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Quotes for
Harlan (Character)
from Georgia Rule (2007)

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Georgia Rule (2007)
Harlan: You're a dangerous girl, aren't you?
Rachel: It depends on what you define as dangerous.
Harlan: Safer to get thrown from a horse.
Rachel: But you don't have to brush me or feed me after riding me.

Harlan: You have to go with me to talk to June. I want to tell her in person.
Rachel: Tell her what?
Harlan: That we have to get married.
Rachel: What?
Harlan: It's the only way God will forgive us!
Rachel: Oh my God, Harlan, I gave you a blow job!
Harlan: [suddenly embarrassed] Um, thank you for breakfast, Miss Georgia. Rachel, I'll see you in the truck.
Rachel: [to her grandmother, exasperated] No good deed goes unpunished!

Rachel: Surprise. Saddling up your truck?
Harlan: Now I had it figured that you'd done away with Simon, buried his body and taken off for the city with his cash and car.
Rachel: And leave you alive?

Harlan: Just how disturbed are you?
Rachel: I prefer "unique."