Isabel Vasquez
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Isabel Vasquez (Character)
from Music of the Heart (1999)

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Music of the Heart (1999)
Isabel Vasquez: [approaching Roberta who is sitting on a bench by herself at lunch after being shunned by other teachers] What's the matter? You got cooties or somethin'?
Roberta Guaspari: Oh, apparently.
Isabel Vasquez: Well, I'll take my chances. Isabel Vasquez, second grade.
Roberta Guaspari: Roberta Guaspari, I'm ...
Isabel Vasquez: The violin teacher. I know.
Roberta Guaspari: So is it my imagination, or does *everybody* here hate me?
Isabel Vasquez: Look, it's hard to fit in when you're doing a special program. People figure you're not gonna be here very long, so they don't make the effort. It may take a while for folks to warm up to you, but they don't hate you.
Roberta Guaspari: What about Alice?
Isabel Vasquez: A - She thinks the violin is a waste of time. B - She's a bitch!
Roberta Guaspari: [laughs] So, why are you being so nice to me?
Isabel Vasquez: Ulterior motives. I want my daughter in your class next year!
Roberta Guaspari: If I'm here next year...
Isabel Vasquez: You will be.