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Quotes for
Terri (Character)
from Your Friends & Neighbors (1998)

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Your Friends & Neighbors (1998)
[During sex]
Terri: Is there any chance you could shut the fuck up?

Terri: I don't get you at all. I mean, always with the goddamn semiotics. It's a gift. Can't it just be what it is? It's a bracelet. Shit.

Terri: [after sex] Where are you going?
Jerry: [Bitter] Out. I wanna talk, I wanna chat.
Terri: We can talk. I just don't want something up my ass while we're doing it.

Terri: [to Jerry] That's my advice to you: Grow the fuck up.

Jerry: The guy's practically my best friend...
Terri: Oh, don't even fucking use that! Alright? Best friend? That is bullshit! Try saying friend when you're down there lapping between his wife's legs. See how it sounds then.

Jerry: [about talking during sex] I'll talk as much as I like.
Terri: Yeah? Well I hope she likes it 'cause you won't be fucking me.

Terri: It's over. Thanks so much, it was lovely. I'll get the rest of my stuff later.

Terri: Why do you find it so hard to fathom that I'd want to be with a woman? I mean, I wanted to be with you. Now I want to be with her. That's all.

Cary: Okay, I see. You're a real piece of work, you know that?
Terri: That's great.
Cary: Nobody actually likes you, you're aware of this?
Terri: Are you for real? Nobody likes you either.
Cary: I don't get your kind. You women are all the same. You give my friend nothing but grief, always coming off like some dyke bitch. How do you live with yourself?
Terri: What the fuck is the matter with you? You treat women like sex objects then real people.
Cary: Hey, you don't want to have a drink with me, that's fine. I can take a hint. I have a healthy self image. But you keep dicking around people I know and one of these days I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna knock you on your ass. You are a useless cunt! Get use to it!