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Quotes for
Amanda (Character)
from Havoc (2005)

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Havoc (2005)
Allison: Oh my god!
Amanda: What?
Allison: That guy is getting a blow job!
Allison, Sasha: [both start laughing]
Amanda: [indignant] It's not fuckin' funny, Allison! Shut up!

Amanda: [whispering to Sasha] Say something!
Sasha: [to Allison and Emily in the front seat] OK, ya' know what? I, for one, wanna' just voice the opinion that this is crazy whack. I just had to say that.

Manuel: What's your name?
Amanda: Amanda.
Manuel: Amanda huh? You want to smoke some crack?
Amanda: Uh, no.

Emily: [Emily, Amanda, and Sasha approach Allison at her locker the morning after her arrest with Hector and his gang] Ally, you are soo fucking down!
Sasha: Yeah, like doing hard time and shit...
Allison: [trying hard to be modest] No, no, it wasn't like that...
Amanda: Come on, I heard you hit a cop and you got into a knife fight!
Allison: Na, no-no guys. It was more like uh... detention.
[tosses her purse into her locker and flings it shut]
Allison: See ya later!
[puts her arm around Emily's waist and the two of them walk away]
Amanda: [watches them leave] Bye...
Sasha: So, I wonder what Daddy thought!
Amanda: [rolls her eyes] Please! Daddy waved his magic wand and it went away.