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Helen Downing (Character)
from Who's Harry Crumb? (1989)

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Who's Harry Crumb? (1989)
Helen Downing: Back then, dinner and a movie might have gotten you into some girl's panties, but it's gonna take a lot more than that to get into mine.

Helen Downing: I hate being poor.
Vince Barnes: Agh... we've still got each other babe. - singing - They say our love won't pay the rent; before its earned our money's all been spent. I got you babe... woah, hey, now... I got you babe.

[With the help of Nikki Downing driving the passenger stairs truck in front of the airplane bound for Buenos Aries, Harry crashes through the door and enter the aircraft]
Elderly Woman: Who is that?
Harry Crumb: Crumb, Harry Crumb.
[walks toward Helen and Vince]
Harry Crumb: And I hereby charge these two miscreants with the kidnapping of one Jennifer Downing.
Vince Barnes: [pulls out a gun on Harry] You must be crazy, Crumb.
Harry Crumb: Crazy? Crazy like a fox. I must warn you, Vince Barnes, I have a black belt in Aikido...
[Harry uses karate moves and kiai to intimidate Vince, who is hesitant to shoot him]
Helen Downing: [to Vince] For chrissake, just shoot him!
[Harry kicks off his first boot at a distracted Vince, knocking his gun away, then the second one which knocks him out cold. Helen, defeated, could only watch]
Harry Crumb: ...and the boots to match.