What are you doing here?
Aaron Hotchner: Detective, we can argue about this later. Right now you have a crime scene and we're here to help

"Criminal Minds: A Family Affair (#7.16)" (2012)
Aaron Hotchner: One chai tea. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but chai means tea. So, I just ordered you a...
Beth Clemmons: A tea tea. So, wait a minute. There's a chance you're gonna be out on a case this weekend?
Aaron Hotchner: Probably a good chance.
Beth Clemmons: What if you don't make it back in time?
Aaron Hotchner: I'll just have to go another race.
Beth Clemmons: But you trained for this one.
Aaron Hotchner: I know. I'll just have to do the next one. Maybe I'll do yours.
Beth Clemmons: But you trained so hard.
Aaron Hotchner: I know. All for nothing.
Beth Clemmons: Yeah, too bad nothing good came of it. Well, assuming you do make it back, I'd really like to be there, you know...
Aaron Hotchner: To see me collapse at the finish line.
Beth Clemmons: I want that moment. I do.
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah.
Beth Clemmons: I know Jack's gonna be there, so...
Aaron Hotchner: It's fine. I'd love for you to meet him.
Beth Clemmons: Great.

[last lines]
Beth Clemmons: Hotchner!
Aaron Hotchner: Beth! Jack, there's someone I want you to meet. Come here.
Beth Clemmons: You were amazing, congratulations!
Aaron Hotchner: Thanks. Beth, I'd like you to meet my son Jack.
Beth Clemmons: Hi.
Aaron Hotchner: Jack, this is my friend Beth.
Beth Clemmons: Hey there, Jack. It's nice to meet you.
Jack Hotchner: Do you work with my dad, too?
Beth Clemmons: No, we're just friends. Hey, don't tell me you made that.
Jack Hotchner: Yep. I colored it myself and put the sparkles on, too.
Beth Clemmons: You know what? I look at art all day long, and that, my friend, is pretty good.
Jack Hotchner: Thank you.
Beth Clemmons: You're welcome.
Aaron Hotchner: We were gonna go get something to eat. You want to come?
Beth Clemmons: Sure.
Aaron Hotchner: Okay. Great. Come on, buddy.

David Rossi: What about sexual violations?
Aaron Hotchner: No, the ME's report says there's no evidence of sexual activity before death
Penelope Garcia: So, what's he doing with them?
Aaron Hotchner: That's what we need to find out

"Criminal Minds: Birthright (#3.11)" (2007)
Aaron Hotchner: Ever since we had Jack, I always dread it when you bring me a case involving kids.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Why are you telling me this?
Aaron Hotchner: Every case we work, every case we don't work comes across your desk.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Yeah.
Aaron Hotchner: And most of the victims are women. And most of them are about your age. It's okay if you lose it every once in a while. It reminds people that we're human.

Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote, voiceover] The American poet Anne Sexton once wrote "It doesn't matter who my father was. It matters who I remember he was."

[last lines]
Man: Agent Hotchner?
Aaron Hotchner: Yes.
[signs for package]
Emily Prentiss: What is it?
Aaron Hotchner: Haley's filing for divorce. I've been served.

"Criminal Minds: The Eyes Have It (#5.6)" (2009)
Penelope Garcia: [Phone rings] That's our technical analyst. Hey Garcia, you're on speaker phone
Penelope Garcia: So, I looked up recently released mental health patients who have a history of eye gauging, eye assault and other gross things you can do to eyes and sockets and there's no bingo for O'key city residents
Aaron Hotchner: Any recent attacks involving assaults on eyes?
Penelope Garcia: There's one, nine month ago. He's not you guy 'cause he's in jail
Aaron Hotchner: We'll call you later
Penelope Garcia: 10-4, breaker, breaker

Aaron Hotchner: Lost his dad, his house, about to lose the family business
Emily Prentiss: Care to choose a stressor?

Aaron Hotchner: [Arrives at the crime scene] What happened here?
Lt. Brantley: Took him down by himself
Derek Morgan: [Walks further] Hotch! Brantley says you took him down solo!
Aaron Hotchner: He wasn't far behind me
Derek Morgan: You know you should have waited for backup
Aaron Hotchner: Would you have?

"Criminal Minds: Persuasion (#9.17)" (2014)
Aaron Hotchner: Hold on! Can you rewind that about 5 seconds? Take a look at Renee
Alex Blake: She's stealing!
Detective Solana Ramirez: She's a strip-miner! I can't believe I missed that. Strip-miners take money or chips left behind or unwatched by careless tourists. They dress to look like tourists themselves so they are not spotted by casino security

Detective Solana Ramirez: How'd you get him to talk?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Neuro-linguistic programming. I used sensory predicates and key words for tap into his unconscious mind. Marvin Caul must have done the exact same thing.
Detective Solana Ramirez: You've lost me.
Aaron Hotchner: NLP is a way of thinking and communicating based on linguistic modeling.
Alex Blake: For example, key words like know and imagine open someone up to suggestion. It's behind a lot of persuasion and sales techniques.

"Criminal Minds: Perennials (#8.11)" (2012)
Sheriff Mitchell: It looks like we've been going down the wrong road
Aaron Hotchner: It might have been the right road in the wrong direction

[last lines]
Aaron Hotchner: Yesterday while we in were in Florida, a body was found in the desert outside Las Cruces, New Mexico.
David Rossi: A man had his leg amputated and replaced with the leg of someone else.
Aaron Hotchner: And as you know, last month a body was found in Dallas with its mouth sewn shut, like the Silencer.
David Rossi: What looked then to be a possible one-time copycat now has to be examined in a different light.
Derek Morgan: Someone's out there mimicking the crimes we've solved.
David Rossi: That's how it looks.
Aaron Hotchner: This is now an active case, which we'll be investigating along with our other cases.

"Criminal Minds: Hanley Waters (#6.20)" (2011)
Aaron Hotchner: The assessment's routine. I asked her to let me do it rather than bring in somebody from the outside.
Derek Morgan: So, let me guess, it's about the five stages of grief. You want to figure out where we all are. All right. Denial. I'm fine, this can't be happening to me. Well, it didn't happen to me, did it? So, that rules that out. What else is there? Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. Well, obviously I haven't accepted it, otherwise I wouldn't be in here. So, where does that leave me?
Aaron Hotchner: Angry.
Derek Morgan: Angry. Yeah. Yes, sometimes I feel like I want to quit my job and spend my time chasing down the son of a bitch who killed Emily. You're damn right, I'm angry.

Aaron Hotchner: I'm supposed to be asking how you're doing.
David Rossi: I've always had troubles letting people in. But this is different. I guess I've come to realize I'm more married to this team than I ever was to three ex-wives.

"Criminal Minds: The Uncanny Valley (#5.12)" (2010)
Aaron Hotchner: The unsub we're looking for is a woman. She's a collector. It's a psychopathology similar to hoarding.
David Rossi: So when we say "collector", we're not talking about stamps or baseball cards. It's not what your kids, or even you, might pursue as a normal hobby.
Aaron Hotchner: This is an attachment to objects that's become obsessive, by someone who is antisocial and extremely introverted.
Emily Prentiss: These people attach a part of themselves to their collection. If you try to separate them from it or take it away from them, they will react violently, even psychotically.
Dr. Spencer Reid: They've suffered damage to their prefrontal cortex. That's the part of the brain that regulates basic Freudian fantasy/reality. They can still function, like drive a car or go to work, even do their taxes.
Derek Morgan: In fact, she excels at goal-oriented jobs, like the precision of sewing, or the details of abduction.
Dr. Spencer Reid: But they've lost their ability to categorize the difference between living and dead, uh, belonging and loss. That has been irreparably destroyed.
Detective Marty Cotrone: So what's she collecting, women?
David Rossi: Actually, we think she's collecting dolls.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Technically, replacing them. Uh, we believe that she lost the originals sometime within the last three months, and this is what served as her stressor.
David Rossi: She searched for a replacement, and when she couldn't find them, she started abducting the closest possible surrogate.
Emily Prentiss: Women of different ethnicities but a similar physicality.
Derek Morgan: The drug-induced paralysis is part of the fantasy. She puts her victims in a position where they can't talk back so she can fetishize them like the objects she's lost.
Detective Marty Cotrone: Um... look. I respect your analysis, but this woman kidnapped six women and killed three of them. And you're telling us this is about dolls?
Emily Prentiss: This unsub stitched a wig onto the scalp of her latest victim. It's a technique used to attach hair to porcelain dolls.
Dr. Spencer Reid: And keep in mind, collectors and serial killers do share certain traits. Uh... a lot of serial killers take trophies, attaching the same significance to them that this collector does to objects.
David Rossi: But this unsub's intent isn't violence. She needs this collection to be complete so she can feel in control of her life, probably to overcome some trauma she experienced.
Dr. Spencer Reid: She really only feels that control when the collection is complete, which is why she's repeating an abduction pattern with living victims. If she loses a doll, or in this case, if she loses a woman who represents a doll, she has to replace it.
Aaron Hotchner: This woman works alone. We know she has medical training. Look for nurse's aides or orderlies who were fired for a lack of social graces. She can't fake a bedside manner.
Emily Prentiss: We believe she's currently working as a tailor or a seamstress, and we're following those leads now. But do let us know if you notice any overlap in your suspect pools. Thank you.

Aaron Hotchner: So, she has them paralyzed and she can do whatever she wants. Why is she killing them?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Well, I don't think she mean to. Eh, the brain is a machine, designed to respond to stimuli. You keep the brain awake but the body immobile, it breaks down, loses its hair. After two months it eventually strokes out
David Rossi: So, death isn't this unsub's goal, it's an unfortunately side effect
Dr. Spencer Reid: Exactly

"Criminal Minds: Empty Planet (#2.8)" (2006)
Aaron Hotchner: We believe the unsub resides in Seattle. All of the attacks, most of which have just involved property damage, have take place here, and the timing and location indicate knowledge of the area. Even though he escalated to a lethal bombing today, we don't believe that that was necessarily his intention.
Derek Morgan: In fact, anyone not directly next to the device received minor injuries. So we think fear may have been the larger motive.
Special Agent Nick Casey: So he's a terrorist, then.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He is, but it's too vague a description for our purposes. Douglas and Olshaker categorize bombers as criminal, group cause, psychologically disorganized, and personal cause bombers. And we believe this guy to be a personal cause bomber.
Aaron Hotchner: And personal cause bombers are motivated by an underlying emotional conflict.
Dr. Spencer Reid: In an interview from prison, the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, admitted that while he was a graduate student at the University of Michigan, he started having fantasies of becoming a woman. He even got on a list to get a sex change operation, but during a mandatory psychological exam prior to his procedure, he changed his mind. He told the psychologist that he'd made a mistake.
Jason Gideon: But from that moment, through the next three decades of his life, Ted Kaczynski carried out a campaign of isolation and murder.
Derek Morgan: This unsub is male. He lives alone. He's possibly self-employed. He's highly organized, he's meticulous, and he's very smart.
Aaron Hotchner: And he seems odd to those who know him. Angry, distant, prone to sudden violent rage. This is not the kind of guy whose neighbors will be surprised to find out what he's arrested for. This guy's neighbors will have no trouble believing it.
Jason Gideon: Targets appear to be technology, but not the hi-tech variety. The kind of technology we're surrounded by.
Aaron Hotchner: In a city the size of Seattle, we're talking... 10,000 possible targets.

