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Quotes for
Frankie Wilde (Character)
from It's All Gone Pete Tong (2004)

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It's All Gone Pete Tong (2004)
Frankie Wilde: Everybody should have at least two Austrian mates. Everybody should have at least two.

Frankie Wilde: Maybe I should write a book. That might take years though, perhaps a pamphlet or brochure.

Frankie Wilde: We're bending the sounds. I've been forging it. With a lyrical smelter.

Frankie Wilde: I can confidently say Ibiza is dot dot dot.

Frankie Wilde: Flip flop is to me perfection.

Frankie Wilde: I once stole 500 quid from your wallet in the studio.
Max Hagger: Well, it's only money. No big deal.
Frankie Wilde: And it was me who stuck that scaf bar through the windscreen of your Merc. It wasn't that Asian kid.
Max Hagger: Well, he's probably out now anyways, so, no harm done.

Frankie Wilde: I was thinking, you know Paul Newman's got his salad dressing and that? So why not Frankie Wilde Hummus?
Sonja: That's a really good idea, Frankie.
Frankie Wilde: People come see the gigs and they say, "That was a great set, Frankie," and I say, "Cheers, mate, want some hummus?"
Sonja: Yeah, good name for an album.
Frankie Wilde: How's that?
Sonja: Frankie Wilde - Hummus.
Frankie Wilde: What? Call my album Hummus? I don't think so.
Sonja: I've got good ideas, Frankie, you should listen to me.
Frankie Wilde: If I've got my own hummus brand and my album's called Hummus, it's all gettin' a bit much.
Sonja: No, I think it's a good name.
Frankie Wilde: I'll change my name to Frankie Hummus.
Sonja: It sounds good.

Frankie Wilde: [endorsing "Screw Widle" Energy Drink] It's like bad speed in a can. We've all had bad speed haven't we?

Interviewer: What is it like? Being a husband?
Frankie Wilde: An arse-band?

Sonja: Have you got a condom?
Frankie Wilde: Hey?
Sonja: Have you got a condom?
Frankie Wilde: No, I'm not gonna fuck her. I'm knackered. I'm just gonna have a nosh.

Sonja: [Frankie and Sonja are having sex] I fuckin' hate you!
Frankie Wilde: I fuckin' hate you!