Hector Soto
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Hector Soto (Character)
from Girlfight (2000)

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Girlfight (2000)
Hector: You Sandro's kid too? How come I never heard about you?
Diana Guzman: I don't know. I'm his pride and joy.

Hector: Now we're boxing.

Hector: You should start roadwork. Run three miles, four times a week.
Diana Guzman: Three miles? You gotta be kidding me.
Hector: At least three. At this rate, you wouldn't last one round in the ring.
Diana Guzman: But I got power, you said so.
Hector: Big deal! You got the endurance of a corpse.

Cal: How's it working with her?
Hector: Gotta pay the bills.
Cal: When it gets that desperate, borrow from me.

Hector: Inside, you know yourself?
Diana Guzman: Yeah. I do.
Hector: Then that's all you need.