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Princess Gwendolyn (Character)
from The Court Jester (1955)

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The Court Jester (1955)
Princess Gwendolyn: [to Griselda] Remember, if he dies, you die!

Princess Gwendolyn: If my father hears of this our necks will snap like twigs!
[she snaps her fingers, causing Griselda's spell to break and Hawkins to start panicking]
Hawkins: Uh, like what?
Princess Gwendolyn: Twigs!
[she snaps again, putting the spell back in place and Hawkins to stop panicking]
Hawkins: Twigs? Speak not of twigs when you look at an oak! Until tonight, my little sapling.

King Roderick: Take the witch out and burn her!
Princess Gwendolyn: Harm one hair on her head and I throw myself from the highest turret!
King Roderick: Gwendolyn, you go too far.

Princess Gwendolyn: I've seen this monster and it's not for nothing he's called the grim, grisly, and gruesome Griswold.
King Roderick: Grim, grisly, or gruesome, you marry Griswold.

Princess Gwendolyn: Marry Griswold? Never!
King Roderick: What was that?
Princess Gwendolyn: He's a brute and a lout.
King Roderick: Brute or not, lout or not, if it pleases me you will marry Griswold.
Princess Gwendolyn: If it pleases you so much, you marry Griswold.