Penelope Garcia: Networks say the calls came from a restricted number. Two have given limited permission to trap and trace the lines if we should need to.
Aaron Hotchner: You got a news organization to agree to a trap and trace?
Penelope Garcia: Who could say no to me?

"Criminal Minds: Profiler, Profiled (#2.12)" (2006)
Aaron Hotchner: Physics magic?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yes, sir.
Aaron Hotchner: Reid, we talked about this.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I'm sorry, sir.
Aaron Hotchner: [smiling] You're really starting to get some distance on these things.

Jennifer Jareau: [JJ, Garcia and Reid look at a black film capsule on Reid's desk] Nothing is happening
Dr. Spencer Reid: [high pitch voice] Sst! Watch!
Penelope Garcia: [capsule lifts off] Ah!
Emily Prentiss: [walks in and gets hit by capsule] Oh! Au! What?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I am so sorry, I am
Emily Prentiss: What was that?
Penelope Garcia: Don't you recognize a rocket when you see one?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I was merely demonstrating a physics law, I... I didn't mean to...
Emily Prentiss: Oh, show me!
Dr. Spencer Reid: Alright, eh, turn around please!
Emily Prentiss: Turn around?
Jennifer Jareau: Yeah, he's not going to show you how it's done
Dr. Spencer Reid: Magician doesn't reveal its secrets
Emily Prentiss: I thought you said it was physics!
Dr. Spencer Reid: Physics magic!
Penelope Garcia: Trust me: it will do not any good to argue with him
Dr. Spencer Reid: [Prepares the rocket] Alright, alright, turn back and observe
Jennifer Jareau, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss: Oh!
Aaron Hotchner: [Picks rocket up which landed just before his feet] Physics magic?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yes sir!
Aaron Hotchner: Reid, we talked about this.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I am sorry sir!
Aaron Hotchner: [Smiles] Well you really start to get some distance on this!
Emily Prentiss: So he does have a sense of humor?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Sometimes.

"Criminal Minds: ...A Thousand Words (#5.20)" (2010)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [voiceover] Gandhi said, I have seen children successfully surmount the effects of an evil inheritance. That is due to purity being an inherent attribute of the soul.

Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You know, we wouldn't be here if you hadn't worked the case as hard as you did.
Det. John Barton: How's that?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: It would have been an easy thing to miss a routine traffic ticket in the area she disappeared. You kept the pressure on. You cleared nine homicides and you brought Becky home. It's impressive work, detective.

"Criminal Minds: Derailed (#1.9)" (2005)
Dr. Spencer Reid: Could you guys do me a favor?
Derek Morgan: Anything.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Could at least one of you look like you're going to see me again?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: See you when you get back.

Moretti: [Watching Hotch removing a chip from a cell phone] I don't know about this
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Well, it looks better when it's covered
Moretti: With what?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Blood!

"Criminal Minds: The Popular Kids (#1.10)" (2005)
Aaron Hotchner: Contrary to popular belief, there has never been a proven case of satanic ritual killing. Never a verified human sacrifice. Having said that, there have been isolated cases of animal sacrifice... and many, many cases of vandalism in the name of Satan.
Derek Morgan: Now, that doesn't mean that ritual satanism is impossible. And more importantly, for our purposes, there have been cults that killed, just not in ritual fashion.
Dr. Spencer Reid: The reverend Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple... his followers killed a U.S. Congressman and three people before committing mass suicide, leaving over nine hundred people dead. And, perhaps, the most widely-known of the killer cults: the Manson Family, under the direction of Charles Manson, killed nine people in a four day period in an attempt to initiate a race war.
Elle Greenaway: Killer cults do exist, and they all have one thing in common: invariably, they're headed by charismatic megalomaniacs.
Dr. Spencer Reid: You're looking for that leader. He's who will stand out. He'll be memorable to somebody; people who aren't in his group will see him as strange, weird, scary.
Aaron Hotchner: Since we're dealing with professed satanists, which is often practiced by younger males, we may be looking for teenagers. Heavy metal music is often associated with satanism, and these kids and their leader may reflect that in their look.
Derek Morgan: Most likely, there'll be sex, drugs, and alcohol. Now, the leader, he'll be older. It's part of his charm.
Aaron Hotchner: And he is from this area. He's definitely local.
Elle Greenaway: These woods are too thick and confusing for a visitor to get around in.
Sheriff Bridges: You think one of our own people is doing this?
Aaron Hotchner: We're sure of it.

Aaron Hotchner: [Seeing Reid yawn, doesn't look up from his notepad] Tired?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I'm fine
Aaron Hotchner: We all get them sometimes
Dr. Spencer Reid: Get what?
Aaron Hotchner: Nightmares
Dr. Spencer Reid: [Glances at Derek] It's not that bad
Aaron Hotchner: You want to talk about it, you know where I am

"Criminal Minds: It Takes a Village (#7.1)" (2011)
Aaron Hotchner: Seven months ago, I made a decision that affected this team. As you all know, Emily had lost a lot of blood after her fight with Doyle. But the doctors were able to stabilize her, and she was airlifted from Boston to Bethesda under covert exfiltration. Her identity was strictly need to know. And she stayed there until she was well enough to travel. She was reassigned to Paris, where she was given several identities, none of which we had access to, for her security.
Penelope Garcia: She's alive?
Dr. Spencer Reid: But we buried her.
Aaron Hotchner: As I said, I take full responsibility for the decision. If anyone has any issues, they should be directed toward me.
Derek Morgan: [angry] Any issues? Yeah, I got issues.
[Prentiss appears in the doorway]
Penelope Garcia: [near tears] Oh, my God.

Aaron Hotchner: [talking privately to Morgan about why he faked Prentiss' death] I know what you've been through. I understand that you're angry, but I hope that you understand that this is not about you or me. This was about saving Emily.

"Criminal Minds: The Gathering (#8.17)" (2013)
Jennifer Jareau: Okay, it takes a lot of strength to rip out someone's tongue. It's one of the strongest muscles in the body.
Aaron Hotchner: The M.E. is still trying to determine whether it was done ante or postmortem.
Dr. Spencer Reid: According to Chinese mythology, one of the most dreadful punishments in the 18 levels of hell involves having one's tongue ripped out. It's considered to be one of the most horrific forms of torture.
Alex Blake: It's also symbolic, used to punish liars and anti-regime activists.

Aaron Hotchner: Reid, I just finished the case file. I talked to Morgan and JJ and I wanted to talk to you about what happened.
Dr. Spencer Reid: The hostage was clear and I made a tactical decision to tell the UnSub the truth about his condition.
Aaron Hotchner: And what did you think that would accomplish?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Well, Hotch, I thought the last time I was in a situation like this, I did exactly what I was supposed to. I told a perfect lie and that didn't work, so this time, in the hopes of saving someone's life, I tried something different.
Aaron Hotchner: And this didn't work.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Sadly, no.
Aaron Hotchner: To me, this is very clearly about Maeve.

"Criminal Minds: The Instincts (#4.6)" (2008)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote, voiceover] Amos Bronson Alcott said "Who speaks to the instincts speaks to the deepest in mankind, and finds the readiest response."

Dr. Spencer Reid: Hotch? Do you think it would be possible to wait till tomorrow to return home?
Aaron Hotchner: [Shakes yes; then to Derek] You think you could find something to do in Vegas for the night?

"Criminal Minds: Zoe's Reprise (#4.15)" (2009)
David Rossi: I think he went back to relive his crime. When Zoe showed up, she became a victim of opportunity.
Aaron Hotchner: That's the same theory we arrived at on the plane. He strangled her with her own scarf. He didn't plan it, I think she surprised him.
David Rossi: I told her not to stop until she found the answers she was looking for. I didn't think she'd go to a crime scene.
Aaron Hotchner: Her mom said it's something that she does all the time. She probably would have gone anyway.
David Rossi: But it's because of what I said that she was encouraged to go there last night.
Aaron Hotchner: Dave, what are you doing?
David Rossi: She came to me and I dismissed her.
Aaron Hotchner: Try not to personalize it.
David Rossi: I was the last one she talked to before she was murdered. How is this not personal, Aaron?

Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Victim one, Travis Bartlett, was last seen at a gay bar. He was shot at night in a park. Victim two, Lily Nicks, a thirty-four year old prostitute, her throat was slashed. Victims three and four, June Appleby and Troy Wertsler, were shot in their car at a parking lot outside of a movie theater. And victim five was a twenty-eight year old single woman, Kayla James, killed in her home. She was bound, suffocated with a bag over her head, evidence of rape.
Emily Prentiss: And then the sixth victim was Zoe.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Victimology, weapons used, and C.O.D. are all different. I mean, it's hard to imagine it's even the same unsub.
David Rossi: It can't be a coincidence that Zoe goes to Kayla James' house and gets murdered.
Aaron Hotchner: All right, let's say it is the same killer. Does anybody see a pattern?
Emily Prentiss: Well, maybe. Okay, in the first crime, he shoots the victim. The second crime, he rapes a woman and slashes her throat; that's more personal. And the third crime, he escalates to killing two people, and the fourth, he escalates even more by raping a woman, binding her, and suffocating her.
Aaron Hotchner: So if it is the same unsub, you could argue that there's a progression of violence with every kill.
Dr. Spencer Reid: It could be an anger excitation offender getting more daring with each crime.
Derek Morgan: I think I got something here. Look at this. The slashes in the prostitute's throat, they're all shallow, unsure cuts. The Kayla James crime scene, telephone cord, rope, and duct tape were used. It's like he couldn't decide how to bind her.
Aaron Hotchner: So without a gun, he's sloppy, inexperienced.
Derek Morgan: The young couple shot in the car... that crime scene remind you of anything?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yeah, they were shot with a .44 Bulldog, just like the Son of Sam used on his victims, which were also young couples in parked cars. It might be nothing, but you're right, there is a parallel there.
Emily Prentiss: With the second victim, it's hard not to think of Jack the Ripper. The obvious similarity being it's a prostitute whose throat was slashed.
Aaron Hotchner: Kayla James was bound, tortured, raped, with a plastic bag over her head, like BTK.
Derek Morgan: What about victim number one?
David Rossi: Garcia, what neighborhood was he found in?
Penelope Garcia: At a park in the Kingsbury Run area.
David Rossi: Zoe reminded me last night that Cleveland's most famous serial killer was the Butcher of Kingsbury Run. He found his victims in gay bars, shot them, and dumped their body there. Travis Bartlett was last seen at a gay bar, and his body was found in Kingsbury Park.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: So these are copycats of famous serial killers?
David Rossi: He's a serial killer studying serial killers.
Aaron Hotchner: See you in Cleveland, Dave.

