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Kyle Stewart (Character)
from "Team Knight Rider" (1997)

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"Team Knight Rider: Legion of Doom (#1.22)" (1998)
Dante: Kyle, I wish you would reconsider. We don't even know who this Shadow gentleman is!
Beast: For once, I agree with the Limey. You guys are walking into a trap!
Duke DePalma: He's got a point. Secret rendezvous and deserted office buildings isn't my idea of a safe bet!
Kyle Stewart: If Shadow wanted to hurt us, he already would have.
Erica West: Kyle's right! This guy got onto SKY 1, and into my quarters, without even breaking a sweat!
Kevin "Trek" Sanders: Right - we all know hard it is for a guy to break into Erica's quarters!

Erica West: [Opening the door of a white Ford KA] What's KA?
Gil: K. A. Stands for Knight Alpha. It's a prototype TKR international vehicle.
Kevin "Trek" Sanders: FLAG created him for a potential Euro Knight rider operation.
Erica West: Brilliant! They couldn't come up with a common currency, and now we're giving em supercars!
Kyle Stewart: He's awaiting shipment to Berlin, to hook up with his new driver.
Erica West: [Looking inside] Who are they going to get - Danny DeVito?
Kevin "Trek" Sanders: Looks like a pretty wimpy kind of car to me.
Knight Alpha: Meine Spitzengeschwindigkeit ist über 480 Kilometern pro Stunde, und ich kann über fünfzehn Meter springen.
[TRANSLATION: My top speed is in excess of 480 kilometres per hour, and I can jump over fifteen metres]
Erica West: What did he say?
Gil: I have no clue! He only speaks German!
Kevin "Trek" Sanders: But the A. I. voice synthsiser is supposed to be universely linguistic!
Knight Alpha: Korrekt, aber ich möchten nicht Englisch sprechen! Sie egocentric Amerikaner begrenzen sich, indem Sie nur eine Sprache erlernen.
[TRANSLATION: Correct, but I do not want to speak English! You egocentric Americans limit yourselves by learning only one language]
Kyle Stewart: Er, Dante, you want to translate that?
Dante: Ha, ha, no, not really!

Dante: [after rising out of the water looking as good as new] Kyle, I accept your unspoken thanks for ordering those extra parts, without which we'd still be at the bottom of the ocean!
Kyle Stewart: Juast fire the missile!

[the team enter the darkened conference room]
Kyle Stewart: [as the lights come on] Do you think he could have been here?
Erica West: Well, how could he get past everyone? I mean, it's not like he can outrun us!
Kevin "Trek" Sanders: Maybe he beamed in!

"Team Knight Rider: The Magnificent T.K.R. (#1.2)" (1997)
Kyle Stewart: Who are you?
FBI Agent Daniel Waldo: My name's Waldo.
Kevin "Trek" Sanders: Oh, hey. They finally found you.