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Quotes for
Marie (Character)
from High Sierra (1941)

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High Sierra (1941)
Marie Garson: Yeah, I get it, 'ya always sorta hope 'ya can get out, it keeps 'ya going.

'Red': I almost forgot, Mendoza brought us a present and Roy, I guess you're the engineer. Here.
[Hands Roy the machine-gun case]
Louis Mendoza: Big Mac gave me the machine gun. You know how to work it? Red doesn't, and neither does Babe.
'Red': That's a good one , that is.
Louis Mendoza: What's so funny?
'Red': [Sarcastically says] Does he know how to work it?
Roy Earle: Yeah. Say, you know that gun reminds me of one time, 9 or 10yrs ago. We was getting ready to do a job back in Iowa... when one of the guys got the shakes. Pretty soon we found out that this guy with the shakes had talked too much... and a bunch of coppers were waiting for us at the bank. But we don't say nothing. Lefty Jackson goes out and gets his gun. He comes back and sits down and holds it across his knee.
[Roy positions himself in front of Mendoza and lays on top of the machine gun case looking straight at Mendoza without blinking]
Roy Earle: The guy with shakes is sitting right across the room from him.
[Points at Mendoza]
Roy Earle: Pretty soon Lefty just touched the trigger a little... and the gun went
[taps the case 3 times]
Roy Earle: like that. The rat fell out of the chair dead and we drove off and left him there. Yeah... the gun went
[taps the case 3 times again]
Louis Mendoza: [Everyone just looks at Mendoza, who is nervous and sweating] Well, I better be getting back. I have to go on duty at 8:30.
Roy Earle: What's your stint? You stick right through the whole job don't you?
Louis Mendoza: Oh sure, I stand behind the desk and act like I'm scared. When you fellows get through, I telephone the police.
Roy Earle: [as Roy leaves the cabin, he says] We don't want no slip-ups Mendoza.
'Red': Boys and girls, I got the idea that our boyfriend here is no cream puff. How did you like the little bedtime story about the gun that went
[Taps the case 3 times]
'Red': Did you get the idea?
Louis Mendoza: [very scared] Do you suppose he meant it that way?
Marie Garson: Try talking and find out.

Art: If I didn't know where they were from, I'd think they were phony.
Roy Earle: Poor old Mac. There he was lying dead with $500,000 beside him. Well, it's all yours and all I want is my cut.
Art: You gonna have to wait a few days for that Roy;
Roy Earle: [surprised and annoyed] What?
Art: Don't look at me like that. my share you can put in your eye. Larry's the head man now that Mac's gone.
Roy Earle: Kansas City?
Art: That's him. He's flying out. Now, you leave the stuff with me and hide out for a while. I can help you out a little.
Roy Earle: Are you trying to pull a fast one on me? Because I don't like fast ones.
Art: well take the stuff with you if you feel that way. But it'll be like carrying a bomb around.
Roy Earle: Okay. Give me a couple of $100's and keep this. But if I don't get my end, you not gonna be around long. You and Larry both.
Art: Now don't worry Roy. You'll get it. Here's the $200
Roy Earle: [Roy reaches in the jewelry box and gets a ring] Yeah, that's what I want.
Marie Garson: [Roy goes back to the car where Marie and Pard the dog wait and he puts the ring on a surprised Marie] Oh Roy!...
Roy Earle: That's a present.
Marie Garson: Of course, you would put it on the wrong finger.
[they embrace and kiss]

Roy Earle: [reading from a newspaper] Listen to this: "Police are hot on his trail. He's traveling with a woman called Marie and a little white mongrel dog who answers to the name of Pard"
Marie Garson: Mendoza?
Roy Earle: Yeah, he squawked. i should have taken care of him when he followed me out. Look at the tag they hung on me? "Mad Dog" Earle, them newspaper rats!

Healy: [looking at Roy's dead body] Big shot Earle. Well look at him lying there. He ain't much now is he?
Marie Garson: [kneeling next to Roy's body and crying] Mister, what does it mean... when a man "crashes out"?
Healy: Crashes our? that's a funny question for you to ask now sister. It means he's free.
Marie Garson: [picks up Pard and walks with the police in a daze] Free?... Free...
[fade out to credits]