"Criminal Minds: In Heat (#3.17)" (2008)
Penelope Garcia: [Entering the meeting room way too late] I'm so sorry
Emily Prentiss: Hey, half day today?
Penelope Garcia: The alarm, sir, I overslept, I am so sorry
Aaron Hotchner: Everyone is allowed to be late. Once!

Dr. Spencer Reid: [Gets out of the car] Ah! Is it always as hot?
Derek Morgan: [Looking at girls walking by] Every day holiday!
David Rossi: That's South Beach!
Dr. Spencer Reid: No, that's not what I am talking about
Aaron Hotchner: They know

"Criminal Minds: What Happens at Home... (#6.10)" (2010)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [voiceover] When we were children, we used to think that when we grew up, we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability. To be alive is to be vulnerable. Writer Madeleine L'Engle

Heather Jacobs: Daddy? Daddy, please.
Ashley Seaver: I know how tired you are. I know how exhausting your life is. I watched him live it. I watched him fight it, and I saw how desperately he wanted to be different.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [team arrives at Jacobs' house] Prentiss and Morgan, take the back. Make noise. Let him know he's caught. It may be the only chance she's got.
Ashley Seaver: ...I watched him try so hard to be a good father. But in the end, he just couldn't stop the other thing.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [comes into house] FBI!
David Rossi: FBI!
Heather Jacobs: Daddy, please, let's just leave!
Drew Jacobs: Go downstairs, Heather.
Heather Jacobs: Please, Daddy.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: FBI!
Ashley Seaver: My father once told me the best day of his life was the day he got arrested, because he could finally stop.
Drew Jacobs: Do you hate him?
[Seaver gives her head a subtle shake]
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Drop the knife.
Heather Jacobs: Daddy!
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Drop the knife!
Heather Jacobs: Daddy!
Drew Jacobs: I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry.
[walks toward Hotch]

"Criminal Minds: A Higher Power (#3.15)" (2008)
Aaron Hotchner: I need a favor.
David Rossi: Of course.
Aaron Hotchner: I need some personal time, no more than a day.
David Rossi: Take all the time you need.
Aaron Hotchner: [about his divorce from Haley] I need to talk to Jack. I've lost her, but I'm not gonna lose him. I need to try to... tell him what's going on. I don't know how much he's going to understand, but...
David Rossi: All he needs to understand is that you love him.

David Rossi: How'd it go with Jack?
Aaron Hotchner: I just told him that I wasn't going to be around as much.
David Rossi: How'd he take it?
Aaron Hotchner: He gave me a hug, and he said that everything was gonna be all right.
David Rossi: Smart kid. Like his dad.

"Criminal Minds: Hashtag (#10.7)" (2014)
Kate Callahan: What's his end game?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Fame
[together with JJ]
Jennifer Jareau: Fear
[together with Spencer]
Aaron Hotchner: Probably both, he is a sadist and he is enjoying the panic he is creating.

Aaron Hotchner: Where were you between the hours of 10 and midnight last night?
Charles Lorne: At home, with Trixie... my Chihuahua
Aaron Hotchner: Can anyone corroborate your story?
Charles Lorne: Trixie can

"Criminal Minds: Solitary Man (#5.17)" (2010)
Sheriff Sanders: Listen, I appreciate you guys coming down here, but I only got one body
Aaron Hotchner: Which we believe is the work of a serial killer
Sheriff Sanders: Well, then it has to be more than one to be a series?

David Rossi: His first victim was Erica Joy from Lexington, South Carolina. She disappeared from a truck stop
Aaron Hotchner: What did she do for a living?
David Rossi: According to her rap sheet, every one she could
Sheriff Sanders: So she's a lot lizard. It's a name they give prostitutes who hang around truck stops

"Criminal Minds: Lockdown (#10.16)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] "When the prison doors are opened, the real dragon will fly out" - Ho Chi Minh

Aaron Hotchner: We need to complete our profiles, the answer's in there! How much time do you need?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Uh... 126 minutes, approximately

"Criminal Minds: Supply and Demand (#6.24)" (2011)
Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] Thomas Hardy wrote: "And yet to every bad there is a worse"

David Rossi: What is it, kid?
Ashley Seaver: We only rescued seven victims today. What about the rest of these?
David Rossi: It never ends.
Derek Morgan: But today, I think we did good.
David Rossi: Yeah, we did.
Penelope Garcia: Yeah, if we weren't so exhausted I would toast us.
Aaron Hotchner: [Hotch comes in] Good work, everybody. Go home and get some rest. Nobody needs to come in until nine... Thirty.
[Hotch leaves]
Penelope Garcia: We were supposed to talk... Has he ever left before us?
Derek Morgan: Baby girl, I don't blame him. It's been a long-ass day.
Penelope Garcia: Well, you heard the man.
David Rossi: Go home.

"Criminal Minds: Riding the Lightning (#1.14)" (2006)
Jacob Dawes: And who are you?
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: My friends call me J.J.
Jacob Dawes: [standing up] Well, hel...
Aaron Hotchner: Sit down.
[Dawes doesn't move]
Aaron Hotchner: Sit down.
Jacob Dawes: [sitting down] Hello, J.J.
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: You're not my friend. You can call me Jennifer.

Aaron Hotchner: How many others are there?
Jacob Dawes: I only have a few hours left and though I like you and I do like you, I'd like to be alone now. Good meeting you, Hotch
Aaron Hotchner: I'm not done yet!
Jacob Dawes: Oh, me neither!

"Criminal Minds: Conflicted (#4.20)" (2009)
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: National media's picked up on the story. We're gonna need to make a statement when we land.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: We want to make people aware without obviously causing panic.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Stress hyper-vigilance, the whole buddy system. Yeah, I'm all over it. I just don't think anyone's gonna listen.
Dr. Spencer Reid: What do you mean?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Come on, drunk college students don't exactly want to hear they shouldn't talk to strangers.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Right.
[goes to sit]
Emily Prentiss: [to Garcia on the webcam] Was there any DNA left on the scene?
Penelope Garcia: Uh, yeah. Too *much* DNA. This portion of The Garcia Show will be brought to you by the letter "I" for icky. The lab has recovered over a hundred different trace samples as multiple guests create a cesspool of DNA. Also, there is no way to determine the exact time of "secretion" or to eliminate anyone actually working at the hotel.

Derek Morgan: Where are we?
David Rossi: Honestly? Nowhere. We just watched our two most viable suspects walk out the door.
Emily Prentiss: If Adam isn't our unsub, he has all the makings to become one someday.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Reid?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Tell me the question that he spiked under in the polygraph.
Derek Morgan: It was a control question to set the baseline.
Dr. Spencer Reid: It was a geometric equation?
Derek Morgan: Reid, I really think he was just intimidated. He tried, he got it wrong, but he wasn't supposed to know the answer anyway.
Dr. Spencer Reid: What if he lied? What if... what if he knew the answer to the question but intentionally got it wrong?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Why would he do that?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Because he realized that he wouldn't know that answer.
Derek Morgan: You're losing me, kid.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Adam said he wasn't getting any rest. He takes midday naps because he's always exhausted. He has a history of blackouts, reclusive behavior, prolonged repeated abuse suffered at the hands of a dominant male who transferred abuse from his female spouse to his prepubescent child.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Where are you going with this?
Dr. Spencer Reid: What if our ubsub couple isn't a couple at all?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Dissociative identity disorder.
David Rossi: You think Adam's a multiple personality?
Emily Prentiss: Well, it fits. Recurrent physical abuse, knowledge he shouldn't have. We've seen this before.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Look at this. All right? The-the first intervention is timid. It's apprehensive, right? But then he gets knocked down... there's a moment of calm, and then his entire body language changes. I saw this exact same transformation when Adam left the station, only it wasn't rage, it was, uh... arrogance. Like... like the alter ego wanted me to know.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Why?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I don't know. Power, control. All I know is the person that stared me down over there was not Adam. He's not assertive like that. He doesn't make eye contact.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: So you think the stress of the interrogation blurred the line between Adam and his alter personality?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I think the unsub surfaced for just a moment. It-it-it knew the answer to the question, realized Adam wouldn't, and lied.

"Criminal Minds: Nanny Dearest (#8.21)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening, voiceover] "Children are educated by what the grownup is and not by his talk." - Carl Jung

Aaron Hotchner: [Phone rings] What have you got, Garcia?
Penelope Garcia: What I've got is a promotion coming, 'cause damn I am good!

"Criminal Minds: The Sandman (#11.17)" (2016)
Aaron Hotchner: Ronnie Brewer is still missing. Both parents' eyes were filled with sand and glued shut.
David Rossi: Mr. Sandman, bring me a nightmare.

