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director Ferrand (Character)
from Day for Night (1973)

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Day for Night (1973)
Ferrand: The Godfather is showing all over Nice, and it's killing the other movies.

director Ferrand: Tell him I speak English, but I don't understand it.

director Ferrand: Making a film is like a stagecoach ride in the old west. When you start, you are hoping for a pleasant trip. By the halfway point, you just hope to survive.

Ferrand: We'll shoot the scene when you find a cat that can act!

director Ferrand: People used to stare at fires. Now they watch TV. We need to see moving images, especially after dinner.

Ferrand: What is a film director? A man who's asked questions about everything. Sometimes he knows the answers.

Alphonse: [after being dumped by his girlfriend] I need money to go to a whorehouse.
director Ferrand: Come on Alphonse. Go back to your room, re-read the script, learn your lines, then try to sleep. Tomorrow we work. That's what matters. Don't be a fool. You're a very good actor. No one's private life runs smoothly. That only happens in the movies. No traffic jams, no dead periods. Movies go along like trains in the night. And people like you and me are only happy in our work. I'm counting on you.