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Quotes for
Patrick (Character)
from The Monster Squad (1987)

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The Monster Squad (1987)
Eugene: Is she a versgin?
Scary German Guy: Yes, she can do it!
Patrick: She can't read, she's five years old!
Scary German Guy: I'll help her!

Patrick: Rudy, where you going?
Rudy: [cigarette in his mouth, pulling out crossbow] I'm in the goddamn club aren't I ?

Patrick: You're not a virgin are you?
Patrick's Sister: [shakes her head]
Patrick: No? What do you mean No?
Patrick's Sister: Well, Steve... but he doesn't count.

Patrick: Aww, man, fat kid farted!

Sean: I think there are monsters, like real ones! I heard my dad talking on the phone to a guy down at the police station tonight. There was a guy down there screaming he was a werewolf, and they shot him! And the body disappeared from the coroner van, the coroner guy was dead!
Rudy: So what? He got shot and the werewolf took his body?
Sean: No you bean head! He WAS a werewolf! Maybe
Rudy: Yeah but if they shot him?
Sean: It must've been regular bullets, not silver ones. Look I know this sounds stupid, a mummy disappeared from the museum tonight.
Eugene: Mummy came in my house!
Sean: Guys, Dracula might be here too.
Patrick: Oh man, Fat Kid farted!
Horace: Did not!
Sean: God damn will you guys SHUT UP? Didn't you hear a word I said? These guys are dead, get a clue! Something's out there and it's killing people! And if it's monsters, nobody's going to do a thing about it except us!

Patrick's Sister: [about the Scary German Guy] Why don't you have him read it?
Patrick: He's not a virgin!
Patrick's Sister: Did you ask him?

Patrick: [going to approach Scary German Guy] So what's German for 'please don't murder us'?
Scary German Guy: [comes up behind them] Bitte uns nicht Mord zu tun.