Aaron Hotchner: We're looking for a family annihilator. We believe he's a white male in his early to mid thirties. He is intelligent, well-organized, and meticulous.
David Rossi: Family annihilators are often quick and ruthless, but this unsub prolongs the suffering of his victims.
Dr. Tara Lewis: He appears to kill in stages. First the father, then the mother, and finally the child.
Derek Morgan: The mother seems to be the primary target of the unsub's rage. She is forced to endure a sense of helplessness for up to an hour while her child is in danger.
Sgt. Natalie Whitfield: So we're dealing with a sadist?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yes, but not sadism as we typically think of it. Despite the savagery of the attacks, the killer does not derive gratification from inflicting pain; it's from observing the panic in his victims. The sadism is psychological.
Derek Morgan: Something may have happened in the unsub's childhood where he felt unprotected. Perhaps his own mother turned a blind eye to a real or perceived danger.
Aaron Hotchner: And this could explain the ritual of placing sand and glue in the parents' eyes, symbolically blinding them as punishment.
Dr. Tara Lewis: Ellie Zumwalt survived her injuries, and this may discourage this unsub and make him more cautious.
David Rossi: Or have the opposite effect. It could infuriate him and spur him to attack again soon with increased violence.

"Criminal Minds: The Big Wheel (#4.22)" (2009)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quotation, voiceover] "In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." - Francis Bacon.

Aaron Hotchner: Also put together a go-bag. If we get any more of these films, I want you on the ground taking point. Is that ok with you?
Penelope Garcia: Yes, sir! Excellent, ok
[turns around and walks out of the room, talks to herself]
Penelope Garcia: Go-bag. I don't have a go-bag!

"Criminal Minds: Lo-Fi (#3.20)" (2008)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote, voiceover] Voltaire said "The man visited by ecstasies and visions who takes dreams for realities is an enthusiast. The man who supports his madness with murder is a fanatic."

Aaron Hotchner: Can I ask you a question? When was the last time you went home and got some sleep?
Kate Joyner: None of us are going to sleep until this is over

"Criminal Minds: Profiling 101 (#7.22)" (2012)
[first lines]
Aaron Hotchner: Morning.
David Rossi: Oh, hey. Morning.
Aaron Hotchner: Everyone's gathered. We're all ready if you are.
David Rossi: Yeah, let's do it.
Aaron Hotchner: You need that?
David Rossi: Listen, Aaron. Thanks for letting me set this up, but the whole team really didn't need to be here. I'm the one that owed the favor.
Aaron Hotchner: Everyone insisted. How you doing?
David Rossi: Sorry, what?
Aaron Hotchner: You okay?
David Rossi: Oh, yeah, yeah. No, I'm great. I'm good. I'll meet you over there in a minute, okay?

David Rossi: [San Francisco, 1997] Excuse me, I'm looking for the case agent.
Aaron Hotchner: That would be me. Agent Rossi, I'm Agent Hotchner, Seattle division. We spoke on the phone. I inherited the case from Agent Bidwell. Thanks for coming so quickly.
David Rossi: Yeah, I hopped the first flight from Dulles. Came straight from the airport.
Aaron Hotchner: That's a long trip.
David Rossi: With bad food.
Aaron Hotchner: Let me show you what we found. A jogger discovered the first body dumped in the bushes about 30 yards over the road here. The M. E. said that she'd been there almost a month.

"Criminal Minds: Open Season (#2.21)" (2007)
Emily Prentiss: It looks like they were out there for a long time before they were killed.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: At least six or seven days.
Derek Morgan: What happened in that week?
Penelope Garcia: I don't wanna to know.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Look at they way they're dressed. They didn't voluntarily go into the woods like that.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Yeah, neither did this man. Found yesterday with similar wounds. There's still no ID.
Penelope Garcia: Okay, so I'm gonna look for missing persons in Washington.
Jason Gideon: Look everywhere. We don't know where this victim came from. We only know where he ended up.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Kills both males and females.
Aaron Hotchner: Victims were found with their clothes on. No degradation, no experimentation. Doesn't look like he's interested in either.
Emily Prentiss: A serial killer with no sexual preference?
Dr. Spencer Reid: That'd be a first.
Aaron Hotchner: Broken nose, and bark's embedded in his face. Looks like he ran into a tree.
Derek Morgan: Now how do you miss a huge tree?
Aaron Hotchner: Too busy looking behind you.
Dr. Spencer Reid: None of these are defensive wounds.
Emily Prentiss: Courtney Jacobs' hands are torn up.
Derek Morgan: Shane Everett's only got one shoe on. It's like he ran out of the other one.
Aaron Hotchner: He sustained numerous injuries and just kept going.
Jason Gideon: Only one thing you run that hard for. Your life.

Penelope Garcia: And before you asked, of course I've already sent you the addresses to your handheld
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, you're the man!
Penelope Garcia: Oh no! You're the man!

"Criminal Minds: Devil's Backbone (#11.21)" (2016)
Aaron Hotchner: What happened to your baby, Antonia?
Antonia Slade: I can't tell you that. But as a reward for being so clever, I will tell you this: there's a storm coming, Agent Hotchner, and you're about to be swept away.

Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] "Don't you know, there comes a midnight hour, when everyone has to take off his mask?" - Søren Kierkegaard

"Criminal Minds: Reflection of Desire (#6.8)" (2010)
Aaron Hotchner: I sent Morgan and Prentiss.
David Rossi: Only one victim?
Aaron Hotchner: It's what he did to her that concerns me. Morgan sent these, also late last night. He and Prentiss are waiting in the district.
Dr. Spencer Reid: The body seems posed. Left arm raised. Oh, that's first. I see your concern.
Penelope Garcia: What?
Dr. Spencer Reid: A photo wasn't all he took.
Penelope Garcia: Reid, what?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Her lips have been removed.
Penelope Garcia: Oh, my God.
David Rossi: Maybe a trophy.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Maybe he ate them?
Penelope Garcia: Okay, now I have that memory burned in my mind for the rest of my life.
Dr. Spencer Reid: You asked.

Dr. Spencer Reid: This building has three exits, north, south and west. You're here to target a woman, but you don't want to attract attention.
Aaron Hotchner: Well, standing in the middle, gawking at passing women, would certainly attract attention. Like you're doing now.
Dr. Spencer Reid: What's that?
Emily Prentiss: Just like that. IQ of 187 is slashed to 60.

"Criminal Minds: JJ (#6.2)" (2010)
Aaron Hotchner: Strauss wanted you to fill this out.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Exit interview. A-are you kidding me?
Aaron Hotchner: She's big on procedure. Just be honest. I was hoping I could do something about this. And I'm sorry I couldn't.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: I know.
[looking out at the rest of the team in the bullpen]
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: How am I supposed to tell them I'm leaving when I don't want to go?
Aaron Hotchner: The brass is really, really good at taking power away. It makes them feel like they're in charge.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: That sounds like a profile.
Aaron Hotchner: You're gonna be much better off than any of us, you know that? I'll miss you.

Derek Morgan: Hotch, we can't lose her.
Aaron Hotchner: Strauss thinks we're all replaceable. I went over her head to try to explain that we're not.

"Criminal Minds: Brothers in Arms (#4.10)" (2008)
Aaron Hotchner: The shooter established what we call a signature. Something he did during the murders that wasn't actually necessary. Not part of his m.o., but identical in every attack.

Aaron Hotchner: So you have arrested the wrong person?
Commander Marks: I brought in a viable suspect for questioning! I had to do something!

"Criminal Minds: Somebody's Watching (#1.18)" (2006)
Aaron Hotchner: With this unsub, we're looking at a compound profile: a Type-4 delusional assassin with an erotomanic fixation on the actress Lila Archer.
Derek Morgan: Erotomanics are a form of stalker who possess the delusional belief that another person, usually of a higher social status, is in love with them.
Elle Greenaway: In the United States, at any given time, there are over 200,000 people being stalked. Our unsub is having a fantasy love affair with Lila Archer, the way John Hinckley did with Jodie Foster.
Aaron Hotchner: Ms. Archer was not aware of her stalker until yesterday. He wasn't trying to impress her. He was more likely an unwanted, very violent guardian angel.
Jason Gideon: When the stalker feels as if they've been in some way betrayed by their love object, this often leads to violence against the target.
Dr. Spencer Reid: In the case of John Robert Bardo, when actress Rebecca Schaeffer took a role where she had to have a sexual relationship with another character, it was enough to force him to snap and seek her out to kill her.
Aaron Hotchner: Though stalkers can be either male or female, it's most likely we're looking for a single male, a loner, in his late twenties to early forties, very intelligent, with ample time to follow his victim and study her habits.
Dr. Spencer Reid: As of yet, the unsub has not directed any violence towards Ms. Archer. But he has shifted his focus from those around her to her directly.
Jason Gideon: This doesn't preclude the fact that anyone who has the vaguest association with Ms. Archer is a potential target.

Elle Greenaway: From all the evidence that we've gathered, we believe you're looking for a type 4 assassin
Detective Owen Kim: Type 4?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Type 1's are political assassins, like John Wilkes Booth. Type 2's are egocentric looking for simple recognition
Aaron Hotchner: Type 3's are psychopaths, cold blooded killers who leave far messier scenes. And type 4, our unsub, suffers from a major mental disorder and as frequently delusional

"Criminal Minds: Corazon (#6.12)" (2011)
Penelope Garcia: Attention, intrepid BAU adventurers. The land of Bermuda shorts, white leisure suits, and Sansabelt slacks requests your presence.
David Rossi: Vegas?
Derek Morgan: Arizona?
Emily Prentiss: Palm Springs?
Aaron Hotchner: Please.
Penelope Garcia: I was going to say Miami, but point well made about the dizzying number of locales with unfortunate fashion tendencies. Here we go.

Aaron Hotchner: Reid? Anything helpful?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yeah. Yeah... The Afro-Caribbean syncretic religions began when slaves mixed their traditional religions with Catholicism in order to camouflage them. The elements in this altar look to me like Santeria. It's a Yoruban-based religion developed in Cuba. Practitioners worship Orishas, deities that roughly correspond with Catholic saints.
Derek Morgan: And what about the shells?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Let's see. This is Ellegua, the deity of the crossroads, a trickster and the impartial enforcer of justice.
Ashley Seaver: So, is the UnSub sacrificing the victims to him?
Dr. Spencer Reid: None of these religions openly call for human sacrifice, only animals.

"Criminal Minds: The Perfect Storm (#2.3)" (2006)
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Philosopher Khalil Gibran wrote, "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars."

