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Quotes for
Rudy (Character)
from The Monster Squad (1987)

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The Monster Squad (1987)
Rudy: You dropped your candy bar, E.J.
E.J.: It's his.
Rudy: It's yours now.
E.J.: Rudy!
Rudy: Eat.
E.J.: Rudy, I'm not gonna...
Rudy: Eat up! Then we'll call it a day.

Rudy: Where the hell am I supposed to find silver bullets? K-Mart?

Sean: Rudy find some silver bullets.
Rudy: Where the hell am I suppose to find silver bullets?
Sean: I don't know. Fat kid get a map, find Shadowbrook Road.
Horace: What do I look in the index for "big scary mansion?"

Patrick: Rudy, where you going?
Rudy: [cigarette in his mouth, pulling out crossbow] I'm in the goddamn club aren't I ?

Rudy: See? Told ya. Only one way to kill a werewolf.

[At the treehouse the squad does a team huddle with their hands. Pete, the dog, lifts its paw on top]
Rudy: How does that dog get up here anyway?

Rudy: [after ridding the mummy] See ya later, Band-Aid Breath!

Sean: Rudy. Question.
Rudy: Shoot.
Sean: Know any virgins?
Rudy: [spit take]

Sean: I think there are monsters, like real ones! I heard my dad talking on the phone to a guy down at the police station tonight. There was a guy down there screaming he was a werewolf, and they shot him! And the body disappeared from the coroner van, the coroner guy was dead!
Rudy: So what? He got shot and the werewolf took his body?
Sean: No you bean head! He WAS a werewolf! Maybe
Rudy: Yeah but if they shot him?
Sean: It must've been regular bullets, not silver ones. Look I know this sounds stupid, a mummy disappeared from the museum tonight.
Eugene: Mummy came in my house!
Sean: Guys, Dracula might be here too.
Patrick: Oh man, Fat Kid farted!
Horace: Did not!
Sean: God damn will you guys SHUT UP? Didn't you hear a word I said? These guys are dead, get a clue! Something's out there and it's killing people! And if it's monsters, nobody's going to do a thing about it except us!

Sean: Don't kick the church, it's religious!
Rudy: Locked is what it is!
Sean: Alright then, we'll just have to do it out here.
Horace: Oh REAL religious, Sean, why don't we just do it at Burger King?