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Joanna Lang (Character)
from Havoc (2005)

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Havoc (2005)
Stuart Lang: You were arrested! With crack dealers!
[walks to the other end of the counter next to Joanna]
Joanna Lang: [after a long pause] Maybe this hasn't been the easiest place to live, lately.
Stuart Lang: [walks back over across from Allison] Alright, so we talk about it. That's what we're supposed to do. One of us has a problem, we all talk it over.
Allison: [rolling her eyes in disbelief] Oh, right! Who are you kidding? Who can ever talk to you when you're never even here?
Stuart Lang: [raising his voice] Well, I'm gonna' make it easier for you to find me - you're grounded!
Joanna Lang: [to Stuart] Hasn't she already suffered enough...
Allison: Yes, besides, what good would it do...
[notices that her Mom has gotten a pot and two cans of soup]
Allison: Wha...? I don't want any soup, Mom!
Stuart Lang: [leaning towards her over the counter] What were you doing Downtown in the first place?
Allison: [looking straight at him] I was sick of this phony life.
Joanna Lang: [upset, but trying to calm everyone] Alright, stop it, stop it, both of you. This whole thing is gonna' just go away.
[with determination]
Joanna Lang: "Tomato", or "chicken with rice"?