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Duke DePalma (Character)
from "Team Knight Rider" (1997)

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"Team Knight Rider: Legion of Doom (#1.22)" (1998)
Dante: Kyle, I wish you would reconsider. We don't even know who this Shadow gentleman is!
Beast: For once, I agree with the Limey. You guys are walking into a trap!
Duke DePalma: He's got a point. Secret rendezvous and deserted office buildings isn't my idea of a safe bet!
Kyle Stewart: If Shadow wanted to hurt us, he already would have.
Erica West: Kyle's right! This guy got onto SKY 1, and into my quarters, without even breaking a sweat!
Kevin "Trek" Sanders: Right - we all know hard it is for a guy to break into Erica's quarters!

Duke DePalma: [Discussing Shadow's clues - Key and Arizona] Is there a Key, Arizona?
Dante: No Duke, there is no such place.
Beast: You know, Duke, you say dumb stuff like that, it reflects badly on both of us!
Duke DePalma: I'm sorry - I really didn't mean to embarress you!

[the discusion turns to speculation regarding the Shadow]
Erica West: Who are we talking about?
Jenny Andrews: We think Shadow might be Michael Knight
Erica West: Michael Knight? The guy with the talking Ferrari?
Duke DePalma: Trans-Am!

[When Erica and Trek check in with SKY 1, the team discuss the possibility that Mobius is planning to attempt world wide mind control]
Jenny Andrews: Kyle, don't you think global mind control is just a little far fetched?
Plato: Cuckoo, Cuckoo!
Erica West: For once, Plato, I understand and agree with you. Kyle, You're nuts!
Duke DePalma: It is a little big!

[the team realise Mobius could already be using his mind control]
Erica West: He could be controlling one of us!
Jenny Andrews: Or all of us!
Duke DePalma: And we wouldn't even know it!
[pause, followed by Trek rising slowly out of his seat]
Kevin "Trek" Sanders: [Monotone] I must kill Erica West!
Erica West: [Pushing him back] oh, stop it!
[They all laugh]

[Trek, Ercia Duke and Jenny are tied to chairs around a table when Max strides in]
Max Amendas: Ello, ello, why's everybody so down, eh?
Duke DePalma: You know, you're really starting to bug me!
Max Amendas: Funny - that's exactly what my second wife said, right before I shot her!

Kevin "Trek" Sanders: [after Kyle has rejoined the others] Duke had already given up on you.
Duke DePalma: That's becauser my car can't go under water!
Erica West: Kyle, there was no mind control device. He even duped Max and Kalia!