Elle Greenaway: Dominant one is the mastermind. That's not to say that the submissive partner is in any way pure or innocent in this exchange.
Jason Gideon: If their criminal desire wasn't present, their partnership wouldn't work.
Derek Morgan: The offenders share a common delusion. It's one that you and I would never accept, but it's this bond that justifies their actions.
Detective Robert Portillo: So we're looking for two sick minds who complete each other.
Dr. Spencer Reid: It's kind of like the perfect storm. Once these deviant personalities collide, they're deadly and unstoppable.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Like the D.C. snipers or the Columbine assassins. Sometimes they've met in childhood. Other times, they can be related, like the Hillside Stranglers, Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, psychopathic cousins who terrorized women in Los Angeles. The dominant partner makes the submissive one feel invincible. That's his reward for doing as he's told. Unfortunately, there are countless opportunities for these twisted minds to meet. And once they've pulled off their vicious acts, the two accept this as common behavior and become bored with normal activity. They live only for their new reality. They're obsessed with it, addicted to it. And there's a fierce loyalty between the two. The submissive one, however, is usually less intelligent and easier to catch, and once caught, he is easier to turn.
Jason Gideon: Lack of remorse increases their aggressiveness. Sexual sadists will stop when they're caught.

"Criminal Minds: The Good Earth (#8.5)" (2012)
Aaron Hotchner: [Picks up his mobile] Go ahead, Garcia
Penelope Garcia: I just hit the trifacta, but with two things instead of three. What's that? A bifecta?
David Rossi: Exacta! What do you got?
Penelope Garcia: Well, that's just... Anyway, uh, two missing vehicles, not missing any more!

Aaron Hotchner: Blake, you and Morgan go talk to the families of the victims, see if there's something that links them that's not on paper. Dave and I will go to the abduction site. Reid, you and JJ go to Terry Rodgers' cabin. He's the one we know least about. Maybe he made himself obscure for a reason.

"Criminal Minds: 'Til Death Do Us Part (#11.3)" (2015)
David Rossi: I married the third ex-Mrs. Rossi at a drive-in wedding chapel in Las Vegas. I had an Elvis impersonator perform the ceremony.
Dr. Tara Lewis: [snickering] You're kidding.
Aaron Hotchner: Wait for it.
David Rossi: I'm playing 21. I've got a streak going, I can't lose even if I try. Krystall's the dealer; one thing leads to another... I should have known it wouldn't last. Krystall spelled her name with a "K" and two "L"s. We sobered up the next morning, the divorce was... was just as quick. I'll never make that mistake again.
Derek Morgan: What, getting married or having the King of rock and roll as your justice of the peace?
David Rossi: Both.
[in an Elvis impression]
David Rossi: Thank you very much.

Aaron Hotchner: Giuseppe Montolo has refused our latest request to talk to him. He told the warden to tell us he's too busy
Penelope Garcia: He's a hitman in prison! How busy can he be?

"Criminal Minds: The Fisher King: Part 1 (#1.22)" (2006)
[the team has two weeks of vacation time]
Aaron Hotchner: Haley's got a list of chores a mile long, and I can't wait. The biggest decision I've gotta make is what I'm gonna do first.

Haley Hotchner: What you're looking at?
Aaron Hotchner: "Reflections", 1987
Haley Hotchner: Oh boy
Aaron Hotchner: I remember the day I got this. It was the end of my junior year, I was walking down the hall and I accidentally walked into a theater club rehearsal. And I saw you
Haley Hotchner: Hm, mm
Aaron Hotchner: And I knew I was going to marry you!
Haley Hotchner: Oh
Aaron Hotchner: And I went home that night and I look you up... Haley Brook, 10th grade
Haley Hotchner: Oh! My hair!
Aaron Hotchner: And I thought: how could I have missed you for two years? So the next day I knew I had to meet you, so I went in and joined the theater club. And that's how I was in "The Pirates of the Pezance" as the worst 4th pirate in the history
Haley Hotchner: Aaron?
Aaron Hotchner: Hm?
Haley Hotchner: Keep the hat!
Aaron Hotchner: Okay

"Criminal Minds: Foundation (#7.18)" (2012)
Aaron Hotchner: Detective, I'm agent Hotcher
Detective Perez: Detective Perez
Aaron Hotchner: This is Dr. Reid
Detective Perez: I thought your team was bigger
Dr. Spencer Reid: The rest are following other leads

David Rossi: How are Morgan and JJ doing with the boy?
Aaron Hotchner: He's so traumatized, he can't even speak.

"Criminal Minds: Magnificent Light (#8.9)" (2012)
Derek Morgan: [Picks up his mobile] Hey Garcia, you're on speaker. What do you got?
Penelope Garcia: The 4-double-1 on Barry Flynn. Hey, has anyone been listening to his "Unlimited Courage", 'cause it's pretty amazing! I've just finished the first CD and I've already signed up for kickboxing class and I'm painting a wall in my apartment white, which is a risky color in my world
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia!
Penelope Garcia: Oh, Sorry!

Jennifer Jareau: While we initially thought Barry Flynn might be a suspect, it turns out we're looking for one of his followers. An unsub who suffers from erotomania. He's obsessed with Flynn, his latest abductee, and he may believe that Flynn's also in love with him.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Erotomania has very little to do with sex. It's a romantic or spiritual connection that erotomanics crave. Victims of the delusion tend to be from a higher social status and have done very little to stimulate or encourage such a belief.
David Rossi: In fact, it's likely the unsub and Barry Flynn have had no previous contact. His infatuation probably began from afar, considering Flynn's celebrity status.
Alex Blake: The patience required to commit his crimes makes us believe he's a male in his late thirties to forties, who is single and socially immature. He's a loner with poor social skills.
Derek Morgan: And although he is capable of holding down a job, he most likely neglects his duties to focus on his obsession. This is a guy who spends much of his time living in his delusional fantasy world, and he may have been tracking Flynn for quite some time.
Aaron Hotchner: And with erotomania, the most likely recipient of violence is the person standing in the way of the desired object.
Alex Blake: It's possible the unsub witnessed an interaction between his two first victims and Flynn, killing them in a jealous rage.
Jennifer Jareau: Another possibility is that the unsub killed them to prove his devotion.
Dr. Spencer Reid: The weapon used had a ceremonial quality to it, which means the unsub probably views these victims as sacrifices, and the messages he is leaving may be meant for Flynn.
Derek Morgan: In his head, he may believe that he's already involved in a personal relationship with Flynn. And now that Flynn is under his control, the situation is especially precarious.
David Rossi: If the unsub is under the delusion that Flynn also cares about him, then any misstep by Flynn that contradicts that belief could lead to more victims, or even Flynn's own murder to prove they have a special bond.
Aaron Hotchner: And with each passing hour, it's increasingly unlikely that Flynn will be able to match the unsub's expectations for him, so we must act quickly. Thank you.

"Criminal Minds: Internal Affairs (#11.9)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] "The enemy is within the gates. It is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend"- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Aaron Hotchner: Am I right? You're doing all right?
Penelope Garcia: Well, uh, I don't really have a choice, do I?
Aaron Hotchner: No
Penelope Garcia: Well, then yes. I am hunky dorky, I am

"Criminal Minds: What Fresh Hell? (#1.12)" (2006)
Dr. Spencer Reid: Long-term stranger abductions of children Billie's age are rare. They represent only half of one percent of all missing cases per year. But they are usually more likely to be fatal. Of the children that are abducted and murdered, 44% die within the first hour. From that point forth, their odds of survival greatly decrease. 75% are gone after three hours. Virtually all of them are dead after twenty-four.
Aaron Hotchner: Which means we have just under four hours to find her.

Jason Gideon: Hey, Hotch.
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah?
Jason Gideon: Did you send flowers to that tech room girl, Garcia, and say they were from me?
Aaron Hotchner: Yeah.
Jason Gideon: Why?
Aaron Hotchner: Jason, people need to know that they're important, and sometimes you forget that.
Jason Gideon: Well, I already sent her a gift. An mp3 player. They last longer. Unless you drop it or the battery dies, whichever comes first.

"Criminal Minds: Fear and Loathing (#2.16)" (2007)
Aaron Hotchner: The suspect we're looking for is a black male, statistically between the ages of 20 and 35. We know he's black because of his victims. Sexually motivated killers almost always kill within their own race.
Derek Morgan: The victims he's chosen are good girls. They're good students. No behavioral problems. They're what we call "low-risk".
Emily Prentiss: And the lower the risk of the victim, the higher the intelligence of the unsub.
Jason Gideon: Guy's a smooth talker. Makes people feel at ease. Gains their confidence. You'd be amazed what these guys can talk people into.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Jeffrey Dahmer was once pulled over by police officers for driving over the center line. He'd a garbage bag full of body parts in the back seat of his car, but he was so calm and so self-assured that he convinced the officers not to look in the bag. He then went on to kill at least fifteen more people.
Aaron Hotchner: This guy's a hustler. He may not have a lot of education, but he knows how to trick impressionable young girls. Victor Paleologus used to trawl shopping malls pretending to be a movie producer. He told Kristi Johnson he could get her an audition for a James Bond movie. And that was the last time she was ever seen alive. We think because all these girls are singers, that the unsub may be connected in some way to the recording industry.
Derek Morgan: We know the unsub has a vehicle. Big enough to transport a body. It's clean. It's not too old. Nice enough to make a girl feel comfortable inside, but it's not flashy. This is not a guy who wants to attract attention to himself.
Aaron Hotchner: Probably a large, dark sedan.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: We recommend putting this profile on the news, the paper, anywhere it might be seen by the people in this county.
Derek Morgan: This guy's ruse didn't work on everybody. Somewhere out there is at least one woman who didn't fall for his game, and... that's who we need to find.
Aaron Hotchner: The key to this unsub's psychology is the souvenir he takes. We don't know what it is yet, but we know that once he has it, his victim then becomes disposable, and that's when he kills her.
Jason Gideon: The unsub's ritual was interrupted when he killed Sandra Davis. We don't believe he was able to take a souvenir from her. We think he may revisit her house or any place she may have frequented.
Aaron Hotchner: We recommend surveillance in locations where the unsub might approach young girls. Churches, high schools, libraries, coffee shops.
Jason Gideon: Stick with the community. The people of this county should be able to offer some good leads.

Aaron Hotchner: The point of hate crimes is to increase publicity, not decrease it. It's like terrorism.

"Criminal Minds: Anonymous (#10.12)" (2015)
Penelope Garcia: She passed away two hours ago
Aaron Hotchner: But she hasn't been transferred to the ME yet, has she?
Penelope Garcia: I don't know how you know that, but no, she hasn't! If you give me a nanosecond I will tell you why that that is... It's because...
Aaron Hotchner: Because her organs are being recovered
Penelope Garcia: Because her organs are being recovered. Sir, you frequently amaze me a little, but sometimes you amaze me a lot!

