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Quotes for
Billy Bathgate (Character)
from Billy Bathgate (1991)

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Billy Bathgate (1991)
Billy Bathgate: You think Mr. Shultz is an ordinary man, Mrs. Preston, but you're wrong! He's a maniac!

Otto Berman: Count your money and don't let me see it.
Billy Bathgate: I know how much it is.
Otto Berman: Good. Now double that in your head and add 3, okay?
Billy Bathgate: Alright.
Otto Berman: Alright, now product that by 5.
Billy Bathgate: Product?
Otto Berman: ...multiply that by 5, subtract 6, and tell me what you come up with.
Billy Bathgate: 279
Otto Berman: Just lost 27 cents.
[holds out his hand]
Billy Bathgate: Yeah!
[then suddenly crestfallen]

Billy Bathgate: One of the things about being in a gang is, you gotta follow orders. So far everything they asked me to do, I done it.
Drew Preston: Did it.

Billy Bathgate: Don't leave until I get back.
Drew Preston: What if I have to pee?
Billy Bathgate: Then I'll bring you back a can.

Billy Bathgate: [about Drew] She's not like ordinary people. She's not scared of anything.

[last lines]
Luciano Thug: Kid, you want a ride?
Billy Bathgate: No thanks, I'll walk.