Tom Brookman
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Tom Brookman (Character)
from How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)

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How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)
J.D. Hanley: [on why Schatze stopped their wedding] There was a last minute decision in your favor.
Tom Brookman: Did you tell her about me?
J.D. Hanley: No. So far as she knows you're still hustling a gas pump.
Tom Brookman: Are you kidding?
J.D. Hanley: Well let's go ask her.
Tom Brookman: Wait a minute JD! Do you think I ought to tell her?
J.D. Hanley: Are you nuts? She clearly prefers gas pump jockeys to millionaires. What do you want to do? Disillusion the poor girl?

Schatze Page: Wait a minute I want to hear from Mr Filler-up. Just what would you estimate your fortune at?
Tom Brookman: Oh, about $200,000,000 I should imagine.
Schatze Page: Might that all be in cash?
Tom Brookman: I suppose I could dig up a couple of million in cash if I wanted to.
Schatze Page: And what might the rest be in?
Tom Brookman: Some oil, some airline stock, a little steel, some cattle down in Texas, a couple of coal mines in Alabama, a bit of real estate here and there, some automobile stock, the Brookman building and of course Brookman Pennsylvania.
Tom Brookman: [addressing the short order cook] Give me the cheque Mac
Tom Brookman: [as he peels off a $1000 bill from a roll of notes] Keep the change Mac
[Crashing of glass Schatze Page, Pola Debevoise and Loco Dempsey fall from their chairs at the counter in an unconscious state]
Tom Brookman: [as the three men raise their beer glasses] Gentlemen, to our wives