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Quotes for
Kevin Cole (Character)
from L.I.E. (2001)

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L.I.E. (2001)
Gary: I think he's trying to say it's not politically correct to fuck your sister.
Kevin Cole: We're not even old enough to *vote*, so that's a stupid joke Blitzer.

[Laying on the ground as a woman passes by]
Kevin Cole: Her dress is so short, you can see her clint.
Brian: What?
Kevin Cole: Her clint, it's in her pussy.
Howie: You mean "clit."
Kevin Cole: Fuck you, I mean like... clintasaurus.
Howie: It's clitoris, you fuckin' idiot.
Kevin Cole: It's a CLINT.
Brian: Yeah, like you can see Clint Eastwood in her pussy.

[Flipping through a magazine]
Kevin Cole: Hey-hey, it's Captain Kirk. Ever see that old Star Trek show where there's a bad Captain Kirk and a good one? And Spock, and Dr. Phones...
Brian: You mean "Bones"?
Kevin Cole: What? It's Phones McCoy.
Brian: "Bones" is a nickname for doctor, idiot.
Kevin Cole: No, it's like get the doctor on the phone, like house calls.
Brian: It's BONES.
Kevin Cole: It's Phones.