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Inspector 'Rock' Shek Wai-Ho (Character)
from Black Mask (1996)

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Black Mask (1996)
Inspector 'Rock' Shek: [after a 701 member cut off his own hand to break free of handcuffs] I had the key!

Commander Hung: [to Rock, who's got a bomb strapped to his chest] I'll say one thing, you've got guts. Which will shortly be apparent, when you explode.
Inspector 'Rock' Shek: Eat shit!

[fighting a 701 commando to reach Rock, who has a bomb strapped to him, Michael temporarily gains the upper hand]
Michael: Rock, how long?
Inspector 'Rock' Shek: Stop talking and just kick the motherfucker's ass, would you?

Kau's Man: [Jimmy Jimmy is finishing urinating] Ahhhh! It's the cops just when you need a hand. I'm Jimmy Jimmy. Follow me. This way, King Kau's expecting you.
Kau's Man: [he walks through the King Kau gang which makes way for him - the gang refuses to move for Rock so he pushes a gang member out of the way]
Inspector 'Rock' Shek: Get lost... thank you.

Inspector 'Rock' Shek: [after beating up a King Kau thug] Get lost!

Kau's Man: The girl attacked King Kau!
Inspector 'Rock' Shek: The girl? What are you? Crazy? Whoever attacked King Kau wants to take his business. Get lost.

Inspector 'Rock' Shek: There's no one driving. I'll get it!
Tony: Inspector! Be careful!

Tony: Wait! Those aren't vessels, it's wiring! Be very careful. Doctor, can we move the heart? It's not clear what's wire and what's vessel.
Operating Room Doctor: Get ready, 50 CC's of Adrenaline.
Inspector 'Rock' Shek: Just how powerful is the bomb?
Tony: Based on the amount of liquid nitrogen, I say it could wipe out the room. There are 16 wires intertwined with the veins. We'll have to pair them off and cut them. Inspector, can you give me a hand?
Inspector 'Rock' Shek: Tell me when to cut.
Tony: On my count of three. One... Two... Three!