Bud Clay
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Bud Clay (Character)
from The Brown Bunny (2003)

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The Brown Bunny (2003)
Bud Clay: [sobbing] Why do you have to drink and take drugs?

Bud Clay: [points to a bunny rabbit] How old is this bunny?
Employee: Around one, two months.
Bud Clay: What's the longest a bunny can live for?
Employee: 'Bout five or six years.
Bud Clay: Five or six years...
Employee: Yeah.
Bud Clay: That's the most they can live?
Employee: Yup.

[first lines]
[Bud walks up to a young woman, working behind the counter in a gas station store]
Bud Clay: Hi.
Violet: Hello... Did you just come from the race track?
Bud Clay: Mmhm.
Violet: Did you win?
Bud Clay: No.
Violet: Oh.
Bud Clay: How much is this?
Violet: $2... Will you be racing again?
Bud Clay: Going to California. I've got to be there by Friday.
Violet: California? I always wanted to go to California.
Bud Clay: Really?
Violet: Yes.
Bud Clay: It's nice there.
Violet: Is it?
Bud Clay: Mmhm.
Violet: I thought it would be.
Bud Clay: Is your name Violet?
Violet: Yes, it is.
Bud Clay: Who made the necklace?
Violet: I made it.
Bud Clay: You think you'd want to come with me?
Violet: I don't even know you.
Bud Clay: Please?... Please?... Please come with me.

[last lines]
Bud Clay: No.