Moses 'Momo' Schmitt
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Moses 'Momo' Schmitt (Character)
from Monsieur Ibrahim (2003)

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Monsieur Ibrahim (2003)
Momo: You're circumcised too?

Momo: When are you going to adopt me?
Monsieur Ibrahim: Tomorrow if you like.

Momo: [reading Ibrahim's will] This is my will and testament. I, Ibrahim Demirdji, hereby leave all my goods to Moses Schmitt, my son Momo because he chose me as his father and because I've given him everything I've learned in this life. Now you too will know what's in my Koran, Momo. It's all there is to know.

Momo: Arab means open from 8 til midnight, even Sunday.

Momo: Do you think I'm good-looking?
Monsieur Ibrahim: [chuckles] You're very good-looking.
Momo: Will I be good-looking enough to attract girls without paying?
Monsieur Ibrahim: In a few years, they'll pay for you.
Momo: It's not great for now.
Monsieur Ibrahim: Of course not. See how you go about it? You stare as if to say, "See how good-looking I am." And so they just laugh. You have to look at them as if to say, "I've never seen such beauty before."