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Quotes for
Sir Charles Sedley (Character)
from Stage Beauty (2004)

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Stage Beauty (2004)
Ned Kynaston: Right, I'll need boot black.
Sir Charles Sedley: I have boot black.
Ned Kynaston: With you?
Sir Charles Sedley: A scuff, sir, is a dreadful thing.

Sir Charles Sedley: Kynaston... It feels I've had the honour already.
Ned Kynaston: Or you've already had the honour of feeling it.
Sir Charles Sedley: Obviously I'm behind on my drinking.

Sir Charles Sedley: So, Kynaston, will you see Mrs Hughes perform?
Maria: Yes, I'd love to know what you think of the death scene.
Ned Kynaston: Oh, I'm always interested in how my rivals die.
Sir Charles Sedley: [to the Duke of Buckingham] Your Grace?
George Villiars, Duke of Buckingham: Well, no. I've had my fill of Desdemonas.
George Villiars, Duke of Buckingham: [later] I'm off as well. Kynaston... shall I drop you?
Ned Kynaston: Yes, I need my sleep.

Ned Kynaston: A critic is born.
Sir Charles Sedley: And all because I thought you were a whore and grabbed your cock.

Sir Charles Sedley: Obviously, I'm behind in my drinking.