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Col. Mikhail Fetisov (Character)
from Citizen X (1995) (TV)

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Citizen X (1995) (TV)
Burakov: You think that a man is what he says.
Fetisov: He is, if he talks for a living.

Burakov: A man is what he fights for.
Fetisov: I don't fight for anything.
Burakov: I know.

Burakov: You handled him quite deftly.
Fetisov: I've had it. I will not suffer that stupidity anymore!
Burakov: He may be stupid, but he's in charge.

Fetisov: Goddamn it! What is happening to me? My heart is pounding, my collar feels tight; what the hell is this?
Burakov: Passion.

Fetisov: I have here...
Bondarchuk: I don't care what you have there!
Fetisov: Information...
Bondarchuk: Who cares!
Fetisov: About the nineteen year old boy you maintain in the town of Shakti! And the apartment you have arranged for him... and the gifts that you have given him... and the dates of your last three overnight visits. If you attempt to fire Lieutenant Burakov... now, or at any time... I will send all this to your wife.
Bondarchuk: I recommended you for this position.
Fetisov: I will always be indebted to you.

Fetisov: Blood test came back negative.
Burakov: What?
Fetisov: Semen samples are type AB. Chikatilo is type A.
Burakov: [sighs] I don't believe it.
Fetisov: It's true.
Burakov: What are you talking about "it's true"? What does that mean? Our blood test is for eleven variables. The FBI's is for one hundred and forty nine!
Fetisov: [grinning] How do you know that?
Burakov: [exasperated] I saw it in a movie! What the hell difference does it make what the blood test says, you don't know what you're talking about!