Dr. Sweet
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Dr. Sweet (Character)
from Bug (2006)

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Bug (2006)
Dr. Sweet: [Looking around Agnes' room, covered in tinfoil, full of bug zappers and other insect repellant products] Bug problem?
Agnes White: You should know.
Dr. Sweet: [Slightly bemused] Should I? What are they?
Agnes White: Aphids.
Dr. Sweet: Aphids.
Agnes White: Look around, asshole!... They're in right now. They like to go in sometimes.
Dr. Sweet: And the tinfoil?
Agnes White: Scrambles the signal.
Dr. Sweet: You're receiving a signal?
Agnes White: Transmitting.
Dr. Sweet: You're transmitting a signal...
Agnes White: Not me. The bugs.
Dr. Sweet: The bugs have a transmitter?
Agnes White: The bugs *are* the transmitter.
Dr. Sweet: And the tinfoil scrambles the signal.
Agnes White: It helps.
Dr. Sweet: [Still bemused] I'm sure it does.

Agnes White: [Dr. Sweet, unknowingly sitting on some gas canisters, proceeds to light up Agnes' crack pipe] I'd be careful.
Dr. Sweet: I'm okay.
Agnes White: Oh, yeah. You're also sitting on twenty gallons of high test.

Dr. Sweet: Bugs are a fairly common delusion among paranoids... Bugs, spiders, snakes... spiders. You haven't had any snakes, have you?
Agnes White: You're the first.
Dr. Sweet: Have you at least entertained the idea the bugs are a delusion?
Agnes White: How do I know *you're* not a delusion?
Dr. Sweet: Touché.