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Quotes for
Georgia (Character)
from Georgia Rule (2007)

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Georgia Rule (2007)
Georgia: For a smart girl, you do stupid well.

Georgia: You cut your hair...
Lilly: It was getting in the way of my drinking.

Rachel: You don't look evil.
Georgia: Make-up helps.

Georgia: That's my granddaughter.
Ethan: Do we have to like her?
Sam: How old is she?
Georgia: No. And don't even think about it.

Lilly: Oh, come on. There was a time you'd have dragged me by my hair out of here for drinking.
Georgia: I'm too old. So's your hair.

Georgia: [sitting on floor] Come on, boys. Erect me.
Ethan: She has glutten pains shooting out her eyeballs.

Georgia: It's a glass... bedpan?
Lilly: Crystal bowl. It's classy.

Lilly: I brought you a gift
Georgia: It's lovely.
Lilly: How do you know?
Georgia: The ribbon and the paper.

Georgia: Traveled all the way from San Francisco, Califonia smelling of smoke, but she doesn't smoke.
Lilly: Ok, mother, caught me.
Georgia: Save the lies for something more important than cancer.

Lilly: When Dad was dying, nearly dead, did you ever miss a meal? Eat late? Eat early?
Georgia: No, same time. Alone. I could turn the radio on.
Lilly: You're a minute late. Enjoy your meal. I'm gonna wait for Rachel.
Georgia: Life is much less of a surprise when it's all timed down.

Arnold: How many lies have I told?
Georgia: Oh, please. You're a lawyer!

Rachel: Try and jerk me around, Grandma.
Georgia: Go fuck yourself.

Georgia: [hitting Arnold with a baseball bat] You're going to eat this
Georgia: and drive or else I'm going to dismantle your car.

Georgia: [after getting into a fight with Lilly on the lawn and she loses her bra] You lost your...
[holds her bra out]
Lilly: My mind?
Georgia: I'll go get the booze, you stay here.

Georgia: [to Arnold] If Lilly didn't love you, I would kill you.