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Quotes for
Lui (Character)
from Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959)

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Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959)
Elle: [Last lines] Hi-ro-shi-ma. Hiroshima. That is your name.
Lui: Yes, that is my name. And your name is Nevers. Nevers, in France.

Lui: [First lines] You saw nothing in Hiroshima. Nothing.
Elle: I saw everything. Everything.

Elle: I have dubious morals, you know.
Lui: What do you call "having dubious morals"?
Elle: Being dubious about other people's morals.

Elle: Were you here in Hiroshima?
Lui: Of course not.
Elle: That's right. How silly of me.
Lui: But my family was in Hiroshima.
Lui: I was off fighting the war.
Elle: Lucky for you, eh?
Lui: Yes.
Elle: Lucky for me, too.

Lui: What did Hiroshima mean to you, in France?
Elle: [pauses for a second] The end of the war... completely, I mean. Amazement that they dared, amazement that they succeeded. And for us, the start of an unknown fear. Then, indifference. And fear of that indifference.

Lui: You were bored in a way that makes a man want to know a woman

Elle: I have always wept for the fate of Hiroshima. Always.
Lui: No. What would you have wept about?

Elle: I have made nothing up.
Lui: You have made it all up.

Lui: Why are you in Hiroshima?
Elle: A film.
Lui: What film?
Elle: I am acting in a film.

Lui: Perhaps I was dreaming, without realizing it.

Lui: What's the film you're in?
Elle: A film about peace. What else would we be making in Hiroshima?

Lui: Where are you going? To Nevers?
Lui: No, Paris. I'll never set foot in Nevers again.
Elle: Never?
Lui: Never.

Lui: Does it mean anything else in French, "Nevers"?
Elle: No, nothing.

Lui: And then one day, my love, does eternity come to an end?

Lui: Some years from now, when I have forgotten you and other romances like this one have recurred through sheer habit, I will remember you as a symbol of love's forgetfulness. This affair will remind me how horrible forgetting is.