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Quotes for
Art (Character)
from High Sierra (1941)

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High Sierra (1941)
Art: If I didn't know where they were from, I'd think they were phony.
Roy Earle: Poor old Mac. There he was lying dead with $500,000 beside him. Well, it's all yours and all I want is my cut.
Art: You gonna have to wait a few days for that Roy;
Roy Earle: [surprised and annoyed] What?
Art: Don't look at me like that. my share you can put in your eye. Larry's the head man now that Mac's gone.
Roy Earle: Kansas City?
Art: That's him. He's flying out. Now, you leave the stuff with me and hide out for a while. I can help you out a little.
Roy Earle: Are you trying to pull a fast one on me? Because I don't like fast ones.
Art: well take the stuff with you if you feel that way. But it'll be like carrying a bomb around.
Roy Earle: Okay. Give me a couple of $100's and keep this. But if I don't get my end, you not gonna be around long. You and Larry both.
Art: Now don't worry Roy. You'll get it. Here's the $200
Roy Earle: [Roy reaches in the jewelry box and gets a ring] Yeah, that's what I want.
Marie Garson: [Roy goes back to the car where Marie and Pard the dog wait and he puts the ring on a surprised Marie] Oh Roy!...
Roy Earle: That's a present.
Marie Garson: Of course, you would put it on the wrong finger.
[they embrace and kiss]