Allison Lang
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Allison Lang (Character)
from Havoc (2005)

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Havoc (2005)
Stuart Lang: You were arrested! With crack dealers!
[walks to the other end of the counter next to Joanna]
Joanna Lang: [after a long pause] Maybe this hasn't been the easiest place to live, lately.
Stuart Lang: [walks back over across from Allison] Alright, so we talk about it. That's what we're supposed to do. One of us has a problem, we all talk it over.
Allison: [rolling her eyes in disbelief] Oh, right! Who are you kidding? Who can ever talk to you when you're never even here?
Stuart Lang: [raising his voice] Well, I'm gonna' make it easier for you to find me - you're grounded!
Joanna Lang: [to Stuart] Hasn't she already suffered enough...
Allison: Yes, besides, what good would it do...
[notices that her Mom has gotten a pot and two cans of soup]
Allison: Wha...? I don't want any soup, Mom!
Stuart Lang: [leaning towards her over the counter] What were you doing Downtown in the first place?
Allison: [looking straight at him] I was sick of this phony life.
Joanna Lang: [upset, but trying to calm everyone] Alright, stop it, stop it, both of you. This whole thing is gonna' just go away.
[with determination]
Joanna Lang: "Tomato", or "chicken with rice"?

Emily: What is it's like we're on our death beds and looking back at our lives... and looking at all the guys we've liked, loved and just fucked... and it turns out, that the whole time, like we were supposed to be together.
Allison: [Pushes Emily over an gets on top of her] I don't think I could go down on you.

Allison: We're teenagers and we're bored.

Allison: Inside the circle and out, we live very sheltered lives... So we dress gangsta, we talk shit, so what? It's our thing. See basically, the thing to remember is that none of it really matters, we're just teenagers and we're bored.
[grinds with Toby at each pause]
Allison: We are totally... fucking... bored.

Hector: Want something?
Allison: Uh, Yeah-no I don't... um, no... I don't know. Not really.
Hector: What are you smiling at?
Allison: I'm just uh, smiling.
Hector: [gestures toward Sasha and Amanda in the back seat of the SUV] What are your friends smiling at?
Allison: I think... they're having a nervous breakdown?

Hector: So you shopping like the other night? 'Cuase you know I got the real shit, ah.
Allison: No, I'm just looking.
Hector: Yeah, me too. I'm just looking too.

Runaway: [another girl throws up] You don't got any Dilaudid shoved up your ass to stop her from doing that?
Allison: Uh, no.
Runaway: [she and Desiree stand up and face Allison] Positive?
Allison: [with a fake smile] You can check if you like.
Desiree: [laughs and hits Runaway in the shoulder]
Runaway: [walking away] Yeah, in your dreams!
Female Cop #2: [Female Cop opens the door] Allison Lange?
Allison: Yeah?
Female Cop #2: Your parents are here.
[Runaway gives Allison an envious look]
Desiree: [as Allison stands up to leave, Desiree comes over and confronts her and points at her incredulously] Bitch got parents?

Hector: What you want cabacha?
Allison: Why did you do that to us last night?
Hector: Do what? Huh? We did exactly what you wanted us to do. You wanted into 16th Street and you didn't fucking make it.
Allison: You think that Emily wanted that?
Hector: Who? Emily?
Allison: Yeah you know her.
Hector: Emily, cual es Emily?
[friend makes a motion to indicate small]
Hector: Oh, si, la chiquita, la putita,huh. Yeah yeah the one who got drunk and fucking played us like Punk'd.
Allison: No, that wasn't a game to her!

Allison: [after scening a video of herself from the past] I remember her.

Hector's Girl: [Comes out of the bedroom wearing a bedsheet] Hector.
Hector: [turns to girlfriend] Un motito
Allison: [looks at girlfriend then gives Hector a withering look]
Hector: What you thought? You thought, like, I was in love you or something, huh? Is that what it is? I don't know where you belong, but it ain't here, girl.
Allison: Fine.
[turns and walks out]

Stuart Lang: So, how are things with Toby? Is he still your boyfriend?
Allison: Yeah. I mean, I dunno. Whatever I don't believe in relationships anyway.
Stuart Lang: Why not? Is it because of your mother and me?
Allison: [pause]
Allison: Nope.

Allison: Oh my god!
Amanda: What?
Allison: That guy is getting a blow job!
Allison, Sasha: [both start laughing]
Amanda: [indignant] It's not fuckin' funny, Allison! Shut up!

Allison: Hey, you're gonna love this
Emily: What is it?
Allison: Crack, cocaine.
Emily: [shrieks] where did you get that?
Allison: a lady never tells
Emily: How do we use it?
Allison: So, I called the drug hotline and asked them what signs to look for if my mom smoked crack. He said little pieces of aluminum foil everywhere so
[looks at Emily]
Allison: You want to try it right?
Emily: yeah
Allison: cool
[flicks on lighter]
Allison: ready?
Emily: We are such crackheads.
Allison: We ARE such crackheads.
[it burns fast]
Allison: Oh shit go!
Emily: What?
Allison: Go! Just inhale it!
[it flies up]
Allison: ah!
Emily: Ah!
Allison: [coughs] where'd it go?
Emily: Ow, it hit me right there.
[touches arm]
Allison: Ohh, ohh, ohh I'm sorry
[kisses it]
Allison: [strokes Emily's cheek ] Whitney's right
Together: Crack is whack!

Emily: Maybe your mom has a fucking suicide kit handy!
Allison: Yeah,
Allison: probobly... she has like, pot... you ok in there?
Emily: Yeah I'm fine.
Allison: [pause]
[leans head against door]
Allison: I'm not leaving.

Allison: I can't believe you think Emily got raped and I just hung around and watched.
Stuart Lang: No one's saying that.
Robert Shapiro: Detective, Allie can't be of any use to you. She didn't see anything, she can't identify anybody.
Allison: This is insane. I don't know anything about a rape.

Chino: Que haces con esta pinche gabacha?
Hector: Hey hey, cool it. she's with me.
Chino: [quietly] She didn't fuck you before you think she'll fuck you now?
Hector: Hey, no chingas she will.
[Chino leaves]
Allison: I don't think he likes me.

Emily: [Emily, Amanda, and Sasha approach Allison at her locker the morning after her arrest with Hector and his gang] Ally, you are soo fucking down!
Sasha: Yeah, like doing hard time and shit...
Allison: [trying hard to be modest] No, no, it wasn't like that...
Amanda: Come on, I heard you hit a cop and you got into a knife fight!
Allison: Na, no-no guys. It was more like uh... detention.
[tosses her purse into her locker and flings it shut]
Allison: See ya later!
[puts her arm around Emily's waist and the two of them walk away]
Amanda: [watches them leave] Bye...
Sasha: So, I wonder what Daddy thought!
Amanda: [rolls her eyes] Please! Daddy waved his magic wand and it went away.

Hector: What you doin' around here? Looking all homegirl and shit?
Allison: I always dress like this!
Hector: Oh, yeah? Wow! Here I am, trying to look like I got the money, and you're trying to look like ME! Fuckin' white people.

Hector: What you doin' around here?
Hector: Looking all homegirl and shit?
Allison: I always dress like this!
Hector: Oh, yeah? Wow!
Hector: Here I am, trying to look like I got the money,
Hector: And you're trying to look like ME!
Hector: Fuckin' white people.