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Richard Clark (Character)
from High School High (1996)

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High School High (1996)
Richard Clark: Why are you late?
Natalie: Because the bell rang before I got here.

[Alcohol is poured into Richard Clark's coffee cup by a burned-out looking alcoholic teacher]
Richard Clark: Isn't it a little early to start drinking?
Woman: Who stops?

Richard Clark: Victoria, could you give me a ride home? I seem to have misplaced my car.
Victoria Chapell: Oh, don't worry about it. All the teachers loose their car on their first day.

Richard Clark: I've never been very good with relationships. In fact, most of mine ended with "Hey, what are you doing in bed with that other woman?" And that was me talking!

Richard Clark: I'm Richard Clark, I'm the new history teacher here. What department do you teach in?
Teacher: I don't know, something up on the third floor.

[Julie is pregnant with her third child]
Richard Clark: Well, Julie I hoped you learned a valuable lesson from this.
Julie Rubels: Oh, yes. Basically as far as vasectomies go, never use the home kit.

Thaddeus Clark: Richard, if you do this, you will fail. You... will... fail! And mark my works, you'll come crawling back here with your tail between your legs!
Richard Clark: You're wrong, father. I'm gonna succeed at Barry High School. And, I have no intention of ever crawling back here with anything between my legs!

[During drug bust]
Principal Evelyn Doyle: What is she doing here?
Richard Clark: She's my bitch!
[Veronica scolds at him]
Richard Clark: Well... my significant other. We've been slappin' skins for sometime, hmmmm?

Victoria Chapell: [referring to Paco's entry into a school dance, even though it's not his school] Paco's gang always gets into other school dances, and they bring weapons to them
Richard Clark: What kind of people bring weapons to a dance?
[Anferney and all his friends nearby put their hands in their coats, and you hear guns cocking]

Victoria Chapell: Remember, some things are irreplaceable
Richard Clark: Irreplaceable? Nothings gonna happen to me.
[Richard drives away]
Victoria Chapell: I was talking about my car!

Principal Evelyn Doyle: I inherited the business from my late husband.
Richard Clark: I'm shocked!
Principal Evelyn Doyle: What? That a woman can run a business?
Richard Clark: No. That you were ever married.

Richard Clark: Why would I have his briefcase unless I was workin' for him?
Principal Evelyn Doyle: That's doesn't prove anything. You could have seen him down in the restaurant, dressed up like a waiter, created some kind of diversion while she snatched it from under the table.
Richard Clark: [Swallows toothpick] That's a little farfetched, don't you think?

Richard Clark: [trying to act high] Oh, this shit be kickin'!

Richard Clark: [to Ms Doyle] I'm higher than hell and you're STILL ugly!

Mrs. McReynolds: [Griff has graduated] Way to go Griff that's my boy!
Mrs. Clark: [She taps Mrs. McReynolds on the shoulder and then points at Richard] That's *my* boy