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Tracy Lee (Character)
from Black Mask (1996)

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Black Mask (1996)
Commander Hung: [appearing as a hologram] So good evening, teacher!
Tracy Lee: [gasps] What's that?
Michael: Hey, look there.
[Tracy looks and Michael applies a pressure point, causing Tracy to faint]
Michael: I don't want trouble commander. But if you threaten my friends... I'll interfere.
Commander Hung: I think you're confusing the facts, teacher! You were created to kill... you were not created to serve and protect. These humans may find your powers impressive, but against the 701 Squad you are not invincible. The 701 Squad now answers to no-one, and together we can have the absolute power!
Michael: I think when you lost all your feelings commander, you lost something else along the way. I think you lost your mind.
Commander Hung: Listen to me! I'll let you come back with us immediately. No other chance!
Michael: I belong here! Not with you!
Commander Hung: So you want to feel again? Very sweet. Goodbye then, teacher... that's all. Sorry to hurt your feelings.

Michael: [after finding out something went wrong with his friend, Rock] Something's wrong! I'll go to save him.
Tracy Lee: Are we going down the gutter?
Michael: You can't go. It's too dangerous.
Tracy Lee: Why?
Michael: I can't let you take any more risks. If I don't come back in a half-hour, you should leave here at once.
Tracy Lee: Wait. Let me look at your face.
Michael: Why?
Tracy Lee: Because you promised me that.
Michael: You promise you'll keep this a secret?
Tracy Lee: Promise. I won't even tell Tsui Chik, that nerd!
[Tsui removes his mask, and it shocks Tracy. After showing some laughter, she hugs Tsui]
Michael: I'm leaving.
Tracy Lee: [shouts after Tsui] I'll wait for you for dinner!

Tracy Lee: [looks for a way to escape with Michael after he's injured] Now where do we go?
Cailyn: [grabs her and tries to yank her off the building] STRAIGHT DOWN, BITCH!