Nikki Fletcher
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Nikki Fletcher (Character)
from Ice Princess (2005)

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Ice Princess (2005)
Nikki: [about The Jumping Shrimp] My mom had it copyrighted.

Zoe Bloch: Well, well, well. If it isn't the Leaping Dwarf.
Nikki: It's the Jumping Shrimp, actually.
Zoe Bloch: Like that's a step up?

Nikki: I was this close, this close to losing!
Nikki's Mom: Sweetheart...
[places her hand on Nikki's arm]
Nikki: [twists her arm out of her mother's grip] Don't you know what'll happen after six months with Tina?
Nikki's Mom: What?
Nikki: She'll whip my butt! Someone is going to pay big time.

Nikki: [to Casey] You can keep it all if you just stop doing that.