Principal Evelyn Doyle
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Principal Evelyn Doyle (Character)
from High School High (1996)

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High School High (1996)
Principal Evelyn Doyle: What the hell is going on here?
Victoria Chapell: I was attacked.
Principal Evelyn Doyle: Well, what did you expect, dressed like that, and alone, with him?

[During drug bust]
Principal Evelyn Doyle: What is she doing here?
Richard Clark: She's my bitch!
[Veronica scolds at him]
Richard Clark: Well... my significant other. We've been slappin' skins for sometime, hmmmm?

Principal Evelyn Doyle: I inherited the business from my late husband.
Richard Clark: I'm shocked!
Principal Evelyn Doyle: What? That a woman can run a business?
Richard Clark: No. That you were ever married.

Richard Clark: Why would I have his briefcase unless I was workin' for him?
Principal Evelyn Doyle: That's doesn't prove anything. You could have seen him down in the restaurant, dressed up like a waiter, created some kind of diversion while she snatched it from under the table.
Richard Clark: [Swallows toothpick] That's a little farfetched, don't you think?