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Quotes for
April Curtis (Character)
from "Knight Rider" (1982)

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"Knight Rider: Goliath Returns (#2.18)" (1984)
April Curtis: [to Garthe] You might as well know what I think about you and your destiny. Your destiny is to never have a woman who wants you for yourself. Never have a man who respects you for what you are. Your destiny is death. And if you don't believe me just go take a good look in the mirror. There are holes where your eyes should be. And behind them there's nothing but blackness.

Devon Miles: April, do you know a way to switch off this key light and then turn it on again?
April Curtis: Hmm, I think a bobbypin should do the trick.
Devon Miles: Good.

"Knight Rider: Soul Survivor (#2.9)" (1983)
Michael Knight: [April has crammed Kitt's intelligence into a portable TV set] Kitt, are you ok?
K.I.T.T.: I am not ok. I am being held captive inside a television set.
April Curtis: Kitt, it's the best we can do to make you portable.
K.I.T.T.: I'm totally ridiculous. I feel like the booby prize at a Halloween party.

Devon Miles: You lost K.I.T.T.?
April Curtis: To a woman who picked you up on the side of the road? Michael, how could you?

"Knight Rider: Return to Cadiz (#2.6)" (1983)
April Curtis: [on viewscreen] Are you ready for the test, Michael?
Michael Knight: Oh, hi April, I'm ready if Kitt's ready!
April Curtis: Kitt?
KITT: I'm glad you asked, April. In light of the extensive micronetics involved in the system interface, not to mention -
Michael Knight: [laughs] He's ready.
Michael Knight: Michael, I prefer speaking for myself. In truth there's a primary aversion involved.
Michael Knight: I know buddy, you hate the smell of fish.
KITT: I dislike the smell of fish. I hate salt water.
Michael Knight: Think of it this way: April want to see if you can swim, and I'm along for the ride.

Michael Knight: April?
April Curtis: Hm?
Michael Knight: Listen, thanks a lot for jumping in when I needed some help.
April Curtis: Sure. Actually it was fun. I, eh, I was thinking, maybe we should trade jobs once in a while.
Michael Knight: That's not a bad idea. Kitt's Long John Silver quotes are driving me nuts.

"Knight Rider: Brother's Keeper (#2.3)" (1983)
K.I.T.T.: Michael, I have a confession. I'm rather pleased our life of crime has come to an end.
April Curtis: [sits down on Kitt's hood] Well now, that makes two of us.
Michael Knight: What's the matter? Tired of living in the fast lane, pal?
K.I.T.T.: No, it's simply that my research indicates that not one vehicle or steed of a noted desperado ever received the acclaim of its owner. Nor did they share in any of the criminal profits. It's quite clear: crime doesn't pay.

"Knight Rider: Custom K.I.T.T. (#2.8)" (1983)
K.I.T.T.: April, I can't believe you're participating in this barbarism.
April Curtis: Now Kitt, you know we wouldn't be doing this if it weren't absolutely necessary.
K.I.T.T.: How would you feel if someone decided to extend your nose, remove your ears, lengthen your neck and paint your body candy-apple red? Thank goodness Wilton Knight isn't here to see this sacrilege.

"Knight Rider: Let It Be Me (#2.23)" (1984)
April Curtis: But you can't sing... can't you?
Michael Knight: Are you kidding? Before I joined the academy I used to sing all the time. I even had a record company interested in a demo I made.

"Knight Rider: Speed Demons (#2.17)" (1984)
Michael Knight: I know the proceeds are going to charity here, but how the Foundation get involved in a tough sport like motorcycle racing?
April Curtis: Well, you may not believe this, but Devon happens to be quite a fan.
Michael Knight: You're right. I don't believe it.
April Curtis: Well as a matter of fact, when he was a boy he made quite a name for himself in the Tourist Trophy races in Britain.

"Knight Rider: Race for Life (#2.16)" (1984)
Becky Phillips: [Michael and April visit Becky in hospital] We rode in an ambulance, and we ran a red light.
April Curtis: Ooooh!
Michael Knight: No kidding? Was the ambulance faster than Kitt?
Becky Phillips: Well... maybe, but not as nice.

"Knight Rider: Silent Knight (#2.12)" (1983)
April Curtis: [on viewscreen] Michael, just what are you up to?
Michael Knight: Nothing. Well, not much, at least. I ran into a gypsy kid who was a witness to a robbery. He and his sister...
April Curtis: His sister? Yeah, I should have known.
Michael Knight: April, it's not like it sounds.
April Curtis: Michael, now you know how seriously Devon takes the annual Christmas banquet. Now he's seated you between Lady Pinwall and the dutches s of Chipstead. So please remember, he's counting on you.
April Curtis: Oh, I'll be there, sure as St. Nick.
Michael Knight: For your sake I hope you are, St. Nick.

"Knight Rider: Merchants of Death (#2.4)" (1983)
Michael Knight: What's all that?
April Curtis: [hands over a bundle of clothes] Eh, the latest in mercenary wear. It comes pre-soiled.

"Knight Rider: Goliath: Part 1 (#2.1)" (1983)
KITT: It wasn't a fair fight, April. It's like putting Sugar Ray in the ring against a overgrown heavyweight.
April Curtis: I'm sure it was KITT.
KITT: It won't happen again I can assure you of that.
April Curtis: It better not! We have you patched together with scotch tape and bailing wire as it is.
KITT: [Referring to Goliath] If I ever see that snout-nosed ignoramus again...
Michael Knight: You better hope he is heading in the opposite direction.
KITT: I'm already reviewing my computer logs of our confrontation. In a matter of hours I will know everything there is to know about that banana-headed bovine!
Michael Knight: You tell 'em KITT!