Byron De La Beckwith
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Byron De La Beckwith (Character)
from Ghosts of Mississippi (1996)

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Ghosts of Mississippi (1996)
Byron De La Beckwith: The point is you ain't never, ever gonna get twelve people to convict me of killing a nigger in the state of Mississippi. No, sir. Hell son, I don't even have to take the stand. A couple more days, I'll be back in my home in Signal Mountain, Tennessee, where I'll just sit on my porch and live out my days in peace and prosperity. What are you gonna do, Mr. DeLaughter? What are you gonna do? Free at last, free at last... Great God Almighty, I'm free at last!

Bobby DeLaughter: We're not talking about a deer Mr De La Beckwith
Byron De La Beckwith: [seemingly shocked] No Mr DeLaughter a deer is one of gods precious creatures
Byron De La Beckwith: A ni**er aint

Bobby DeLaughter: Are you saying you killed Medger Evers?
Byron De La Beckwith: [Scoffs] Well what If I DID Mr DeLaughter? Aint nothing you or anyone else can do about it

Byron De La Beckwith: [to Bobby] Why don't you go back to prosecuting ni**ers for murdering whites like you ought to instead of the other way round
Byron De La Beckwith: [Being interviewed] Did I kill Medger Evers? No I did not
Byron De La Beckwith: But he sure is dead he aint never coming back