Aaron Hotchner: No, but as we all know, there is some truths the brain refuses to process

"Criminal Minds: Identity (#3.7)" (2007)
Robert Miller: The guy that took my wife... he took the other missing women, didn't he? He's a serial killer, that's why you're here?
Aaron Hotchner: No, we're here to help you find your wife.
Robert Miller: You do believe she's alive?
Aaron Hotchner: Unless I have evidence to the contrary, I very much consider her to be alive.

David Rossi: There are some very committed people in those parts
Aaron Hotchner: Who love their fire power
David Rossi: Almost as much as they hate us

"Criminal Minds: The Performer (#5.7)" (2009)
Emily Prentiss: It never ceases to amaze me how dark obsession can get.
David Rossi: And with a pop star? I mean, I was obsessed with the Rat Pack, but I wouldn't have killed for Frank or Dean.
Aaron Hotchner: No, you just drank whiskey and smoked cigars.
David Rossi: Oh, and this coming from the man whose favorite record is the Beatles' 'White Album'.
Aaron Hotchner: Just because Manson hijacked it doesn't have to ruin it for the rest of us.
Dr. Spencer Reid: That's why I stick to Beethoven. There's no chance of guilt by association.
Emily Prentiss: Well, yeah? Have you ever seen a movie called "A Clockwork Orange"?
Dr. Spencer Reid: [shaking his head] Mm-mmm.
[the rest of the team snickers with laughter]

Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: So, they've already set up a task force in Los Angeles
David Rossi: This isn't their first serial case
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: You remember detective Owen Kim?
Aaron Hotchner: From the stalker case
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Yeah, you remember that case, don't you Spence?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I do remember that case
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Yeah, ever talked to, uhm, Lila anymore?
Dr. Spencer Reid: You know, we should probably focus on this case right now. It's a little more pertinet

"Criminal Minds: Pay It Forward (#8.19)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: [closing, voiceover] "There is no present or future, only the past happening over and over again now." - Eugene O'Neill

Aaron Hotchner: Any idea what Charlie was doing in the area where he was found? It's fairly remote.
Sheriff Bob Collier: Charlie liked to hunt. No... no law against that last I checked.
Aaron Hotchner: Sheriff, I'm not being antagonistic. We're here to help you.
Sheriff Bob Collier: No, you're right. I'm sorry, I just, uh... you know those stages of grief you're supposed to go through? Shock, denial, whatever. Well, I skipped past all that and went straight to anger. That's where I am, and that is where I'm gonna stay until we get the son of a bitch who did this.

"Criminal Minds: Snake Eyes (#7.13)" (2012)
Aaron Hotchner: [voiceover] A Chinese proverb says, "At the gambling table, there are no fathers and sons."

Aaron Hotchner: So, we're looking for a gambler
Emily Prentiss: A gambler in Atlantic City! That narrows the field

"Criminal Minds: Lauren (#6.18)" (2011)
Derek Morgan: She threw a flash bang grenade into a car, she's lucky the three people inside didn't die. Is anybody else bothered by that?
David Rossi: Well, three bad guys.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Illegal as it is, I think Prentiss knows she has to be as ruthless as Doyle.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He's come to the US to wage a public vendetta and hired a group of mercenaries to remain loyal to him. He has nothing to lose, so she has to act the same way.

Dr. Spencer Reid: It's another spy whose cover is LR.
Emily Prentiss: [in Reid's flashback] Lauren Reynolds is dead.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Lauren Reynolds is dead.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: What?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Lauren Reynolds is dead. Prentiss said that on a phone call 17 days ago. But her intonation wasn't surprise or grief. It was like a mantra, like she was reminding herself. Lauren Reynolds, LR.
Derek Morgan: She left her badge and gun? Why would she do that?
Dr. Spencer Reid: That doesn't make sense. Why run? We're her family. We can help.
David Rossi: Doyle's killing families. She's not married, not close to relatives. He was ready to wipe us out. She ran to protect us.

"Criminal Minds: Amelia Porter (#10.10)" (2014)
David Rossi: I don't get it, why didn't you say anything?
Aaron Hotchner: It didn't come up
David Rossi: Hello! We're not talking about switching to decaf. You and Beth broke up!
Aaron Hotchner: Dave...
David Rossi: I have a 20 year old bottle of Scotch that could drown your sorrows in!

Celine Destin: Hello, thanks for the bottle of champagne! Bartender told me you send it
David Rossi: So much for being a secret admirer
Celine Destin: I am Celine Destin. This is my friend Audrey Hanson
David Rossi: David Rossi and my friend Aaron Hotchner
Aaron Hotchner: Hi, how do you do?
Audrey Hansen: Hi
Aaron Hotchner: Nice to meet you.
Celine Destin: Hi
Aaron Hotchner: Hi, how are you?
Celine Destin: Strong silent types
Audrey Hansen: Yeah
Celine Destin: Intelligent, honest eyes, so you're not politicians
[both women laugh]
Audrey Hansen: FBI?
David Rossi: Wow, you two could be profilers
Celine Destin: Well, Audry practically is! I mean she's in marketing

"Criminal Minds: Memoriam (#4.7)" (2008)
Penelope Garcia: Oh, Will he looks just like you.
Detective William LaMontagne Jr.: Let's hope he grows out of that.
Emily Prentiss: Just as long as he doesn't inherit the accent.
Dr. Spencer Reid: [from outside the door] Is there room for one more in here?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Spence, hi.
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [to Reid as he enters] Welcome back.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Thanks.
[looks at Henry]
Dr. Spencer Reid: Wow.
[to Will, extending his hand]
Dr. Spencer Reid: Congratulations.
Detective William LaMontagne Jr.: [takes Reid's hand] Thank you.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: [to Reid] How is it that I just went through 15 hours of labor and... you look worse than I do?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Don't be ridiculous. You look beautiful.
Detective William LaMontagne Jr.: Well I could sure use some coffee. Anyone else?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: Sure.
Detective William LaMontagne Jr.: My treat.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: [after Will, Hotch, Prentiss and Garcia leave; to Reid] You okay?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Wow. Yeah, yeah.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: You sure? Because there's something I wanted to ask you, but, it can wait.
Dr. Spencer Reid: What is it?
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Will and I were talking and... we want you to be Henry's Godfather.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I don't - I mean, I don't know...
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Here. You wanna hold him. It's okay.
[hands Henry to Reid]
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Watch his head.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Hi. Hello Henry.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: If anything happens to us, it's up to you and Garcia to make sure this boy gets into Yale.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Ooh. Yale. Yale! Do you wanna go to Yale, Henry? That was your Godfather's safety school.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Don't worry, I can get you into Cal Tech with one phone call.

Dr. Spencer Reid: What did you find?
Penelope Garcia: Well, let me tell you first what I didn't find: no kiddy porn, no membership to illicit websites, no dubious emails, no chat room history
Dr. Spencer Reid: What about his finances?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: We went back 10 years, no questionable transaction that we can find
Emily Prentiss: Well, he did buy a ticket to see Celine Dion 6 month ago, but I think we can overlook that

"Criminal Minds: Mayhem (#4.1)" (2008)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote, voiceover] "Never think that war, no matter how necessary nor how justified, is not a crime." - Ernest Hemingway.

Derek Morgan: I'm your ride.
Aaron Hotchner: I thought Agent Davis was driving me.
Derek Morgan: She was. I had her re-assigned.
Aaron Hotchner: Don't you have something better to do?
Derek Morgan: Than to annoy you for three hours? Hell no.

"Criminal Minds: Fatal (#9.22)" (2014)
David Rossi: [Entering Hotch's office] As my dear mother used to say, a penny for your thoughts.
Aaron Hotchner: Hey. Jack asked me to speak to his class about being an FBI agent. They're having career day.
David Rossi: Sounds like fun. Come on, every day you strap on the six-shooter and go after the bad guys. The kids'll love it.
Aaron Hotchner: Oh, I know. and I'm glad he asked. It just, I'm a little worried about it because I don't want it to end up being difficult for him.
David Rossi: Because of what happened to Hailey.
Aaron Hotchner: One of the bad guys killed his mom. And he's doing fine and we talk about it some, but I just don't want this to end up hurting him.
David Rossi: You're a good dad, Aaron. And I know you're doing everything you can to help him. And I also know you'll make the right decision about this, whatever it is.
Aaron Hotchner: Thanks

Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] A proverb states: "He that is born to be hanged, will never be drowned"

"Criminal Minds: Drive (#11.12)" (2016)
Aaron Hotchner: [closing quotation] "A man's very highest moment is, I have no doubt at all, when he kneels in the dust and beats his breast, and tells all the sins of his life." - Oscar Wilde.

"Criminal Minds: Hit (#7.23)" (2012)
Derek Morgan: Tactical's been deployed, snipers are moving into position.
Erin Strauss: The director's ordered a full tactical assault.
Derek Morgan: His last orders cost us an agent.
Detective William LaMontagne Jr.: SWAT's getting itchy fingers.
Aaron Hotchner: Well, you remind SWAT that bank robberies are federal jurisdiction. No one fires until they're ordered to.
Detective William LaMontagne Jr.: Right.
Aaron Hotchner: All right, when the crossfire starts, what's gonna happen to the hostages caught in the middle?
David Rossi: That's the wrong call, Erin, and you know it.
Erin Strauss: It's not my call.
Aaron Hotchner: You're here and you're in charge.
Erin Strauss: So, you want me to disobey the director?
David Rossi: Yes.
Aaron Hotchner: No. I just want you to buy us a little time. Don't be quite so efficient.
Erin Strauss: Whatever you're gonna do, do it fast.
Aaron Hotchner: All right.

"Criminal Minds: The Thirteenth Step (#6.13)" (2011)
Dr. Spencer Reid: You know, what if they really are struggling with sobriety? If they're really working the program, they could be working on the hardest steps.
Aaron Hotchner: Which are?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Seven, eight and nine. Acknowledge your shortcomings, accept responsibility, and make amends. The trouble is, these UnSubs already broke one of the most important steps.
Derek Morgan: What's that?
Dr. Spencer Reid: The 13th step. Members aren't supposed to enter relationships with each other while trying to get sober.

