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Quotes for
Jude (Character)
from Happy Endings (2005)

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Happy Endings (2005)
Jude: What's the matter? Boy trouble?
Otis: Fuck you, Jude!

Mamie: I'm not pro-life, though.
Jude: Who is, once you start to pay attention?

Jude: Hey, do you guys mind if I ask you something?
Alvin: She's not in rehab for drugs. It's just booze. Plus, she's a vomiter.
Miles: A fat vomiter, which is fucking useless.
Jude: No... just, why is Otis the leader?

Jude: [singing] How lucky am I?

Jude: We're breaking up.
Otis: What?
Jude: Look, I'm not gonna screw you *and* your dad.

Jude: I think your Dad's home. You totally owe me, dude. He doesn't think you're a 'mo anymore.
[as he pulls his shirt on]
Otis: Hey, I am not gay.
[pointing to the bed]
Otis: Hello?
[Jude turns on his TV, revealing a gay porn video]
Jude: You "hello".

Jude: What's going on?
Nicky: He knows you're just after his money. And I told him what you had over me, and he doesn't care that I'm gay.
Frank: I care, I care, of course I care. It's not good news.

Mamie: What kind of movies does this guy make?
Jude: I don't know. He's an idiot. The kind idiots make, I guess.

Jude: Nothing comes off the money you're gonna get 30 years from now when your dad dies from too much sex. You don't have to call me mom - all the time.