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Taylor (Character)
from Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971)

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Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971)
Taylor Barton: If I'd know you were going to send this pipsqueak against a man like Swifty Morgan...
Colorado: Now look, Mr. Barton, I can't help it...
Taylor Barton: Don't take offense, lad. But after all, you've never killed anybody outside of this county. You're just local stuff.

Taylor Barton: [Patience Barton - his daughter - is wildly shooting up the town with a rifle] What the hell do ya' think you're doin'!
Patience: I'm teachin' these jackass miners a lesson!
Taylor Barton: [Taylor Barton and son Oroville rush out and subdue Patience as she stops to reload] How many times have I told you not to shoot at people?
Patience: Well, they had it comin'! One of them said something vile to me. He said "Does your mother know you're out, Cecilia?"
Taylor Barton: You consider that grounds for shootin' up the whole town?
Patience: I KNOW what he meant!
Taylor Barton: Well I sure as hell don't!

Taylor Barton: [Ordering his son to take Patience home] Take her home, Oroville. And don't let her stop by the Chinaman's for a beer! She gets mean when she drinks!

Taylor Barton: [Kewpie dolls hit the street in front of the Bartons] What in heaven's name are these?
Bud Barton: That's a Kewpie doll. I won one of them once at the State Fair, time I went to Denver all by myself.
Patience: And got rolled by some floozy!
Bud Barton: Aw, shut up...

Taylor Barton: [Latigo has just left] Doc!
Doc Schultz: Yeah!
Taylor Barton: Who was that fella?
Doc Schultz: None 'o your business! And speakin' 'o business, all you mine owners are a despicable lot. You keep hirin' people to kill people that other people hire people to kill your people. And on top 'o that you go elsewhere with your medical business and I have to doctor jackasses just to make ends meet. Now git outta' here, I got business to attend to!
Taylor Barton: Anybody ever tell you you've got a ROTTEN bedside manner?
Doc Schultz: Out!
Taylor Barton: And you talk too much! And I can't understand you!

Taylor Barton: [Upon seeing Lat Smith and Jug] Young man, about that job I want you to do...
Latigo: [Annoyed] I told you not to bother me, mister.
Jug: [Eagerly] The man said something about a job!
Latigo: I don't like work. It tires me out.

Mrs. Perkins: [Having led Taylor Barton and his associates to Latigo Smith's room] They come sneakin' in here lookin' at the register tryin' to find the room number of Mr. Smith. I tried to tell 'em I got four Smiths.
Latigo: Well, thank you Mrs. Perkins, uh, we wouldn't wanna' keep you from your work.
Mrs. Perkins: I suppose the way they come sneakin' in here that you're another one of them gunfighters that these stupid jackass miners keep hirin' around here. I suppose they're gonna' hire you, so that you can shoot some mother's son and then some other mother's son can shoot you.
Taylor Barton: Martha, for the love of heaven, unhinge your jaw and depart!
Mrs. Perkins: You see now why I DEMAND my rent in advance every day? Harrumph... Another "Smith." Just more of 'em comin' all the time getting' themselves killed off...
[Mrs. Perkins departs, muttering to herself]

Taylor Barton: [Col. Ames has had him detained] Colonel, this is RIDICULOUS!
Col. Ames: Indeed it is! But not for long. Because one of two things is going to happen. First, you're going to get your workers out of the ground and promise never to see my sister again, or, second, the OTHER thing is going to happen.
Taylor Barton: WHAT other thing?
Col. Ames: My boys will take you out in a swamp and put a bullet through your thick head!
Abigail: That's murder!
Col. Ames: I've studied law. Of COURSE it's murder!