"Criminal Minds: Lucky (#3.8)" (2007)
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: So killer satanic cults don't exist, but satanic serial killers do?
David Rossi: 'Lasciate ogne speranza voi ch'intrate'
[walks out the door]
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Huh, thanks for clearing that up
Dr. Spencer Reid: Eh, it's from Dante's Inferno: abandon hope all he who enter here
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: So that was a "yes"?
Aaron Hotchner: A big "yes"

"Criminal Minds: Awake (#11.8)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: You'll be here and an agent will be assigned until further notice
Penelope Garcia: This is horrible
Aaron Hotchner: Witness protection wanted to move you to another state, I convinced them that you would be saver here
Penelope Garcia: Thank you for that. Okay, I need to go home, making my creature comfort things
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia! This starts now
Penelope Garcia: What do you...? What about Sergio? I have plants, I need to water
Aaron Hotchner: Make a list and I'll send someone to pick up whatever you need
Penelope Garcia: [Starts writing, hands over the list] Wait
[draws hand back and adds more to the list, hands over again]
Penelope Garcia: Thank you. Oh
[draws had back and adds even more]
Penelope Garcia: Oh... who's getting this stuff?
Aaron Hotchner: Anderson
Penelope Garcia: [Starts scratching from the list] He can't see that! But I really need it...
[adds it back to the list]

"Criminal Minds: Strange Fruit (#9.9)" (2013)
Jennifer Jareau: [Hotch is watching Rossi's interrogation] How's he doing?
Aaron Hotchner: I think he's making progress.
Jennifer Jareau: I'm surprised none of them have lawyered up yet.
Aaron Hotchner: Tina and Lyle haven't because they know that they're innocent. Charles is a sociopath. He thinks he can talk his way out of it.

"Criminal Minds: The Bond (#11.13)" (2016)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quotation] "The heart of a mother is a deep abyss, at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness." - Honoré de Balzac

"Criminal Minds: Masterpiece (#4.8)" (2008)
Emily Prentiss: You wanted to see me?
Aaron Hotchner: Yes, the Housten case. I am missing the coroner's supplementary for victim 3
Emily Prentiss: That's supposed to come in this afternoon. I just turned in that last night! When do you sleep?

"Criminal Minds: A Place at the Table (#10.20)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: We are made wise not by the recollection of our past but by the responsibility for our future. George Bernard Shaw

"Criminal Minds: Scream (#10.15)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: Nothing can drive one closer to his insanity than a haunting memory refusing its own death. Darnell Ford

"Criminal Minds: The Forever People (#10.11)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: How many boats are there on Lake Mead?
Dr. Spencer Reid: 1908
Kate Callahan: Come on! You just know that?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yeah, there are 1908 boats on Lake Mead
Kate Callahan: Where did you get that number?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Based on the population density of the area, I estimated
Kate Callahan: You guessed! I mean: is this guy really a genius or does he just says things with authority and we all believe him?
Derek Morgan: Oh wow, thank you! Ten years! It took ten years for someone to finally have my back. Alright Einstein, she just called you out, bring it!
Dr. Spencer Reid: Look it up!
David Rossi: I am... And the kid's right!
Derek Morgan: Ah
Dr. Spencer Reid: [to Kate] I accept your apology.
[to Derek]
Dr. Spencer Reid: Load up
Derek Morgan: Never!
Aaron Hotchner: [Hotch secretly loads up with Reid]

"Criminal Minds: The Boogeyman (#2.6)" (2006)
[Opening Quote]
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Plato wrote, "We can easily forgive a child who's afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."

"Criminal Minds: Damaged (#3.14)" (2008)
Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote, voiceover] "There is no formula for success, except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings." - Arthur Rubinstein.

"Criminal Minds: Tribute (#11.19)" (2016)
Aaron Hotchner: Go ahead, Garcia
Penelope Garcia: I have absolutely nothing on my passport search. I have been trying to pinpoint travelers who were in America, the UK, and Russia at the time of the murders. I have zero matches
Emily Prentiss: Hey, we should also look at diplomats
Penelope Garcia: Oh my God! Oh my God, It's you, hi!
Emily Prentiss: Hey, you
Penelope Garcia: Oh my God! You're here! You're not here here, but you're in the country here! I miss you. How are you?
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia!
Penelope Garcia: Oh! Yes, sorry!

"Criminal Minds: Target Rich (#11.7)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] "We are all sharks circling and waiting for blood to appear in the water" - Alan Clark

"Criminal Minds: Inner Beauty (#11.20)" (2016)
Aaron Hotchner: Where are we on the medical conditions that victim zero might have had?
Penelope Garcia: Nothing yet, but if you direct me, I can be a much more effective missile

"Criminal Minds: Hostage (#11.14)" (2016)
Aaron Hotchner: [closing quote] "Revenge is an act of passion, vengeance for justice" - Samuel Johnson

"Criminal Minds: #6 (#8.22)" (2013)
Detective Ron Keaton: [Walking with Hotch towards Dr. Reid] And I gave Dr. Reid as detailed map of Detroit and Grosse Pointe as I could, so he should be all right
Dr. Spencer Reid: Wow
Aaron Hotchner: What'd you find?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Well, date night is very important to the unsub
Detective Ron Keaton: He goes on dates?
Dr. Spencer Reid: No, but his victims do, and the unsub knows that

"Criminal Minds: The Wheels on the Bus... (#8.8)" (2012)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening, voiceover] French novelist Jean Giraudoux said, "I'm not afraid of death. It's the stake one puts up in order to play the game of life."

"Criminal Minds: The Fox (#1.7)" (2005)
Jason Gideon: Karl Arnold, he has a boy and a girl, just like the Millers and the Crawfords.
Aaron Hotchner: Target family will be the same.
Dr. Rachel Howard: How could I not have seen it?
Derek Morgan: Well, because he's that good. If he wasn't, we would have caught him sooner.

"Criminal Minds: Hero Worship (#10.14)" (2015)
David Rossi: I can't believe you've got the major to do this
Aaron Hotchner: Once we apprehend this guy, it will all have been his idea
David Rossi: Ah! Now it makes sense!
[Major walks towards them]
Aaron Hotchner: Thank you for agreeing to help us
Mayor: I just hope you're right, otherwise I'm going to look bad! And I'll make sure you do to!
[Major leaves]
David Rossi: And now I remember why I didn't go into politics

"Criminal Minds: Burn (#10.2)" (2014)
David Rossi: So where are Garcia and Morgan? Are they finally having that love child?
Derek Morgan: [walking in and tapping Rossi's shoulder] Heard that.
David Rossi: Busted!
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia is taking some personal time.
Jennifer Jareau: Is everything okay?
Kate Callahan: I hope it wasn't those burritos we had yesterday?
Aaron Hotchner: She's fine; Kevin Lynch will be presenting the case.

"Criminal Minds: Sense Memory (#6.14)" (2011)
Derek Morgan: One of the drivers may have picked someone up off the meter.
Aaron Hotchner: The cabs have GPS?
Penelope Garcia: Yeah. Taxis are tracked more than Gaga's Twitter.
Dr. Spencer Reid: What does that mean?
David Rossi: I'll explain it to him, Garcia.
Penelope Garcia: Yeah, teach him to worship the other Lady G, boss. Ta and ta.

"Criminal Minds: The Crossing (#3.18)" (2008)
Aaron Hotchner: [Looking at a photo] You know, sometimes you can see it, but, uh, they all look pretty happy
David Rossi: Happiness is easy to fake when you only have a split second. You should see how many happy looking photos I have of me with my ex's

"Criminal Minds: Mr. & Mrs. Anderson (#9.15)" (2014)
Aaron Hotchner: But the M.E. report says neither was sexually assaulted.
Dr. Spencer Reid: That's odd given the fact that 80% of crimes against women involve some sort of sexual component.
Derek Morgan: Well, it's the choking that gets him off. Some form of erotic asphyxiation filtered through a psychopath's need for power and control.

"Criminal Minds: Outlaw (#11.4)" (2015)
Derek Morgan: With unsubs this violent, how do you just disappear and go dormant for 6 years?
Aaron Hotchner: They may have been in prison. That would explain the criminal experience
David Rossi: Crime U., the best education taxpayer money can buy

"Criminal Minds: Breath Play (#10.17)" (2015)
Penelope Garcia: Looking for past high-risk victims outside of Madison was completely ingenious, because now we getting somewhere! I mean fool me once and all that, but don't worry, you're not going to be able to fool me twice, because I'm a gonna get you...
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia!
Penelope Garcia: Sorry, sir, I... I am super pumped, because I've used my complete and total bad assery-ness to bust and move through layers of local legal bureaucracy!

"Criminal Minds: Broken Mirror (#1.5)" (2005)
Dr. Spencer Reid: I'm just saying it's possible. I don't know everything. I mean, despite the fact that you think that I do.
Special Agent Derek Morgan: I never said that. When have I ever said that?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Every day since I met you!
Elle Greenway: This morning at breakfast...
Agent Aaron Hotch: Yesterday when he beat you at cards. Um... we've got one minute.
Special Agent Derek Morgan: Anybody ever heard of sarcasm?
Dr. Spencer Reid, Elle Greenway: Mm-hmm.

"Criminal Minds: Catching Out (#4.5)" (2008)
Aaron Hotchner: [after a lengthy update from JJ] JJ, what are we going to do without you when you go on maternity leave?
Jennifer Jareau: What? so you think I'd leave you hanging?
Aaron Hotchner: Does that mean you have a plan?
Jennifer Jareau: I don't know. You'll see

"Criminal Minds: Parasite (#5.14)" (2010)
David Rossi: [Teams walks into a room filled with boxes with files] You're kidding me
Jennifer Jareau: We've to go through all of this?
Aaron Hotchner: White collar cases often come down with a paper trail
Dr. Spencer Reid: Maybe it won't be so bad, I mean, at least he's well organized
David Rossi: That's his job. He sits at a desk all day and accumulates paper evidence

"Criminal Minds: The Edge of Winter (#9.19)" (2014)
Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, have you found any connection at all between the victims?
Penelope Garcia: They have as much in common as dinosaurs and goldfish: the cracker kind!

"Criminal Minds: The Hunt (#10.23)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: Alright, find the website?
Penelope Garcia: On it and... sweet mother Gross! It's the Tinder for sociopaths!

