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Nathan Bryce (Character)
from The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)

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The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)
[last lines]
Waiter: I think maybe Mr. Newton has had enough, don't you?
Nathan Bryce: I think maybe, he has.
Thomas Jerome Newton: Ah.

Thomas Jerome Newton: Ask me...
Nathan Bryce: What?
Thomas Jerome Newton: The question you've been wanting to ask ever since we met.
Nathan Bryce: Are you Lithuanian?
Thomas Jerome Newton: [grins] I come from England.
Nathan Bryce: Ah, that's not so terrible.

Nathan Bryce: If I had the copyright on the Bible, I wouldn't sell it to Random House.

Nathan Bryce: Well, I'm not a lecherous old man; but, you're a lecherous little girl!
Jill: But, no one would ever believe it!

Nathan Bryce: You see, Mr. Newton, I'm kind of a cliche. I'm the disillusioned scientist, that goes with the cynical writer, the alcoholic actor and the spaced-out spaceman. A man like you wouldn't understand a guy like me.

Nathan Bryce: Per ardua ad astra... That's Latin.
Thomas Jerome Newton: Latin?
Nathan Bryce: You must know that in England? The Royal Air Force, their motto.
Thomas Jerome Newton: Yes.
Nathan Bryce: Per ardua ad astra. Through difficulties to the stars.

Nathan Bryce: Why'd you come here?
Thomas Jerome Newton: Where I come from, there's a terrible drought. We saw pictures of your planet on television. We saw the water. In fact, our word for your planet means - planet of water.
Nathan Bryce: You watched it all on television?

Nathan Bryce: [Referring to Newton's phonograph record] Who'd you make it for, then?
Thomas Jerome Newton: For my wife. She'll get to hear it one day - on the radio.
Nathan Bryce: We hear most everything on the radio these days.

Nathan Bryce: Don't you feel bitter about it - everything?
Thomas Jerome Newton: Bitter, no. We'd have probably treated you the same if you'd come over to our place.