Marty Coslaw
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Marty Coslaw (Character)
from Silver Bullet (1985)

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Silver Bullet (1985)
Uncle Red: Where's your Mom?
Marty Coslaw: She and Dad are out back lighting the barbeque, yeah, and Jane's walking around in all these new clothes showing off her tits, acting like no one ever had tits before her.

Uncle Red: You wanna know what I think?
Marty Coslaw: No, we just called you out here to admire your pretty little face.
Uncle Red: You better watch your mouth, right now. You're on thin ice with me, son.

[Brady drops a garter snake from a tree above, getting Jane to fall into a puddle of mud]
Brady Kincaid: Look alive!
Brady Kincaid: [Marty covers his face as Brady continues to laugh at Jane] Hey, Jane! Did you wet your pants?
Marty Coslaw: Jane, I'm sorry.
Jane Coslaw: Oh, yeah, sure!
Marty Coslaw: I didn't mean to.
Jane Coslaw: Oh, no. You never mean to! I hate you, you booger!

Marty Coslaw: You know who used to have a baseball bat like that? Mr. Knopfler.
Uncle Red: So?
Jane Coslaw: It looked like Bigfoot had used it for a toothpick!

[Marty goes into Jane's room thinking she's asleep, when she see's Marty putting money down on her lamp table for she can get new pantyhose that Brady dirtied]
Jane Coslaw: [Jane whispers in the dark] What's the money for?
Marty Coslaw: A new pair of pantyhose. Is it enough? Jane, please take the money. It was Brady's idea. Honest to God. I want to make up.
Jane Coslaw: [Jane turns on the light] I can get a pair of L'eggs down at the pharmacy for $1.49.

Marty Coslaw: This is for the good guys!

Jane Coslaw: In the made-up stories, the guy who's the werewolf only changes when the moon is full, but maybe he's like this almost all the time, only as the moon gets fuller...
Marty Coslaw: ...the guy gets wolfier.

[Marty rides up to his friends Brady and Tammy at the end of school]
Brady Kincaid: Hey, it's Madman Marty on the Silver Bullet! So, Marty, glad to be out of jail?
Marty Coslaw: No. I like school.
Tammy Sturmfuller: Booger!