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'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III (Character)
from "Knight Rider" (1982)

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"Knight Rider: Knight of a Thousand Devils (#4.17)" (1986)
Devon Miles: Looks like a carefully constructed trainwreck.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: Come on, boss, stop putting down my wheels!
Michael Knight: He meant the drawings, RC, I got them before the place blew up tonight.

'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: This baby taught the Baja a lesson.
Michael Knight: Not to mention bringing half of it back with you. Look at this.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: Now there you guys go putting down my wheels again.
K.I.T.T.: Don't look at me, RC. My vocal board is sealed.

"Knight Rider: Knight of the Rising Sun (#4.21)" (1986)
Michael Knight: O'Brien served with Devon on the allied command in Korea in the early fifties.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: You got any idea what kind of jackpot this guy is in?
Michael Knight: All I know is, we are not here to send K.I.T.T. to the far east and have him come back as a crate of ghetto blasters.
K.I.T.T.: Michael, you're analogy is quite disturbing.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: Hey, don't worry, K.I.T.T. I am a strong advocate of buy American. I wouldn't buy you if you had a foreign label.
K.I.T.T.: That's very patriotic of you, RC.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: Thanks, K.I.T.T.
K.I.T.T.: Now if you'd just work on your taste in music...

'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: Something tells me these... are the bad guys.
Michael Knight: Something tells me you're right.

"Knight Rider: Voo Doo Knight (#4.22)" (1986)
Michael Knight: [having just escaped from a collapsing building] Nice K.I.T.T., very, very nice.
K.I.T.T.: No applause, just a wash and wax please.
Michael Knight: [laughs] You got it.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: [RC's bike was left in the building] Yeah... and a new bike.
Michael Knight: Yeah, sorry about that.

Michael Knight: Sorry, Harana, but a stolen crown never made a man a king or a woman a princess.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: Hey that's good, Michael. What is that, eh... Shakespeare?
Michael Knight: Hm hm, Michael Knight.

"Knight Rider: Knight Song (#4.11)" (1985)
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: I wanna talk to you, Keith, now it won't take too long.
Keith Lawson: Anything is too long now, catch you later.

Bonnie Barstow: [Josh, Michael and RC have all been beaten up] This looks like the graduating class of the Tex Cobb school of boxing.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: Not funny.
Josh Bevin: I don't know, I give it about a five and a half.
Michael Knight: I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting sick and tired of being a victim.

"Knight Rider: Redemption of a Champion (#4.16)" (1986)
Bonnie Barstow: K.I.T.T's broken down the components of a smell he picked up on it's old factory scan. It's a micture of natural gas and, eh 'Avec Moi', a perfume.
Devon Miles: Expensive, but not uncommon.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: How can a perfume cause an explosion?

'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: What's Davis got to do with it?
Michael Knight: Maybe nothing, maybe forty million reasons called dollars.

"Knight Rider: The Scent of Roses (#4.12)" (1986)
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: [trying to stop Michael from walking away] You're still hurting, man. I might even be able to take you.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: [Michael hands him his bag] Thanks, Michael. I think you've just saved my hide.

"Knight Rider: Knight of the Juggernaut (#4.1)" (1985)
Bonnie Barstow: [Bonnie has found the cheapest garage available] It belongs to RC3's father.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: Yeah.
Michael Knight: Don't tell me: RC2.

"Knight Rider: Knight Flight to Freedom (#4.19)" (1986)
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: Either they're greeting us with fireworks, my man, or that mountain blew it's top three days ahead of schedule.

"Knight Rider: Burial Ground (#4.5)" (1985)
Michael Knight: The Foundation manual specifically states on page 47 section C: when not otherwise engaged, the semi driver should be behind the wheel.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: Yeah, but Bonnie's autopilot is so smooth...
Devon Miles: Too smooth. Now RC, I would prefer a more personalized driving experience.

"Knight Rider: Knight Behind Bars (#4.10)" (1985)
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: [pointing a gun at the warden] Hi, I'm here to offer you a life time subscription to the prison newsletter.

"Knight Rider: KITTnap (#4.3)" (1985)
Michael Knight: They got Karen, and now they got K.I.T.T. I'm the one they want here, maybe I should just go to Martin and offer myself in exchange.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: Hey, wow, I'm into chivalry myself, man but Martin's the kind of guy who that'd say to you 'Yeah, come ahead' and then he'd blow ya'll away.

"Knight Rider: Fright Knight (#4.20)" (1986)
Michael Knight: [via video phone] Bonnie, put RC on will ya, I need him out here on this one.
Bonnie Barstow: Oh RC, what about me, Michael you know how much I love Westerns.
Michael Knight: [impersonating John Wayne] Well, I know, pilgrim. Maybe I can get you one of those gutsy Maureen O'Hara roles.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: You know Michael, you do a great Jimmy Stewart.
K.I.T.T.: Very funny.

"Knight Rider: The Wrong Crowd (#4.6)" (1985)
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: [driving the FLAG rig] I dropped Bonnie and Devon off at the stroke of nine. Now I'm sure they're eagerly awaiting your tardy arrival...
K.I.T.T.: He's gloating, Michael. Did he expect me to turbo boost over ten miles of bumper to bumper traffic? I mean sustained flight has never been my strength.
Michael Knight: Don't let him ruffle your breaking fins, pal.

"Knight Rider: Killer K.I.T.T. (#4.13)" (1986)
Michael Knight: [using his new comlink while rinding RC's bike] Tell RC his bike's running just fine. I'll take good care of his pride and joy.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: You hear that Bonnie? My 'pile of junk' is humming along.
Bonnie Barstow: I heard RC. Michael also said he'd take good care of it. And you know how he takes care of equipment.
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III: Oh, my wheels!