Earl Hunterson
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Earl Hunterson (Character)
from Waitress (2007)

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Waitress (2007)
Earl: Hey. You remember what I said - don't you go lovin' that baby too much.
Jenna: I don't love you, Earl. I haven't loved you for years. I want a divorce.
Earl: [laughs] Well, that's not a funny joke. You got this new baby here, you shouldn't be making jokes like that...
Jenna: I want you the hell out of my life. You are never to touch me, ever again; I am done with you. If you ever come within six yards of me, I will flatten your sorry ass and I'll enjoy doin' it.

Earl: Open the cabinet where the coffee and the sugar jars are.
Jenna: I dont want...
Earl: [shouting] Just open it!
[Jenna opens the cabinet, and money falls out]
Earl: What is that, Jenna? What is that?
Jenna: Money.
Earl: It's all over the fuckin' house! In cabinets, in drawers, under chairs, in closets! Money hidden all over my house!
Jenna: [whispering] I'm sorry.
Earl: After everything I've done for you, you go and hide money from me?
[falls to his knees, sobbing]
Earl: You're the only thing I ever loved, Jenna. You're the only person that ever belonged to me. And you having a secret from me tears me up.

Earl: [while having sex] Say something sexy, baby, something nasty.
Jenna: [deadpan] What do you want me to say?
[he climaxes]

Earl: I don't care if you are fat now. You're my sweet thing.