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Alphonse (Character)
from Day for Night (1973)

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Day for Night (1973)
[repeated line]
Alphonse: Are women magic?

Alphonse: [after being dumped by his girlfriend] I need money to go to a whorehouse.
director Ferrand: Come on Alphonse. Go back to your room, re-read the script, learn your lines, then try to sleep. Tomorrow we work. That's what matters. Don't be a fool. You're a very good actor. No one's private life runs smoothly. That only happens in the movies. No traffic jams, no dead periods. Movies go along like trains in the night. And people like you and me are only happy in our work. I'm counting on you.

Alphonse: I'm sure Ferrand is wrong. Life is more important than films.

Alphonse: You see, I've made a terrible discovery. You can be desperately in love with someone you despise, whose every gesture, word and thought you detest!
Julie: What right have you to say that? Say you made a mistake but never be ashamed of having loved. By despising Liliane, you're merely degrading yourself.
Alphonse: Maybe you're right. Anyway, my love affairs have always ended badly. I thought women were magic.
Julie: Of course they're not magic. Or men are too. Everyone's magic, and no one is.

Alphonse: I need money to go to a whorehouse.