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Inspector Trout (Character)
from The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)

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The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)
Inspector Trout: But all this would just be myth of course, sir?
Rabbi: Oh, I think not.
Inspector Trout: No?
Rabbi: No. There is little doubt that the plagues did occur, though so distant now as to seem a myth.

Inspector Trout: One more question, if I might, sir? What did she look like?
Goldsmith: Well, she was a tall, attractive, young lady. She didn't speak much, as I remember, but she was, uh...
Inspector Trout: Smart, sir?
Goldsmith: Fashionable.

Goldsmith: Good day, Inspector Pike.
Inspector Trout: Trout, sir.
Goldsmith: Ah, yes, of course.

Inspector Trout: Uh, these ten curses, would they follow any particular order?
Rabbi: Hm. That is a point that Talmudic scholars have debated for generations, but there is no doubt that the classical tradition is: the curse of boils, bats, frogs, the curse of blood, the curse of rats, hail, of beasts, the locusts, of course, the death of the first-born, and then, finally, of darkness.
Inspector Trout: Darkness, Rabbi?
Rabbi: Yes. The final curse upon the land, to end forever the sleep of man.

Inspector Trout: Oh, don't take him out like that. At least cover his face... what's left of it.

Crow: Anyway, medical men die every day.
Inspector Trout: I'm aware of that sir.
Crow: Good. They're composed of the same flesh and blood as you and I.
Inspector Trout: I'm aware of that too sir. I happen to have seen rather a lot of their flesh and blood in the past few days.

Sgt. Schenley: Well I have discovered they all have one thing in common.
Inspector Trout: If you say they've all died mysteriously I'll bloody kill you!

Goldsmith: One of a set.
Inspector Trout: A set? You mean there's more than one of them?
Goldsmith: Of course there's more than one of them, that's why it's a set.

Inspector Trout: Somebody is using these ancient biblical curses to kill everyone associated with the Phibes' operation. But, I mean: the husband's dead, there's no children, it all happened ages ago - so who the hell are we looking for?

Dr. Vesalius: I'm going alone. Maybe he'll trade my life for my son's.
Inspector Trout: If you think you can reason with him, then you're as mad as he is!

Inspector Trout: Sorry for taking up your valuable time.
Goldsmith: Reasonably valuable I would like to think.

Inspector Trout: Well you should have driven faster.
Sgt. Schenley: Faster? I got there five minutes before the locals.
Inspector Trout: But two minutes after the plane had crashed!

Goldsmith: There was a lady.
Inspector Trout: Right, this woman...
Goldsmith: No, not a woman. A lady.

Rabbi: Part of the
Inspector Trout: The what, Sir?
Rabbi: The

Inspector Trout: What form would the curses take Sir?
Rabbi: There's the curse of boils, of bats...
Inspector Trout: Frogs?
Rabbi: Frogs, yes. And the curse of blood.
Inspector Trout: I see Sir, yes.

Inspector Trout: The curse of hail in the bloody middle of nowhere.

[last lines]
Dr. Vesalius: That still leaves the final curse.
Sgt. Schenley: Darkness.
Inspector Trout: Well he'll be working on it wherever he is.

Inspector Trout: We have got to find Phibes!

Inspector Trout: Bats appearing out of nowhere... I don't know, it - it just doesn't make sense.

Inspector Trout: When you've finished up there, I want you to question the butler again. There may be something he's over-looked.

Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972)
Trout: Every time we build a better mousetrap, sir, Phibes just builds a better mouse.

Trout: But no one's ever gotten the better of Phibes, sir. To our uncertain knowledge he's already killed fifteen men. You can't hope to win!

Waverly: And just why was the principle witness allowed to leave the country?
Trout: It was a peculiar matter and we were dealing with a very difficult gentleman.
Waverly: Well, I've got news for you Trout. You're dealing with an even more difficult one right now!

Waverly: Maybe he won't come back.
Trout: Oh, it's Phibes, all right, sir... and he always comes back.

Trout: I'm a bit apprehensive about finding the others, sir. Do you think you know where we are?
Waverley: Trout, I don't think; I know.
Trout: I don't think you know either, sir.

Waverly: Come along, Trout, strike camp.
Trout: Yeah, we ought to get these tents down, too, sir, and be on our way. And, what about Baker? Should we dispose of his body?
Waverly: I don't know about his body, but I think we should give his head a decent burial.

Trout: We're looking for a mad man, sir.
Lombardo, Shipping Agent: Well, you've bloody well found one! Do you realize this is Saturday afternoon?

Inspector Trout: We found a body.
Lombardo, Shipping Agent: Well, I didn't know you mislaid one. Whose?
Sir Wayne Waverley: Ambrose's.
Lombardo, Shipping Agent: Ah, him.
Inspector Trout: Did you know him, sir?
Lombardo, Shipping Agent: Not intimately. But he was always going on trips. He was an archeologist, digging around in the dirt, like you chaps.
Inspector Trout: We have reason to believe he was murdered.
Lombardo, Shipping Agent: Murdered?
Sir Wayne Waverley: Killed.
Lombardo, Shipping Agent: I understand what it means. But by who?

Trout: We could search the mountain...
Waverly: Trout, one needs a warrant to search. You should know that by now.
Trout: I am aware, sir, but...
Waverly: We can't just storm into someone else's mountain. This isn't Hyde Park, you know.

Trout: Phibes must have used that storm last night as cover.
Waverly: Used it? He probably summoned it!

Trout: But you haven't got a chance!
Waverly: He'll chop you down like the rest of them!
Biederbeck: I'm not like the rest of them! Phibes may put the fear of God in you, but not me. Now stay out of my way!

Trout: Phibes has finally failed, eh?
Biederbeck: No, he's won!