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Quotes for
Ben (Character)
from Lucas (1986)

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Lucas (1986)
[Ben slams open the classroom door and interrupts the school band practicing]
Ben: Did you hear about Lucas?
Tonto: What about him?
Rena: It's suicide.
Ben: What do you mean?
Ben: He's gone out for the football team!

[Lucas and Ben run into Bruno, the bully football player while in the theater lobby]
Bruno: So, what do you guys say? You coming out for the football team or not? We're trying to find you a jersey, but we're all out of pup tents.
Ben: You should talk, shit breath.

Bruno: Luke, Luke! Get that ball away and puke! Ben and Luke! I'm going to puke!
Lucas: Let's go...
Ben: Don't let him scare you away!
Lucas: Scare me away?
Ben: Yeah, just tell him to eat shit.

[Lucas quietly joins the kids in the cafeteria, sad over the distance between him and Maggie]
Ben: [Ben shouts out to Lucas] Lucas! We're over here.
Ben: Sit down. We're trying to figure out how to get rid of this jackass band teacher. I hate the idiot's guts.
Tonto: Too bad Treichel had to kill himself.
Ben: Yeah, Why'd he have to kill himself and leave us with this jackass.
Tonto: Sex-crazed, that's why.
Rena: He wasn't sex-crazed, he was in love.
Tonto: With a dental technician?
Rena: Not everybody has to be glamorous to have someone fall in love with them.
Tonto: You don't kill yourself over a dental technician.
Rena: You ever hear of Romeo and Juliet?
Tonto: Was she a dental technician?
Rena: No, but people do kill themselves when they can't have who they love.
Ben: I thought he had a heart attack.
Tonto: No heart attack, my man. He blew his brains out with a book of poetry open and a rose in the page.
Rena: I think it's kind of beautiful, the poetry, I mean. It was probably Keats or Shelley.
[Lucas sits quietly watching the football players at the other table]

Rena: Throw it to Lucas!
Maggie: Throw it to Lucas!
Ben: Throw it to Lucas!
Band Member: Throw it to Lucas!
Coach: No, don't throw it to Bly!

[last lines]
Bruno: [Lucas returns to school and a few of the football players and Lucas's closest friends wait for him in the hallway of his locker] Here he is.
[Lucas opens his locker to find a football jacket with the name Lucas on it, as everyone begins to clap in unison]
Maggie: Try it on, Lucas!
Kid in Hallway: Try it on, Luke!
Bruno: [Lucas puts on the jacket] All right, Lucas!
Ben: [Ben films Lucas on his camera] All right, Lucas! Way to go!
Kids in Hallway: [the students all begin to cheer the name Lucas] Lucas! Lucas! Lucas! Lucas! Lucas! Lucas!
Bruno: All right!
[Lucas throws his arms up]

[Lucas and Ben stand up to Bruno in the theater lobby]
Cappie: Hey, what's going on?
Bruno: Hey, this kid is mouthing off to me.
Cappie: Come on, let's go.
Bruno: Hey, wait a second.
Cappie: Hey, what's the point?
Bruno: Hey, I'm kidding around, and this fat little marshmallow opens his mouth to me.
Cappie: Don't worry about it. Let's go see a movie.
Bruno: You better watch your mouth fat boy.
[grabs Lucas by the neck]
Bruno: Learn to be like Lucas here, he's smart, not like you.
Ben: He's scared, not like me.
Bruno: Oh, yeah?
Ben: Yeah.
Bruno: You know, you're asking for it.
Lucas: Well, so are you!
Bruno: What'd you say?
Lucas: You heard me.
Bruno: You know, maybe you boys would like to step outside.
Angie: Bruno, let's go.
Bruno: No, I think I have to settle this.
Angie: Well, I came to see a movie.
Cappie: So did I.
Lucas: [Lucas gets in Bruno's face] Yeah, but not King Kong.
Cappie: Come on, settle down.
Angie: No fights, I mean it.
Cappie: I'd listen to the lady.