"Criminal Minds: Big Sea (#6.23)" (2011)
Aaron Hotchner: Have you nailed down the victimology?
Dr. Spencer Reid: You know, I found a unique evolution, actually. The earliest victims appear to be high-risk. These lesions are consistent with syphilis, most likely a prostitute. This one has severely ground and missing teeth, commonly seen in excessive methamphetamine abuse. And then all of a sudden out of nowhere, a sea change - healthier and stronger victims all the way through to number twelve.
Aaron Hotchner: Lower-risk, harder for him to hunt. What do we know about the first victim?
Dr. Spencer Reid: You know, that one's tough. He or she has been in the water so long, they're mostly bone fragments. I can attempt to reconstruct...
Aaron Hotchner: You've got three hours.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I can do it in two.
Aaron Hotchner: Make it one.

"Criminal Minds: Demonology (#4.17)" (2009)
Derek Morgan: Rossi, don't tell me you believe in evil.
David Rossi: Don't tell me you do this job and you don't.
Derek Morgan: I believe there are evil acts, but those are choices - brain chemistry. What do you think, Hotch?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: I think, deep down, we're all capable of unspeakable things. Where it starts or what you call it, I don't know.

"Criminal Minds: No Way Out (#2.13)" (2007)
Dr. Spencer Reid: Impossible, a sexual sadist can't feel love
Aaron Hotchner: Now define love
Emily Prentiss: Technically it involves certain brain elements called monoamines, dopamine, neropinephrine and serotonins. Love chemicals controlled by phenethylamine and also found in...
Emily Prentiss: Chocolate! I love chocolate
Dr. Spencer Reid: Peas too! It's also found in peas
Aaron Hotchner: Reid?
[Reid babbles along]
Aaron Hotchner: Reid? Stop! Please!

"Criminal Minds: Blood Relations (#9.20)" (2014)
Cissy Howard: And my words to him were: "Clarke, if you so much as hurt a hair on Matthias Lee's head, I will smite you like Jeroboam!". You don't even know who that is, do you?
Aaron Hotchner: Second King, Old Testament. He followed in succession after King David. God killed his son, his wife and ultimately him
Cissy Howard: So, you got some book learning. Well, good for you! Don't mean you got the sense to catch my boy's killer!

"Criminal Minds: The Job (#11.1)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quotation, voiceover] Pleasure in the job is perfection in the work - Aristotle

"Criminal Minds: The Itch (#10.4)" (2014)
Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote] "What's the matter, you dissentious rogues, that rubbing the poor itch of your opinion make yourself scabs" - William Shakespeare

"Criminal Minds: Jones (#2.18)" (2007)
Aaron Hotchner: The offender we're looking for is friendly, agile, somewhere between 30 and 35.
Jason Gideon: He'll lure with charm, and kill with rage.
Emily Prentiss: We believe he's murdering men to reclaim his power. This unsub suffers from low self-esteem, but he probably covers it well. He dresses impeccably to feed the facade. Jack the Ripper himself was an impetuous lust murderer, whereas this offender is organized, calculating. He might even stalk his victims for days before the actual kill.
Jason Gideon: We believe this killer identifies with Jack the Ripper because he's lost his own identity. Maybe through years of child abuse, or some catastrophic event.
Aaron Hotchner: Because he overcompensates to hide his insecurities, we believe he may hold a position of authority at work.
Emily Prentiss: And since we think he's had medical training, consider EMTs, doctors, veterinarians.
Jason Gideon: Please be careful. To this unsub, the French Quarter's a hunting ground. He's certainly already proven he knows the terrain.

"Criminal Minds: Pariahville (#11.6)" (2015)
Aaron Hotchner: And now we have a two day old crime scene and a town full of suspects! Wheels up in 30

"Criminal Minds: Valhalla (#6.17)" (2011)
David Rossi: The more players we get on this board, the sooner Erin will get her nose in it.
Aaron Hotchner: Strauss already knows.
David Rossi: I'm surprised she wasn't in the SCIF.
Aaron Hotchner: She's on vacation.
David Rossi: Great. Now she'll never take another one.

"Criminal Minds: Aftermath (#2.5)" (2006)
Aaron Hotchner: Excuse me. How bad were her injuries?
CSU Tech: She's lucky, there're relatively minor
Aaron Hotchner: Do me a favor: don't tell her that she's lucky!

"Criminal Minds: The Fisher King: Part 2 (#2.1)" (2006)
Aaron Hotchner: What the hell was that?
Dr. Spencer Reid: He had a bomb.
Derek Morgan: You didn't think we needed to know that?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I told you to go downstairs.
Derek Morgan: Well, you didn't say "bomb". You left that part out.

"Criminal Minds: Through the Looking Glass (#8.3)" (2012)
Aaron Hotchner: [closing, voiceover] "One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others." - Lewis Carroll.

"Criminal Minds: The Stranger (#6.21)" (2011)
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: [voiceover] Stephen King wrote, "Sometimes human places create inhuman monsters."

"Criminal Minds: The Return (#9.8)" (2013)
Aaron Hotchner: It's possible we're dealing with a terrorist organization with one man at the center. We're basing our profile on his motivation.
Derek Morgan: We believe these children were abducted by a preferential offender who targets pre-pubescent boys.
Alex Blake: Our unsub is likely a male in his forties, with some military or law enforcement training.
Jennifer Jareau: We think he has a secluded location that provides enough privacy to hold his victims captive for several years.
David Rossi: In that time, he breaks these kids down, rebuilds them to be hardened soldiers.
Dr. Spencer Reid: We believe they're suffering from an extreme case of Stockholm syndrome. Much like Patty Hearst, who came to view the SLA as her new family and the rest of the world as adversaries, we believe he's attempting to instill this same feeling within his army.
Derek Morgan: He likely uses military torture techniques to get his victims to see his enemies as their own.
Dr. Spencer Reid: He puts them through a rigorous and punishing military training regimen in order to prepare them mentally and physically for his war.
Derek Morgan: And once this happens, the physical threats stop and the reprogramming begins.
Jennifer Jareau: And now that he has their trust, he maintains this connection by bolstering them with love and affection.
David Rossi: His connection to them is important. It ensures once they're released, they will not deviate from their orders.
Alex Blake: His ultimate target has yet to be determined, but it could be as broad as American citizens.
Dr. Spencer Reid: These attacks have been well orchestrated, methodical, and extremely violent in order to maximize destruction and panic.
Aaron Hotchner: Which is why we need to get ahead of him in order to prevent more bloodshed. But in order to do that, we need to identify the source of his rage.

"Criminal Minds: Reckoner (#5.3)" (2009)
Dr. Spencer Reid: [after Hotch throws him a folder] What's this?
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner: You told me you were cleared to travel. You lied.
Emily Prentiss: Naughty boy.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Uh, *no* I *didn't.* I *am* a doctor, so *technically* it wasn't a lie.
Penelope Garcia: What was it then?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Um... second opinion?
Penelope Garcia: Hmm. You're my bitch now.
[leaves the room as Morgan chuckles]

"Criminal Minds: Compulsion (#1.2)" (2005)
Aaron Hotchner: [In a lab with students, whispers] Reid, since you're more their age, why don't you do the talking?
Dr. Spencer Reid: [Clears his throat and speaks up] Hi, hi guys, uh, my name is, eh, Dr. Spencer Reid. I'm a, uh, agent with the... the BAU, Behavior Analysis Unit of the FBI, which, uhm, it... itused to be called BSU, Behavior Science Unit, but not anymore. They changed it to BAU. Uhm, it's part of the NCAVC, National Centre for the Analsysis of Violent Crime, which is also part of this thing called the CIRG, Critical Incident Response Group. And...
Aaron Hotchner: What he's trying to say is: we love to know how you could help us

"Criminal Minds: Coda (#6.16)" (2011)
Aaron Hotchner: Sammy's autistic. So getting him to tell us what happened is going to be difficult.

"Criminal Minds: The Lesson (#8.10)" (2012)
Dr. Spencer Reid: The Greeks translated "puppets" as "neurospasta," which literally means string-pulling. And throughout time they've been used as a method to tell kings a story so the subjects didn't have to speak directly to him.
David Rossi: It was a way to hear the truth.
Aaron Hotchner: It seems like this UnSub's doing something similar, using his puppets to tell his story.

"Criminal Minds: Alchemy (#8.20)" (2013)
Derek Morgan: We believe that the unsub that we're looking for is a woman who's trying to get pregnant. She's experiencing what we call black widow maternal desire. She has a desperate need for a child, which most likely stems from the recent loss of one.
Alex Blake: That child may have died or been taken away in a custody situation.
Dr. Spencer Reid: She's drugging her male victims in order to keep them under her control for forty-eight hours, and we believe she's using them as breeding partners to help replace the child that she lost.
David Rossi: Her victims are surrogates for a male figure in her life. One she may have already killed. He could be a boyfriend or husband who most likely fathered the child she lost.
Aaron Hotchner: And the signs of torture indicate that she may blame the child's father for this loss and is exacting her revenge on these victims.
Alex Blake: After they're dead, she dismembers them for easier disposal.
Derek Morgan: The strength required to do this, and transport body parts, it's likely that she's working with a submissive partner she dominates with her agenda.
David Rossi: Based on the sophistication and patience required for these crimes, we believe this unsub is probably in her thirties and no older than her early forties, if pregnancy is her goal.
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: And she works at night, luring victims from parties or bars. She may even have an illness, or feign one to gain their sympathy.
Aaron Hotchner: Chad Dumont's been missing for almost thirty hours, and if the unsub keeps to her schedule, he may still be alive. But time is of the essence.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Even though the first two victims are dead, we can certainly step up our game so we can give the victims' families some answers
Aaron Hotchner: Thank you.

"Criminal Minds: Lessons Learned (#2.10)" (2006)
Derek Morgan: What's going with you? You look like you've seen a ghost back there
Aaron Hotchner: Haley is supposed to take Jack to the new mall to have his portrait taken
Derek Morgan: Go ahead and call her!
Aaron Hotchner: It's a breach of security!
Derek Morgan: You lose Haley and Jack, screw this job! You won't have a life!
Aaron Hotchner: [dials... ] I can't reach her!

"Criminal Minds: P911 (#2.2)" (2006)
Elle Greenaway: Hotch! You already got him?
Aaron Hotchner: I told you to stay out of the field!
Elle Greenaway: Yeah, I know, but Reid said that you wanted us
Dr. Spencer Reid: No! I didn't!
Elle Greenaway: Yes, you did!
Aaron Hotchner: I'm sure you didn't, Reid
Elle Greenaway: [annoyed to Reid] Thanks!