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Quotes for
Nick Styles (Character)
from Ricochet (1991)

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Ricochet (1991)
Nick Styles: What the fuck is wrong with all y'all? Selling drugs to each other, 'cause ya damn sure ain't selling them in Beverly Hills. Killing yourselves, and for what? Make ya feel like a man? Or does it make ya dick hard? Punk motherfuckers.

[Nick is trying to persuade Odessa to stop dealing at the Towers]
Nick Styles: Do it for your mother.
Odessa: What about my mother, motherfucker?
Nick Styles: Your mother, nigga! The one that died of a broken heart, praying with my father every night over your sorry ass. The one that buried your kid brother without his head because they couldn't find it. Don't play me, Odessa.

Bookstore owner: You're the D.A.!
Nick Styles: Wrong! They fired me. As a private citizen I can kick anybody's ass I want to.

Nick Styles: I guess a Beretta in the butt beats a butterfly in a boot, huh?

Alice Styles: You lied to me.
Nick Styles: I didn't lie to you. I just didn't tell the whole truth.
Alice Styles: You're such a lawyer.

Nick Styles: I'm a husband, I'm a father, I'm a provider, see?

Nick Styles: If that's how you treat your friends, Blake, I'm glad we're enemies.

[Nick Styles approaches a car driver that almost ran him down, and suddenly sees it's Blake]
Nick Styles: Jesus Christ.
Blake: Almost.

Nick Styles: You killed Farris, didn't you?
Earl Talbot Blake: You killed my life.
Nick Styles: So, now we're even, is that it?
Earl Talbot Blake: [scoffs] We're not even close.