Danny Flynn
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Danny Flynn (Character)
from The Boxer (1997)

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The Boxer (1997)
Danny: You still have it.
Maggie: What?
Danny: My soul, for what it's worth.

Danny: I'm not a killer, Maggie, but this place makes me want to kill.

Danny: You're a dangerous fucking woman, Maggie.

Danny: We can't keep doing what we're doing, you know.
Maggie: What are we doing?

Danny: For fourteen years I was locked up, my feelings were locked up inside me.

Danny: I'll leave if you ask me to.
Maggie: If *I* ask you?

Danny: [to Maggie] Give us a hug. You're a dangerous fuckin' woman!

Harry: [Seeing Danny for the first time in fourteen years] You're out!
Danny: [after a pause] Good behavior.
Harry: [Sarcastically] You were never accused of that before.

Danny: I'm not a killer, Maggie. This place makes me want to kill.

Danny: [to Maggie] I've lived with your face in silence for fourteen years. It's hard to talk to the real you.