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Cappie (Character)
from Lucas (1986)

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Lucas (1986)
[Cappie and Maggie are out at the pizza parking lot instead of going to the dance]
Maggie: Do you believe in destiny? Is that why you flip coins?
Cappie: I guess so. Do you?
Maggie: I'm interested in destiny.
Cappie: Yeah? What else are you interested in?
Maggie: A lot of things.
Cappie: Things like...
Maggie: Like...
Cappie: Like politics?
Maggie: So-So.
Cappie: Yeah. Are you interested in wide receivers?
Maggie: What's that?
Cappie: The position I play.
Cappie: [laughs] Oh, is that what you play? Sort of.
Cappie: Are you interested in cars?
Maggie: No.
Cappie: No. Are you interested in being kissed?
Maggie: Yes.
[Cappie kisses Maggie on the lips as Lucas watches from the distance]

[Lucas shows up to Maggie's house ready to go to the school dance with Cappie and Alise as a double date]
Lucas: So, you ready to go?
Maggie: I don't think we can go, Lucas.
Lucas: Why not?
Maggie: Cappie and Alise broke up today.
Lucas: But aren't they here?
Maggie: Cappie's here, and he's very depressed. Sit down.
[Lucas sits with Maggie outside her front door]
Maggie: She was jealous, or she doesn't like me or something. She said she'd break up with him if he went through with it. She didn't want to go with us, Luke. So, I think we have to call it off.
Lucas: I have my bike. We can still go.
Maggie: He kind of needs someone with him tonight. I don't want to leave him by himself. He had tears in his eyes when he came over tonight. Can you imagine tat big, strong guy crying?
[Cappie walks out of the house and sits between Maggie and Lucas]
Cappie: Hi, Luke. I am sorry, Bud. Am I a drag, or what?
Lucas: Listen. I think you should come to the dance with us. I think it'd cheer you up.
Cappie: Naw. I'd feel like a third wheel. We were thinking of going out for a pizza. Why don't you come with us?
Maggie: Yeah, why don't you?
Lucas: You're going out for pizza.
Cappie: Well, it's just a suggestion.
Lucas: If you're so depressed how come you're eating pizza?
Cappie: Maybe I should just go home.
Lucas: No. Go eat pizza. Don't let me spoil your depression.
[Lucas runs to get his bike as Maggie runs behind him]
Maggie: Are you okay? Where are you going?
Lucas: To the dance.
Maggie: By yourself?
Lucas: Hey, I'm a party animal.
[Lucas gets on his bike and rides away]

[Cappie argues with Alise while driving her home]
Alise: You think I'm stupid or what? You think I can't see?
Cappie: No, I don't think you're stupid.
Alise: Well, I'm glad you don't think I'm stupid.
Cappie: But I think you're overreacting.
Alise: Every time I turn around, you're walking with her or talking with her or looking at her or smiling at her.
Cappie: Will you calm down?
Alise: No, I will not calm down.
Cappie: She's new at school. She doesn't know anybody.
Alise: Oh. And I'm supposed to feel sorry for her?
Cappie: You're supposed to have a little bit of compassion.
Alise: She doesn't have friends, she can make her own, she doesn't have to get buddy-buddy with my boyfriend, okay?
Cappie: I'm just being nice to her.
Alise: Well, stop being nice to her. I don't want you talking to her anymore, I don't want to turn around and see you walking with her and smiling at her. I don't want her in this car on Friday night. We're not giving her any ride to any goddamn dance, she can put her fat ass on the back of Lucas's bike where it goddamn well belongs!
Cappie: I think you can just tell me what to do, is that it?
Alise: We're not taking her to any dance, and that's final. You can stop being nice to her, or you can forget about me.
[Alise gets out of the car and slams the door shut]
Cappie: Alise!

[first lines]
[Lucas walks along the train tracks and see's the football players and cheerleaders practicing in the school field]
Cappie: Ready! Hut! Ok! All right.
Cheer Coach: Get up there! 5, 6, 7, 8. Come on! Don't break! 5, 6, 7, 8. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Come on. Good! Good. Smile! Look up. Come on. Smile!
Cheerleader: There's someone out there!
[a cheerleader see's Lucas out in the bushes and breaks the pyramid as the cheerleaders all fall to the grass]
Cheerleader: There he is! I think he's got a gun or something.
Cheerleader: [All of the cheerleaders scream out in unison as Lucas runs back along the train tracks] Pervert! Pervert! Pervert! Pervert! Pervert! Pervert!

[Lucas and Ben stand up to Bruno in the theater lobby]
Cappie: Hey, what's going on?
Bruno: Hey, this kid is mouthing off to me.
Cappie: Come on, let's go.
Bruno: Hey, wait a second.
Cappie: Hey, what's the point?
Bruno: Hey, I'm kidding around, and this fat little marshmallow opens his mouth to me.
Cappie: Don't worry about it. Let's go see a movie.
Bruno: You better watch your mouth fat boy.
[grabs Lucas by the neck]
Bruno: Learn to be like Lucas here, he's smart, not like you.
Ben: He's scared, not like me.
Bruno: Oh, yeah?
Ben: Yeah.
Bruno: You know, you're asking for it.
Lucas: Well, so are you!
Bruno: What'd you say?
Lucas: You heard me.
Bruno: You know, maybe you boys would like to step outside.
Angie: Bruno, let's go.
Bruno: No, I think I have to settle this.
Angie: Well, I came to see a movie.
Cappie: So did I.
Lucas: [Lucas gets in Bruno's face] Yeah, but not King Kong.
Cappie: Come on, settle down.
Angie: No fights, I mean it.
Cappie: I'd listen to the lady.

[Cappie and Maggie talk while waiting for Cappie's shirt to get clean in the school's washroom]
Maggie: You know, it's nice to know somebody who has really heavy thoughts.
Cappie: Absolutely.
Maggie: Do you?
Cappie: What?
Maggie: Have heavy thoughts.
Cappie: Oh, yeah. Sure. All the time. I'm not having any right now.
[Maggie laughs]
Cappie: But just give me some time.
Maggie: [referring to Lucas] What did he do for you? You said he helped you once.
Cappie: Oh, right. Yeah. With my school work. I was out with this terrible case of hepatitis for a couple months. And he came by my house everyday and brought my books to me. I still don't know why he did.
Maggie: Because you're nice to him.
Cappie: I didn't used to be. I used to treat him like everybody else does.
Maggie: Why do people do that?
Cappie: I don't know, because he's strange I guess. You know, last year, he even had this strange walk. He said it had something to do with the force of gravity. Just the way he mouths off at class sometimes, that's how the term leukoplakia got started. Anyways, I do owe a lot to him, and I like him.
Maggie: I like him too.
Cappie: So I'll do what I can to keep him from getting hurt.
Maggie: Yeah.
[Maggie smiles]

Bruno: You know if I was you, I wouldn't stick around to see the movie. You understand me, Leukoplakia? I'm gonna be looking for you guys afterwards.
Cappie: No you won't.
Bruno: The hell I won't?
Cappie: They're gonna be with me afterwards.
Bruno: Oh yeah.
Cappie: Yeah we're going out to eat.
Bruno: Why are you always sticking up for this wimp for?
Cappie: Why you always picking on him for?